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This is the beach town I grew up in. This photo was taken nearly a century ago. Look in the upper left corner. The School House with the bell tower I went to, last gThis is the beach town I grew up in. This photo was taken nearly a century ago. Look in the upper left corner. The School House with the bell tower I went to, last girl to graduate in 1966 from 6th. grade. Wonderful childhood I wouldn't trade for anything! Imagine! Having the beach for your playground! (Read more)


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RIP GINGER BAKER.... - Recordsin Records
PHOEBE’S STORY.... - Photographsin Photographs
PINK CRAB...from D & E sea life collection! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
KJL PEGASUS - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
D & E?  i doubt it but i love it anyway.... - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
D & E EMERALD I'm ready for Christmas! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
D & E CORN KERNAL SET...rare orange! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
TUNA ANYONE? - Fishingin Fishing
A FATHER'S DAY grandfather antone & uncle Jake - Photographsin Photographs
D & E CHAMPAGNE TOPAZ BROOCH...the rarest glass dangle beads! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  2. How did I miss this beautiful, special little bird? Awe, Mary , he is delightful! Here’s to him bringing you years of happiness & fun!
  3. Came across this post, as it, to me, looks like Northern California? I too, have walked all over the mountains,( my property, not trespassing, lol), down in the creek, under sycamore trees to find Ch...
  4. I haven’t a clue, but I love the inside with all the shades of brown...
  5. Ah, the summer of love... and beautiful jewelry! The layers of leaves, and many stems to snowy white pearls make this piece a sight to behold! Wow, to think in over 50 years, no one wore this....
  6. And please, call me Eileen :)
  7. What a wonderful story! And such a sweet, thoughtful Grandma! Leave it be, she made this for you, like Jenni said, treasure it with the memories that go with it. Thanks for such an uplifting post!
  8. I love Johnson Brother’s. They made such lovely dinnerware...
  9. Who can resist tiny turquoise beads? Love, love this piece.. Trifari does it again!
  10. Not a huge fan of Kirk’s Folly, most of their pieces are “too busy” for my taste but... This lovely Unicorn is the exception. The enamel looks like whipped cream, and the tiny ab stones, along with h...
  11. The green parrot is beautiful... love the pedestal he’s “perched” on.
  12. Mary, have you ever seen “Hollycraft Collector Heaven” on RL. I went there to see if she had any of these 1950’s pieces, but alas, both bracelet, and necklace were sold :( Her prices are very fair. T...
  13. Been thinking about you lately, my friend... You remind me of my neighbor, Willy, who is also a collector of fine things, including cars. On his property there is a huge warehouse we call “The Museu...
  14. Bill, did you see “Phoebe’s Story”?
  15. I commented when I only had my Angelfish, never thought I would find the crab :) Like I said, sea creatures are such a cool design for jewelry!!
  16. I’m not speechless, I’m DAZZLED!, WOW, I want to just try it on, and look in the mirror. ( not at myself, at the pure artistry of this piece! KJL was a bold designer, and his legacy will go on fore...
  17. Here’s another piece that deserves a second look, and a third, fourth.... Most of us will never see such an iconic piece in person, so many thanks to our Jenni! This piece deserves 100 loves!
  18. Had to take another peek at this Panetta figural. These are very sought after, and did I mention pricey. His little pave’ body is done by a master... PANETTA PERFECTION!
  19. I see “the wolf” with his long nose, eye looking up, and long tail “flying” behind him. It’s all a matter of interpretation....
  20. These grew all over my property, up in the canyon. They are beautiful, and tend to shed. I don’t know why this happens? I cut a piece one year and made a Christmas tree of it. Wish I took pictures, i...
  21. I remember back in 1970, a bunch of us jumped into my boyfriends VW bus ( actually it was his Father’s) and headed to Frisco to see Jethro Tull at Fillmore West. We were very young ( in our teens’ and...
