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California’s Central Coast ( can’t live away from the Pacific!)

Yes, I’m a D & E gal. I just love their jewelry, and am always on the lookout for new pristine pieces! I also collect Kramer Alexandrite sets, thanks to my friend PhYes, I’m a D & E gal. I just love their jewelry, and am always on the lookout for new pristine pieces! I also collect Kramer Alexandrite sets, thanks to my friend Phil :) Older KJL is another favorite! (Read more)


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D & E NEON GEOMETRIC - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
D & E RUBY RED FILIGREE BALL, white, but no blue! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
D & E MASQUERADE BROOCH...millefiori—a thousand flowers! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
D & E BLACK JET KEYSTONE those slims! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
D & E KEYSTONE...a decade before “Juliana” - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
HOBE’ BRACELET & first pearls! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
My One & Only...Weller Floretta Vase for BILL...aka OleCody! - Potteryin Pottery
SOCIAL DISTANCING...california style! - Photographsin Photographs
D & E AMBER BROOCH...set in gunmetal with dogtooth prongs! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
KJL 1960’s FANTASY COLLECTION/SEA CREATURE...a birthday present from my Daughter! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. Welcome to CW! This set is beautiful. Opaque stones are rare on Sherman, and as I was told, the oval cartouche was put on early pieces! Check out other Sherman pieces here on CW, especially PhilMorri...
  2. Thank you MrsT, your comments are always kind and much appreciated. SO GOOD TO HEAR FROM YOU PHIL! I always wanted one of these, but now that I have it in my hands, it’s not so pretty. ( I have al...
  3. Karen is right.. The color is “yummy”! I love it!
  4. Getting to the goodies Bill found... I have seen that rooster on many a plate, saucer, cup , but never a planter. I love it and since it was made here in California... all the better!
  5. Can you tell us anything about that “record player”? Year? Looks 1940’s, but what do I know...
  6. We have a flea market down this way. At the Sunset Drive-in. ( yes, we still have a drive in) Haven’t been there in years. Maybe it’s time to check it out. My Mother used to go so early she took a fl...
  7. No one here ever “was causing trouble”. We treat each other with respect and kindness here at vintage jewelry. I’m not buying this story. I am asking you to kindly stay off my posts, please....
  8. I have always loved the colors of bakelite...supreme eye candy! Gorgeous collection, I bet these are so much fun to wear!
  9. Ah, now I understand! Between Sherman and Judy Lee, there is no comparison... Each maker had their own way of doing things. Judy Lee made some beautiful pieces but the “pop-rivet” construction, IMO, ...
  10. So is Judy Lee at the top of your collecting list? We all have our favorites here. Me, D & E and Kramer! Mary, our beautiful Bakelite Queen! Maureen, our Trifari expert!( she wrote a book on Trifar...
  11. This would be so much fun to wear! Tell me you wear this gorgeous piece!
  12. I do have to admit...again, this set is very well made. All prong set and the pearls are multi- pronged! The blue sapphire stone in the center really makes the design! Lovely Judy Lee set Lori! I hav...
  13. Seeing that all the stones are AB, something Weiss was famous for, I can see how the seller would think this was a Weiss brooch....
  14. IMHO, I don’t believe you have a Weiss brooch here, but they all go lovely together. What we call a “married” set. Sometimes sellers don’t have a clue on what they are listing, but it’s not that they...
  15. Lovely earrings and bracelet! there a hallmark on the brooch? If so, I’m a little confused. The brooch has the Judy Lee or Beau Jewels construction. Never the less, they all look marvelous t...
  16. Yay, so good to hear from you Phil!
  17. Is that an old Parcheesi game I see? When my family plays this, it’s everyone for themselves. Gets real intense! Ha! When camping, we switched to Yahtzee, much more mellow game playing!
  18. I meant to add... I remember those plastic inserts to convert 45’s to 33’s... Another “something you don’t see anymore.”
  19. My husband had an old 8mm. You had to crank it. Still have some movies somewhere, should put them on DVD’s be fun to watch...
  20. Look at the arms on those turntables! You don’t see those anymore! 1950’s ?
  21. Lori, how about a picture of the back of these lovely pieces? So many fake Weiss out there, the internet is littered with them. Weiss was around for a very little time, 1942-1971, just under 30 years....
