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  1. I just looked through the names on the link...didn't see any that looked familiar, but my Mom was the geneology expert, not me! Wow, you looked through all those fobs looking for this one?? Thank ...
  2. OH my goodness!!! There's probably no way to tell where this particular fob was made huh? Never dreamed there were that many Genoa's in the U.S.A.!
  3. Small town in Ark. Not sure of anywhere else.
  4. If I remembered right, many of my ancestors came from that area. Thank you!
  5. I did find a pocket watch of my Dad's with a leather strap! Wonder if that's the one it was on? Does 1919 indicate the year it was made?
  6. Thank you! I've never seen any photographs like these and had no idea what they might be.
  7. The bride doll date coincides with MY childhood. I would have been around 5. Strange I don't remember having her, but then, I was quite a tomboy at that age! Maybe Mom put her away before I could m...
  8. I've looked all over her and found no markings at all. The date would coincide with when my Mom was a young girl. She was born in 1924. Thank you so much for this information!
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Refinished maple desk Desk Got From Neighbors!!!