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California’s Central Coast ( can’t live away from the Pacific!)

Yes, I’m a D & E gal. I just love their jewelry, and am always on the lookout for new pristine pieces! I also collect Kramer Alexandrite sets, thanks to my friend PhYes, I’m a D & E gal. I just love their jewelry, and am always on the lookout for new pristine pieces! I also collect Kramer Alexandrite sets, thanks to my friend Phil :) Older KJL is another favorite! (Read more)


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D & E RUBY RED SEAHORSE…my collection is complete! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
D & E RUBY RED 5-TIER BROOCH! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
ON TOP OF THE WORLD...part2 - Photographsin Photographs
ON TOP OF THE WORLD..or 14,000 elevation! - Photographsin Photographs
D  & E DOLPHIN....after 6 years of searching! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
SO WHAT DID MY DAUGHTER WANT FOR MOTHER’S DAY? to go hiking of course! - Photographsin Photographs
GIVING A MOUNTAIN LION A BATH...huh? - Photographsin Photographs
D & E DEMI-PARURE....watermelon anyone? - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
DO YOU LIKE MY TURTLE?....he’s Italian Haute Couture - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
VENDOME’S LEVIATHAN...yes, you have seen this beauty before! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. P.S. I got an A on the project…lol
  2. Fabulous gift from Bill! Old books are like old love and treasure! And they did have tiny print. Ran out of things to read at The Ranch and found my Father’s copy of House of the Seven ...
  3. Excellent sterling brooch! My Mother ( as you know) would concur!
  4. Wonderful family heirloom! Treasure it always…
  5. Beautiful as always Phil! The carved leaves were very popular with Kramer and D & E also! Kramer’s are easy to come by, D & E are very rare, here’s hoping!
  6. Yes! Maureen knows her stuff! So glad you chimed in to help!
  7. Lori, it’s ok! For the longest time, I couldn’t love on anything! CW site is not perfect, things happen, like when can we edit our comments!!!!! ( if you want it removed from fine, try deleting it ...
  8. Thank you Searching1! Keystones are very sought after, and the amber parure I am still trying to complete! Another brooch and the necklace!
  9. Can you believe Hasbro was going to drop the “Mr.” from Mr. Potato head. It sparked outrage worldwide, and they changed their tune quickly. “Mr. Potato Head is going nowhere”…thank goodness!
  10. Wow, what a score Rose! I had a friend many years ago who Father had his entire house filled with wicker, the dining room and living room furniture were beautiful! My favorite to sit in was a rocking...
  11. Large crystals, fancy prongs, built in pin mechanism….Schreiner?
  12. Thanks Gillian…I knew I didn’t have the correct spelling! Laura is awesome!
  13. Love Fabulous Freak Brothers! And Fat Freddie's Cat, always sh-+ing in his shoes! Ha!
  14. Never was much of a Joplin fan, but I did love Bog Brother!
  15. Whenever we see the “evil” swastika, we immediately think NAZI’S! The swastika has been around since the iron and bronze ages, a sign of good fortune, until Hitler stole it! I love your postcards!
  16. Wow, now that’s an oldie but goodie!
  17. Thanks for your vote of confidence Searching1! I have put these pieces up against other D & E backs, and the gold is an exact match. I do know “Original by Robert” made a similar sax and he also made...
  18. No, not THAT Sherman, but it is a beautiful cross in the original box! I’m Catholic, and would wear that any day…lovely!
  19. If anyone knows bakelite, celluloid, lucite, etc. it’s Mary! But Mary, the seller listed it as “plastic fruit”, so seller was honest. Lori, it takes years to learn what Mary knows, so don’t feel too...
  20. Sorry Lori, it’s too blurry and dark to make out. It is a lovely brooch, the pearls are impressive!
  21. Mary is correct! It’s very difficult to complete parures! I just stated that exact same thing on another post. I love these pieces, gorgeous Trifari perfection!
  22. Thank you so much Searching1, you humble me. My collection is mediocre at best. Ladies like Debra Trent and Linda Munn have collections of D & E grand parures, which as you know, are quite difficult...
  23. raven, There’s a store on Etsy with an owner named Laura, very kind, very reasonable, and a fast delivery called Moonsperes! Mr.Stones is too busy and charges a fee if you want your crystals soon. Tr...
