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Dresden porcelain collector Meissen cherub collector Thank you to all appreciative collectors, it gives me great joy to share my treasures with you


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Dresden Schumann cup & saucer, pair - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Island girl ceramic figurine - Figurinesin Figurines
Dresden Hirsch cabinet plate - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Gemstone ladies serpentine watch - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
Dresden cherub, antique wedding band - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Dresden Klemm dessert plate - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Meissen yellow cabinet plate - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Royal Saxe sugar & creamer set - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Owl & Pussycat trinket box - Figurinesin Figurines
Birds on a branch glass figure - Glasswarein Glassware


  1. Love the red one with fins
  2. Love the embossed Wedgwood. This is a nice set for serving company
  3. Beautiful rings!
  4. Lovely pattern
  5. Thank you again Judy! It was such a nice gesture of my mother-in-law to give me this beautiful watch, which still worked last time I wore it. My husband's father died shortly after coming back from ...
  6. Thank you so much Judy, I love the ring so much and actually wear it (my original band got too small for me), it is special to me because it reminds me of my Grandad who was a great guy. He grew up i...
  7. This is gorgeous, love the cherub motif, and the pale aqua top color
  8. You're very welcome Racer4! This morning I am mostly quoting you from my Dresden "bible" book, Dresden Porcelain Studios by Harran (available Amazon), but there is also a great website Porcelain Mark...
  9. Most of their porcelain factory was destroyed in the Dresden bombing of World War II in 1945, although I believe it stayed open till '49, many of their master plates for figurines were ruined. So the...
  10. Thank you Mrstyndall, Jan
  11. Oh I love your Murano birds, just saw the post. I first saw glass birds on a branch in a 1992 book The Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous cookbook, a TV actress Jackie Zeman had a big beautiful opaline ...
  12. You are very welcome Lisa, it's true there are so many lovely sentimental things here as I have also found
  13. Thank you very much Thomas, Jan
  14. Thank you Mrstyndall! Bought this years ago, have no idea who made it (that's a faded peeled price tag below it) but I love pretty glass animals
  15. Thank you TassieD, they're my fave animals
  16. Hi, thinking of you during Irma, really hope you are physically fine, the heck with property. My stepdaughter rode it out in Cocoa FL, a tree went through their roof & they huddled in a closet - nobo...
  17. Love your elephant, & that's a cute saying! I heard from my grandma you should only have elephant figurines with trunks raised as they are lucky - she loved cricket figurines too for that reason
  18. Thank you! I know it is probably from around that period, as I bought it to replace an almost exact looking family heirloom cameo that was made in Italy for my great grandmother - in a moment of gene...
  19. Thank you both so much! I just had an idea they would look good together. Too bad cameos are kinda old fashioned to wear, but I keep her visible, under a display dome on my Dresden flamenco dancer w...
  20. They look awesome in the dark light!
  21. Your GI Joes are so cool, my brother would go crazy
  22. All we animal lovers can feel for you, its a trying time and I hope your sweet baby gets well soon.
  23. This is so lovely, looks like Hawaiian koa or teak wood.
  24. Its a little like astrology charting, which I was very into when I was a young lady like yourself. Two charts predicted something bad would happen to me, but the second half of my life would be very ...
  25. Thanx so much as always! Appreciate that you like the lighting, it really shows the figurines better, esp. in person. I buy the battery operated tube lights so they will give a softer light. but kee...
  26. You're right I've heard that, and the images are interesting. Fortune telling is a little scary though, I think I've seen too many movies!
  27. These have always fascinated me, as I am an astrology buff (Sag, the ever inquisitive) and a little into the predictions through that. But have never been to a "reader," too scared they might pull ou...
  28. Very nice!
  29. Beautiful turquoise colors. I love that website Porcelain Marks & More, he has really helped me discover rare marks & issue dates of my items
  30. Adorable, love the pic facing each other
  31. Very beautiful
  32. Very beautiful and holy, the design makes you feel you are right there at Lourdes.
  33. thank you!
  34. I love the green cat, have a yellow one with pink roses on the back. They have a name, maybe Burmese
  35. Great German helmet, well preserved
  36. wow never saw inside of a German helmet, very protective! our GIs had good ones but gotta admit theirs were better made
  37. She's by Karl Klette of Kups Bavaria I believe
  38. Such a handsome gentleman, beautiful jacket color
  39. Turquoise color so beautiful
  40. Gorgeous colors, love the golden lid
  41. very beautiful, lovely portraits all around
  42. Beautiful pattern
  43. Really nice cement mixer replica, almost looks like the real thing! My brothers were kids in the 60s and loved the Matchbox cars & trucks, entertained them for hours
  44. Gorgeous burgundy color & courting couple inset
  45. Really beautiful. Tortoise shell is so strong, used to have their combs, today they are all imitation
  46. Thank you, I thought it might be Meissen copy because he is more Latin looking than most cherubs, but he is dark eyed too, his painter was named Coronado, and the mark is right
  47. thank you so much!
  48. He's beautiful, lovely floral artwork. Trunk up means good luck!
  49. Thank you, they must have been modeled after real horses. I too love the colors, pink unicorn was my first horse, then I got the same pose in green in a regular horse, but for the photo wanted to sho...
  50. Such pretty colors, the turquoise & yellow-green stripes contrast lovely with the red-brown bird on edge. Murano style so unique
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