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Yes, this is me. The dress is an antique seer-sucker floor length that I loved. My hair is a wreck! It was supposed to be a shag, which was all the rage back then, bYes, this is me. The dress is an antique seer-sucker floor length that I loved. My hair is a wreck! It was supposed to be a shag, which was all the rage back then, but my hair wouldn't cooperate, it just laid there. I cut off over 10 inches to acheive that mess. LOL (Read more)


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RARE D & E UMBRELLA BROOCH...not juliana! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
KRAMER BROOCH & BRACELET...alexandria! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
KRAMER ALEXANDRIA...brooch & earrings - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
KRAMER ALEXANDRIA COLLECTION...some more! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
D & E TREBLE CLEF BROOCH - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
D & E RUBY RED & BLACK DIAMOND BROOCH...rare glass dangles! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
"AVILA BELL" school newspaper as promised - Paperin Paper
HAPPY ST. VALENTINES DAY...mid sixties style - Cardsin Cards
D & E MANDOLIN BROOCH... and the band plays on! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
HOUSE OF THE SEVEN GABLES...1851 ed. (FOR THOMAS) - Booksin Books


  1. Very unique! Haven't a clue, but obviously very well made, ( pin mechanism is right on) , The two tone metal makes this piece quite enticing, I would of snapped it up in a minute! Love your thrift ...
  2. Rockit.... Bob's Big Boy closed their doors in my area years ago, I worked at the one in Pismo Beach, Calif. Back then you could get a double burger with the works, fries, and salad for a whooping ...
  3. This is true lugnuts. But this clasp is identical to the one Monet patented...
  4. He's wonderful! Down to his wooly coat! I love these covered dishes, and this pink lamb is just precious!
  5. Beautiful Pastels, like Gillian pointed out, just like your Napier Eggs! Such sweet bunnies, love, love them!
  6. I just read an article on Napier jewelry that they have collections of their wares in museums. This post is a grand example! Such perfection to detail of the simplest oval design, and the colors are...
  7. I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date! Sorry, couldn't help myself even though your delightful bunny isn't white. Your Boucher collection is coming along nicely Jenni, and this charming bunn...
  8. Beautiful Brooch Rockit! The center stone is known as a Rivoli, some call this particular one a "volcano" due to it's firey appearance... I have a brooch with these stones, I love Rivoli's! Also the...
  9. It's been a while since I stopped by, but I was looking at "recent posts" on my phone while out, and came across the Hot Rod with flames, and knew in an instant it was your post. It was the beautiful ...
  10. Woah, LOVE the Ruby & Ice brooch! In fact ,all three are wonderful finds, but I'm partial to Red & Crystal pieces!
  11. I need to jump over to "fine" jewelry now and then.... Look what I missed! Your thrift store finds are incredible! I'm always whining about nothing but junk in mine. Never would I find something t...
  12. Beautiful floral spray, the colors are wonderful! Are those earrings or clips? I have never seen earrings with backs like these, something new?
  13. That's exactly what I thought Thomas! These are magnificent Phil, but then we can expect nothing less from our Sherman collector. SIMPLY MAGNIFICENT!
  14. Beautiful Spring flowers Bill! Again.. It amazes me you find such treaures in your thrifts, not mine...always nothing but junk. And Yes, the California wildflowers are everywhere! There's one growin...
  15. Hi David and welcome to CW. It would be nice to see the hallmark, but I'm going to guess this stunning set is from the 40's. That's the decade Napier did sterling silver jewelry. Napier has been arou...
  16. Steptoe...research "jewelry clasps". You will be able to date your jewelry quite easily. This is a lovely set, but not vintage. Toggle clasps are used in present day. Good luck!
  17. Very pretty necklace, but not "vintage", as it has a "lobster clasp", which is a fairly new invention and is used in present day. Very nice bead necklace though :)
  18. Pardon me....SHE is marvelous! :)
  19. This piece is far from my expertise, but I just had to comment on your profile picture. Is that your dog? He is marvelous!!!
  20. Hello Hannah & Welcome to CW. First off, your pictures are too dark to be able to see the "stones" and to help identifying them. One clue I can give you is that Monet patented the clasp used on you...
  21. I also meant to add...ANOTHER designer that is new, to me anyway. Not only does Jenni delight us, we are also educated with new makers!!
