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Egg Trinket Boxes (Faberge Style)

I Am not looking for an appraisal or selling anything. I am just looking for some information on what I bought recently on Amazon. I would like some information on imitation metal Faberge hinged jewelry box eggs. Or Faberge style metal egg boxes. When were they first made, who makes them, what is available today. Can you please help me? I was able to only learn the following online: Imitation Faberge eggs are often decorated a lot with imperial symbols. Faberge manner style eggs are always jeweled with a hinged door, and contain a surprise. Faberge style eggs represent one of the styles of decorated eggs. They are glittering with jewels and bright metal trim. I hope this is helpful as well. Here are some Amazon sellers and item names of what I bought from them recently. 1. YU FENG Faberge Egg Jewelry Box Hinged Collectible Rhinestones Jeweled Painted Enameled Decorative Trinket Holder Box(Pink) 2. Sevenbees Decorative Faberge Egg Trinket Box Hinged Boxes Enameled Jewelry Trinket Boxes Faberge Egg Gift for Home Decor 3. Yu Feng YU FENG Faberge Egg Shaped Trinket Box Hinged Jewelry Ring Holder Collectible Figurine Boxes w/Crystals (purple) 4. QIFU QIFU Blue Mini Faberge Egg Jeweled Trinket Box with Hinged and Clock Unique Gift for Home Decor 5. Yu Feng YU FENG Blue Faberge Egg Ornaments Collectible,Hand-Painted Easter Egg Crystal Jeweled Trinket Jewelry Box Can you please help me identify what these are exactly and the date they were first available? I have tried several different sites already with no luck. Thank you. I also have bought 2 porcelain egg boxes with hinged Mrs and three little feet. I think they too are imitation Faberge eggs. They are also from Sevenbees. On Amazon. SEVENBEES Ceramic Faberge Egg Jewelry Boxes (style1) SEVENBEES Ceramic Faberge Egg Jewelry Boxes (style2) If you have any information on imitation porcelain Faberge egg boxes like these I would appreciate it if you would tell me about them too. Thank you so much for your time.

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