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New Jersey

I love antiques, especially dolls.


Karl Hartmann Doll... - Dollsin Dolls
Armand Marseille and unknown composition baby doll... - Dollsin Dolls


  1. Thank you so much...she is a cutie! Wish I had her complexion, LOL.
  2. She's adorable!
  3. Pretty little sweeties aren't they...your grandmother must have adored them. I would hang onto them...they may be valuable to pass on in your family!
  4. These baby dolls were probably from the 50's-early 60's. I would say more from the 50's. The Dee Cee doll company from from Canada! How big is she? I love the spread toes.
  5. I forgot to get a picture of that big manikin getting out of the jeep...sorry, I am extremely forgetful. I just put a post it on my purse!
  6. Thank you. I love her. I can't return her. I'm keeping her with her chip. I'm too blind to notice so my kids will make money either way when I'm dead and gone. LOL.
  7. He is cute. Is he marked? I have never seen him. I restored my carnival doll. It was fun to do and I loved her fat tummy. She was broken to the point of not being very attractive and I hated to s...
  8. Love it X's 10!
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My moms doll


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