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MEMORIAL DAY...Home from the - Photographsin Photographs
SHERMAN TURQUOISE & CLEAR SET w/ two pairs of earrings! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
SHERMAN PURPLE & lilac BROOCH - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
KJL BROOCH - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
SAD LITTLE LIZARD - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
IN HONOR OF MY MOTHER - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
D & E TOPAZ & HONEY GIVRE' GLASS BROOCH - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
D & E MATCHES TO BIB NECKLACE - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
MOM'S BUTTERFLY - Native Americanin Native American
MOM'S CORAL & SILVER - Native Americanin Native American


  1. Of course they're hand -made... Look at the work involved! Silver is soft and easy to work with... So if not silver, maybe an alloy of some type? Makes the work even harder, kudos to who ever made...
  2. Wonderful stand- out colors against the gold... Love them!
  3. Those colors are pretty... I believe pendants are flatter? This would kinda roll around on your chest, no? Pretty enough to hang in the window though...
  4. Couldn't of said it better!!
  5. Been gone a while and look what I come back to! It's like an army of lovely navettes! This set is by far one of your best, oh heck they're all magnificent. I love these colors! I, too, would wear t...
  6. What luck! Three beautiful pieces, all from charity shops? Love the Earth tones! I believe your newest treasure is my favorite :)
  7. Love the baguettes & chatons alternating with the Silver tone loops.. . Truly a classic Trifari!
  8. ABSOLUTE SPLENDID COLLECTION! I love them all but especially the printed pieces.. the blue flower and the brown leaves, and the cream colored ones, oh, I love them all! How long to acquire such a col...
  9. Quite spectacular! I want one too! The older the better!
  10. I believe it was always a pendant too.. Rosaries have crosses depicting the crucifixion of Christ. Again... I 'm glad you found this lovely piece!
  11. Amazing what people leave behind... I agree with Jenni, Mrs.T & Bonnie... So glad this beautiful cross found a good home!
  12. Beautiful and unusual Horse... As you rarely see them lying down. Makes him special in my book. His color is awesome!
  13. Oh Jenni! This bracelet is so yummy! And as always in mint condition! Your Amber Swan is lovely, you know me and my love of Earth-tones! :)
  14. Nice! Haskell is quite collectable and pricey! Pearls and seed pearls were her trademark of sorts... I've seen pieces go for four figures! Glad it has a good home :)
  15. I agree... I love how the "gold" surrounds the cabochons, with the crystal chatons and tear- drops in-between! Perfect!
  16. Wow! Magnificent Crown! Trifari at it's finest! I did not know that about the earrings.."squirrels" I love how we learn from one another, thank you Ken :)
  17. Nice reptile Rose... His red eyes do right by the piece!
  18. This is a beautiful piece Jenni! Haven't seen many Sherman figurals, but leave it to you to find one:) Phil warned us about AB on Sherman, I think these piece has just the right amount. It's the on...
  19. Jenni, This looks like you just took it out of the showcase! Beyond beautiful and all the design and color in tact for such a "senior" piece. But it is all about condition...all your pieces are min...
  20. The detail that went into this piece tells me the maker was a master... Lovely Alan!
  21. Beautiful clear crystals! Some of the best jewelry is made of clear crystal... I love it Alan!
  22. Yes indeed! Beautiful job Bill! Nice collection of pins.. I especially like your lizard :)
  23. I believe the pearl belongs there...the design calls for it. It does look a tad too big, but who cares? This is a lovely set!! Sorry...haven't a clue on the maker.
  24. Yes, very lovely indeed... And the condition for a piece around 50+ years is wonderful. I love it Ken, but now my phone won't let me "love" any piece on CW :(
  25. I agree with Karen. The design is well done... Lovely brooch!
  26. Another Beautiful Rose brooch.. How lucky to find such a piece! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!
  27. Coro made beautiful jewelry.... This is a wonderful find! The design is lovely with all the "swirls"!!
  28. Will you look at the detail on this piece! Marvelous!
  29. Another adorable figural. I call these little ones "petite pins"... And yes, he is a cutie... Love his green eyes!
  30. Hi Jenni, Wow, been away for a few days and so many new & beautiful pieces. I cannot love on any device at the moment but know this...I love Sarah Coventry, "she" doesn't get the attention this jew...
  31. Hi Ken, The Trifari Heart is lovely and timeless... I, too, am very thankful to have found this site and, in turn, met so many wonderful people who share my passion for vintage & antique jewelry. ...
  32. I knew when I saw this, it was a rare & classic piece. It's condition is immaculate for 71 years! ( I did get that right this time?) Wonderful Classic Trifari!!
  33. This one is easy for me... Definately the Platinum, the pearls and chatons just all sparkle together against the "silver" finish. But I certainly wouldn't turn down the "gold" one :)
  34. Quite lovely!
  35. Lovely birds Karen! The colors are so wonderful & bright. Makes me happy just looking at it :)
  36. I LOVE deco lamps.. Very proud piece! KEEP it in the family!
  37. I love Eisenburg! This is a beautiful piece MrsT.!! EISENBERG with the c in a circle was the hallmark used from 1955 on....
  38. I agree with Jenni... on all counts. Chrysoprase is beautiful... in any setting!
  39. It is very lovely...
  40. Pretty pony! In all his colorful beauty!
  41. Pretty Peacock! In the style of Boucher! I had Peacocks on my ranch.. They are magnificent birds & funny too. The males would stand in one place and shake and spin for hours trying for the attenti...
  42. Sweet Petite! Love this little owl's dramatic colors Wonderful Trifari figural Ken!!
  43. A Dior! Good for you! I love the Pearl-top turtle... Remind me of the turtles with the pointed segments on their shell top... Great pieces MrsT.!
  44. Wild amazing colors! Fantastic find... WOW!
  45. This is a wonderful piece! I used to have an army of these guys come onto my property at night. They are nocturnal. Also make good rototillers...
  46. WOW.. what an interesting piece! I sure how someone sees your post because now I'm curious. Great piece!
  47. Ah Silver! My Mother's favorite.. It's beautiful Bonnie... Especially at that price!
  48. Chalk up another great find! How many does this make? Lol Beautiful & interesting piece... I would indeed keep it :)
  49. These bring back memories! My brother had a collection of these when he was a kid. Ever hear of a "Steelee"? Ha! Used to play in the schoolground. My Mother was a seamstress and made bags for my bro ...
  50. Why not wear them? I don't understand? The reddish one with the clear navette is beautiful!
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