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  1. thanks for showing the back. its very beautiful!
  2. adorable!
  3. beautiful!
  4. is it possible to see a picture of the back? thanks.
  5. its a handsome trunk! i would have bought it too. real nice find!!
  6. they'll be great, when you restore them. nice finds!!
  7. both pieces are very beautiful! hi family, adorable dogs!!
  8. shiny and so beautiful!!
  9. cool clock!!
  10. i like the dog pin! he's cute!!
  11. boy, it's a good thing all these people who don't post come out of the woodwork to love your items or you would barely have any loves!
  12. more photos, please! your allowed four.
  13. So adorable!!
  14. Very realistic design!!! Fab find!!
  15. @ Ms.CrystalShip, i recently saw a juliana brooch on ebay and it had over twenty rivets - actually they're called "eyelets" and figure eight puddling, which is a tell tale sign of a d and e piece.
  16. gorgeous set!!
  17. a very beautiful brooch!!
  18. i use white vinegar and a soft toothbrush to remove verdigris, but be careful of soaking, as it might loosen the stones. you're brooches are very pretty.
  19. beautiful brooch!!
  20. so pretty!!
  21. more beauties!! i like the t-bird and the corvair best.
  22. the caddy is awesome! just look at the size of those fenders. that's a whole car today.
  23. striking figurine!!
  24. such a pretty brooch!! sadly, the black verdigris is devouring it.
  25. isn't that the cutest thing!! and such a nice tribute, to a lovely lady.
  26. that is way too cool!! you always have the finest items. thanks for sharing this gem!!
  27. It's so pretty!! Such a lovely gift to receive. Welcome to CW. :)
  28. gorgeous!!
  29. it's so beautiful!!
  30. nice find!!
  31. awesome crane!!
  32. so beautiful!!
  33. so pretty!! i say angel too. maybe a weiss piece?
  34. i would recommend google images or ebay as good sources of information. your gorgeous jewelry looks 1960's. the brooch and earrings resemble coro or lisner and the pink judy lee. for resetting stones,...
  35. stunning beauty!!
  36. gorgeous brooch!!
  37. 1964-called nature's choice!!
  38. this locomotive and tender are awesome!!
  39. such a cool truck and trailer!! you did a fantastic job restoring this set!!
  40. your painting skills are some of the best i've seen!!
  41. so many cool items!!
  42. its gorgeous!!
  43. nice job!!
  44. it's gorgeous!!
  45. so very beautiful!!
  46. stunning set!!
  47. he's so adorable!!
  48. the best cartoons ever!!
  49. just gorgeous!!
  50. gorgeous!
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