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NEARLY 50 YEARS OF CROSBY.... - Music Memorabiliain Music Memorabilia
D & E GREEN SLIM NAVETTE BROOCH & mocha ( my cheetah, Jenni!) - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
D & E BRACELET & DANGLE EARRINGS.. getting closer to my goal! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
EARLY RIVOLI or not...NOT!! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
MORE EISENBERG - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
EISENBERG - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
SHERMAN CRESENT BROOCH & FAN EARRINGS - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
SHERMAN BRACELET - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Gift from Daughter & Grandson... - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. Ha! Blunderbuss2.. Yes, I'm afraid I indulged in a barrel... As did most everyone there :)
  2. Thank you iggy! Very kind!
  3. One of the most beautiful women in Hollywood... Great Post!
  4. Wonderful show... I just wish they would of stopped a few years earlier. When "Ma & Pa" and a lot of the other cast left the show, that would of been a good stopping point. But I watched it all...w...
  5. Such a tragic day in history. I remember being let out of school early because of it. When I walked into my house, my Mother was at the kitchen table...crying
  6. You mean to tell me no one here has a clue? Really? ( sorry, I don't) Whatever it is, it's quite ornate, maybe missing the top?
  7. They're so beautiful, just like she was. What an actress!
  8. My Mother took me to the movies to see this when I was a little girl. A huge man sat in front of me. My Mother let me go down to the first row... Love Elvis. Thank you for posting!
  9. Or a very strang looking upper- case S... Then again it is 1778... Great Piece of UK History!
  10. I read some...seems the letter f is used or is a mistaken die for the letter s? Then again it is 1778...
  11. I remember this show...Genie was always getting "Master" into so much trouble. A bit of trivia... Barbara Eden was not allowed to show her belly button. If you take a look at her adorable costume, it...
  12. Yes Alan! Crosby & Nash harmonize beautifully in that song! Isn't it wonderful when a post brings back great memories? That is what I love most about CW.
  13. To own Hop Sing's lantern...only on CW Thanks for the great post!
  14. Great item, but not a favorite show of mine. Joe Friday was so....monotone Great piece of T.V. Memorabilia though...
  15. Yes, longest running and greatest in my book. In later years, I loved Festus Haggen, played by Ken Curtis. Many actors got their start on Gunsmoke, Harrison Ford for one. I can still see the coffee...
  16. When I was a kid, this Movie only came on television once a year. It was quite a treat in the day. Now it's taken for granted, can be watched anytime.
  17. I'm ashamed no one, including myself has seen fit to "love" this post and to say thank you for sharing such blessed items. Thank you so much...
  18. Being Catholic...I am totally speechless... What a paragon of artifacts!
  19. From Rawhide to Dirty Harry to The Good, The Bad & The Ugly.... I have loved them all. Thank you for posting this "treasure"!
  20. Another great Bond, not quite as good as the original, but I have to admit I loved him in Spectre!
  21. If only it could talk...
  22. Wow, to own such a beautiful piece of history... I'm in awe.
  23. I remember a Final Jepardy round with the catagory Literature. The answer was a line from the book, The Prince & The Pauper which of course I read. No one knew "the question" I did.
  24. I love it! Then again, I love all vintage jewelry. They had the best stuff in the fifties! And this Lady was the funniest Lady on television. Remember "Vitameatavegamin" ? I never laughed so hard....
  25. Ah, Little Joe. Wasn't it sad none of the Cartwright boys married? Wait, didn't Little Joe marry, only to lose his bride?
  26. Sean Connery...the original and the best! My Son loves everything Bond. I'll have to show him this amazing post!
  27. Another show the family watched every Sunday night. I liked Hoss.
  28. One of my favorite actress's. A true legend... Beautiful it signed? Or most likely she had it personally made?
  29. My Father loved this show. It was quite funny. You have so many wonderful props & iconic memorabilia!
  30. Wow, what a fairy tale vacation! I could only dream! Poland...I'm in awe. The 100+ year old "Hotel" is amazing. What was it like to wake up in a place such as this, or for that matter go to sleep? ...
  31. Thank you Mary! I so appreciate your words, the design is pretty cool. I like that they're long- 4 inches! Yes, My Mocha is sweet :)
  32. I'm so glad CW brings up the archives, if not I would of missed this great post. My cousin made this model when I was a very young girl. It was sitting on the kitchen table and my other cousin & I we...
  33. Ah Jenni...superb song, masterpiece by Stephen Stills ! I so love it too!
  34. Oh Bill, You're right, after a while they did open the gates for people to come in for free. Such wonderful good times back then.
  35. Thank you Phil, Coming from one who collects only the very best Sherman, it makes my day when you comment on my D & E!!
  36. Thank you Jenni for your wonderful comments. There's a blue leaf I spotted the other day, but no earrings to match. Haven't gone after the other kitty. Still deciding if Mocha would be happy about it....
  37. Thanks for the article Bill... I'll tell you one thing...there is absolutely no comparison between what this man produced & the poison that is made today. We partied in much safer times...
  38. Please delete 2nd comment dont know what happened :(
  39. I remember seeing Yellow Submarine at the Drive-in... Fun cuz you could smoke....
  40. I have an autographed Concert Poster, when Crosby & Nash played in SLO, California in 2011. Last tour together, had a falling out over a comment Crosby made of Neil Youngs woman. Never stopped me from...
  41. Vynil33rpm, Is this a store or your collection of Days Gone By? I have come back more than once and I see different things each time. My eyes always go straight to the Doors albums though :) with a...
  42. Vynil33rpm, Your posts look like you hit a portale and went back in time to my Hippie days! The vinyls you find are amazing!
  43. Yes Jenni, Ciner is VERY expensive. When I saw your Lion my first thoughts were, Woah, she must of paid a bundle to achieve this guy. Sometimes we just can't help ourselves and dish out for pieces ...
  44. Oops, it's gone :(
  45. Well worth the wait... I believe I've come back five times to admire! On my brooch, I had some "black" on the metalwork I see in your photos. I used Brasso with a q-tip and it came right off. Sinc...
  46. Same thrift store? LOL You sure did great today! This piece is lovely too, The back is almost as pretty as the front! Someone here will recognize the style...
  47. Unbelievable to find this treasure in a thrift store! And at half price? I don't even want to know! Schreiner is the tip- top of jewelry designers. I have one I found in a vintage store, a trembler...
  48. Belongs in a castle! Magnificent!
  49. I love amber! He’s beautiful and mighty stately!
  50. Love navettes! Of any color but peridot green is so lovely. Beautiful leaf brooch. I have a green navette piece I’ll post later, along with my “cheetah” I want you to see my kitty Jenni. By the end ...
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