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I work at home on the computer and when i can't stand it i do the round of my local op shops. Mostly I find nothing but if I'm lucky i beat the dealers and pick up aI work at home on the computer and when i can't stand it i do the round of my local op shops. Mostly I find nothing but if I'm lucky i beat the dealers and pick up a few good things. (Read more)


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My strange little pot! Pottery or stone? - Potteryin Pottery
Silver and glass pitcher - Glasswarein Glassware
Japanese Woodblock prints - Asianin Asian
Old Phillipine baskets - Asianin Asian
Cambodian Dong Son Bronze Saucer Bowl 500BC - Asianin Asian
Aboriginal watercolour 1960s - Fine Artin Fine Art
Raymor large lamp base - Mid-Century Modernin Mid-Century Modern
Pokerwork and paint pictures - Fine Artin Fine Art
Hand coloured etching   - Fine Artin Fine Art
Chinese vase - Asianin Asian


  1. Not much I think. But they are nice and well done.
  2. No, I just gave up and put them in the garage.
  3. I had a look on eBay and they were only a bit over $100. When I look on the back it has a hairline crack which has an old staple across it. I actually like things with a staple repair. Means someone l...
  4. I still have it on my wall. Will look up qianlong era. Thnx
  5. I think florists sold them.
  6. Well, thats over $200 so I will use it of barbecues. It's still a nice thing.
  7. Found it - not even old - italian. 160 euro. Oh well only cost $5. Into the garage it goes!
  8. Thanks, You are right I think - do you think it is old? I was wondering because it's not fancy, sort of colonial looking. I'll have a google at pewter.
  9. Thanks vetraio50. I'm wondering if they are just a mass produced touristy thing in the 60s? I'm looking for asian things at the moment in my op-shopping :)
  10. That would be interesting as I thought it was maybe just a local shed potter. I like the odd ball shapes.
  11. It is too. The artist must have used a bit of artistic licence to put bushes and trees in the front. Thanks for the info.
  12. Thanks, I think they are probably a tourist type thing. Right in the middle of WWI?
  13. I think now it's not chinese at all but from New Zealand. It's Maori. There are lots of Moari people in Australia so I am guessing someone has brought it over.
  14. By looking at the ones on-line - I think it is 19th - 20th C. Earlier than that they had little feet.
  15. Thanks kyratango, I'll have a look.
  16. It does look similar - Would be great if it was of such value. Hard to tell with these sort of things. They could be old and valuable or recent and worth a couple of dollars. I do like it though. Than...
  17. Maybe the little skirt part is for modesty when wet! LOL
  18. I love my Pyrex. I use them. Good find with the box!
  19. So beautiful!
  20. Thanks surfdub66. I'll think i'll never know but have found a nice little spot for it!
  21. On second thoughts mine looks more bronze than these. Could be just a variation.
  22. I'm not sure - but I think it is more bronze. I thought it looked liked the smallest one of these pots in this picture:
  23. I found one nearly the same on the web. It's from India for drinking water. They came in a range of sizes. This is the smallest. Most likely dates from mid 1800s to early 1900s. That mark is just an i...
  24. Thanks racerfour, It has a really nice patina. It's one of those things that are hard to date. It could just be old but from India or the middle east and the mark is just coincidental defects. If I ca...
  25. Yes, my house is mudbrick. Very rustic. Modern things look out of place so I go for a retro/eclectic/primitive look. Definitely not minimalist.
  26. TubeAmp. I did! Love a good horror movie. Maybe I'll hear little running sounds at night! LOL.
  27. I found some images of the indian copies and this one doesn't have the same features so I reckon it is original.
  28. Ha Ha racer4four, He is smelling nicer everyday!
  29. Its 85cm wide and 50cm high. So it's a decent size coffee table. Very heavy. The teak is made up segments to make the round edge. I've seen lots of tiled tables but this one looked like it was expens...
  30. Thanks nutsabotas6!
  31. There is some question around Bou vs Bon. It only cost $10 but would be nice if it is a real one from Italy.
  32. I read that his work has' ITALY' imprinted on the rim of the base. This one has.
  33. Or a trophy from a battle or war. This is probably most likely. The skull maybe blackened as they burnt the body to get the flesh off and clean bones.
  34. Is it water tight? Maybe a drinking vessel for a people into the occult. For blood sacrifice. Or it could be a special religious persons skull and a worship item.
  35. Hi toolate2 I put a few other finds up. I don't collect anything in particular just whatever catches my eye.
  36. Yes you are right. I thought it would be a pretty glass to drink my wine from but when I took the price tag off it had the tiny writing on the base. It only cost $1.99. Now its on top of the bookcase ...
  37. Thanks Guys/Gals It's oldish but hard to tell. The bamboo is woven to look like scales which is pretty smart i think. And the fish heads are woven into it. The base is woven to look like fish tails.
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