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Yes, this is me. The dress is an antique seer-sucker floor length that I loved. My hair is a wreck! It was supposed to be a shag, which was all the rage back then, bYes, this is me. The dress is an antique seer-sucker floor length that I loved. My hair is a wreck! It was supposed to be a shag, which was all the rage back then, but my hair wouldn't cooperate, it just laid there. I cut off over 10 inches to acheive that mess. LOL (Read more)


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MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME...from Jenni! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
  IT'S A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE! D & E Double Bells found! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
D & E ANGEL FISH - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
MY hero - Photographsin Photographs
D & E KEYSTONE BRACELET...patience paid off!! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
WILL WONDERS NEVER CEASE? - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
"LIL SISTER" - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
D & E CLEAR CRYSTAL BROOCH w dangles - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
LENNON LYRICS...handwritten - Music Memorabiliain Music Memorabilia
D & E VOLCANO RED RIVOLI BROOCH... I'm sure Phil :) - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. Angler fish.. Ever watch Finding Nemo? Have Grandchildren, Will Watch....
  2. Wow, outer limits Does anyone remember, "One Step Beyond"? Now that was creepy :)
  3. A winter rose.... A Christmas miracle... Even here in California, it's time to cut my ornamental grasses back :(
  4. I have never seen a Lifesavers truck! Then again you post many things I haven't seen... That's the wonder...
  5. How did you get that picture?' It made my day....
  6. Blunderbuss... Let's hope not... Vynil's is one of my favorites!
  7. I'm telling you, I can spend lots of time looking at your posts. So interesting! Are those all match boxes on the top shelf? And the lighter display complete with vintage cool is that?
  8. Vynil... Your post made me laugh out loud... So funny! Ha!
  9. I love wreath brooches! The blues are fabulous Adele!
  10. Yet another jewelry maker you have brought us. I, at least, have never heard of Ora. This set is monumental! I love the horns, though the largest I have ever seen is a 3- point. The rhinestones all...
  11. As always another pristine bird figural...His red stones make him look so majestic, as he should. The cardinal can live up to 15 years. They symbolize hope, joy, health, all the good stuff. Native Ame...
  12. This figural is beautiful... Just look at the work and detail put into this sweet basket of Christmas flowers! Can you imagine coming to work and hand- painting jewelry such as this? Needed a stead...
  13. Wow, when I first saw these my first impression was..."Woah, are those fire opals?" Lady, you are unbelievable in the talent department when it comes to repairing or, in this case, making jewelry!! ...
  14. Welcome to CW... Beautiful piece, looks to be poured glass. I checked a research site, and came up empty handed :( Hopefully someone here can help...
  15. It looks 60's to me, then again I don't know plastics... Mary?
  16. Wow, if this is handmade, look at the amount of work put into it! I don't know black stones other than jet or onyx, and I don't believe your bracelet has either. There is a rough surface to it, now I...
  17. Isn't it wonderful to find a matching piece? Think about it.. This set is nearly 60 years old and to find the entire set takes patience and determination... Believe me, I know! :) This set is stun...
  18. A very late Thank you, Mary. And I recant on never finding the others, seems it's possible :)
  19. These are lovely Rose... Yes, 1950's or even earlier!
  20. I'm with Jenni.... I love the enameling on that one! Yes, let's see more Bill! Swapmeet I take it?
  21. I think Broochman is right.... See the signature? Beautiful!
  22. Good eye, Broochman! This is a beautiful piece to wear this time of year, especially!
  23. I spotted the necklace again from a seller out of Quebec. It was a buy it now. Thought you might want to check it out, if it's still there, going for an unheard of price!
  24. And thank you for all the loves, dears!
  25. Officialfuel, Hi & thank you! Merry Christmas to you! I must be on Santa's "nice" list to have found this piece!
  26. Oh, I'm so glad it worked. Did wonders on my piece...
  27. I keep checking back to see if anyone knows this's certainly different. The brooch is very well made, so it has to be high- end. I'm curious...
  28. Ha! Thanks Mary... I would love the other two! I have seen the wreath more than any other piece, but the price.$$$. Then again the Bells were on a site a while back for 8 bills and it was damaged! ...
  29. I prefer the "wreath" Well made and joint & catch pin mechanism.. Not to impune on the snowflake :)
  30. I do believe you are right in using the word "old" instead of vintage. See how far the pin sticks out? There farther out, the older the brooch as back in the day brooches had several layers of clothi...
  31. Yes, MrsT... It does pay to know your jewelry! Now to find the other two?, well that would be a miracle, but " tis the season"! Thank you so much for your encouraging words dear! :)
  32. I just is signed. I thought You meant it wasn't signed... The seller didn't see the initials! Score!
  33. Tis the season....for finding awesome pieces! Congratulations back to ya!
  34. Thanks Jenni, this was quite a surprise! I never thought I would come across one for $$. They are exceptional, as they are so rare. Simple designs for D & E, where Wow is their factor. I believe they ...
  35. I just had to revisit this lovely brooch. The blue color is so outstanding, so brilliant for it's age. Just goes to show the quality and longevity of the crystals Sherman used... LOVE IT!
  36. At first I thought this was a Parcheesi game! This is a first for me, course a little before my time, a lot actually :)
  37. I'm wondering...Who gets down first from the Human Tree?
  38. I love Jethro Tull! Saw him in Frisco, I believe or was it Fresno?
  39. Jack's butter cookies... Of course you put your fingers in the hole. Ever let a "Fizzie" desolve on your tongue?
  40. I think of all the things I would of missed out on if it weren't for your postings! Keep up the good work... I do believe they delight us all! Your postcards and music memorabilia are my favorites,...
  41. I laughed outloud at your title! Ha!
  42. Sure could of used that Cat-Mew when I lived out in the country. Course the rats there, ( not in my house) probably would of danced to the "mews". Seriously though, I wonder if it worked....
  43. My son is a huge Bond fan... Has all the movies.. "The Ultimate Collection" whatever that means. Favorite Bond..The original of course! Sean Connery :)
  44. Watchsearcher, it's good to know some communities remember their history...sad as it is. Wonderful tribute...
  45. Though I'm not one for stickers, these are precious considering they have withstood the test of time...nearly 80 years! Reason I don't like stickers... My kids knew not to put them anywhere but on pa...
  46. Buckethead...made me laugh! Hi Gumby!
  47. Vynil, "being chased"... Was that some of the trouble you encountered in the south? Hippie hating @:&holes!
  48. All in All it's sad... A once beautiful landmark hotel demolished for a parking lot... Sigh :(
  49. That is one big truck... Can almost see the look on the kids face when he opened this up! Had to be the "big" present from Santa!
  50. Awe, she's hugging her lamb, boys... Sweet lamp!
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