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As of 5/22/16 I will no longer be posting any of my personal research related articles in this forum that are not Welz specific. Regrettably, I have also removed froAs of 5/22/16 I will no longer be posting any of my personal research related articles in this forum that are not Welz specific. Regrettably, I have also removed from this forum, the portion of my posted research articles whose content did not relate specifically to Welz. I have left most of the Welz specific materials as I feel any attempt at re-posting any of my Welz research without the obligatory credit being given would immediately be seen for what it is. I have no objection, and never have had, to the sharing of any of my posted research materials as long as proper source credit is given. Although I feel that the sharing of information is a necessary part of collecting, I also feel that the re-posting of such information by others in a manner seemingly representing it as one's own personal work product with no form of acknowledgement as to source, is completely unacceptable behavior. It is not an activity that I have ever participated in, acknowledging at all times the sources and/or inspirations for my work if not based purely on my own original concepts. Not doing so is a practice I would never condone, or ever tolerate. Unfortunately, such activities have occurred both here in CW, and outside of this forum on a glass website. As a direct result of this activity, my public sharing of such information will no longer be forthcoming. Surprisingly, in over a decade of activity in many large international forums and collector venues on the internet, resulting in interactions with thousands of collectors, dealers, and researchers, this is the only venue where such ethically questionable behavior has ever occurred. Although I am a big supporter of sharing information, I am a bigger believer in what I would expect to be respectful behavior by those it is being shared with. Sadly, It would appear that not all members here share that same belief. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I will continue to post articles sharing some basic observations regarding glass that are applicable to Czech / Bohemian glass, and others, regardless of the makers. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Primarily a researcher, I am also the owner and webmaster of www.Kralik-glass.com, and a long term collector with well over 20 years experience in the world of glass. Although I have collected a wide variety of regions and periods of glass, my primary research area has now focused for the last 8+ years on the development of information regarding the scope of the glass production, and the history of the family, as it relates to Franz Welz Klostergrab. (Read more)


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Some New Welz Glass Pics from My Collection - And a Gold Medal in Brussels in 1910! - Art Glassin Art Glass
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  1. Here is a post that may shed some additional light on decors made by Welz... which may very well include your pair. https://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/146372-possibly-some-welz-stuff---with-...
  2. I did not see this before today, but yes.... This is a very nice example of PK production.
  3. These are copies of a lamp design by Max Leverrier. It is very cool to have a pair.
  4. The inverted version is most commonly seen in a translucent cranberry.
  5. I agree Kyle... Although Team Ruckl seems to have thinned down to the Lone Ruckl Ranger... :-)
  6. Your vase is actually a vintage shelf support used to support glass shelving, most commonly in old store displays.
  7. Thanks for the loves from those that have continued to stop by my post.
  8. You are certainly welcome..... Based on differences in pieces I own, I would not consider those dimension differences to be significant.
  9. Great piece. Love the shape!! I would strongly suspect this to be by Welz also, but in light of the fact that I do not use the mark as definitive proof of attribution, I would want to see another W...
  10. Great example, and now the 18th decor found on this Welz shape. I love the color combo on this one!!
  11. Great pieces. I love early Beranek production, and have several pieces. Some of these can be tough to identify 100% because the line art drawings are pretty crude, and several designs have similar ...
  12. This will be my last comment on this subject. Thanks to all that stopped by and loved the post. The owner of the glass website seems to feel that since no one has come forward to declare these to ...
  13. Thanks Dave, but it was that specific bowl I was interested in as it appeared to be an example of a Welz shape documented in the production literature. I appreciate your help though..
  14. You are welcome... The most disturbing part really, is that all this person had to do was to copy a couple of the pics and post them in any of a wide variety of glass forums or Facebook glass groups...
  15. Great piece....
  16. I agree Ian. Yes Scott... reading the "new page" on the website that I linked to, really helps to "clear the air" so to speak.
