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California’s Central Coast ( can’t live away from the Pacific!)

Yes, I’m a D & E gal. I just love their jewelry, and am always on the lookout for new pristine pieces! I also collect Kramer Alexandrite sets, thanks to my friend PhYes, I’m a D & E gal. I just love their jewelry, and am always on the lookout for new pristine pieces! I also collect Kramer Alexandrite sets, thanks to my friend Phil :) Older KJL is another favorite! (Read more)


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D  & E DOLPHIN....after 6 years of searching! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
SO WHAT DID MY DAUGHTER WANT FOR MOTHER’S DAY? to go hiking of course! - Photographsin Photographs
GIVING A MOUNTAIN LION A BATH...huh? - Photographsin Photographs
D & E DEMI-PARURE....watermelon anyone? - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
DO YOU LIKE MY TURTLE?....he’s Italian Haute Couture - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
VENDOME’S LEVIATHAN...yes, you have seen this beauty before! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
PALOMINO PEGASUS by K.J.L, now I have three! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
D & E PACK MULE with “sugar beads”! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Kramer Alexandrite Brooch...see what you started Phil? - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
KRAMER EMERALD BAR BROOCH - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. I will post the anchor soon Bill, just for you. It is at my Daughter’s home. When my wonderful neighbor, Willy, “moved” away. I sent my Daughter and Hubby up to get it as he had someone come down with...
  2. What a treasure....
  3. Magnificent Trifari jewelry! Trifari jewelry has risen in price in the last couple years to soaring prices. These are a wonderful investment, and all are so beautiful. Love Trifari pearl jewelry but i...
  4. This is my favorite set of Alexandrite to date! And now I have the earrings. It’s the facets in the crystals that make this set a winner in my book! Phil, my friend you are always in my corner and a...
  5. Thanks again Phil! This was my most expensive set, the seller wouldn’t budge! Ha!
  6. Awe, Thank you Phil! When you first turned me on to “alexandrite” crystals, the Kramer pieces were pretty easy to get your hands on. I know we don’t talk monetary here, but I bid real high to get the...
  7. Candy dish would be my guess... Nice!
  8. A quarter was a lot of money in the 20’s. Even Life magazine was .10 way back when...
  9. Vynil, made me laugh Wow, when TV’s had tubes!
  10. You read a Totem from the bottom up. The most important totem’s are on the bottom to be in clear view. Most totems display a family’s history, and the importance of their lineage. This one is very co...
  11. I have one my Father gave to me s a child. It’s of a Sea Lion on his side with a flipper up, like he is waving. Dad painted an eye and mouth on it. Some things you just cannot part with..... Growing ...
  12. Being one who loves to work in the dirt, I understand your dear Mother’s passion. You have done a wonderful job, as the yard looks pristine.
  13. Sitting the way he is makes him especially adorable! The paint is excellent given his age!
  14. What amazing condition for a 91 year old doorstop! You would think they would get scuffed up, doing the job they do, but he is nearly perfect for an old man!
  15. Now that one looks like my “FooFoo”!
  16. Another great post of the canine family, and antique! Sure wish they could talk, the stories these animals could tell...
  17. This has to be very old, yes? Pascale has some of these, so most likely you are right about it being French! Always a delight to see your animals. Lori...made me smile :)
  18. These are wonderful Scott! My Sister has one with these colors! I had a tan one as a child named, “Foo-Foo”. Thank you for posting, and bringing back a childhood memory...again!
  19. Yes, eucalyptus and oaks are very messy! Had two euc’s in the fenced in area. Had to cut one down, got too tall next to the barn/ garage. Dad had antique tractors, hand plows, and such. I donated quit...
  20. Your collection and knowledge of these wonderful Japanese kettles & pots is unsurpassed. I understand your frustration with China imports. My Son collects Japanese figurines from different manga & an...
  21. “ through” Threw him out of his bunk! I went to school, just hadn’t had my coffee yet, someday CW will let us edit our comments!!!!! Oh, and windy here, too. God forbid another bad fire season!
