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Hello, I'm Ken. Collector and caretaker of vintage costume jewelry. Some of my favorites are Juliana, Eisenberg and Trifari, just to name a few. Thanks for looking aHello, I'm Ken. Collector and caretaker of vintage costume jewelry. Some of my favorites are Juliana, Eisenberg and Trifari, just to name a few. Thanks for looking and have a nice day. (Read more)


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Crown Trifari brooches - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Trifari flower brooch set - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Trifari Maltese Cross brooch set - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Avon Ring - Lustre - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Vintage D and E brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Sarah Coventry earrings - Fiesta - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Sarah Coventry brooch - Hostess Award - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Trifari owl and parrot brooches - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Trifari grape pearl brooch set - Gems of the Sea - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
D & E brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. Thomas, thank you!!
  2. They're all very beautiful!!!!
  3. Bruce99, thank you!!
  4. Mary, thank you!!
  5. Mary, thank you!!
  6. Hi Karen, oops! I missed your comment too. It must be nice to live in such a place with all those exotic birds. Thank you for the love and very kind compliment! :-) Bruce99 & Mrstyndall, thanks f...
  7. Thanks to Lauren Fortapache Hel1 Thomas Jenni AdeleC Glamorously Vetraio50 PhilDMorris Watch Karen Aura Hoot60 Lori Mary for hitting the love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to Jenni and K...
  8. It's very beautiful!!
  9. Thanks CW friends Jenni PhiDMorris Aura Glamorously Maureen Glassiegirl Watch Thomas MrsT Daisy1000 AdeleC Vetraio50 Fortapache Karen Jewelry for the love its!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks...
  10. Daisy1000, a belated thank you for the love and kind compliment! :-) Eileen, all is well. Thanks for your concern.
  11. Mrstyndall, thank you for the nice compliment! :-) Lisa, thank you!!
  12. Absolutely stunning vases!!! I would like to pick a favorite, but I can't. They're all so beautiful! :-)
  13. Manikin, thank you!! Also a belated thanks to Maureen and Elisabethan for the love and very kind compliments! :))
  14. My wife sends her love ( she collects unicorns too )! She says your glass collection is second to none! :)
  15. Lovely enamel colors to wear on a springtime day!!! In showcase new - Someone cared deeply for this set. Very pretty! :-)
  16. They're cloisonne. Look it up to see.
  17. Oh! So cute with his red coat, grey tummy and tail!!!! He's beautiful Jenni. Thanks for sharing! ;>))
  18. Thanks to Alan Jenni Aura Glamorously Thomas Fortapache Glassiegirl PhilDMorris TreasureHunter-1 Hel1 Vetraio50 for the love taps!!!!!!!!!!! And to Alan Jenni Phil for the nice com...
  19. I'm not sure of the year, but it looks like a 1956 Chevrolet Stepside Truck.
  20. Thanks to Glassiegirl Fortapache Mary Jenni PhilDMorris Vetraio50 Hoot60 Kyratango Aura Thomas Lisa Alan TreasureHunter-1 Karen RichmondLori Jewelryantiquelover for the love taps!!!!!...
  21. Two fabulous singer songwriters of the Motown era!!!! Nice score on these albums! :-)
  22. Mrstyndall, thanks for the nice compliment! :D Mary Mrstyndall Kyratango Maureen Karen thanks for the love taps!!!!!
  23. Wow! Was my first reaction when I saw this gorgeous brooch set!!!! Very, very nice! :-)
  24. Two beautiful butterflies!!! Wow! - The Westmoreland Glass Butterfly is Gorgeous. Love the color too. A very nice springtime post ! :)
  25. Thanks to Thomas Aura Eileen Dave_Sandra Hoot60 Fortapache PhilDMorris Jenni Vetraio50 Glassiegirl Manikin for the love and like!!!!!!!!!!! Eileen Phil Jenni thanks very much for th...
  26. Hi Eileen, there's other pieces of D and E shown at Juliana Jewelry that are without prongs. I am unable to date the brooch - No books. Could be 90s or even the 60s. Do you know?
  27. Daisy1000, thank you for the love and kind compliment! :)
  28. Gorgeous earrings!!
  29. Thanks to Glassiegirl Aura Mary Kqwd Eileen Jenni PhilDMorris Manikin Vetraio50 MALKEY Fortapache Kyratango Thomas Lisa Poticheman Ben for the love its!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jenni Phil ...
  30. Thanks for the love Peasejean55 Hoot60 Jenni Glassiegirl Fortapache Watch Lori Eileen Mary Hel1 Aura Kwqd Vetraio50 PhilDMorris Thomas MALKEY Kyratango Poticheman Maureen taps!!!!!...
  31. Thanks to Jenni PhilDMorris Hoot60 Poticheman Mrstyndall Eileen for the very nice compliments! :) ! Thanks CW friends for the love its Jenni Aura Kwqd MALKEY Phil Hoot60 Poticheman V...
  32. So cute!!
  33. Gorgeous piece and always top notch photography! :-)
  34. Such a lovely brooch!!! I don't collect Haskell Jewelry, but to be honest I would "Love" to have this white beauty in my collection. It's beautiful! :-)
  35. This brooch is So Pretty!! I've not seen this piece before! My you have a wonderful Trifari collection! :-)
  36. Kyratango, thank you!!
  37. Valentino97, thank you!!
  38. What a showstopper!!! It's gorgeous, stunning, beautiful and looks like new. Great photography as well. Your D & E collection is tops! :-)
  39. So pretty!!
  40. Ditto to the above compliments!!! It's lovely! :-)
  42. Thanks to Hoot60 Aura Eileen Jenni PhilDMorris Vetraio50 Mary Fortapache Thomas Maureen Poticheman Kyratango RichmondLori for the love its!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eileen Jenni Phil Maureen t...
  43. So many thanks to Bill Jenni Eileen Phil Mary Mrstyndall for the very kind and thoughtful compliments!!!!! They are most appreciated! :))))) Also thanks for hitting that love button Bill...
  44. That's so cool!!! I love this owl pitcher! :-)
  45. Elegant and gorgeous classic Kramer!!! Yes! Does look like a owl. It's very beautiful! :)
  46. Aww! So adorable - Love how the dad has his arm around his son and the color is beautiful! :D
  47. Stunning and beautiful dolphin brooch unlike I've seen before!!!!! The added pearl brings so much beauty to the piece. Just gorgeous! :-)
  48. Eileen, pearls are a girls best friend, oh wait a minute that's diamonds. Maybe they're second, because they are always in style. Thanks friend for the nice comment! :-)
  49. Eileen, thank you for the very nice compliment! :-)
  50. Superb and stunning Trifari pearl brooch!!!! Wow! I've never seen this piece before. It looks showcase new. Great post and thanks for sharing! :-)
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