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Connellsville, PA

I have an interest in searching for / collecting bottles from the 1970's on down to the late 1800's Preferences are sodas, beers, and liquors but will keep anything I have an interest in searching for / collecting bottles from the 1970's on down to the late 1800's Preferences are sodas, beers, and liquors but will keep anything that is interesting looking. Favorite brands to collect are Rolling Rock and Old Overholt because they are local to me. And I am always looking for any items made by Anchor Hocking Plant #5. I also will eventually post photos of items in my collection like railroad memorabilia. Please note and respect these photos are owned by me and you do have not right to put them on Facebook or any other site without permission. Linking back to my photos on here is acceptable. (Read more)


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1950 Schlitz Royal Ruby Red Beer Bottle Anchor Hocking Glass 7 Ounces Vintage  - Bottlesin Bottles
1964 Regent Supreme Beverages Soda Bottle Glenshaw Glass Embossed Green Pint NDNR - Bottlesin Bottles
1962 Regent Supreme Beverages Soda Bottle Glenshaw Glass Embossed Clear Pint NDNR - Bottlesin Bottles
1953 Nehi Soda Bottle Owens-Illinois Duraglas Vintage Clear Embossed 7 Ounces - Bottlesin Bottles
Better than kryptonite - Glasswarein Glassware
D.P. Lowe Bottling Works Soda Bottle Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania Embossed Antique D.O.C. Dominick O. Cunningham Glass - Bottlesin Bottles
Antique Pittsburgh Brewing Beer Bottle Embossed Amber Brown 13 Ounces Vintage Glass Pre-Prohibition - Bottlesin Bottles
Squirt Soda Mini Bottle ACL Vintage Green Glenshaw Glass 4 Ounces Collectible - Bottlesin Bottles
Vintage Esquire Steel Beer Cans 12 Ounces Jones Brewing Smithton Pennsylvania Collectibles - Brewerianain Breweriana
2000 Dale Earnhardt Jr. Budweiser Beer Bottle Anheuser-Busch NASCAR ACL Embossed 64 Ounce Half Gallon Amber Brown - Bottlesin Bottles


  1. They truly are artistic!
  2. Good sign to keep everyone away from your glass items!
  3. The label has held up very well over the years!
  4. Broochman, thanks I'm glad that so many are enjoying it.
  5. bottle-bud that information helps a bunch! I didn't have access to that. It's a shame it burnt up. At least I had the right date mentioned.
  6. iggy thanks for the info, I'll have to look into that some more.
  7. iggy it is very odd. I believe it's the only 13 ounce bottle I have. Every once in a while I see a 13 ounce bottle for sale online.
  8. Nice bottle! I have the clear embossed version of the papa size!
  9. It is amazing how these dozers were made back then with no cab protection at all, before worker protection laws came along.
  10. Ah the Lesney years of Matchbox. They did give English names to certain vehicles. I recall the word "lorry" also.
  11. I agree I think those are the 1970's version where they changed things up a little bit. I have one but it doesn't have the swirled glass.
  12. The name sounds familiar. I'm pretty sure I've seen some old Stegmaier beer bottles in the woods.
  13. Very nice piece. I love old railroad items like this.
  14. That beer is one of the worst I've ever tasted but the sign does look beautiful!
  15. Really good stuff. I do prefer Led Zeppelin to the Beatles because they have a heavier sound. I am not sure the band would have stuck together much longer even if Bonham hadn't passed. The band burned...
  16. Nice lighting technique on this bottle. I like the little bubbles.
  17. Nice history lesson. I never knew Budweiser sold other things.
  18. That is cool. A nice piece of WWII era history.
  19. I'd say it was worth it to get all four since they are all different.
  20. It's too recent of a bottle for me to know much about. I lost interest in Rolling Rock after they went to Anheuser–Busch InBev. They ruined the character of the brand. I've never seen this bottle bef...
  21. Everything was made so much better, but also heavier back then!
  22. That bottle has a nice design. Since it is just half a pint it very well could have been used in school lunches.
  23. By the way I've learned that the horse featured on the Rolling Rock bottles is Seabiscuit, which ironically was born in 1933.
  24. That was a nice logo too. I see it has the same bottle maker as mine does. I need to find out what maker uses the triangle logo.
  25. That's something different!
  26. Motelmark, Connellsville, south of Pittsburgh.
  27. That was a great era for light up signs.
  28. Motelmark you can post one in show and tell?
  29. fhrjr2 They should have been blowing the horn for all those years. It's a violation of FRA rules to not do so. They are lucky they didn't get in trouble for that accident, or maybe they did? And that...
  30. Motelmark I collect bottles of all sorts and sizes and have more to post.
  31. motelmark It sounds like that farm dump has some potential. Owens-Illinois was always one of the main Anchor Hocking competitors. In fact it was Owens-Illinois who eventually took the Rolling Rock con...
  32. Motelmark I found it in a spot that also had Stoney's embossed bottles. I've never seen another one. This wasn't a beer that everyone drank or knew about, so I might not ever find another.
  33. Motelmark, that's incredible. I've never seen a Rolling Rock bottle like that before.
  34. That's right about the Royal Ruby Red. I've seen it in the Anchor Hocking Commemorative bottle book and it would be worth about $250.00 because it is so rare. The bottle was the slightly shorter 4 7/8...
  35. I like the look of this bottle!
  36. That bottle has a nice look to it!
  37. Update: I found another one of these yesterday from 1938, and it also had the newer Owens-Illinois logo on it with the I inside O. I don't know what to make of this either.
  38. Iggy it was a style of bottle used when the soda inside wasn't Coke brand but was still bottled by the Coca Cola company. Thanks for commenting, always appreciate ti.
  39. Nice bottle and the info also helps a lot!
  40. Bottle-bud you're right. I think something is under the 2, but it was still a single-digit number. Singles were used in the 1930's and 1940's. It just doesn't add up. There's always some bottle that c...
  41. The bottle is right. It is good. Nice bottle!
  42. Thank you junkbudy. Good thing you have a whole box of them in case you do lose any!
  43. It's a nice looking box but the wood looks new-ish. It might not be real old. Lots of Coke memorabilia is still being made. Get what you can out of it unless you have emotional attachment to it.
  44. Love it. Those were the days where everything was still made in U.S.A.
  45. As soon as I saw it I thought Anchor Hocking Royal Ruby Red. Anytime I see something made by Anchor Hocking in a thrift store I buy it.
  46. Thanks Iggy it's virtually perfect. I think it was kept in a house for over a hundred years!
  47. kwqd they probably did since it was such a large plant, and Alton isn't a big city.
  48. kwqd true that. And they have struggled mightily to stay afloat for many years now. Owens-Illinois is the industry leader right now.
  49. Thanks buckethead. Pixels are free so I keep taking photos until I like the results.
  50. I started collecting them both at about the same time. But bottles are actually easier to find. A lot of insulators broke when poles got taken down.
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