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Suspicious Pressed Glass - Glasswarein Glassware
Depression-Ware Peachy Pink - Glasswarein Glassware
PRYEX Bowl- Glazed? - Glasswarein Glassware
Janet- Depression Glass, I think - Glasswarein Glassware
Damien Omen 2- Crew Jacket - Moviesin Movies
Cranberry Glass w/Beautiful Handle - Glasswarein Glassware
Elgin- Transistor Alarm Clock - Clocksin Clocks
REVISED- DANSK Designs Question - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Moon-spiricy! Color Photo of Apollo 11! - Photographsin Photographs
My New Watch - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches


  1. OOo, that's real pretty
  2. Wow, so much history. Very sad
  3. That's a really pretty piece. Nice glow! Thank you NevB.
  4. Also, would you mind flipping it over?
  5. I collect cups for just this reason. Look at that jazz on the handle. Reminds me of a san serif capital letter. Rad piece. How's the glow?
  6. These are nice.
  7. Really neat! Is the glass somewhat iridescent? Also, was this blown into a mold?
  8. UPDATE: This has become my regular rider. The titanium band feels great. weighs next to nothing. Its still tough and handsome diver. Very happy. Thanks Aquaman!
  9. I will remember to discharge the capacitors.
  10. I am aware. Thank you for your concern. PROJECT: My plan is to restore the cosmetic housing using natural oils and WD-40(Just the chrome.) I will keep the clock as-is; absolutley nothing wrong with ...
  11. Hey Kera, I'm seriously thinking about using this guy's housing for a custom MP3/analog alarm clock. The thing holding me back is that the radio works! Super cool. Should I keep it whole or Frankens...
  12. Thanks for all the interesting reads Kera. I though that TUE thing was pretty cool myself
  13. I was just kiddin' about the crime thing. Figure of speech. Although seeing as how its in the radio museum it would be a shame to tear its guts out and replace them with a MP3 components. I love the w...
  14. Me neither. Although the blogger and wiki links you left were fun reads. Thanks again Kera! UPDATE: I Added a clearer photo of the odd backstamp. I have 5 with the "DANSK designs Denmark" stamp and o...
  15. That's really pretty
  16. Wow Keramikos! You certainly are thorough
  17. Neat. Ty Keramikos
  18. Yeah, I've heard that happens sometimes. Lol And yes, I am saying that the embossing on my dish is very different. The braided chain is continues; no floral.
  19. I looked though the link. The embossing detail on mine doesn't match. That's weird. Also, I'm pretty sure mine never had gold anywhere. Period
  20. :-] ty for the understanding.
  21. Remember kids: Don't solicit!
  22. Following up- I have decided to keep these glasses 'Cakes. Theyre to my liking
  23. Ah ????
  24. @keramikos -Yeah, you're not alone. Thx for the info!
  25. Wow AF. Thx again! Would you happen to know of an online resource for Pyrex and Anchor Hocking? I'm not looking for pricing; just a guideline for my collection.
  26. Thanks artfoot
  27. Bookmarked!! Thx again TC. The site you ref'd is a WAY easier resource than my tattered booklets!
  28. Looked though my books. Not Indiana, unless I'm going blind. LOL
  29. Neat. Thx Cakes
  30. Thanks for the double-tap and that extra bit. I'm liking 'em a little more now
  31. Add thank you bbq for the double-tap:)
  32. Thank you all.
  33. Thx TimeTraveler
  34. I agree, it's really close.
  35. pretty color
  36. Thank you TallCakes. Georgian:)
  37. I'll snap a pic of the base when I get home
  38. Cool, resembles flasks of the period. LOL
  39. See more


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