  24. This adorable brooch reminds me of the story of the little red hen. Sweet and show case new, for a piece over 70 years old! I love it when true vintage is shown here! Wonderful post!
  25. I wish to thank my friends from CW for their kindness in loving my latest D & E discovery… Vynill33rpm Mary ( valentino97) ehunt Dawnlady1 Trey Kevin ( kwqd) Searching1 Lori ( RichmondLori) ...
  26. Beautiful! The colors just seem to pop out at you! Perfect for springtime!
  27. Good to see you Maureen! I, too, haven’t spent much time here lately…too busy! I love Panetta jewelry, hard to come by. This is one gorgeous necklace, so clean ,so classic!
  28. Don’t you love it when they cut the price like that? Great pair, glad you found them a good home, Kevin! Like Tony the Tiger used to say ( or maybe still does) “They’re Great”!
  29. Amazing piece of iron work!
  30. Beautiful old dish that has seen lots of years…
  31. That would be one fancy ice bucket! We have a couple Asian experts here, here’s hoping they chime in for you! Or kerimikos, who is our information guru…
  32. kerimikos is our information guru! Great record too!
  33. Eric Burton & the Animals! House of the Rising Sun is about as Iconic a song gets! Am I right?
  34. Wonderful Red, White, and Blue signs! Sweet children too! You are a lucky man!
  35. 383,000 barrels a day! Wow, that’s a lot of oil! The price of the stock seems low to me, then again, I no nothing of oil production. Thanks Trey, and call me Eileen, it’s shorter! Ha!
  36. It’s very hard to photography jewelry, but these lovelies could use a second go round. Blurry, would love to see them in all their splendor! And FreshAir is right, Australian jewelry is very well mad...
  37. Wonderful sterling piece! I love the leaves as I have seen this style on D & E jewelry. I am not one for metal accents on rhinestone jewelry, but the pieces I am talking about are beautiful. Wonder ...
  38. Awe, this piece tugs at my heart. I had a Collie, she was three generations from Lassie.Her name was Lady, ( full name Lady Jennifer O’Hara). Her Mother’s name Lady Scarlett O’Hara, and her Father was...
  39. When hearing of dog fights, it makes me very angry and sad. If only the West did things like the East! These dogs are beautiful and your statue is perfection as is your photography! Again, thank you f...
  40. Such a pretty bird brooch! Love the rhinestone accents on top of the wings!
  41. Thank you so much AirFresh! Yes, it took a few years and lots of $$$ to finally complete this collection. But what fun in doing so. I am now going to start looking for “ on the branch” pieces. These i...
  42. Sorry for the late comment Patricia, This is beautiful, and you did an outstanding job restoring it. My cousin has one, and her husband sanded and stained the original wood. The details on old machin...
  43. I need to spend more time here.. I cried because I was hung over and didn’t want to do the work! This was before I was married, and partied hardly with friends. My Mother was very particular with he...
  44. Are there trails around there to hike? That’s a great piece, love the curves in the road and the arrowhead is very cool!
  45. Hi Bill, Hmm, I made a comment a month ago, I guess it didn’t take so…. In our old 100 year old house in the canyon before the flood took it, was a claw foot tub incased in plaster. After the flood,...
  46. A warm and sincere thank you to all my friends here on CW for loving the last piece of my sea life collection, my SEAHORSE!… Manikin Vynil33rpm Mary ( Valentino97) Mrstyndell Phil ( PhilDMorris...
  47. I can very easily see this on my Mother’s arm, her love of silver jewelry was shown every day as she wore at least 5-6 bangles on each arm! And that was just the bracelets! On a road trip going throug...
  48. Unique piece of Trifari! I said it once, and I’ll say it again..Trifari never used riveted on pin mechanisms! Only joint and catch..the show of quality!
  49. Wow, not one but two lovely brooches set in exquisite settings! No one did pearls like Trifari!
  50. The fish are great, and Karen’s right. They have a comical look about them! I love it!
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Earings Gold Ring With Unknown Hallmark On Outside Of Shank PALOMINO PEGASUS by K.J.L, now I have three!  Bernie was getting burnt out Bar Cabinet? Vintage Cabbage Patch Kid Doll Lady Coventry Jade Earrings Esinberg Ice Brooch -maybe ??????


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