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My name is Aaron. I'm married, 2 kids, Oregon Native and I love collecting different kinds of items from Old Bibles, Toys, books, movies, to tools and other antiqueMy name is Aaron. I'm married, 2 kids, Oregon Native and I love collecting different kinds of items from Old Bibles, Toys, books, movies, to tools and other antiques. It doesn't have to be old or valuable to get my interest. Something unique, strange, or fun is always open to being added to my collection. I especially like things hand made from Wood or relating to old movies I'm a fan of such as Twilight Zone. Other interests are War History, American Civil War, WWI, WWII, Vietnam, etc, as well as American History. I have a large history DVD collection that spans just about all known wars. Professionally I have over 18 years working as a freelance video editor, cinematographer, director, and producer in the TV/Video and Film industry as well as work as a still photographer. I carry over my photography interest into my personal life to create photographic art that I sell in a worldwide online gallery. Thanks for learning a bit about me! (Read more)


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Back To The Future Action FIGURES! Doc and Marty!  - Toysin Toys
Twilight Zone "Kanamit" Figures!  - Toysin Toys
Twilight Zone - Nightmare at 20,000 feet with William Shatner - Toysin Toys
Twilight Zone Kanamit Autograph and Collection - Moviesin Movies
1st Edition NECA Red Pyro Figure from TF2 - Toysin Toys
Twilight Zone - Henry Bemis Figure  - Toysin Toys
Unknown Paper found inside 1823 Bible - Paperin Paper
1930's Super Clamp Antique Hargrave Cincinnati tool.Co C-Clamp Super Clamp 8 IN.No.44 pat.1918469 - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
1950/61 VINTAGE CRAFTSMAN  1/4 HP BALL BEARING GRINDER - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
1915 Bible - Old & New Testaments, American Bible Society - Booksin Books


  1. What a nice piece! I love old trunks, wish I had one.
  2. This is so cool! Amazing how much like American coins it looks like. Amazing they did such great work so long ago. We tend to think of people as being dumber the further back in history, but I believe...
  3. Fantastic! I love all of the old TV shows, specifically Twilight Zone and collect figures and items from that show. The 50's had such style and flavor about their designs of cars, robots, signs, etc...
  4. @TheGateKeeper Ah yes! The INVADERS! That Robot figure is worth a fortune if you can find it! I missed a great deal on one and wish I had grabbed it.
  5. I used to have him as a kid! Wish I still had all my Star Wars toys now! They'd be worth at least $70,000 now! Ehh. Live and learn.
  6. @PhilDMorris, They make different figures at different times. I believe they have been out for a couple years now. The popular ones are discontinued and then they make new figures and release them. ...
  7. Dizzydave - Thanks so much! Great FIND!
  8. My mother has this same toy! I remember playing with it as a child in the 70's and 80's. I had forgotten all about this until I saw the photo! Thanks for sharing.
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Roman: Philip II Caesar - Tetradrachm of Antioch, Syria. LOST IN SPACE.......................................................... Vintage Star Wars Loose ROTJ Jabba the Hutt Bird House ( Folk Art ) - Made by my Dad ORREFORS ? - SWEDEN  Family Bible dating back to the mid 1700's Parker heritage fleetwoods life of christ. Stereoview of FJ Haynes with his Camera 12 " wide excelsior toy trunk 500 post"Stile Universel"Law for the colonie of New France,circa 1664 Life of Abraham Lincoln 1880's refinished cross-slat antique trunk My Aunt Jemima collection 1941 Steelcraft Pursuit Pedal Plane saint Joseph daily missal 1964


Little Gold Bible Cross with Jesus On It In The Insde.