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Trevaise Art Glass

Glass created in Sandwich, MA by Alton Mfg Co of NY under the name, Trevaise. Alton bought the old Sandwich Glassworks and brought in gaffer James H. Grady, formerly of Tiffany, to produce a line of "High Quality Glass" under the Trevaise name. Production started in May 1907 and stopped in December of that year for what was to be a Christmas break. Production never resumed as the Alton company president, C.F. King, absconded with the corporate proceeds. The company went out of business. King was later found and convicted of 27 counts of larceny. Our thanks go out to the late Frank W. Ford for introducing us to this glass.

Trevaise Pulled Feather & Coil Décor Vase ca. 1907 - Art Glassby DuDa
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