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SILVER & GARNET BRACELET - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
MOTHER'S DAY PRESENT - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
BLACK & MILKGLASS BROOCHES - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
BLUE "waterfall" BROOCH - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
D & E DOUBLES! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
D & E PETITE BROOCHES - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
D & E HEMATITE SET - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
D & E FLORAL TRANSFER BROOCHES - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
D & E SMOKEY GRAY & AMBER SET - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
D & E LUTE BROOCH - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. Lovely Brooch.. Thoughtful Husband! And yes I'm having lots of problems with this site. I can't "love", the recent posts are mixed in with ones from years ago and no emails.
  2. Judy, I'm having problems with the site too. Can't "love" anything!! I have to use my phone. Also have to use my phone to see recent posts. I understand why they are all mixed up. They want to show ...
  3. Wow, this would look beautiful on my black wool coat! :) I love it!!
  4. I love these pieces. The work involved to produce them must of been pain-staking. Another beautiful Trifari in wonderful condition being over 60 years old!
  5. Definately Hollycraft. Good eye Bonnie!
  6. I'de wear this in a heartbeat! There's your answer Ken! Love the detail and how the stem is shiny vs. the "thistle" being brushed. The contrast is perfect!
  7. WOW, eagle eye is right! I love the locket! What a score Bonnie... Good for you!!
  8. Lovely Ken... And it's "name"?
  9. Beautiful... love the pink baguettes! A quote out of one of my jewelry books... "ART GLASS...fancy stones that are either painted, molded, stippled, pressed, filled with copper or gold or embedded w...
  10. My Mother loved Marty Robbins & in turn so did I. Saw him in concert, what a night! My favorite...Streets of Larado... cry every time. On a lighter note.. White Sport Coat! Thanks for the post an...
  11. Bonnie's does look like it belongs on a totem pole. I've never seen the likes of a Trifari piece such as this. I do believe you have an "ultra rare" piece here, Ken! p.s. I miss Bonnie...
  12. Beautiful... Photographed beautifully... Amazing piece, 50's ? Once again, looks old Hollywood to me. Never cease to amaze!
  13. Eisenberg-one of the most sought out designers! This is amazing... Looks old Hollywood! You've done it again, my friend! SPECTACULAR PIECE!!!
  14. This is one beautiful necklace! Anything RED turns my head! I love it Ken! Great score!!
  15. The material reminds me of the back- rests we used at the beach where I grew up in California! Very cool indeed!
  16. Beautiful Catholic pin... Mother (Saint) Teresa's order... Missionaries of Charity Take good care...
  17. I totally agree... vintage far outweighs contemporary in every degree! This brooch is beautiful, missing stones & all. I love it!
  18. Lovely brooch, but not D & E. Mary is right, pin mechanism is wrong for D & E. Katherine also right, odd #'s instead of even. No matter....It's beautiful.
  19. CONGRATULATIONS KEN! 600 posts! I do believe you have one of the most extensive and incredible collections on CW! And with this gorgeous vintage piece from Trifari, you never cease to amaze us! Kee...
  20. Awe, He is so precious! I just love your glass collection Jenni! ( when I was in grade school we had a dachshund, his name was Foo-Foo) HA!
  21. Another amazing figural! Love the baguettes across the body! My dog was a collie. She was 3 generations from Lassie. Her name was Lady Scarlett O'Hara Her mother-Lady Jennifer O'Hara Her Father-...
  22. Another new designer! ( for me at least) Your dragon is beautiful! I love fantasy pieces! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!
  23. Very pretty... Also kind of a mystery to me. I'm not that familiar with Coro but when I saw the back of Cindy's lovely brooch, I instantly thought BeauJewels or JudyLee. They manufactured most of ...
  24. Lovely shining silver brooch! I just love that "Sarah" gave titles to all their pieces & don't you just love the way Jenni "sees" jewelry?
  25. FLOWER POWER! Beautiful Ken!
  26. I love Mythology in any form... but especially in jewelry. Diana, as it is told, could speak to the animals! Wonder what she had to say to the mighty Greyhound? Beautiful piece Judy!
  27. Beautiful find Ken... Umm, what were you doing in an abandoned Apartment? Urban photography?
  28. Sweet "Bouquet"! Your pictures are great, you have the knack.
  29. Another beautiful bird! Love the "turquoise" belly! And yes Jenni, the original prices compared to today's are "staggering". Trifari's Precious Pets were $6 each, Now they go for $$$ Once again....
  30. Ken, I adore figurals!! There's your answer. I would wear this on a white sweater so it would stand out for all to see! It's lovely!
  31. How did I miss this fabulous lobster?! Figural jewelry is a favorite of mine.. Your lobster is wonderful Ken! The detail is amazing along with his eyes! ( someday I hope to own one of my own by D ...
  32. Where do you find these people selling their collections? This beautiful flower brooch and not to mention that most exquisite Trifari crown! You really don't have to tell. :) I would love to just se...
  33. Wow! Four tiers right? Amazing work, but we expect nothing else from Trifari. You have done it again Ken! Fabulous piece!
  34. Oh Jenni! I so adore figurals! These precious little birds are absolutely charming!
  35. I love Swans. When we go to Disneyland, most people hit the rides. I go to Sleeping Beauty's Castle to see the swans swimming ( more like gliding) on the moat. These are gorgeous! The colors! I have...
  36. A new designer! ( for me at least) Italian? The stone on the "stem" is called a Keystone ( by D & E. ) I love it Jenni! ( remember, my favorite color combo!)
  37. Phil... you never cease to amaze... Stunning beyond words!
  38. Hi Judy... inverted- put in upside down. Schreiner pieces are almost always with inverted stones. So if your RS are "pointy" up, they are almost certainly "inverted". ( flat side down) Don't you...
  39. What a wonderful collection! Hmm my favorite...The OWL!!
  40. Lovely display... Hard to choose a favorite, they're all so pretty and unique. I do like the oval shaped brooch with the pink, blue, and yellow flowerettes.
  41. I believe the combination is marvelous! The stone is beautiful! Are the garnets inverted? Kinda hard to tell... Simply beautiful Judy! What a great find... umm what's an op- shop?
  42. Wow, Jenni hit the bullseye on this lovely really does look like a gold leaf lying in the snow. Beautiful!
  43. These are inchanting! I'm totally enthralled with the "Seascape" The sea serpent, the narwhals, and the grin on the black elephant seal makes me believe the artist really had a fun time creating the...
  44. This is another design I've never seen! Love the Montana Blue Stone! Would look lovely on a deep blue sweater!! Another great piece Ken!
  45. Magnificent piece... nothing less could go into your incredible collection! Can you explain "square script"... Do you mean block upper case letters instead of Cursive lettering?
  46. Love musical brooches!
  47. Wow, now that's one beautiful set of Trifari! You never cease to amaze Ken!
  48. Beautiful piece Judy... Thank you for sharing your personal picture of your parents. Your Father looks quite dashing and your Mother is lovely. Perfect place in the locket...
  49. These are amazing Judy! Victorian jewelry is so dainty and feminine...
  50. This is a wonderful find Ken. Rare is right! I've never spotted one such as this. This beautiful little bird has flown home to the right nest! CONGRATS!
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