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Connellsville, PA

I have an interest in searching for / collecting bottles from the 1970's on down to the late 1800's Preferences are sodas, beers, and liquors but will keep anything I have an interest in searching for / collecting bottles from the 1970's on down to the late 1800's Preferences are sodas, beers, and liquors but will keep anything that is interesting looking. Favorite brands to collect are Rolling Rock and Old Overholt because they are local to me. And I am always looking for any bottles made by Anchor Hocking. I also will eventually post photos of items in my collection like railroad memorabilia. Please note and respect these photos are owned by me and you do have not right to put them on Facebook or any other site without permission. Linking back to my photos on here is acceptable. (Read more)


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1951 Old Overholt Whiskey Bottle 1/10 Pint Mini Flask National Distillers Montana Tax Stamp Vintage Sample - Bottlesin Bottles
Early 1900's Cumberland Brewing Beer Bottle Maryland Embossed Amber Brown Antique Vintage - Bottlesin Bottles
1971 First Presbyterian Church of Salem, New Jersey Bottle Flask Anchor Hocking Glass Amber Brown 150th Anniversary - Bottlesin Bottles
1964 7UP Soda Bottle ACL Anchor Hocking Glass Green 10 Ounces Collectible - Advertisingin Advertising
1970 Heinz Ketchup Bottle 100 Years Anniversary Anchor Hocking Embossed Glass Vintage Collectible Salem New Jersey - Bottlesin Bottles
2001 Rolling Rock Beer Bottles Salt & Pepper Shakers Anchor Glass 7 Ounces Pony Green Collectibles Latrobe Brewing ACL - Bottlesin Bottles
1914 Mount Pleasant Dairy Milk Bottle Pennsylvania Embossed Antique Vintage Glass J.T.&A.H. Half Pint - Bottlesin Bottles
1977 Mountain Dew Soda Bottle ACL Green Glass 16 Ounces Pint Returnable Vintage - Bottlesin Bottles
1972 Anchor Hocking James M. Fordham Employee Retirement Bottle 43 Years Lancaster Ohio Embossed Amber Brown Vintage - Bottlesin Bottles
Connellsville Bottling Works Soda Blob Top Embossed MB&G Massillon Bottle & Glass Company Antique Vintage Hutchinson - Bottlesin Bottles


  1. Looks great so far!
  2. Looks like it was made in an ABM (automatic bottle machine). Not seeing any bubbles in the bottle. No ounces on the bottle so it was made before 1914. I give a date of 1905-1914. But would like to kn...
  3. This is awesome. A shame that some of the best musicians ever have passed on or getting up there in age. Neil Peart, another all time great drummer just died on January 7th.
  4. Makes sense that you found them in PA. I can remember an Atlantic gas station that also had a convenience store.
  5. Sorry delete that comment. It was meant for another item.........
  6. Makes sense that you found them in PA. I can remember an Atlantic gas station that also had a convenience store.
  7. kwqd sorry to hear that happen. It seems to be a soda that people either love or hate. I personally love it and drink it every day. I prefer it to any dark cola.
  8. iggy, thanks there's a lot of different Mountain Dew bottles out there. Vynil33rpm I agree with that. Some states are now doing the money back thing again, to cut down on glass going to landfills....
  9. AnythingObscure, I would never do it to this bottle either. I believe they actually do sell special shaker caps for these bottles though. Vynil33rpm, nice humor there!
  10. It is in very good shape for being from 1910!
  11. blunderbuss2, Yes they do. Now that reminds me I need to post my Rolling Rock bottle shakers on here.
  12. You did very well. I like the bottle and ashtray the most!
  13. billretirecoll, that sounds great! I wish I had so many more of them. Still hoping to find one in the woods someday. I look forward to seeing yours.
  14. blunderbuss2, the mini bottles are great for that. Thanks for commenting!
  15. keramikos thanks for the additional links. Finding the exact same one on the net is like looking for a needle in a haystack. You've done very well!
  16. keramikos, that is true. I don't smoke anyhow. I'll just display it as I have been.
  17. keramikos, I think you solved the mystery! It looks exactly the same. Seeing the whole lamp assembly really clarifies things. So, the distillery really did have some elegant lighting fixtures back the...
  18. keramikos, I agree with you on that, regarding the border. But then there's four inner rings of bumps that aren't connected together the way Boopie wouild be. That's why I think it is two styles in on...
  19. It's a railroad conductor's lantern. Someone has painted it in an unnatural color. But it looks to be in good shape. Here's how an original one looks: https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/william-...
  20. keramikos, I get it now. After reading the bargainhuntingandtreasureseeking article, I can see that this is a Boopie or Berwick pattern on the outer edge, but inside it's Candlewick! TallCakes tha...
  21. keramikos I'm impressed that you managed to find the exact one. Says it sold for only $5.00. I really think it's older than 1950's. The distillery this came from was vacating the location in the 1950's.
  22. Broochman, good call. I'm leaning toward thousand eye. Boopie would be when there's a ring of beads around the outer edge only.
  23. Nice sign from my home state. As soon as I saw Keystone I figured it's from PA.
  24. vetraio50 thanks for your support. Happy New Year to you too.
  25. Very nice thing to find right behind your house of all places.
  26. Do you know what company manufactured it?
  27. I love those bottles. They really stand out with that ACL paint. The price of a 2 liter still hasn't changed a whole lot! But back then, a big part of the price would have been the cost of the glass.
  28. I've found some Squibb cod liver oil bottles in the woods and they did smell terrible inside. The taste couldn't be much better. I've seen a lot of Father John's bottles in the woods as well. Maybe I ...
  29. yougottahavestuff, I hope I can see a photo of that sometime. I wish I could find the right cap for this one.
  30. Brunswick (Thomas) Happy Holidays to you too. Thanks for your support.
  31. Thanks Newfld and Nicefice, Merry Christmas to you, and everyone!
  32. That is a beauty. It is amazing what some tumbling can do.
  33. I see this must be the lamp you were mentioning on my photo.
  34. I love the color on this, and also the fact it's from Pennsylvania.
  35. I remember those ads on TV. Doesn't seem like that long ago. Or maybe time has just become a blur to me.
  36. Being a Fairmont Owens-Illinois I'd think you found it somewhere in the Eastern U.S. I've seem some jars like that in the woods and regret passing them up.
  37. motelmark, thanks it's always nice when they have the cities on the bottom. I miss that about soda bottles.
  38. Explorergirl33 Congrats on your find. Sounds like a cool bottle. I will look that up and get back to you on it.
  39. bottle-bud That's a lot of info and covers everything I was looking to find. Thanks for looking it up and have a great day!
  40. Incredible. You are a true craftsman.
  41. Very nice example of an older Vess bottle!
  42. Thanks Nathaniel J.!
  43. iggy, Maybe I should change the title. This is an original bottle.
  44. Newfld, thanks it's a piece I've wanted to have for a good while.
  45. I was one year old when this came out but nonetheless they are one of my favorite bands. Great find!
  46. Very fine condition!
  47. Happy Thanksgiving. That's better spam than I"m used to getting!
  48. Bottles2rocks, that's good stuff. Thanks for your info and insight! I do wonder if it was this color from the beginning or if it turned that way in the sun later. Foseatme thanks for you comment also.
  49. Those are some very clean bottles.
  50. Those are some bottles to be proud of.
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