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Yes, this is me. The dress is an antique seer-sucker floor length that I loved. My hair is a wreck! It was supposed to be a shag, which was all the rage back then, bYes, this is me. The dress is an antique seer-sucker floor length that I loved. My hair is a wreck! It was supposed to be a shag, which was all the rage back then, but my hair wouldn't cooperate, it just laid there. I cut off over 10 inches to acheive that mess. LOL (Read more)


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"AVILA BELL" school newspaper as promised - Paperin Paper
HAPPY ST. VALENTINES DAY...mid sixties style - Cardsin Cards
D & E MANDOLIN BROOCH... and the band plays on! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
HOUSE OF THE SEVEN GABLES...1851 ed. (FOR THOMAS) - Booksin Books
FOUND THE EARRINGS!... Kramer, the 1953 alexandrite collection continues... - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
KRAMER...1953 The Alexandria Collection ( thanks Phil) - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
CHRISTMAS PRESENT FROM DAUGHTER...d & e brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
RARE D & E HARP BROOCH - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
D & E CHRISTMAS to go!! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME...from Jenni! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. Yes Jenni, Avila WAS paradise. Now it looks like Newport Beach, and most of us natives have moved away. In other words, what was a sleepy little fishing village, is now a tourist attraction with mon...
  2. What a unique piece... and very well made. Delightful!
  3. Sweet tulip brooch.. Once again glad it's found a good home :)
  4. Lovely older piece... Glad it found it's way to a good home. I believe these older pieces should be treasured :)
  5. Love the Ruby Red! When looking at the back, this has the joint/ catch pin mechanism & bail that D & E used. When looking at the front, I'm not so sure. Mulit-prong use was done sparingly, and the ...
  6. Vinyl33rpm... I left you out. My apologizes! Way in the future is right! Ha! Wait til you see my old school paper!
  7. Thank you MrsT. Always there with a kind comment! Thanks Jenni, Yes, the school is up on a hill that overlooks the ocean. Multi- million dollar property now. I was on the committee to save the Scho...
  8. Had to revisit this lovely set by Hobe', which we don't get a lot of here. It truly is wonderful to find a set that after all these years is so pristine. Makes you wonder of the history... Stored i...
  9. Lovely piece Adele! With Spring right around the corner, this will be the perfect look :)
  10. Penguins are devoted creatures... Makes sense to have a pair! Lovely Jenni!
  11. This color is divine... Like the ocean during a storm! Wonderful depiction of a cat!
  12. Lovely set! Pearls look new though being over half a century old!! Ok, I'll bite... I spy pink and ruby in the backround...hmmm?
  13. Wow,wouldn't that look lovely against a navy blue sweater? Beautiful, colorful, and eye- catcher for sure!
  14. Beautiful Mogul Horse Head! Jenni, you sure can pick em! Mrs.T. I'm a little green too :)
  15. Love the navette as the focal point and the shiney cabin... So charming!
  16. Recency collectors covet the butterflys... Now I know why... Jenni, with soooo many butterflys out there, You managed to find one that differs! Gorgeous in every way!
  17. Oh, Phil... This is sad news! I do hope your recovery is swift, and you are in my prayers every night, my friend. Your set is lovely as always, but more concerned that our friend gets well. Love, E...
  18. I see that they are dated! Wonderful find indeed! Treasure them :)
  19. Wow, the 1948 Flamingo is everywhere, in every color... Who would of thought, and I don't see a loop to attach it to a bracelet, for it was a stand up version. However, there is a 1926 version with ...
  20. Sterling Silver Charm Bracelets have been making a comeback... Did you do this Mary? I can't wait to see the "Califorian" when finished...yeah, kinda partial being a native. :) I will keep an eye ...
  21. What a treasure... Beautiful!
  22. Lady, you never cease to amaze with your ability to make beautiful pieces beautiful once more. Takes work, determination, and most, imagination. You have been gifted with all the above. Love this li...
  23. I just love the color of older turquoise, seems to mix well with the silver more than the blue. My Mother, as I have repeatedly said, collected Native American, but had very few pieces this color. B...
  24. Thank you Alan, it has taken a while to collect them, and I'm not done yet! :) Jenni, your kindness never ceases to amaze me, I so appreciate your love & comments! :) Thank you MrsT., This one ...
  25. Shame on who ever said it was poorly made :( I think it's a lovely piece Bonnie! I know nothing of enamel, sorry...
  26. So nice to find silver pieces! The detail on the bow with the tiny beads is marvelous! And the seed pod ( kinda looks like bananas to me now that you brought it to mind) is very unique, never seen ...
  27. Yikes, Mary is right! I didn't even think the piece might not be solid copper! Read the label on Brasso. If it isn't solid, it could take the finish right off. Someone here is clearly thinking... ...
  28. When I first glanced at your post, I saw "the sun". More like a sunflower, very nice piece!
  29. This is a rare find... Lovely! I guarantee this was well loved by someone, glad it has a good home!
  30. Badgirl... What is the mystery here? If he's in a magazine, there's no caption? What am I missing here Wise Guys? Ha!
  31. These are so precious, in more ways than one. I adore them :)
  32. Doesn't have to be "marked" to be loved and valued! Love the baguettes as part of the horses blanket under his saddle... Such detail! Lovely!
  33. They are like little disco balls :)
  34. This Collection from Trifari is every collectors dream, in my book anyway. So many colors, Fuchsia, Emerald, Sapphire, Citrine, to mention a few. Ulta rare to find in such pristine condition!! I lo...
  35. Question for our Trifari expert.... Obviously the pave' set stones and baguettes in this piece are " glued in", but what of the "waffle glass"? It's open- backed. I believe those wonderful pieces o...
  36. I re- visit this beauty often... Magnificent!
  37. I agree with Mary. When I first glanced at these lovelies, They brought me back to my Hippie Days! Good times... These took time and creativity!
  38. I just had to re-visit this exquisite set by Miriam Haskell. Her pieces command special attention! To find such a set at a church rummage sale is a miracle unto itself. This is one beautiful set Ma...
  39. I believe she is asking the length...18 inches long?
  40. Wow, quite old. Try some " brasso" to clean up the pin mechanism. Probably shine up the the brooch itself & earrings. Glad this lovely, very old set found a good home. ( the brasso company should ...
  41. Beautiful Pink! I have this vase in powder blue... I like the pink much better :)
  42. Still "selling like hotcakes", As this brooch goes for around 2K, "Not bad" is an understatement dear... This is Trifari at it's best!!
  43. Sarah Coventry made some nice pieces.. I love the Silvertone "Daisy" with matching earrings! It is "crazy" the way some "ladies" (?) act at yard sales, rummage sales, etc. Men too! Once at a yard s...
  44. Don't you just love it when you find a treasure amongst "junk". I found a small Eisenberg once at the bottom of a shoe box filled with tangled up trash. These Ruby Red faceted beads are beautiful ...
  45. These were someone's treasure at one point in time. Look to be very old, and yes, it does look to be a scarab design. Wish I could help, but plastics I know ziltch. Lovely older earrings though:)
  46. Colorful... Nice addition to your butterfly collection :)
  47. Beautiful design!
  48. Ahem, moving on.... The artist who made these must of used a real one to image. The long floppy ears and the pointed nose, with the long body makes these little guys almost lifelike. I had one as...
  49. Royal Doulton procured the most talented craftsmen for their magnificent figurines! This is so perfect for St. Valentines day... Over 50 years old, nearly sixty and as pristine as the day it was mad...
  50. Wonderful bird figural! The colors of his "tail feathers" really make the piece. And Broochman's right, it does "looks like new", then again all your pieces do!
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