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Mystery doll 14" tall. B and 8/0 on back of head - Dollsin Dolls
Celestine by Andrea Robbins very limited edition porcelain doll 4/10 - Dollsin Dolls
Bisque head doll no. 15 on neck. Pierced ears 25" tall - Dollsin Dolls


  1. Yes I believe so. I have some for sale right now but this girl is staying with me. I made porcelain dolls years ago and can say without doubt the painting on these dolls is wonderful. Much more skilfu...
  2. Thanks Manikin, she has a home here with me and that's all that matters really. It's just nice to know when you can who made a doll. Thanks for trying to help me find out.
  3. Hi there, no there's no other markings whatsoever. She's got me stumped but I love her regardless. I love the smaller dolls as I'm running out of space so she fits in with my collection perfectly.
  4. She's lovely. I love the tiny dolls for the very same reason, they're easier to fit in!!! Congratulations. Lee
  5. Thanks Manikin, I love how realistic she is and her painting is beautiful. I've been collecting for years and I'd never seen her dolls before I bought her. Lee
  6. Thanks Manikin. I really appreciate all your help. Many thanks, Lee
  7. Thanks Manikin. I've now put her up for sale so hopefully she'll find a new home. Having done some more research I'm pretty sure she's a kestner so I'll mark this as solved. Thanks, Lee
  8. Sorry, just reread your first answer. Does the pate make her a kestner? I've seen 192 as Kammer and Reinhardt too so I'm just wondering how I tell which she is. Thanks, Lee
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unusually sized little "Queen Louise" by Armand Marseille