  17. Great Vases!!! I sent you an email with some info and pics to look at.
  18. It appears I was mistaken, as it seems that the repro board changed positions on the Pinterest page I looked at. Fortunately for everyone :-) the bad information is still available on the internet. I...
  19. The entire Pinterest board containing the post I am discussing here, and some other mistaken information has now been deleted. Luckily I saved the information, and will post it here in the 4th image w...
  20. Thanks Jericho. I enjoy your posts because you bring up interesting shapes, decors, and ideas. It is always nice to see posts from someone that spends so much time on the project, and has lots of expe...
  21. Hi Fran.... No there are no known fakes of this decor. The closest thing to even a "copy" of this decor would be some Italian glass using foil like Loetz did, but nothing that even comes close to thes...
  22. I actually owned the green one, and it did not strike me as Kralik. I never could identify it.
  23. Personally, I pay little attention to almost all marks. Kralik arches and Loetz marks are about the only exceptions. Even the marks almost always found on Welz production are not ones I use to ID glas...
  24. For what it is worth, the third shape appears in Butler some ads, along with some pieces considered to be Kralik.
  25. Please do. Certainly curious about a couple of things about it first. But it is interesting.
  26. I am curious...... In the second picture at the front there is a bowl in blue, yellow and red with black feet..... Do you still have it?
  27. For what it is worth, it strikes me as Bohemian.... Nice thrift shop score!!
  28. "I'm sitting on the fence until you find the same shape in a more recognizable Welz decor." The other option is to find the decor on a very well established Welz shape.
  29. I thought I would provide a little update. I contacted Wright Auctions, who as many know specialize in high end 20th Century design. I received an email from the President of the company indicating th...
  30. Now these are simply fabulous!!.... Especially the large piece... JUST WOW!!
  31. I do not..... I have never been able to figure those out. They are quite unusual. Never seen another one like them either.
  32. What I meant to say was, based on these images, that the three satin pieces appear to share a common decor, and the other example appears to be a different decor. Do they share a common maker? I thin...
  33. For me at least, the issue with these types of spatters, and the reason I try to focus more on shapes with these, is that it can be very difficult to determine if two similar examples are variations o...
  34. So it seems that George Nelson did very little in the way of dinnerware, and these glasses are extremely rare. There are no records of sales in Worthpoint, and the Mid Century groups I have posted the...
  35. Exceptional example!!
  36. I never asked them for an ID, nor did I ever send them pics.
  37. Hilariously, those are my pics on their website..... and I had no idea they copied and used them. So them calling them unknown, is simply an extension of a post I did at some previous time. The grani...
  38. From Phil's posts... this was posted 6 months ago. It looks like he simply may have mis-spoken. It also appears that the correct attribution he posted in the link was from Berman's book. https:/...
  39. They are stately and elegant!! Nice group!!
  40. Great grouping.... I love this new shape, but the grouping is really impressive..... What I like about groups in the same decor like this spatter, is that it shows the design (color combinations) to ...
  41. Hi Alan. No worries on the background. The pics are great. Thanks for letting me use them.
  42. I love this decor..... Nice find!! These are not Welz production. I have studied them for quite a while and have never been able to attribute them with any degree of certainty. There is a page of th...
  43. It appears to be Czech in origins. Great shade.
  44. I love this Beranek work. I believe this is shape 4676 which is specified at 13cm tall in the line art. So the 76th shape design from 1946. Great find!!
  45. I knew that.... I had an old timers moment Fran..... Thanks for the size.... it is right there with most of them size wise.... I love it when a new decor shows up!!
  46. Great example, and the first one I have seen in this decor!! Great find Rose!! How tall is it?
  47. My suggestion would be that unless the ID is confirmed, go with Unknown. The molded mark on the underside is not something that has ever been linked to Ruckl, at least that I am aware of. Additiona...
  48. Great vase...... I would love to see the documentation that links this to Ruckl.
  49. Thanks to everyone who stopped by the post. Always appreciated!!
  50. Great find Frank!!
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