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1959 Tonka Pickup Restored/Custom - Model Carsin Model Cars


  1. Interesting.....Nice Piece
  2. @ Brunswick...Thank You for the compliment. Yep...I have all sorts of different Tonka pickups. I have a few fire trucks and dump trucks too. I even have my yellow 1965 Mighty Tonka dump truck when I w...
  3. Another winner Ken!!....always thought your posts were top notch....I will be leaving now....maybe I'll be back in a couple will know who I am...later my friend....
  4. Cats are great....I have two named Bill and Ted...we have great adventures :)
  5. See Ya Phil....Love Your Posts....Again Thank so Much for the Magic you did on my father's picture....I'll keep that one posted :) May ALL GOOD come your way :)
  6. See ya Brian - Love Your Posts...My friends at work think so too :)
  7. Hey Brian....You take care my CW friend with very cool items :) I have always looked forward to your posts. I especially enjoyed your cars how pics. You certainly have an eye for finding the awesome ...
  8. Beautiful piece! I'm partial to Loons as it's my official state bird (MN) :)
  9. Nice one iggy!!
  10. Nice! I would definitely wear that :)
  11. Lookin' good fortapache! Warm and Welcoming :)
  12. Beautiful Piece!!!
  13. Beautiful picture! I love paper birch trees (Betula papyrifera)...I have some property up in northern Wisconsin with these trees where I love to go hiking :)
  14. I love this '40 Plymouth....had to click the Love It again :)
  15. Very Cool!!
  16. Looking at that gives me chest pains and a sore piece!
  17. Nice Job! Lookin' Sweet :)
  18. She certainly has character! Welcome to vintagelamp's home :)
  19. fhrjr2....are you still using this chair? I think it's pretty awesome! I just wanted to bring it to the forefront again :)
  20. Roz is a character in Monsters, Inc. and Monsters University. She is a large yellow slug-like monster with a tuft of white and gray, pointed hair on the top of her head. She wears a maroon sweater an...
  21. Beautiful Marble Bust Phil! Another Awesome Post :)
  22. Love the slug! Reminds me of one of my buddies :)
  23. Cool beetle brooch! I especially love Charlie. I also own a Mackerel Tabby with the striped pattern. His name is Tim. He looks just like Charlie. I like the pattern above their nose that looks like an...
  24. One of my favorites! Awesome :)
  25. Nice Condition!!
  26. Still one of my favorite posts. Warms the heart :)
  27. I really like this! Very Nice!! :)
  28. Hire's makes the best Rootbeer Floats! (IMO) I grew up with Hires and Dad's :) Pretty cool tin!
  29. Very Nice Photo!
  30. I'm sorry TimeTraveller about not getting back to you sooner. I remember visiting my Aunt back in the early '60s seeing these in the kitchen. I knew that her mother dealt with antiques back then. I wa...
  31. Beautiful sign! Nice write-up! I live about an hour and a half from the brewery. I visit it often as my brother lives in Chippewa Falls, WI. :) Leinies have great collectibles. Thank You for posting!
  32. What can you not like about Donald Duck? Cool pocket watch!!
  33. I'm figuring late 1915-20s? Something close to:
  34. The bike appears to be an old Harley Davidson. Says HD on the chain cover. It also has the standard Troxel solo seat. Cool Pic!
  35. Very Nice Watch!!
  36. Nice!!!
  37. He is Great!! You gotta' love Pinocchio :)
  38. Love this guy! Bob the gas man.... :)
  39. Another cool post! You're definitely stirring up old memories :) Thanks for posting!!
  40. I grew up in the early 60s when the TV was considered a piece of furniture. I remember my mother polishing the TV cabinet until the wood would glow. Now-days...pretty much throw a-ways (much like a lo...
  41. You can also put it under Sporting Goods >Bicycles Fun Trike!! :)
  42. Appears to be made in the 50's. You can contact this site...they have helped me before :) Cool Trike!!
  43. myself.... certainly need our fix of attending a good car show :) Cool rides! I'm hoping olebodie is doing Okay...haven't seen any posts or comments from him for awhile....
  44. See? Now there you go....a collectible to be enjoyed by the whole household :)
  45. I have NBC's three note chime stuck in my head...G..E..C :) Cool piece....Love It!!
  46. Another nice piece! :)
  47. He certainly will feel right at home with the rest! Nice one Scott!! :)
  48. Love the graphics on these old coffee cans! :)
  49. Nice One! :)
  50. Nope...too late...the recess bell already rang. Time for R&R :)
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