  22. Adorable figural of a hanging lanturn! Yes, unfortunately the "safety catch" is missing This brooch was well worn and well loved, glad you gave it a good home!
  23. Stunning "golden" floral spray! The little ab stones are just the right touch! Great find, as usual Adele!
  24. Pretty AB & pearl-like navettes! Yes, Weiss made lovely jewelry! Phil? We looking at the same brooch? :)
  25. Lovely unique piece! I so love aqua stones!
  26. Very unique design. I so love aqua stones, nice find MrsT!
  27. MrsT, your depiction is right- on! That's exactly what this baby bird is doing! Forest green, a warm and wonderful color, makes this little bird quite special!
  28. I believe everyone knows by now these are my favorite jewelry colors. RUBY RED & ICE! Fabulous butterfly! Yes, butterflys are everywhere, but leave it to Jenni to find one that is unlike the others...
  29. Ha! When I first saw this post, The Big Bad Wolf came to mind. MUCH WORSE, as jbingham, has told us. But we are going to give this Griffin a break, for he is unlike his peers! Being adorned with " ...
  30. Oops, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Ironlace & Roy!, my fellow fire signs!
  31. Oh, Jenni! How exciting! A new designer, PIM! Phil's right, with the little stars, it does look like he's jumpimg over the moon, tho I believe those are to show the brooch is in the zodiac style. H...
  32. Just a guess, but this looks to be a Kramer or Weiss? No matter, beautiful green stones, especially the baguettes!
  33. Once again MadamMisty solves the mystery! Good going! And this is a lovely brooch, don't you just love it when the back is as pretty as the front!?
  34. Wow, the prices! Can you imagine? Then again, when I was a kid a quarter would buy you a hamburger, an order of fries, A deep fried burrito, or go into Avila Grocery and get a bag of chips AND a pa...
  35. These old ads are so interesting... Glad you have preverved them and take the time to share!
  36. Great finds, MrsT. I love the goldtone seahorse with the emerald eye and cabochon! And yes, the ab seahorse does look like a Carneige! Wonderful under the sea pieces!!
  37. Gillian, thank you so much for the kind hearted words! I too, love baguettes, and these are all crystal clear! Yes, Maureen... I do believe this is an early 50's piece. Old Hollywood glamour type...
  38. Bill, what a haul! I tell ya, someday I'm showing up :) With so many lovlies hard to pick a favorite... If I had too tho, I adore the silvertone spray with the tiny purple flowers!
  39. Palm Springs! This is so cool! Went there on the off season, (summer) Stayed pool side & brought our own blender... Strawberry Daiquiri's! Thanks for bringing back the memories!
  40. Great tribute to San Francisco.... Have friends there, and visited a few times. Never want to live there.... Or L?A. I'm on the Central Coast of California, and plan in staying here :) I adore the...
  41. Mary, what fun these must be to wear. My Mother had a sterling charm bracelet with over 20 charms on it... You remember my talking about my Mother's love of silver? It "disappeared". :(
  42. How I wish I had a thrift such as you! Beautiful pieces! I love the big cat lying on the clear faceted crystal, and the black jet wreath with the inverted stones! What a wonderful day for you:)
  43. Yes, BE VERY CAREFUL! My Cousin had one of these in the early 60's. I remember my 2nd. Cousin got his arm caught in the rollers! We were kids, playing around when Mom wasn't watching. She had four k...
  44. Thank you Mary... As you know, California has gotten some much needed rain this year... Hoping for April showers! Phil, it is pretty cool, isn't it? I have looked everywhere on line & in books, c...
  45. Broochman, to those who know D & E, there's "no doubt", right? even tho I have never seen this particular brooch before! And it doesn't have to be colorful to be pretty, huh? Thanks so much for your ...
  46. Jenni, I do beleive this was made before D & E got Big & Bold with their stones and colors. Doing more research to get time line correct, but I think I'm on the right track! When I saw this, I did a...
  47. Thanks Adele for first love :)
  48. Oh, and the "windmill" motif makes it even more special... What were the little holes for on the sides? ( i know nothing of glass)
  49. Crack or not, I'm glad you brought it to a good home... Being 85 years old, I believe it is in supreme shape!
  50. How beautiful and delicate... The butterflys are wonderful and I love the detail to the candle sticks!
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