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WILL WONDERS NEVER CEASE? - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
"LIL SISTER" - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
D & E CLEAR CRYSTAL BROOCH w dangles - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
LENNON LYRICS...handwritten - Music Memorabiliain Music Memorabilia
D & E VOLCANO RED RIVOLI BROOCH... I'm sure Phil :) - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
NEARLY 50 YEARS OF CROSBY.... - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
D & E GREEN SLIM NAVETTE BROOCH & mocha ( my cheetah, Jenni!) - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
D & E BRACELET & DANGLE EARRINGS.. getting closer to my goal! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
MORE EISENBERG - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. Wow, I don't remember these at all... just the bubblegum & cards. What a spectacular find! .10 cents! I love it.
  2. Now that's Trifari History at it's best! Jewels of India is one of their most sought after, prized collections! Congratulations on a wonderful set Ken! :)
  3. I'm with Ken... It doesn't seem to match the metal in color or texture... But who cares, it's a lovely piece. Looks like chrysoprase!
  4. Jenni, that's great advice! Also never emerge in water, duh :)
  5. I believe this to be D & E also. The "halos" around the chatons are a distinct trait, along with the "joint & catch" pin mechanism. It's lovely!
  6. I just love that color of green...dark forest That "emerald cut" should be easy to replace...Mr.Stones!!
  7. Everyone needs a pink polar bear, especially with daisies! I love it! Your glass animal menagerie is so delightful!
  8. Beautiful bird Jenni! I love the way his tail feathers fan out and of course the baguettes topping his wings. I say his, fore the male bird is the prettiest :)
  9. I have both of those CD's in my car... Listening to Blind Faith yesterday.."It's already written that today is one to remember!" Had to Cry Today...1969 was awesome :)
  10. My Father had that picture hanging in my folks bedroom.. Being a Commercial Fisherman :)
  11. I loved reading Fritz the Cat... And I've watched the cartoons, which, back then were rated XXX SILLY, huh? Along with the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, with Fat Freddie's cat! Entertainment for ...
  12. You're absolutley right... Quess I don't like to think he died the year I married :(
  13. That album cover.... Explain!
  14. I was so focused on the Halloween assortment... I missed the Anglar that's spooky!
  15. Wonderful vintage Halloween fun! Yes, didn't we all bite the yellow, then the orange? Ha! Thanks again for the memory!
  16. My husband had a movie camera like that...I still have the films he took. Should put them in least I think you can?
  17. I swear that black cat is grinning...
  18. Awe, my daughter just saved a tiny siamese kitten... Found on the street, three weeks old & sick & blind with two others. She snatched them up and took them to the Pet Hospital... Only one made it, ...
  19. A lovely little girl in a party dress coming out of a Jack-O-Lanturn holding a Jack-O-Lanturn with an owl.... What an imagination! Great stuff Vynil!
  20. Another great card.... Is that black cat smiling?
  21. I was just looking at these postcards... Tuck & Sons- right? They go for a small fortune and well worth it, the art is fantastic.
  22. That Grocery store picture is great... The guys in the photo had no clue the fortune of signage on the store front. And the gas pump! An older friend of mine had one restored and it's in his living...
  23. Country music today...NO Go back to the early 60's Johnny Horton-North to Alaska Waylen Jennings-Good Hearted Woman Jimmie Dean-Big Bad John ( yeah, he didn't just make sausage) And my favorite w...
  24. The Post Office had gone insane with prices! My son mailed a package to a friend in Portugal... Cost around $60 bucks. But that's not the problem... On the other end, the recipient had to pay about...
  25. That refrigerator is so cool, complete with watermelon. I love it! Now Greyhounds are another story...years ago you had to make sure you got on an "express" and not a "local" that hit every town fr...
  26. Just love your posts! Keep em coming!
  27. I've never seen the likes of these before! Must of been great back in the day when companies did things like this. I can remember some kinda laundry soap giving a dish in the box, but that's it. Th...
  28. My Mother drove nothing but Cadillacs. When I was a small child I remember going to town and the family driving home in a 1960 Caddy. Talk about fins! It was a Coupe De Ville. Years later she gave it ...
  29. Sarah Conventry made beautiful jewelry... Here's proof!
  30. Finding vintage pieces at rummage or yard sales is getting harder... And here you found two! I love your poodle and the way the RS are put into sections. Wonderful find Jennifer!
  31. Amazing Phil! You knocked this out of the ballpark.... Red, my favorite color in jewelry or anything for that matter. I adore slim navettes and the symmetrical design was obviously done by a master...
  32. Is that a marble table? Off the jewelry track here, but I love marble. My Grandmother had marble top in every room of her 10- room house. I have one piece of hers, a round table I keep by my bedside.
  33. This was done handsomely... Love to wear that on a white sweater in the upcoming ( and welcoming) cool weather. Hottest summer on record here, ugh! Sorry for the weather report Mary. Your drop bro...
  34. Wowzer! Now that's a bracelet! I see Jane Mansfield or Veronica Lake with Martini in hand.... Beautiful dramatic piece Mary! Love Love
  35. Tigra... Thank you for first love and the kind words... Jenni... You not only treat us to your fantastic figurals, but your pleasing and pleasant comments to all of us are always so good- hearted...
  36. Lovely color!
  37. Saphiret / Sapphirine stones are bluish- brown and can be expensive fore they are sought after by collectors. There are lots of 50's- 60's jewelry made with these stones, but were used in Victorian /...
  38. Even tho snakes unnerve me in real life, I have to admit this piece intrigues...
  39. There are many different color changing stones. Most popular in my book--Alexandrite! Changes blues to purples! ( I learned this from our Sherman collector Phil) It can also change from green in the...
  40. Whether the beautiful red center stone is original ( I believe it is) or not, this is a lovely intricate necklace. Nothing is perfect, and if it is as old as you believe, maybe it came off at one ...
  41. The red certainly stands out, as was the intention. The tiny "drops" on the leaves remind me of early morning dew! It's a beautiful brooch!
  42. The colors are wonderful, and as Ken said, they do work great together. Sure hope you wear this during the upcoming Holidays! The condition, once again, is phenomenal considering it's age. What a f...
  43. Love the blue enamel... So glad it has found it way into your hands and it will now be cared for. And I like the pin mechanism too, connected into the brooch, not separate... Just lovely Adele!
  44. There is a "seaweed" that looks identical to this piece. Growing up in a beach town, one knows these silly things. But seriously, Trifari had to design this set off this "seaweed" The gold textured...
  45. Love how the pearls spin around along with the golden twisted " rope"... Lovely piece Ken!
  46. Oh my goodness! I came very close to picking up this little guy myself. ( not the exact one) He is simply adorable and very hard to resist. I'm glad he has a good home.... Who could forget Pepe'...
  47. Ah, my favorite time of year! Love how the Root Beer navettes are on the ends with the golden chatons centered on the piece. Very well made, excellent craftsmanship! Gorgeous piece Jenni!
  48. Ken is just a fabulous shopper... Proven by this lovely bird figural. The detail on the wings is Trifari at it's best....again!
  49. Thanks Mary, Ken & MadamMisty for your advice. Just the other day I was wearing a D & E rivoli brooch and it fell off, but luckily I was quick and caught it in my hands or it would of fallen on my d...
  50. The Art Nouveau Lady with the flowing hair is my favorite! Great finds!
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