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Yes, I’m a D & E gal. I just love their jewelry, and am always on the lookout for new pristine pieces! I also collect Kramer Alexandrite sets, thanks to my friend PhYes, I’m a D & E gal. I just love their jewelry, and am always on the lookout for new pristine pieces! I also collect Kramer Alexandrite sets, thanks to my friend Phil :) Older KJL is another favorite! (Read more)


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KRAMER SET..with rare “grape” baguettes! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
D & E CHRISTMAS BROOCHES....the only ones - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
SHERMAN STARFISH? tell me - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
D&E MUSICAL far, for Mrs.T., Mary & others! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
D & E CLARINET & SAX..a second go-round!  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
D & E BANJO...Purple & pink! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
D & E GUITAR FIGURAL - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
PINK CRAB...from D & E sea life collection! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
KJL PEGASUS - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
D & E EMERALD I'm ready for Christmas! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. Learned something here... no Haskell jewelry was marked from opening year, 1926, through 1947. Only black and gold hang tags. The hallmark in the oval cartouche soldered on filigree, is still in use t...
  2. Very nice shape for it’s age! Looks well taken care of, as the enameling is nearly perfect. Love the little “seeds” inside the flower buds! Remarkable workmanship!
  3. Ken, I do believe I know no more than you, my friend. As you know, D & E started in 1947-1990. They made jewelry for, literally, 100’s of makers, including some of the big names..Hobe’, Weiss, Celebri...
  4. The hidden clasp is a sign of a high end maker? The colors are superb together. Very Deco! Maybe this was the one that was put away in a drawer for decades, hence the lovely pristine condition? I jus...
  5. Also...your posts are very pretty and thought out. With the added flowers, it makes a lovely background!
  6. They are so pretty, they almost look like candy with sugar beads! And it’s great you came along and “rescued” them, giving them a new home. Beautiful!
  7. Something is going on, for some time your posts show up like 2 days into the post, ( for me anyways). So sorry for the late response... Beautiful “Sweet Petite”. When I look at this, I see a young ...
  8. No Ken, I showed both my clarinet and sax to Karla and she said they were not D & E. Kinda irked me at the time, but I’m over it. The Sax was the most expensive, $$$, and it’s made “just like D & E”...
  9. When you hear the name Miriam Haskell, you know you have a quality piece. This wonderful woman designed jewelry for over 40 years, ( with Frank Hess). She is famous for her “Russian Gold” filigree, a...
  10. Great little thrift shop you have there... I like the “sapphire” Weiss dangle earrings, and yes, the unmarked brooch looks very well made with the built in pin. Not a huge fan of butterfly’s, but Art...
  11. Ok, this is a mystery. I went to isitjulianajewelry, and found several brooches, including one identical to yours WITH the dangles. The brooch has 11 navettes, ( d& e used odd numbers of stones, as y...
  12. Yeah, when I said she was knowledgeable, I said it with a grain of salt. Not trying to be insulting, but no one knows everything. She told me my Clarinet was not D & E, but it was confirmed as such by...
  13. Now that’s a brooch! Worth a 2nd. or 3rd. or....look! Love the swirls in the drop stone....sigh!
  14. Are you sure that’s a patent number? I believe patent numbers are much longer and also I don’t think they were stamped on the jewelry. This could be an inventory number like Boucher...just my two cent...
  15. Now I know where I’ve seen this, I have this brooch! Lol It’s very heavy, right? CHA-CHA!
  16. Thrift shop! Wow, what a find! These are wonderful, and the clasp, although the beads could of been restrung at some point, looks original! Score!
  17. Not a bead person here, but they sure are pretty! They look look “marble”... I have learned you can’t go by the clasp because beads get restrung, right?
  18. Ken... I know some jewelry marks are all over the place, like Eisenberg, but I always thought Trifari with a “C” in a circle were 60’s. Learn something new every day here..thank you for setting the r...
  19. Oops... It’s R.H. White.. Store was in Boston, Circa 1853-1980 wow....
  20. I prefer “pinwheel” design when describing this masterpiece. The other name is degrading, as that is something that doesn’t belong in regard to Sherman jewelry. That being said, you have done it agai...
  21. It’s the rosebuds that caught my eye...beautiful!
  22. I’m certainly no expert, but I do believe this necklace dates much earlier. The “box clasp” was very popular in Victorian times, and as time went on, it slimmed down some, as seen here. ( tube clasp?...
