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California’s Central Coast ( can’t live away from the Pacific!)

Yes, I’m a D & E gal. I just love their jewelry, and am always on the lookout for new pristine pieces! I also collect Kramer Alexandrite sets, thanks to my friend PhYes, I’m a D & E gal. I just love their jewelry, and am always on the lookout for new pristine pieces! I also collect Kramer Alexandrite sets, thanks to my friend Phil :) Older KJL is another favorite! (Read more)


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D & E CARAMEL COLORED GIVRE BROOCH! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
D & E CLEAR CRYSTAL BROOCH…I finally found it! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
D & E RUBY RED SEAHORSE…my collection is complete! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
D & E RUBY RED 5-TIER BROOCH! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
ON TOP OF THE WORLD...part2 - Photographsin Photographs
ON TOP OF THE WORLD..or 14,000 elevation! - Photographsin Photographs
D  & E DOLPHIN....after 6 years of searching! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
SO WHAT DID MY DAUGHTER WANT FOR MOTHER’S DAY? to go hiking of course! - Photographsin Photographs
D & E DEMI-PARURE....watermelon anyone? - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. The back is indeed different, with a trombone clasp! You don’t see these on jewelry pieces made before 1890! I wonder if this is European? In any case, it’s an adorable piece!
  2. Had to take another look at this “gem”! Nice to see well made jewelry, even though D & E used glue in some aspects, it was not the norm. Prong set crystals are the only way to go! That focal set de...
  3. Lovely piece Lori! The little rosette riveted on puts the finishing touch to this piece.( a D & E trait) You are becoming quite the expert, collecting D & E and Sherman, two top tier makers!
  4. To Dave, it is a small “fence” around grass! But I can see the alligator ha!
  5. Mary, the fashions of days gone by are just beautiful. Back in 9th. Grade, I did a report on Renaissance fashion. My dear talented Mother charcoal drew pictures of the fashions for me to show to the c...
  6. This is very cool piece! Unique is the word. Our plastics expert, Mary, will most likely chime in on this beauty!
  7. Someone in your family never threw out anything, and kept everything in great condition. You have shown us a multitude of products that are vintage but look brand new! Amazing!
  8. That photo is from the White Album. They had all four photos included. Wish I still had mine :( “KID” did a pretty good job!
  9. I used to go to the movies for 0.25! Two movies and a cartoon on Saturday afternoon. Those days are “long gone” too!
  10. Maureen will know the date, I’m guessing 60’s, but Trifari is not my expertise. Beautiful enamel and bright faux pearls, Trifari pearl pieces are lovely!
  11. Happy New Year Mrs.T. Wonderful Coro vintage piece! Nearly 80 years of age! Love the carved leaves.. As for waiting for your house to be finished, I know the feeling. Mine was to be completed in Jul...
  12. You never cease to amaze! Those huge crystals are a sight to see, surrounded by many prongs in beautiful cupcake settings. ( like Schreiner) No ugly glue, just pure Sherman perfection! Happy New Yea...
  13. Vynil, I caught your comment on the creep with the Victoria’s secret panties, HA! I reported this pervert to CW, and yes, I saw the flag also. Ugh! Not a pretty sight first thing in the morning, did...
  14. Well, I surely will comment on this set! D & E are famous for their tiered jewelry! Either done with imbedded rivets or wire over, they have made remarkable pieces that seem to tower up! I have one ...
  15. My first thought was Kramer…one of my favorite makers. Your collection has grown considerably! This would be nice to wear for the holidays…New Years! Today I am wearing my D & E Christmas Tree to m...
  16. Wow, and only 7 loves? Well, now 8! This does look like a Barclay design, it is for the bold, as it is an eye catcher to be sure. All those colors! Very nice Lori!
  17. It’s so much fun to find a matching piece, as a D & E collector, the chances are always there. D & E used metal accents, but they were never painted. I have never seen any anyway. This is a lovely co...
  18. Beautiful piece Maureen! From our Trifari expert, who’s collection is second to none! I still go look at your first posts, the red piece is a beauty! Splendid vintage!
  19. I love the old planters! Your squirrel is charming!
  20. Adorable collection! Do you have a cat? I do, she is a 20 lb. Norwegian Forest Cat, keeps my feet warm while I sit on the couch. These really are precious! The little quotes are just the right touch!
  21. I see Judy and Bonnie commented. Miss them both. People do have other things in life though.. This is a gorgeous piece, it looks heavy but I bet it isn’t. Fun to wear, huh? and a century old ( hop...
