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Connellsville, PA

I have an interest in searching for / collecting bottles from the 1970's on down to the late 1800's Preferences are sodas, beers, and liquors but will keep anything I have an interest in searching for / collecting bottles from the 1970's on down to the late 1800's Preferences are sodas, beers, and liquors but will keep anything that is interesting looking. Favorite brands to collect are Rolling Rock and Old Overholt because they are local to me. And I am always looking for any items made by Anchor Hocking Plant #5. I also will eventually post photos of items in my collection like railroad memorabilia. (Read more)


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1978 Anchor Hocking Glass Safety Award Mugs South Connellsville, Pennsylvania Plant 5 - Kitchenin Kitchen
J. Kazmaier Brewing Altoona, PA Beer Bottle Embossed Vintage Amber Brown D.O.C. Dominick O. Cunningham Glass - Bottlesin Bottles
1900's Singer Sewing Machine Oil Bottle Embossed Clear Vintage Antique - Petrolianain Petroliana
1968 Geibel High School Graduates Flask Bottle Connellsville Anchor Hocking Green Embossed - Bottlesin Bottles
Yellow Translucent Art Glass Slag Cullet Rock Dunbar Pennsylvania - Art Glassin Art Glass
1947 Old Overholt Whiskey Magazine Advertisement Vintage National Distillers Broadford Pennsylvania Ephemera - Advertisingin Advertising
Yough Brewing Beer Bottles Connellsville, PA Amber Aqua Glass - Bottlesin Bottles
1940 Old Overholt Whiskey Bottle 1/10 Pint Mini Flask Original Box Package Broadford, PA National Distillers - Bottlesin Bottles
Old Overholt Antique Medicinal Whiskey Flask Bottle Medicinal 1912 Label Broadford, PA - Bottlesin Bottles
1948 Esquire Beer Bottle Jones Brewing Smithton, PA Anchor Hocking Glass - Bottlesin Bottles


  1. RacAtac, thanks for your information. I didn't know about the use of other machines besides Owens-types. The bottle came from an area that had bottles from 1890's to 1920's so that still fits into the...
  2. You pick some great backdrops for your bottles.
  3. That is a really nice lamp! I looked on that auction site that I'm not sure I can mention. And there's red Handlan lanterns on there from multiple railroads. It really could be from any railroad. Whic...
  4. I'm Generation X. I came too late for this but it is well captured moment from that era!
  5. Some of those old remedies may have worked. But it wasn't regulated very well. Nice collection!
  6. I love seeing your examples of British bottling history.
  7. Very nice. That was before the merger with Anchor!
  8. Silica slag I think you meant. I'm not sure. I'd have to research it more. I don't know what silica slag looks like. Dunbar also had iron furnaces though.
  9. Watchsearcher, it might have been given empty just as a memento? I'm not really sure. But maybe later on some of them put some "good stuff" into it. Drinking age was 18 back then!
  10. Nice finds. Looks like one of them was next to some rusty item. Sadly there is no way to get that off. Or the label will go with it.
  11. Nice collection! I have a ways to go before I have that many.
  12. Great idea! I have learned that powerful toilet cleaners such as The Works are very good to get all the residue off the insulators.
  13. That would be a great bottle to own!
  14. Back in the day, people used any item for storage and never realized it would have any collectible value later!
  15. Thanks Iggy, you must know the Yough River very well!
  16. Actually he does look like both the Monopoly guy and Mr. Peanut. I knew I saw him somewhere before. I had no idea about the copyright info regarding Mr. Peanut. I love this site. I can always find out...
  17. Is talking about value forbidden here so that their partner that they link to can make more on appraisals? If so that's pretty ridiculous.
  18. Nice, I need to get me some of those 7up's. I don't have any that old.
  19. Thanks Sean68! It's one of the best in my collection.
  20. Thank you Sunnero. I put a 300 Lumen LED camera light behind it. Small enough that it doesn't show up beyond the bottle.
  21. I like that second one a lot, with the embossing.
  22. Thank you Iggy. I'm very proud of this one. I've seen a handful of others in the woods and they were always broke!
  23. Thank you Iggy. Charles L. Grigg did some great things in the soda industry! These bottles are hard to find. Especially in the woods in this condition, like I did with this one.
  24. I'm not worthy lol. That is quite a collection. And to think it's only one brand!
  25. Thanks, I've heard there's many different versions from 7UP out there.
  26. Thank you. Embossed bottles are fun to photograph and light up.
  27. Nice collection! Seems that they offered a cure for everything back then!
  28. Very cool. I hope to get some more versions. I'm not sure either. I get so much mixed information when I research Howdy. Maybe the actual 7UP company knows.
  29. I used to have some of those sets. Not one this old, but from the 80's. They were made so well and ahead of their time. I think this is one of the best learning toys ever. But now they would just say ...
  30. Seems like a very interesting rare bottle. I love it.
  31. Also just posted an ACL version from the 70's when Howdy was supposed to already be gone. Still trying to figure that one out.
  32. Looks like you have just about every example of Teem bottles that exist!
  33. I love the four painted label bottles on the left. I have the Howdy one. I just need to get some photos posted of it.
  34. I love that Howdy bottle. The old embossed types are rather rare. I have one that I'm going to post soon.
  35. Okay nevermind it's not Glenshaw. Probably has a GC logo for Glass Containers Corporation.
  36. In great shape like this, they can be worth about $40.00. I've seen some that were a terrible mess.
  37. It's from the 70's. Might be a Glenshaw Glass. I think I have one somewhere but never figured out the brand yet. I think they are pretty common.
  38. Interesting variation here. There's so many types of Overholt bottles out there. This one doesn't have "A. Overholt Co." embossed on it and that is unusual.
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