  23. Just lovely! This was well loved and well worn. So glad it found the right home, as it deserves to be treasured. I agree with Ken on the dating, and the vermeil coating is hanging in there, even after...
  24. It sure was! Look at all the glitter and shine! The rhodium plating is scratch- free! I love this brooch, came in many colors. The baby blue is just wonderful! Great D & E piece Ken!
  25. Thank you Ken for loving my Kramer set. The design is quite different from anything I have seen before...great minds think alike! Elizabeth, You are so right, baguettes are special! Thanks for lov...
  26. On sale from $1900! But free postage..Ha! Alice Caviness is top notch! Like I said...”what a find!”
  27. I was looking at these today... Love the bracelet...again!
  28. I don’t see a copyright so I believe these are pre-1955(?) Right Ken?
  29. Welcome to CW. Trifari had different “crowns”, so one needs to see the hallmark to date these correctly for you, if that is what you are asking? Try taking more pictures with the earrings separated. I...
  30. This gorgeous bracelet is showcase new! The condition is pristine and the design...flawless! I just love your jewelry, Phil! Dumb back has been acting up since yesterday, so I have entertained myse...
  31. Some pieces just command high prices, and it’s sad when you know the seller “knows” how badly you want it. Yes, there are lots of greedy sellers out there, but like I said, some prices are justified. ...
  32. It’s always fun to find a piece with the original tags! I have two Precious Pets, my kitty and my butterfly with tags—$6.00 & $7.50! Even in 1967, Trifari’s prices were somewhat high for the times. Oh...
  33. All from the same sale? And no one giving these pieces a second look, or did you have to defend yourself? Ha! Seriously, this Weiss set stunning with the “silver” rhinestones, the right pin mechanism,...
  34. I do believe you have a rare set here. Barbara Groeger started her jewelry business in 1989... Sadly, she sold the company and passed away in 2005, hence her pieces are few and far in between. Seem...
  35. To date this piece, one would need to know what type of plastic the flower is made of.. Bakelite, Lucite, or Celluloid ( which I believe is the oldest). Sterling was used during the War years, since ...
  36. So there are lots of unsigned Sherman out there. It seems people shy away from anything not signed. Nice to know your stuff, and can grab these lovelies before anyone else does. I love clear classic r...
  37. I love orange jewelry, and a set of this magnitude blows me away! I don’t know how else to put it, it’s beyond words! Stunning!
  38. Spotted the Kramer right off, there are other pieces to those lovely earrings.. With your luck, you will probably come across them, Ha! The Weiss are very pretty, and are known for the little “wave”...
  39. Time to show these beauties off again! I see the “simple necklace Phil, but still gorgeous! Simplicity=Classic!
  40. There she is! Wow, what a find! This is what I’m talking about! Not only the brooch, but the bracelet and earrings too! The back looks like Vendome, with the filigree! Beautiful! I do believe I’...
  41. So this is a “one of”, so to speak? Ya know, Phil, I have looked at 100’s of Sherman pieces, but your collection, by far, exceeds any collection out there. Your bracelets, especially my favorite, Th...
  42. Phil, her handle is “Daisy1000” She is our new Sherman collector....
  43. The bracelet with the emerald slims is amazing!
  44. When you posted this piece, I about fell over, lol I finally found one of my own, but it sure was more than a “thrift find”. Like I’ve said over and over, the thrifts here are trash heaps, so when y...
  45. Is this the bracelet that matches Leanne’s lovely opaque green and AB set? And you are so right with opaque stones being the rarest..rarely see them! Gorgeous bracelet!
  46. Another peek at this beautiful regal necklace.... takes my breathe away!
  47. There you are, are you coming back to delight us with your fantastic finds? Miss you :)
  48. Someone with the handle “hotmama” posts this exact bracelet 6 years ago. It does look very gothic. They stated it was made in 1945-46. The chain? A mystery indeed. Maybe to turn it into a belt? I ju...
  49. Over 200 years ago! Amazing artist! Fun, fun , fun
  50. The pink/ white stones are called “pillowcase”, by collectors....
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Sherman necklace photographs of soldiers Lenox  “Golden Gingko” necklace, gold plated, turquoise colored beads My Sterling chain Fashion earrings ww1 Dog tag?  Token? Turquoise swastika pin


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