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This is the beach town I grew up in. This photo was taken nearly a century ago. Look in the upper left corner. The School House with the bell tower I went to, last gThis is the beach town I grew up in. This photo was taken nearly a century ago. Look in the upper left corner. The School House with the bell tower I went to, last girl to graduate in 1966 from 6th. grade. Wonderful childhood I wouldn't trade for anything! Imagine! Having the beach for your playground! (Read more)


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SHERMAN tell me - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
D&E MUSICAL far, for Mrs.T., Mary & others! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
D & E CLARINET & SAX..a second go-round!  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
D & E BANJO...Purple & pink! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
D & E GUITAR FIGURAL - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
PINK CRAB...from D & E sea life collection! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
KJL PEGASUS - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
D & E EMERALD I'm ready for Christmas! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
D & E CORN KERNAL SET...rare orange! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
D & E CHAMPAGNE TOPAZ BROOCH...the rarest glass dangle beads! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. No matter what the setting, ruby and ice make a piece a touch above the rest. This brooch is heavenly, from the dainty leaves, to the stunning rhinestones. And as always ..Pristine condition!
  2. I pass donkeys in a field while taking my Grandsons to school very day. A while back they had “ little ones”. Your beautiful glass donkey reminds me of them. As Lauren says, they are playful, and very...
  3. This is a new designer to me. And his “feathers” do look like sequins! Once again, you have given us something new and wonderful to admire! Beautiful birdie!
  4. Happy Birthday Jenni! The KJL is a beautiful piece, his 60’s pieces are very sought after and hard to come by. The centaur looks very masculine, as they are always depicted. Love it! The Disney pla...
  5. This looks like it just came out of the showcase! The condition of this set of 55 years is true perfection. I can see a lady buying this set to wear on vacation. So stylish! Not for everyday wear!
  6. Had to come back for a second look, this is really pretty. The colors!!
  7. My Grandmother had one of these. The woman smoked unfiltered Lucky Strikes. Ugh.. Her’s held a fan like artfoot has said.... I used to play with it as a child, don’t have a clue what happened to it....
  8. Thank you Leanne! I didn’t think I was seeing things, Ha! Thank you so much for your confirmation. This helps others knowing Sherman didn’t sign every piece, ( in a set most likely) The jewelry I ...
  9. I love the “star” in the middle... Another piece of Trifari history from Maureen! And yes, perfect for the holidays!
  10. My Daughter has those stamps in a frame... total Beatle Nut. She can’t help it, it was the way she was raised. Ha! Your posts always bring a smile or a memory back. Most of the time... BOTH! Thank y...
  11. Just had to revisit this amazing horse... So beautiful! Takes your breathe away!
  12. I’m kinda on the fence, but I want to say D & E. Because of the riveted “rosettes”. That is a familiar trait on a lot of their pieces. Also the tiny stones are prong set on the “rosettes”. That is als...
  13. Wow! What color combo is better than “Ruby” & “Ice”? Magnificent Sherman bracelet, Leanne! I love the alternating navettes and chatons! Beautiful design!
  14. The colors are just yummy! It was the first piece that drew my attention when I came on... Wonderful piece, Maureen!
  15. When is the last time any one out there has seen yellow vinyl? Sylvester was one of my favorite Looney Tune characters, the way he spat when he talked was hilarious! Never got his Tweety bird, Granny...
  16. Put a smile on my face!
  17. These old parlor stoves are works of art. I had a small one, I was told it was made in San Francisco, turn of the century. Gave it to a friend... Hope you plan on using this, the heat is wonderful ...
  18. I love the simplicity of the deco box. Both boxes found their way to the perfect home :) And YOUR collection is magnificent!
  19. Wow, I feel like I just opened a treasure chest! Czech or not, they are all stunning pieces. I especially love the bracelet, the detail is wonderful!
