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Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

As my handle indicates I love anything old and it tends to overwhelm my husband when I accept everything from all my family members. I am the youngest of 7 childrenAs my handle indicates I love anything old and it tends to overwhelm my husband when I accept everything from all my family members. I am the youngest of 7 children and I guess I'm the keeper of the memories and I love to share them. I don't have a collection per se, I have Depression Glass, old furniture, old kitchen ware, books. I could go on. I am very sentimental and tend to keep all of my children's schoolwork and our Christmas tree is adorned every year with homemade decorations. My children are now 32 and 28. I hope everyone enjoys the items I post as much as I enjoy posting and sharing. P.S. This is Leroy, my 20 pound black cat. I have 3 rescue animals as well. (Read more)


  1. Thanks so much for the love, toolate 2. Lao
  2. Thank you indianapolisrebel. I'm glad you loved these.
  3. Smims2. Thanks for the love. I cannot tell you how old my bottles are, but there is a website entitled The Clorox Company/Heritage/Bottle Guide which you may find interesting. Perhaps the informati...
  4. Love this picture. Reminds me of when we go visiting my sis and bro-in-law in eastern Maryland in August and we go crabbing using a net and bushel baskets. Nothing in the world like freshly caught M...
  5. Thank you Sarahoff. Appreciate the love. L.a.o.
  6. Thank you AmberRose. My Great Grandfather passed away in 1940 at the age of 74. He was a coal miner and they lived in a little berg in Western Pennsylvania called North Washington. They had 9 child...
  7. charity-joy: Thank you so much for taking the time to look and comment. Lao
  8. Thank you everyone: Hunter, officialfuel, RonM, AuntieQ18 and Zatsoc. I appreciate you all looking, loving and liking. Lao
  9. Thank you BELLIN68. Appreciate it. Lao
  10. Beautiful. These could have been used in a brochure to entice people to visit. Thanks for sharing. Lao
  11. Thank you to chesterfield8 and bratjdd. I appreciate your looking and loving. Lao
  12. Thank you filmnet. Lao
  13. Thank you filmnet, packrat-place and mrmajestic1. Appreciate your love. Lao
  14. Thank you BELLIN68. Lao
  15. Thanik you bkhood2. My husband recalls playing with it a lot as a kid and my son, who is now in his 30's, also played with it. I appreciate your kind comments. Lao
  16. Thanks for looking aycockonxion. Lao
  17. Thank you trunkman for your very nice comment. I enjoy sharing items with fellow enthusists. Lao
  18. Thank you pickingupbones. Appreciate the love. Lao
  19. Cool item and the color is beautiful. I've never seen a double ended jar. You see something new everyday.
  20. Thank you BirdieZ. Appreciate it. Lao
  21. Thank you trgrubaugh. Appreciate the love. Lao
  22. Thank you chesterfield8. Lao
  23. Thanks chesterfield8. Lao
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  26. AR8Jason - thanks. Lao
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  29. Thank you chesterfield8. Lao
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  33. Thank you toolate2. Lao
  34. This is so neat. Love it.
  35. Thanks Manikin. Always love the love. Lao
  36. Thank you marcobabe. Lao
  37. Thanks for the love, Marcobabe. Appreciate your taking a look at my ancestors. Lao
  38. That you Bootson. That's a good possibility. I believe there is definitely water below them. I appreciate your comment. Lao
  39. Thank you QuestionableAdvice. Lao
  40. Thank you
  41. Thank you Manikin. Glad you took a look. Lao
  42. This is so neat and the coloring is still sharp. What a wonderful treasure to have in the family.
  43. Thanks Manikin. Appreciate your looking.
  44. Uncle Joe most certainly liked unorthodox poses and backdrops, didn't he? After viewing Uncle Joe Part 2 first wherein he was posing among flowers and bushes, I sincerely think he did have a modeling ...
  45. Thank you Paul71. I just kind of lumped everything together as Depression Glass. I have a mismatched grouping but love how they all look together. Your comment is most helpful and I will do some re...
  46. Thank you timbaran and packrat-place.
  47. Thank you Manikin and pickingupbones. Appreciate the love.
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  49. Thank you timbaran and vanskyock24.
  50. Thank you timbaran and vanskyock24. Appreciate you taking a look. Lao
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