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  1. Nothing is ever Junk! You can repurpose almost anything and someone will like it!
  2. I see Sam made it into the Pic! Hi Sam!
  3. Great looking table! You should be able to make a little money with that, if you decide to sell it!
  4. I've got some stuff here in NC to fill them up!
  5. I would like to see that before you get rid of it. Looks pretty interesting and I knew a Grand Wizard of the Klan when I was growing up.
  6. Hope to see this in person this summer!
  7. Cool Beans Cuz!
  8. Pretty interesting.
  9. Great looking painting. Can't wait to see it in person.
  10. Honey and Moonshine! Make you feel better in no time!
  11. TallCakes seems to know a lot about glass, Why doesn't he respond about your Limoges plate?
  12. Dad is doing pretty good for 97! What are you doing to take up all your time? Come on down, the creek is not frozen and we can hunt for some gold!
  13. All I can find out is that it is probably a Bon Bon dish, being so small. No telling about the pattern. Looked through 70 makers marks and none looked like this!
  14. If France is mentioned as country of origin, the Limoges piece was made and exported after 1891. Haven't found the pattern yet.
  15. I like the error coin! How big is this dish? (inches across) We picked up two pieces of Limoges this last summer at that auction. Haven't been able to sell them yet, but each piece is worth at least $...
  16. You have got a pretty powerful BB gun! Wonder what it would look like if shot with bird shot from a 10 gauge shotgun?
  17. Great find, wish I was with you. See you in a few months!
  18. How's the weather? Didn't know your wife collected Boston Terriers. I will see if I can find a stuffed one Toy that is!
  19. Coming out of Youngstown and never made it big. That says a lot, but they cut a record! That should give them some credit!
  20. Hope you had a great trip up into the new England states. Hope you had some time for pickin!
  21. Looks like you got some picking time while you were on vacation. Interesting patches, but I know nothing about them.
  22. Cool Stuff!
  23. Seems like I have seen that somewhere!
  24. Cool find, you are just quicker than me. Need those nail kegs!
  25. Hey Bobby725 for a fun time, and it is always fun to pick with you! Just have to watch me at an auction!
  26. Nice finds! Keep picking, see ya later!
  27. You trying to compete with my dad? Nice collection, keep searching and hope to see you soon!
  28. You have had those pipes for years. Great shelf and I'm surprised you got it hung on the wall, without your daughter grabbing it! Great Idea!
  29. Nice looking pocket knife! Sure do miss your dad, he was a crazy booger!
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vintage metal Sakrete cement signs 1864 confederate 10 & 20 dollar bills  98th. Infantry Division patches