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D & E EMERALD GREEN SET - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
MASSIVE D & E BROOCH in blues - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
D & E CLEAR CRYSTAL - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
EISENBERG Bracelet... To go with D & E brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
D & E... with Schreiner attributes. - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
D and E...or is it? - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
D & E KITE SET - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
D & E AB CHATON BROOCH - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
D & E GIVRE' GLASS SET - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
D & E FOREST GREEN BROOCH - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. I came back for another peek.. I do believe this set is truly amazing! The stones that she used are so perfect together. A menagerie of color so inviting to the eye. I sure hope you plan to wear it. P...
  2. Thank you Mary, It really is nice when someone knows that you are wearing vintage. Did you know there are Costume Jewelry Comventions! How much fun to all get together at one of those! Only com...
  3. A very sweet Daughter indeed!
  4. Aura & Manikin... Thank you for the loves, dears!
  5. Postcard... LoL, I don't know about a big night at my age, but I'll have fun wearing them!
  6. Karen, Awfully kind words, Thank you!
  7. Gillian, Much appreciated! I was real happy to find it!
  8. Thank you, Judy... Simple yet classy... LoL
  9. Ken, I love Eisenberg, it's just so hard to find a real vintage piece since pieces are still being made & and when you do... The prices!!! Found a figural mermaid, topaz, the other day... Just di...
  10. Jenni, I, too, was surprised at the conditon. Are we glad people took care of their jewelry?
  11. Trifari just never fails to amaze. These gems are 62 years old and still sparkling! Nice....
  12. This is beautiful... Typical of Schreiner. I wish I could help you but I'm at a loss. I have never seen a brooch where each stone is riveted on like this. It's quite amazing.
  13. Ok, I'll be sure to post soon. I also had my Grandparents, but gave them to a cousin and he has them hanging in his dining room!
  14. And thanks for the loves, dears!
  15. Judy, Thank you so much for saying so...
  16. Ken, That's very kind of you to say. It's a small brooch, but it holds it's own.
  17. Thank you, Jenni, Appreciate your thoughts...always
  18. Judy, Bonnie, Kyra, Aura, Caperkid & Hel1, and all Thanks for the loves, dears!
  19. WOWZER!!! I do believe no one picks them better! How do you do it? My jaw literally dropped on this one, Ken. Superior piece indeed!
  20. And thanks for all the loves, dears!
  21. Karen, Thanks... So very nice of you to say!
  22. Ken, You see much more than I when I look at this little piece. You really "take in" jewelry... Hmm, maybe this is why your collection is so impeccable.
  23. Jenni, Always with a kind word... Much appreciated!
  24. I had no idea one existed! Learn something new everyday on CW... Thanks for posting it!
  25. Ha!, every time I see your profile picture, I crack up!
  26. Wow... to think of the lady/ ladies that wore this... pulling it out of her hair and her tresses falling. This is one spectacular piece! I love it and I want one!
  27. He's a "honey" of a horse. Very nice collection you have going, Jenni Beautiful!
  28. Another figural today! Yay! Now he is "legend" as Karen so kindly put it. Caviness was an artist! So lucky to have a piece of her work. Did you know hoot owls talk back. During dusk, I would take m...
  29. I'm with Karen, I love bagettes! When you stop and really "take in" a piece, it's truly remarkable what these makers (masters) accomplished. This brooch is utterly beautiful! Aren't you glad the f...
  30. Awe, she's so precious. I adore figurals, and you have quite a collection! Everything about her draws you in. Beautiful, Ken! Speaking about "our birds." I miss my woodpeckers that used to drink ou...
  31. Mycheaperstuff, Boy, this question has my head spinning. But no, these are 100% D & E. While D & E made for the likes of Carnegie, Weiss, Lane, Hobe', Coventry, Tara, to name just a few, these pi...
  32. Thank you Ken... Most consider grey not so appealing. Maybe that's why all the fancy prong work. Hmm, but this came in other colors
  33. I'm no good at stones... Not real ones anyway. It is rather lovely with all the facets. Real or not Bonnie, looks pretty special to me! And who else picks up a diamond ring for $20, Lady... You a...
  34. First thing I spotted was the buck! On further examination of this lovely forest scene were the other deer, even the doe laying down. It's as if the buck is protecting her. What a masterpiece!
  35. Wow, this looks like quite a significant piece. How big is it? I know nothing of crystals or the cutting of... but seems to me this was done by a master. I just love the setting. I love everything...
  36. Thank you Mary! It is quite a busy piece, but I love it! Please call me Eileen...
  37. Thank you Rose... And thank you for all the loves, dears!
  38. This set is beautiful...look at those earrings! I happen to love Earth colors, they are warm and inviting!
  39. I've come back to this post several times just to stare at this work of art! The iridescent cobalt and emerald color combination the master picked to construct this set is exquisite!
  40. Thank you so much Mary ! ( may I call you Mary?, Been calling you Val for the longest time Lol)
  41. Sigh... What a lovely Birthday present!
  42. How wonderful to find something like that in your attic! I believe I have something similar... of my great grandparents that used to hang in my Grandparents parlor. Only thing they are much larger.....
  43. Thank you, Phil... Pain staking work to say the least
  44. I do believe this is beau jewels. Same construction and pin mechanism. Go to google,( if you haven't already) type in " vintage beau jewels" , hit "images" There are some real beauties there and they...
  45. Thank you, Jenni... Who never fails to see beauty in all pieces...
  46. Phil...LOL Yes, they sure did, almost too extreme. Shreiner did a much better job.
  47. They're lovely. We do have a Sarah expert here. I'm sure he will be around soon. Welcome!
  48. Hi Karen, No excuse needed. A givre' is just a fancy and quick way to describe an art glass stone that has colors swirled around for a marbled effect. D & E used these alot. And thank you for the ...
  49. Very lovely Lagan, How about showing some more of your kind friends pieces. We all love jewelry here... Welcome! Eileen
  50. Thank you, Ken It's been worn... by me! LOL But you are right, it's wonderful to find a piece someone loved and took good care of.
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