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1954 Tonka MFD Fire Chief Pickup - Firefightingin Firefighting
Weller's Cabin Still Kentucky Bourbon - Advertisingin Advertising
Phoenix Sculptured Artware "Freesia" Fan Vase Blue Wash - Art Glassin Art Glass
1920s Brunswick Panatrope - Electronicsin Electronics
Dennis the Menace 1967 Porter Spear Company Electric Phonograph Record Player/Beatles 45 - Electronicsin Electronics
1940s Embossed Tin.....Bupane Fuel? What the Hey Was That????? - Signsin Signs
1946 Chevrolet Truck Dealership Pamphlet 20" X 24" - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
 Tin Submarines - Toysin Toys
1959 Tonka Stake Bed & Horse Trailer - Model Carsin Model Cars
Going Well Beyond My Comfort Level........ - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Jimi = Awesome Guitarist
  2. Hope you are doing well... miss your posts....seems like the posters are leaving....sign of the times?
  3. Nice brooch Ken! Nice use of the peridot stones :)
  4. Thanks Much to PhilDMorris, chrissylovescats, snowman3, Chevelleman69, iggy, SEAN68, and Designer for the Appreciation
  5. Thanks Much SEAN68, Manikin, snowman3, officialfuel, TheGatekeeper, chissylovescats, PhilDMorris, and Brunswick for the Appreciation
  6. Great looking old box.....nice find!
  7. @ truthordare....funny :) I’m not too good at darts so I will keep playing. I did master the art of beer drinking though. I moved up to sipping a good rye whiskey :)
  8. Must of been owned by George Thorogood who sang "I drink alone".... :) Cool art deco barware!
  9. Nice Find! Looks to be in great shape :)
  10. @ truthordare...Thanks Much for the information and link! I appreciate it :) Yep....always fun to explore items that are unfamiliar. Life for me gets dull if I stick with things I'm good at. :) @ re...
  12. Thanks Ken...I'm slowly learning.... :) Thanks Much for the Appreciation to: PhilDMorris IronLace Broochman racer4four kwqd bobby725 aura vetraio50
  13. Beautiful Coal Sign....I believe since we are phasing out coal....these signs will increase in value. The Donaldson Art Sign Co. A well known advertising sign company. Great Sign - A keeper for sure!!
  14. Thank You Broochman, farmlady, blunderbuss2, Lady_Picker, fortapache, leighannrn. Newfld, and vetraio50 for the Appreciation!
  15. Thanks Ken...Maybe later :) Thank You for the Appreciation to: Brunswick Broochman blunderbuss2 dlpetersen fortapache
  16. Cool Vynil...Love G.T.O....the car and song..... :)
  17. Thanks Toyrebel....yep...powder coating gives this '54 a good looking tough coat :) Thank You for the Appreciation to: Toyrebel pickrknows leighannrn bobby725 Newfld vetraio50 TimeTraveller
  18. Now the song is stuck in my head.... :)
  19. Thank You for the Appreciation to: sklo42 blunderbuss2 Newdld Brunswick fortapache AdeleC
  20. Thanks Much Brunswick for the Bourbon lesson :) Thank You for Tapping the Love It: Brunswick officialfuel AnythingObscure bobby725
  21. Funny that this is listed under electronics :) I went and checked for a power cord on this old Panatrope....can't find one......
  22. Thank You officialfuel, Broochman, Newfld, Longings, sanhardin, fortapache, and Ben for Stopping by and Tapping the Love It !
  23. Open up the windows and play it loud! :)
  24. @ Brunswick...Awesome! I was hoping you would stop by! :) this is kinda' my mini -tribute to you...Love your posts with all sorts of information....Rock On Thomas!! @ that's what tha...
  25. @ Thomas...A Big Thank You! You definitely are the music man :) I appreciate the information !! Thank You Newfld and kwqd for the Appreciation!
  26. Thank You Broochman and egreeley1976 !
  27. Thank You scottvez , truthordare, and Cathyz for the Appreciation!!
  28. Thanks Much for the Appreciation!! truthordare EJW-54 rustyboltz Watchsearcher
  29. Thank You bobby725 and officialfuel for the "Love It" clicks!
  30. @ Vynil33rpm....Thanks Much! The Kat...recent...the player my past :) @ Brunswick...Thanks!! "Most Excellent"... his brother "Bill" was on an adventure at the time of the picture taking :) T...
  31. A very nice watch case! Great design!!
  32. Great pic of you and your grandson!
  33. Thanks Much hotairfan for the great post comment! Thank You for Stopping By and clicking the Love It to: Deepseas72 kwqd Taysart16648 hotairfan EZa Trey snowman3 crswerner chrisseylovescat...
  34. Thank You for the Appreciation!! vintagegirl66 farmlady leighannrn snowman3 Neighborguysfan Chevelleman69 blunderbuss2 shughs oldpeep SEAN68 officialfuel Vynil33rpm Ted_Straub AnythingOb...
  35. Thank You PhilDMorris for the Comment and Appreciation. Yep....butane is great fuel gas....especially for lighters :) Thank you for the Appreciation to: vintagegirl66 farmlady leigannrn snowman...
  36. Thank You Newfld for the Appreciation!!
  37. @ Looker (John) Thanks for commenting! I'm glad you like my bread truck. Your wife sounds like a sweet lady....Lucky You! Nope....not the one I ordered....I'm more of a minimalist when it comes to ord...
  38. The first pic reminds me of my brother.
  39. @Brunswick...Nope....that would be 100% pressurized butane with a "t".....This is bupane with a "p"which is 10% butane and 90% pentane. Thanks for the Comment :)
  40. Thanks WesternPA-Collector!!....I'll get busy :)
  41. Thanks Much for Stopping By! AnythingObscure Watchsearcher Newfld bobby725 purvis officialfuel
  42. Hi WesternPA-Collector....Love your postings! If you don't mind me do you have your lighting set up. I have a bunch of bottles and glassware I that I would like to takes pics of. I like ...
  43. Both good teams....just looking forward to a good game :) Nice Sign!
  44. Love the patina on this kettle. Just me...I would put a light coating of oil on it to bring out the richness of the iron/hematite.....
  45. Thanks Wizred...I don't think I will be posting anymore of my Tonkas anymore....must be getting old....
  46. Cool piece! Very nice girlfriend:)
  47. Thanks Ms.Crystalship and EJW-54 for stopping by to leave comments and appreciation! @ Ms.CrystalShip....yep....a gentleman who looks determined to sell you a Chev :) Two different wheelbase chassis ...
  48. Thanks truthordare! friends and I are just grown up kids that love to have fun with collections. I work in a pretty stressful profession so the last thing I want is a hobby that stresses me o...
  49. Thanks Much for the additional Love It taps to: AnythingObscure Longings shughs bracken3 @ wife told me she will be happy with anything I do with the MOPAR engines as long as she's a...
  50. Thank You bobby725 for clicking the Love It! Thank You for the Appreciation also to: fortapache kwqd vetraio50 Newfld PhilDMorris Brunswick AdeleC
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Lego head kitchen items transisto radio Vintage Pabst Lamp Shade Brass etched ewer Three Imperial Lead Lustre Shape #618 Vases - Imperial Glass Company, Bellaire, Ohio, 1925-26 The Right Partner Bear's Grease Shelley Bowl pattern number 8590, 815 Made in England, Storks on scarlet background, black edged rim with raised areas of folia


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