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California’s Central Coast ( can’t live away from the Pacific!)

Yes, I’m a D & E gal. I just love their jewelry, and am always on the lookout for new pristine pieces! I also collect Kramer Alexandrite sets, thanks to my friend PhYes, I’m a D & E gal. I just love their jewelry, and am always on the lookout for new pristine pieces! I also collect Kramer Alexandrite sets, thanks to my friend Phil :) Older KJL is another favorite! (Read more)


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GIFTS FROM MARY! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
K.J.L. MAJESTIC LION....1960’s! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
D & E STARFISH..from the sea life collection! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
D & E all AB stones! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
D & E RUBY RED KEYSTONE....through the years 1958-1963 - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
D & E DOME BROOCH & EARRINGS!....not Schreiner! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
RARE PANETTA ZODIAC BROOCH...restored with a little help from my friends! THANKS PASCALE! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
REGENCY COBALT & ICE BROOCH...5 inches! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
D & E NEON GEOMETRIC - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
D & E RUBY RED FILIGREE BALL, white, but no blue! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. This looks more contemporary than vintage. But that’s just a guess. The clasp is called a “fish hook” filigree clasp. And even though they are seen on older necklaces, they are still being made today...
  2. James Taylor was one I would listen to to wind down and relax. His music was soft and soothing to the ear. I had the album, “Sweet Baby James”, Fire & Rain being a favorite.. Ah, Thomas...the memorie...
  3. Carmen, I went to your blog, and I stayed for over an hour. Your story on Fourth of July was hilarious!! You do have a gift for writing, and the Begonias were beautiful! We had those in our front yard...
  4. 56 years? Making me feel awfully old, Remember “Bits n Pieces”?
  5. Thanks Phil, it was definitely a fluke that I even found this one! Like I stated this piece is never out there to find, after all these years and then, there it was! Garish? I have to agree a lot of...
  6. This is lovely... The detail in the ruffle collar is wonderful! “Robert”’s portrait is beautifully done!
  7. Don’t ask me, I no nothing of glass Kevin. But it sure is pretty, I would of picked it up too. Very dainty, feminine piece!
  8. Love Eric Clapton....especially in CREAM! This was a very catchy song uplifting and fun! “ but I did not shoot the deputy”....
  9. My favorite flower! Photo 4 is amazing! Love love love!!
  10. They are both so beautiful it’s difficult to pick a favorite! Can I love them both? :)
  11. #2 SUNNY... ONE OF MY FAVORITES! I was only a little girl when this song came out but I remember it on the radio, and just loved it. Another memory from Thomas!
  12. Not much for girl bands, but she was cool in her day..
  13. YES! My Brother had this on 8-track,( anyone remember those), in his 57 Chevy. So many years ago, and I can still hear it playing in his car on the way to School... Thanks again Thomas for bringing...
  14. Great idea Mary! Carmen, you should definitely take Mary’s advice. She is an absolute wizard when it comes to making “homemade” bracelets! Take a look at some of her posts, the Bakelite charm bracel...
  15. Oh Mary! I’m so excited, I’m giddy! Poor mail carrier is gonna get beat up until it arrives! Ha! You are such a dear for thinking of me!
  16. Hello dear, Bugging you again to chime in to Peach938, she has a question on what she believes are shoe clips. Your knowledge far exceeds mine, and though I believe they are indeed shoe clips, your e...
  17. Hi Peach, I am very surprised no one has chimed in, but not all of us are on site 24/7. With that sad excuse I want to welcome you to CW. Another reason is maybe, including me, a lot of us don’t know...
  18. This is “Gripoix” or poured glass. Beautifully molded and put into an antique setting. Gudrun’s right, looks a lot like Selro jewelry. There is an identical bracelet in amber on Etsy to compare if you...
  19. Great Rolls story and history. How clever to lower the hood ornament into the hood. Phil would appreciate that!
  20. Great monster post! How big is the Hunchback? My cousin had a model kit for The Creature from the Black Lagoon. Stood an impressive 8”. Have to admit we kids had the coolest toys back in the day. No n...
  21. Yeah, me too on the “more blood the better” movies... ugh! I like creepy, not gory. The van is very cool, so detailed and realistic! I always wanted a Ford Econoline (sp?)Panel Truck in my hippie da...
  22. I love old patio furniture! My Daughter has black chairs similar to the white set in photo 4.Whatever you do, don’t stand on them! I did while trying to refill a hummingbird feeder and the seat came ...