  22. Some people were smart and kept the boxes. Aren’t you glad?! Love this crane. The detail put into such a small object is really something. Six wheels instead of four. Perfect miniature!
  23. The faceted amber stone makes this set, very nice indeed!
  24. I have to admit it.. this set is lovely! The “milk glass” slim, rounded navettes! The two tier AB’s with a huge “milk glass” cabochon tops this brooch off beautifully! Pinwheel design!
  25. It’s been a while Phil... Hope all is well up North... Thinking of you, my friend :)
  26. I have to be honest here, Judy Lee is not one of my favorites, or Beau Jewels. It’s the construction that throws me off. But... still being honest, the colors are beautiful. This set is perfect for A...
  27. Yes Bill, there are deer everywhere. I take the back road to my Daughter’s early in the morning the days I watch the boys for her, and there are always deer in the road...always! Mountain lions, not...
  28. After all these years, he metal is still shiney on these little bugs! The forest green stones against the gold s Coro perfection. Most of us do not want flies in our homes, but these guys would be w...
  29. Yes, a newer piece, you can tell by the textured plating. But who cares? As long as you love it, that is what matters. The stones really do sparkle! A “sweet petite” for sure!
  30. Please delete comment 2. It’s obviously this is not my post, and they know it.
  31. MrsT, once again you delight us with an amazing piece! Beautiful rhodium plating, the pink chatons give a very feminine touch, and the red pear stones stand out beautifully! I love everything about ...
  32. Good luck on your search!
  33. Now to find the booth it came in !
  34. How many remember as a kid checking the flip coin holder and getting very excited when a nickel was found? ( when a nickel could buy a candy bar) Ha! Great photos!
  35. soliciting here allowed! Best to delete your comment and this one. We are all collectors here, can’t buy or sell, my dear@! Look up Napier cameo earring on Etsy. You will get an idea...
  36. Oops, also the hallmark Napier with a copyright preceding is from after 1955. Lovely earrings to treasure!
  37. Beautiful pictures. I love these old swivel stand frames. Had a picture of my Grandparents in one. It was falling apart, so I took the photo out and behind the photo were three Mother’s Day “pictures”...
  38. Hmmm, my Mother used to tell me, “If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all”. Wise words from a very wise, wonderful woman. I love your “Deer by The Lake” Bill. And tell me, where ...
  39. These lovely earrings, according to a little research, were made in the 1970’s. Which makes sense since the screw-back hinge clip was patented in 1962. So yes, they could be close to 50 years old. Bea...
  40. Lovely genuine Weiss earrings, so nice to see the real thing! The “halos” circling the stones and the smooth reflective material of the backs of these earrings, make for outstanding workmanship!
  41. I just noticed the cabochons look bevel set, not just glued on. Look at the borders around the stones, so fancy! Fabulous brooch, I would wear a “medal” such as this anytime!
  42. “and it’s you girl, making it spin!” Ha!
  43. Karen, I don’t get out of “vintage jewelry” enough! The work on this glass takes my breathe away! Imagine the hours/ days it took to paint this. What patience!!
  44. Heck, didn’t we all “try” something or another back in the day? Heck, I’ll admit....but there was one I stayed away from. Too many lives ruined....
  45. Pieces coming from Austria were usually very well made. All the stones are prong set, joint/ catch pin mechanism. Not to mention Swarovski crystals! Lovely brooch!
  46. The “chevron” necklace is just beautiful. The other two, simple and pretty, were called “prom wear” by the teenage girls who wore them to dances... nice thought, huh?
  47. Love his shiny rhinestone “stripe!” Hallmark suggests he was made 1955 or after. “P” after # stands for Pin, ( which I know you know but some might not) Again, a delightful “sweet petite” from Bouch...
  48. What a gorgeous “medal” brooch! The colors are glorious against the “brass” lacy background!
  49. The faux turquoise & red are a fabulous combo for this amazing piece. I was trying to figure how old... MB w/ Phrygian cap was used as a hallmark 1937-1949, sterling was used by Boucher 1942-1947 (WW ...
  50. Thank you for dropping by from “records” Thomas! Ruby is a great birthstone, a precious stone whereas mine is semi- precious. But I learned to love it...aquamarine! Thank you Maureen. There are s...
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Esinberg Ice Brooch -maybe ?????? Sherman necklace


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