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I play with my marbles


Alright , Now what the heck is this one ! 
Really Cool Item ..What The Heck Is It ? 
Please Tell Me What This Is ,,, - Asianin Asian
What is this , besides a basket  ;-) 


  1. Do you mean it might actually be a wood telephone with the metal parts for talking and listening ? Hmmmmmm... probably no right ..huh ..
  2. "You are assuming the wood or metal went all the way to the bottom of the tapered hole.Where is the screw you refer to that you have to take out to grease it. Also what stops the the shaft from comin...
  3. Now remember ...the hole is not for a set screw , it's to put a screw in to tighten the wood handle that gets inserted . A wedge can not be inserted in the slot because the wood or steel handle will ...
  4. Photos are up ..
  5. Making circles ... now that's just plain old silly !
  6. The red flat part would be for stepping down on to get it into the ground and then push on the handle to cut the sod sections .. I'm just so dam smart it hurts !!
  7. Not a planter wheel as the holes are not positioned properly for any seed to enter and no place for the seeds to be . I have worked with all types of planters .
  8. Remove Tires ..? Tee - Hee , you jest .right .
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