  22. Hi Bill, I had over 50 years of accumulation to part with, it took me over 3 years. I gave most of everything to a cousin of mine, he would come out and help me with things. He also helped plant the ...
  23. Bill, I’ll answer that one on your post!
  24. The “blue object” is a dress/ sweater/ shoe/fur clip. Pick one! Lol
  25. Splendid and unique piece! I have said this more than once, but bares repeating. There were literally 1000’s of jewelry makers in the past century. To try and figure out who made this piece is nearly...
  26. And thank you to all that loved and commented on my “not so vintage” Yosemite pictures, though one could say these waterfalls have been around for 1000’s of years! And Mary, you are most welcome, ...
  27. Bill! Are you pulling my leg? I certainly hope so, but makes sense to all those crazy radicals that have nothing better to do out there. I will keep using the term “Mother’s Day”. Anyone who has giv...
  28. Wonderful information Lori! Thank you for taking the time to help novices understand the importance of AB coating! Vendome is magnificent jewelry, these pieces are to be treasured! Too much AB can...
  29. Yes! “Tremblers” are quite common in the vintage jewelry world. I have a Schreiner that has springs on the “flowers” :) Wonderful little bee, and a “Corocraft”!
  30. I lovely set Maureen, and to have the earrings too makes it all the better! Trifari did make wonderful pearl pieces like “Fresh Air” points out :)
  31. Our Mary knows her plastics! It is unique, that is what makes it fun....
  32. At first glance...I see ghosts!
  33. Whenever I se your posts, especially your outdoor “art”. It so reminds me of The Ranch. My Dad painted signs too! Had one story written for the Yankee Blade anchor for people to read. ( apple custome...
  34. I wish to thank each and everyone who sincerely loved my newest pieces of D & E! A most important find this was... Manikin Patricia ( watchearcher) Maureen ( plein-air-painter) Phil ( PhilDMorri...
  35. Thanks Phil! You are right, the large faceted focal crystal is incredible to look at. I want them all!
  36. Phil, Schreiner isn’t one of my favorites, for one thing it is overpriced. is true, the crystals Henry Schreiner used were special ordered, from what I read. These colors are different. Man, ...
  37. Awe, thanks Phil, since I found this necklace at an incredible price, I have collected both matching earrings,( day & night) both brooches, ( one a gift from my Daughter) and the flat bracelet. All I...
  38. Bobby..AMEN TO THAT! Thank you all for enjoying this fun post! I had no idea it was all over the web, but thanks to our researcher, keramikos, we all found out it was a hoax, pretty funny one at th...
  39. Thank you Mary, and you are very welcome my dear! I know the set went to a good home! Thanks Scott! I’m going to post my Mother’s Day present shortly! My Son was almost a Mother’sDay present, bo...
  40. People suck... Had another neighbor who said, he hated Oak Trees? Huh? Then why live in the country? When these types moved in, it was time to move out! You got it, they want the privacy and all th...
  41. Ugh, not! When can we edit our comments!!!!!!
  42. Believe it or mot, Weiss is becoming harder and harder to find, genuine pieces I mean. I have said it many times, there are FAKES out there. A company in Rhode Island got a hold of the old molds and a...
  43. If anyone would know the special-ness of this piece, it would be our Phil! It’s a beauty! Question for Phil...why is it called “siam”? Is it just a name like “watermelon” collectors have attached to ...
  44. You can repost the “hoax” but I don’t want death in my post. Thank you for understanding...:)
  45. Keramikos, I made the mistake of looking at your link. The dead mountain lion, and those horrible men with their dogs that killed that beautiful cat. Makes me I can’t get it out of my hea...
  46. And I never go near facebook, I-saw this on Pinterest...
  47. Keramikos, Make sense! No one is that dumb. And there is always someone that has to call the authorities, ugh. When I lived in See Canyon, we got a new “ neighbor” that just didn’t belong in the co...
  48. Love your photography! The apples are a nice touch to show the size! Honeycrisp?
  49. I alway zoom in, to get the better view of post! The horses on the side of this kettle look to be galloping and playing at the same time. Wonderful feature!
  50. What a lovely duo! I love how these come in their little wooden boxes....
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PALOMINO PEGASUS by K.J.L, now I have three!  Bernie was getting burnt out Bar Cabinet? Vintage Cabbage Patch Kid Doll Lady Coventry Jade Earrings Esinberg Ice Brooch -maybe ??????


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