  22. It’s already been two years? Yes! I woke up Thanksgiving morning missing her, went to my daughters, there were 10 of us! What a party, and the food! Champagne flows on Thanksgiving and Christmas dur...
  23. This is a great piece Mary! My Mother had a sterling silver charm bracelet with so many charms I was amazed she could lift up her hand…lol! Her and her silver, well, you know!
  24. Very pretty, most likely 50’s - early 60’s. Pieces such as this are labeled “prom wear” Like I said, pretty but very inexpensive. But if you love it, that is all that matters :)
  25. Ha! Mani… Phil, I had no idea you were so talented in design! Some people just have the knack! These are beautiful!
  26. Wow, people suck! I’m telling you this makes me angry, two things in this life I cannot abide… THIEVES AND LIARS! It’s a beautiful design and the color is majestic ! Royal purple!
  27. Yes, Phil has amazing car mascots! My favorite is the Indian Chief in full head dress! And the Jaguar!
  28. Oops, sorry Lori! I was sipping my coffee and hit the button… I was trying to say…. Mani’s right! This is a beautiful piece, Jackie had jewelry every woman dreams of having!
  29. Mani’s right. This
  30. Looks like we have another Sherman collectors here! Gorgeous Lori, yes, Sherman can be pricey, but most well made ( no glue) jewelry is! This pink and ice set is Sherman perfection!
  31. LOL, Mary! But as far as the poster, this is their first post, so let’s be nice. Kerikimos always helps with research…kudos! vs1…SHOW THE CHOKER! You have 4 photos at your disposal!
  32. A treasure it is! I never tire of looking at it! The red and ice crystals and the workmanship are beyond words! Needs to go up top, as it is a true vintage piece, getting close to antique!
  33. 10 loves? There were 11.. there should be 100 loves on this incredible set! Come on people, A true piece of vintage Miriam Haskell!!! In solid condition for it’s age..a true treasure!
  34. These “drop” brooches are becoming nearly impossible to find. Maureen was smart to pick this up! Wish I could love it 10 times!
  35. Hi Maureen, Tacky talk but….Have you seen the prices of Schreiner lately?! A keystone brooch sold for 5K!! A friend of mine sold two brooches for $1225, $1325! One was set in copper, neither were s...
  36. Monet made some very nice pieces! Great find! Good eye!
  37. Neiger Brothers made some splendid jewelry. Very pricey, and well worth it. Not my expertise, beautiful all the same! And welcome to CW! Nice to see older pieces!
  38. Mary would know! She is our bakelite/ plastics expert! Great Egyptian necklace, and a century old to boot! More antique than vintage, which is even better ! Not 80’s and 90’s stuff…
  39. I dropped in to see another piece of alexandrite you bought….hasn’t come yet or did the deal fall through?
  40. If it’s gold and real pearls, then the garnet is real. Beautiful treasure!
  41. He is very detailed! Quite the “fighting” bird. Love him!
  42. I love Alexandrite jewelry! Phil got me started on it when he posted his huge alexandrite bracelet that looks like spun lace. Most splendid bracelet I have ever seen! This is beautiful is S...
  43. I love hematite jewelry, like I have said before…looks like mirrors! Love the “night” earrings!
  44. This is a very sought after piece! Sherman wasn’t the only maker that used huge crystals as focal points. D & E used several tiers on this piece too, I have seen these in different colors, the Olivi...
  45. Ever wear two brooches at once? I do, and I would with these two! Find an outfit that matches, and go for it! They are stunning, love the huge crystal in the drop!
  46. I took another careful look and understand now. These carved crystals are very hard to find and when you do…$$$$ So keep them for you never know when you might need to repair, and you will never fin...
  47. How did I miss this? These are wonderful grape cluster brooches! The burgundy set is amazing! The color…perfection! And 1960’s! True vintage!
  48. I believe Searching1 is correct. These two colors together are very bold. You would think they would over power one another but the power is in the hues! Gorgeous brooch Lori! This is for sure a 60’...
  49. Wow, this was in a lot? What a treasure, like your hour glass, you never see these for sale, and when you do.$$$$! Congratulations!!
  50. Seems it was meant for safety maybe. Makes no sense to me either. I have several ( or I should say my daughter does) old hurricane lamps that were my Grandmothers, and I have never seen a wick assembl...
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marked CELEBRITY - which DeLizza & Elster manufactured for Floral cameo locket Earings Gold Ring With Unknown Hallmark On Outside Of Shank PALOMINO PEGASUS by K.J.L, now I have three!  Bernie was getting burnt out Bar Cabinet? Vintage Cabbage Patch Kid Doll Lady Coventry Jade Earrings Esinberg Ice Brooch -maybe ??????


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