  23. Wow Mary, I just noticed! This is your 700th. post! Congratulations!
  24. LOL! Made me laugh with all the clinking and clunking! Wearing lots of bangles, ( whether silver or plastic, my Mom wore lots like you) is just plain fun! Gudrun’s right, I certainly would notice all...
  25. Dang it! Ben beat me for first love... This bracelet is a century old! Just think about that for a moment! We would all “darken” a little at 100 years old! It couldn’t of wound up in better, lovi...
  26. Beautiful rhinestone “embedded” bracelets! I’m also looking at the other black treasures in the box! And what a deal! $2? Seller must not of had a clue, isn’t it nice to know “your jewelry”? Ha! Grea...
  27. Sure wish you lived “Charity shops” in my neck of the woods have zilch for jewelry. I always zoom in and these beads are just beautiful. I love the swirls and color of tortoise shell! (...
  28. No excuse on missing this masterpiece, but I’ve been watching my Grandson’s the last few days, and even with several computers in their house, do you think I would get a minute? Ha! NO! Phil, I need ...
  29. Yes, Phil is the one would taught me about “real” vs. “fake” prongs! He knows his stuff!
  30. Sigh... I hit the love button because the cobalt color is absolutely lovely but... I believe we are looking at a contemporary piece, not vintage. See the back with all the “grooves” in the setting? ...
  31. Beautiful genuine Weiss brooch! Yes! Keep it, and wear it! You say you keep them in a cabinet, which is nice for all to see, but you should wear your pieces! “BRING BACK THE BROOCH” Ha! I never lea...
  32. “To each their own” I absolutely love this piece! I am very fond of red jewelry, and the carved glass beads caught my eye right away. Also, I believe the date is very close, I, too, was thinking 1930...
  33. The lady you need for this one is Mary! She is our “Plastic Fantastic” expert... As long as you’re not planning on parting with it, she will help.. It is quite beautiful!
  34. Wow, it’s quite amazing the albums you have! This was one of the greats, they just don’t make epic movies like this anymore... My favorite Kirk Douglas movie? “Lonely Are The Brave” ( sob!) and “The...
  35. This is beautiful! What a treasure! Smirgol—NO solicitations allowed on this site, we only collect and appreicate!
  36. Yeah, I couldn’t find anything on Miller either, but mostly likely lots of others played that were never attributed, like Thomas said... Lennon said the Beatles would play if they made room for Yoko ...
  37. I have this!...although sadly on CD :( Favorite song...LOVE STREET! In fact I have every song Jim sang, but alas, on CD only. ( wish I would of kept my albums and posters!) Wonderful post Vynil!!
  38. It’s almost Fall, and this is the perfect brooch to wear in October! Love Schreiner drop brooches!
  39. I was just looking at your gorgeous necklace, looks like Kramer “Empress” collection, but just a guess. No “self-appointed expert” here. Just a friendly guess, then I read it broke!, So sorry! There’...
  40. And yes Mary, what I wouldn’t give to have Sammy’s collection, though she told me she sold a lot of them...:( Where was I ?
  41. Sincere thanks to... aura Manikin MALKEY dav2no1 Patricia (Watchsearcher) Mary (valentino97) vetraio50 Karen ( racer4 four) fortapache Thomas ( Brunswick) Pascale ( kyratango) PhilDMorri...
  42. I found another in all blues nearly identical described as a “ 3-D unsigned Schreiner”, complete with the tear drop shaped stones with round top fancy prongs.. the answer is getting closer! Here’s ho...
  43. Wow, Steve Miller was at Woodstock? I did not know that! Thomas, you are like a walking music encyclopedia! Learning something new on CW! ( I’m gonna go look that up right now!)
  44. Was supposed to see Steve Miller as a surprise guest at a C.S. & N. open air concert in Illa Vista, California. He didn’t show...surprise! C.S. & N. were just out of Woodstock less than three months ...
  45. Lovely cobalt Mother collected cobalt. Love the uniqueness and the white flowers with hints of gold glint makes it beautiful to look at! I would of brought it home too!
  46. Hello, salome000, Schreiner jewelry is very distinct. They used stones that were ordered especially for the company from Germany. The colors in your lovely Butterfly set are one clue. Schreiner used ...
  47. I believe this is a Schreiner.. Wonderful to have the earrings, which through the years become separated from the brooch! Lovely set!
  48. Good try Patricia! I’m completely stumped.. Curiouser and Curiouser....
  49. Wow! What a work of art! The “purple-ish” pink colors! The theme! Absolutely gorgeous! Stay safe & healthy over there MALKEY!
  50. This has to be a rarity indeed! I love the golden rims against the frosted snow white glass. Splendid set Leah... Has to be antique, yes?
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Esinberg Ice Brooch -maybe ??????


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