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Works of art by Trifari & Alfred Philippe. Caretaker collector.


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Trifari Flower Iridescent Brooch Set - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Trifari Brooch and Earrings - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Juliana Shades Of Blue Star Brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Crown Trifari Bird of Paradise Brooch - Birds of Fashion - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Trifari Cavalcade Brooch and Earring Set - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Crown Trifari Leaf Flower Brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Crown Trifari Sprig Brooch Set - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Trifari Elephant Head Brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Crown Trifari Star Rays Brooch and Earring Set - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Crown Trifari Parrot Brooch - Birds Of Fashion - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. Gorgeous!
  2. Everyone above said what I wanted to say! Wonderful squirrel!!
  3. Absolutely Gorgeous!! The color is like...WOW!
  4. Your piece is Much More beautiful than the Dior brooch!!!!
  5. It would nice to see the backs of the brooches, might help in the identification.
  6. Pretty floral spray brooch! Looks like an early Coro Piece.
  7. Such an elegant brooch!!! Stunning white stones and I love how they drape over the emerald teardrops, giving the illusion of hearts. Truly a masterpiece and made very well with the prong settings. Def...
  8. Not to worry! I encourage you to post all your Trifari. Shows we have something in common :)
  9. Happiest of the New Year and all the best to you and your spouse!!!!
  10. What a stunning brooch!!!!
  11. From The Memo To A Smart Woman Collection! Gorgeous Brooch!!
  12. Beautifully animated brooch!!! Well made with the rollover pin and clasp, unlike the ones JJ uses now. The best Christmas brooch I've ever seen!!!!!!
  13. Seems to me to have a bit of Egyptian Revival design by it's pose! Gorgeous!
  14. Super pretty brooch!!! Nolan Miller knows how to make gorgeous jewelry and you have the eye to pick them! Stunning piece!!
  15. They're all so cool!!!! You are a talented model builder! They are quite realistic. Happy Thanksgiving! :)
  16. The most beautiful Kramer brooch ever!!!!!! Also, love the original and rare clam shell box! :-)
  17. Gorgeous Autumn brooch!!! Even the back is beautiful! The perfect touch to wear this Fall season!!!!!!
  18. Really, a lovely laying deer! :-)
  19. Unusual piece of glass!! Love the color!!!
  20. Gorgeous necklace set!!! Alexandrite are very beautiful stones for their color changing from purple to blue. Your Sherman collection keeps getting better and better! Congrats on another superb find!!!!!
  21. Awesome painting!! I love it. Nice find!!!!!
  22. What a Beauty!!! The large focal stone is absolutely gorgeous! So sparkly and bright. Super nice score Lori!!!!
  23. The turquoise beads are so bright and beautiful!!!! Unusual piece, but nice to see!!
  24. Gorgeous frog brooch!! You'll surely be noticed when wearing this piece! So beautifully designed with those fabulous cabochons and white stones. Always posting the best animal jewelry that can be foun...
  25. She's so cute with her tongue out as if panting as dogs do!!!! Realistic and the color is beautiful!!!!!!
  26. Wow! What a stunning brooch!!!! Love the fuchsia color and design! Your Sherman Collection is the tops and I truly mean that! :- )
  27. Great combination of color!!!! Looks showcase new! Stunning brooch!!
  28. Very pretty brooch!!! Love the color of the stones, especially the pink! My guess is at least a D & E brooch. Hopefully Ms.CrystalShip will stop by :-)
  29. What a fox!!! Such a nicely detailed piece!!!!
  30. This brooch and earrings shows so much quality!!!! I like how the pin set goes beyond the clasp and the clips look to be very comfortable. Not to mention the long navettes and my favorite the accent p...
  31. Aw! He's so cute!!! Stunning color and fabulous design. The stickers are a huge plus in my book and rare to find! Your glass animal collection is the tops of CW!!!!!!
  32. WOW! What a beautiful angel fish brooch!!!! Gorgeous enamel and MOP! This brooch is the style and of elegance. Great post!!
  33. I understand the sometimes difficult to capture a piece in the right light. To combat this I photograph outdoors, preferably in the shade around 10 am. Such a pretty Sherman brooch!!!! You have a re...
  34. Stunning early Trifari brooches!!!! I especially like the orchid for it's art deco design! :)
  35. Wow! This brooch is gorgeous!!!! The richness of the black goes so good with the white stones and emerald eyes. This is my sign! Thanks dear friend with the wishes, YOU are more than too kind!!!!!!
  36. I love the design of this brooch!!!!! At first before reading the headline, I thought it was a fox. Great piece, great find!!!!
  37. What a gorgeous brooch!!!! Just look at those beautiful colorful cabochons! I agree with Ms.CrystalShip, perfect for Christmas or anytime you want to be fancied up. Nice score!!
  38. There's an easy way to test for Bakelite. Get some chrome polish, I use Turtle Wax brand and a cotton swab. Apply some of the wax to the swab and gently rub against piece to test. If Bakelite the swab...
  39. Very pretty cameo set!!!!
  40. Really beautiful!! Just look at all the sparkling stones! Wow! What a fabulous set. Congrats on finding this marvelous D & E bracelet and earring set!!!!!!!!!!
  41. Such the exquisite brooch!!!! I love the design of the overlapping stones - leaves! The colorful and varying shape of the stones. The prong settings on Sherman Jewelry are always professionally done a...
  42. Beautiful hummingbird in his golden amber color!!!!!! I can imagine him flying up to a buttercup and lapping the nectar or some kind person putting out a sugary snack from a feeder! :-)
  43. So very pretty your chickadee is!!!! With lovely enamel colors and realistic design. You always have the best brooches!!!!!!
  44. What's not to love ? It's a super pretty set of jewelry and to have a full parure is collectors dream of owning!!!!!!!!
  45. Such the perfect brooch for Fall!!!! Gorgeous colors and beautifully designed!!!!!!
  46. Absolutely stunning Sherman set!!!! Nice to see the backs too as some on here don't show!
  47. Both are very beautiful and well designed!!!! Can't go wrong with Trifari Jewelry the best in USA!!!!!!
  48. FRANKENSTEIN - One of the best rock instrumentals ever!!!!!!
  49. Wow! Gorgeous brooch!! Love the glass leaves and color. Reminds me of a tree. Another great find Lori!!!!!!
  50. Such a lovely set and the color is stunning!!!!! Maybe made for a child ?
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