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  1. That's too pretty for keys.
  2. Gorgeous brooch and great photography!!
  3. I would give it 10 stars. Have you seen what these brooches sell for? I found one that sold for over 1,200$! Not bad for rhinestones that are glued in. ~
  4. So beautiful! When jewelry was made with expertise.
  5. Gorgeous!!
  6. While other well known costume jewelry manufacturers of the same era are slumping in sales, high priced pieces like this are selling like hotcakes. Not bad for glued in. ~
  7. This brooch seems to have some serious issues on the back. It appears to be corroding. There was another Schreiner posted with the same problems, a while back. Do they use mixed metals in their castin...
  8. Not your everyday find, now is it? I'd be happy with it!
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