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Connellsville, PA

I have an interest in searching for / collecting bottles from the 1970's on down to the late 1800's Preferences are sodas, beers, and liquors but will keep anything I have an interest in searching for / collecting bottles from the 1970's on down to the late 1800's Preferences are sodas, beers, and liquors but will keep anything that is interesting looking. Favorite brands to collect are Rolling Rock and Old Overholt because they are local to me. And I am always looking for any bottles made by Anchor Hocking. I also will eventually post photos of items in my collection like railroad memorabilia. Please note and respect these photos are owned by me and you do have not right to put them on Facebook or any other site without permission. Linking back to my photos on here is acceptable. (Read more)


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Ball Perfect Mason Canning Jar Aqua Blue Glass Collectible Vintage 28 Ounces 1923 - 1933 #2 - Bottlesin Bottles
Antique Warranted Flask Bottle Strap Whiskey Liquor Embossed Clear Glass Collectible - Bottlesin Bottles
Marshall Bottling Uniontown Soda Bottle Blob Top Embossed Antique Vintage Hutchinson D.O.C. Dominick O. Cunningham - Bottlesin Bottles
1954 Frostie Old Fashion Root Beer Soda Bottle Anchor Hocking Glass Vintage Collectible ACL - Bottlesin Bottles
1940's Coke Coca Cola 8 Pack Soda Bottles New York Buffalo Niagra Falls Vintage Advertising D-Patent Cardboard Carrier - Bottlesin Bottles
Vintage Embossed Dad's Root Beer Glass Drinking Mug Cup Collectible Barrel 1960's Cafe Restaurant Advertising - Glasswarein Glassware
2000 Saint Patrick's Day Budweiser Beer Bottle Anheuser-Busch ACL Embossed 64 Ounce Half Gallon Amber Brown - Bottlesin Bottles
Antique Huebner Beer Bottle Toledo Ohio Embossed Amber Brown Glass Collectible 12 Ounces Pre-Prohibition - Bottlesin Bottles
1948 One Mor Citrus Soda Bottle Owens-Illinois Glass West Brownsville Pennsylvania Green Vintage Collectible - Bottlesin Bottles
1920's Antique F.C. Hoffman's Drug Store Cobalt Blue Medicine Bottle Scottdale Pennsylvania Glass Terpentine - Bottlesin Bottles


  1. Iggy, you're welcome buddy. Glad to help.
  2. I love the color of that clock. What a find!
  3. They look nice backlit like that.
  4. They had such a variety of designs! It reminds me I still need to get my first Orange Crush bottle.
  5. That is incredible!
  6. Thanks Trey, glad you liked it.
  7. Trey, thanks it is a very vibrant color!
  8. Nice brand that I never heard of before!
  9. Always love anything made by Anchor Hocking. Especially green.
  10. You loved your own posting? Interesting.
  11. What can you tell me about that Coca Cola milk bottle? Was the label taken off something else?
  12. I like the art-deco look of this bottle!
  13. I'm not an expert on these but do own some milk glass light globes myself. It could have been Fenton, Fostoria, Westmoreland, Smith Glass, or some other company.
  14. Very nice blue color!
  15. Nice looking rock you found there!
  16. It does have that Hazel-Atlas type of blue color.
  17. iggy, thank you for the link. That is the most helpful thing I've found about this.
  18. I can't rule out that one or both of them could be Anchor Hocking. I'll have to look into it some more.
  19. Newfld, thanks very much. I hope you and everyone else has a great Saint Patrick's Day. Try to do the best you can in these difficult times.
  20. Looks like a very nice comfort zone!
  21. Thanks for sharing your adventures. I like the outdoors too but don't have anything comparable to that.
  22. It has a very nice color and design!
  23. Nice bottles. I've never heard of that brand before.
  24. Looks like fine art to me.
  25. Looks like it is in pretty nice shape.
  26. Seems more detailed than a Hot Wheels.
  27. fortapache, thank you!
  28. Brunswick, it really is a nice electric blue! Thanks for stopping by.
  29. What happened to the Lledo company now? Did some other toy maker buy them out or they completely went out of business?
  30. Very nice. How much does an assembly like that weigh?
  31. Looks to me like the tell-tale E.A.P.C Anchor Hocking Star of David pattern. They made all sorts of glassware with this pattern. Check either of the big sites that begin with "E".
  32. I have seen some of them in thrift stores. The patterns of some can be very intricate.
  33. racer4four, thank you. It is an eye-catching design.
  34. That looks fun!
  35. Brings back lots of memories. I used to play the Tiger baseball game every day!
  36. Very nice system. I remember the Atari from when I was little. Do you happen to have the rare Playstation 2 game called Haunting Ground?
  37. You have some of the best milk bottles I've ever seen.
  38. The color sure is nice. Sorry I can't help as I don't any any seltzer bottles.
  39. Newfld, thanks very much for the comment!
  40. iggy, I think they are really nice bottles. I have a variety of clear Coke bottles from different years and they all have subtle differences.
  41. I will have to try the 7up float idea now.
  42. MALKEY, thanks I appreciate it. Cobalt blue is my favorite color for bottles.
  43. Looks like something the company would want to have on display in the lobby of their corporate offices.
  44. Bungle in the Jungle is an amazing very unique song. Obviously the album came out during a very difficult era for the nation.
  45. Probably was am imported bottle. I don't see any American glass maker's mark on the bottom.
  46. It is something different. I like it.
  47. Watchsearcher, maybe it's an acquired scent. It does smell very strong. I had this bottle a few years before realizing it was The General.
  48. racer4four, to put it bluntly it smells awful and I won't be using any of it!
  49. racer4four, thanks it is a nice color!
  50. yougottahavestuff, ironically many people do think these originally had lemonade in them. Newfld, I always wanted to have one or two of these and finally the right deal came along. They are nice and...
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