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Hilda Clark Coca Cola poster - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola


  1. dear earlycoke #1 I know who found it rolled up in a basement in a pub in England #2 she glued it to an oil painting it was not printed on cardboard but paper it was found in the early 1900's
  2. thank you all for helping me
  3. I am sorry if I hurt you but this picture has been in the hands of experts for a month they looked it over and called other people in to look at it and they all told me it was real and then shipped it...
  4. Mr Daddy_Nobucks .... if you have nothing helpful to say just don't say anything ,I came on here to find out more about my picture so far you have been rude and cridical of everything please go away t...
  5. he said it would be 1200 to 1600 to restore it
  6. Chris Cloutier at poster fix corp. was going to do the restoring of the poster put it on a linen backing
  7. never ebay for this girl she needs a loving home
  8. they are the ones that looked at it said they couldn't tell me what it was worth because they had nothing to compare it to and to sell it I need to restore it
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