  22. Ever eat rattlesnake? Tastes like chicken :)
  23. Mary, your collection of bakelite, and other glorious plastics is unparalleled ! I have learned so much from you, and your honey colored beauties appear to have come from the bees, themselves. (Lol) ...
  24. Once again, this little guy looks brand new, shiny enamel and I love his rs eyes! Another fabulous amphibian!
  25. Barkley started in 1946-1957...Rhode Island, NY This is an early piece, called “Jewels of India”. ( wonder where they got that term) . You could purchase the jewelry by mail order. “From the land of ...
  26. Hobe’ used the very best Swarovski crystals, so despite their tiny size, these little gems sparkle big time!
  27. Thank you Elisabethan! The color isn’t for everyone, but I’m wearing this set Halloween Day, Ha!
  28. Yes, I have a couple pieces of jewelry my Dad bid on for me at a live auction, I’ll never part with them so I know the value this wonderful Ginger Jar has to you. It’s beautiful and the painting is s...
  29. Wow, now that’s an oldie... But goodie!
  30. Tell me about Foo Dogs.. Their purpose? Besides spectacular pieces of art, is that what they represent? Protection? Just curious:)
  31. Wow, I’m dazzled! Beautiful Adele!
  32. Beautiful Ginger jars! I love the red one hidden in the back ( but I spotted it) I have 1, lol, by Fenton...
  33. I grew up in a California Beach Town, as kids, especially in the summer time, we would ask the “old” people laying on the beach, if they were done with their soda, and could we have the bottle? That ...
  34. I’m a native and have never heard of California Fig Company... Maybe because it was in Nevada, and not California! Why not Nevada Fig Company? Learn something everyday on CW! Thanks for showing y...
  35. Jenni, thank you always for your kind words and support. This little guy has avoided me for well over a decade, and to finally have him, well, I still can’t believe it! D&E figurals are becoming harde...
  36. My first thought..Snow Bears! How remarkable that the designer made these little guys eyes to look in different directions! Glass perfection, I’d say!
  37. Ultra rare Eisenberg! This is such a treat to see...many designer used “the panther” as a model to jewelry. Eisenberg knew their stuff, this one is incredible. Thank you for posting yet another pie...
  38. Wow, this is a wonderful piece... I can almost see Venus rising out of the sea on this magnificent shell... Hobe is yet another high end designer, then again our Jenni knows her jewelry!
  39. Ken’s right, Panetta is beautiful....and pricy and worth every penny. The pave set glistens on this little frog, and his huge green eyes stand out realistically. His stance looks like he is ready...
  40. Pearly white is right! Ring is 40+ years, and pristine. No one wore this! Wonderful ring!
  41. The blue bird painting is lovely... So realistic! Sorry about the other one, people, especially cashiers, mishandle items all the time.
  42. Ah, such a remarkable piece, I love the cobalt base. Sadly, I know nothing of glass but I have a few Fenton vases that were handed down from G-Grandma. Nothing of this caliber though! Just lovely!
  43. For such small creatures, the detail IS incredible. This man has talent to no end.... They look so lifelike, beautiful bunnies...
  44. He is so cool. Right down to the buttons on his shoes, the details are really something. Lots of foxes where I used to live. Ran into one while looking for chanterelles on a mountain trail above my...
  45. Everyone knows how I feel about butterflies, but there are some that stand out above the others, and this is one of them. The intricate wiring, ( look at the tiny dots of metal from the back), the bea...
  46. Your bracelet has a lobster claw clasp, the style of clasp on your bracelet was patented in 1996. Diamonds on sterling silver, interesting. Welcome to CW, your bracelet is very pretty....
  47. Love this set with it’s different textures!
  48. Big, bright ,beautiful!
  49. The emerald stone is lovely, nice find :)
  50. This image is beautiful!
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photographs of soldiers Lenox  “Golden Gingko” necklace, gold plated, turquoise colored beads My Sterling chain Fashion earrings ww1 Dog tag?  Token? Turquoise swastika pin


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