  20. I adore all of your glass “modes”, but I am in love with the little tug-boat. Something, again, you rarely see in glass. My Mother would of flipped over your cobalt train, complete with smoke stacks! ...
  21. The colors of this precious little Robin(?) are so bright and gay! He ( male species have all the beauty) seems to be ready to fly away with his tail feathers up for the take-off. You pieces always w...
  22. Now this is something you don’t see everyday! Leave it to our Jenni to find a fun, whimsical piece such as a rocking horse! His colors are so warm and beautiful. Last week I fell in love with the te...
  23. St. John’s animal figurals are some of the best made in my book. Such attention to detail...these gorgeous cheetah’s with their spots and sweet round ears. I love how the cub is resting and staying ...
  24. Mary, these are wonderful beads, as I love the color. Something you don’t see everyday... Great find, and they went to a good home!
  25. The other day I was driving real slow in a nasty trailer park, ( not all are nasty, but this one was) and as I was looking for a dog I heard whining to see if he was ok. Never found him, but under a t...
  26. What Jenni said! What a garden!
  27. I love orange, and as Jenni says, is a bold color in any form . I recently bought an orange D&E set. The color makes it rare. This is just yummy!
  28. Very regal.. the purple and black are superb! Another home run Karen :)
  29. I love pink! Such a happy color! When you look at this beautiful vase, it makes you happy! I would of lugged it around too. Once I bought my Mother 5 violin bottles, carried them in my backpack , h...
  30. I can look at this all day! Tulips are my favorite flower, such colors! Fantastic find Karen!
  31. Yes, imagine the work involved... Beautiful!
  32. Ha! Didn’t everyone put cards on their spokes? Mothers were always looking for their clothes pins. Great save, this was never meant to be in a scrap pile!!
  33. What a lovely butter fish. I can imagine this on a Victorian kitchen, being well over a century old!
  34. I know nothing of furniture, but this has to be at least 70 years old? Growing up my brother sat in one ( he declared it as his) that was very similar, with a purple velveteen upholstery. I believe it...
  35. You saved it, and it looks wonderful!
  36. She looks like a lovely Asian lady to me, the hair and bow seems to depict this, in my mind anyway. Such a kind gesture, more people should be as giving!
  37. Can I go shopping with you? LoL You always manage to find intriguing pieces! It’s like you’re a magnet to beautiful glass! This little “basket” is so charming!
  38. The illumination is incredible! Wowzer!
  39. These are so cool! I have never seen a vase like this/ these! Beautiful and unusual!!!
  40. Lauren’s right. I can almost see water spirting out of their mouths! Wonderful find X two!
  41. Wow, I want to eat off that! ( and feel like a queen doing so!)
  42. I meant to add yours looks quite old... antique?
  43. These wonderful carved wooden (walnut?) jewelry boxes were/are made in India. ( majority are that is) I have three, a present from my Husband. Mine didn’t come lined, so he lined them himself with bl...
  44. Those are magnificent Leanne. Put them somewhere safe!
  45. Thank you Foseatme, but please remember, Let’s ALL play nice! :)
  46. I love this feline. Her patina is wonderful and the way her tail curls around her body as if trying to stay warm or to make sure no one steps on it coming into the house. :)
  47. And you are also right Mary, we should give dimensions! This is a very small piece, just barely 2”x 2”
  48. That’s ok my friend, and it’s ok to be passionate about our jewelry. And I believe you are correct, but it’s close. Frankly, I would never buy a piece of Sherman without the hallmark. This was not s...
  49. Wonderful to have held on to it all these years. I have given so much jewelry away through the years, boy, would I like to have some back! Lol Jewelry from Germany is always very well made, and the ...
  50. Someone posted a bottle similar to this one. Black & White Scotch one hour prior to yours. Small world :)
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Sherman necklace photographs of soldiers Lenox  “Golden Gingko” necklace, gold plated, turquoise colored beads My Sterling chain Fashion earrings ww1 Dog tag?  Token? Turquoise swastika pin


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