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i like to buy and sell all types of antiques collectibles you name it.i also do my own restorations on certain items.this is a fun and knowledgeable hobby because yoi like to buy and sell all types of antiques collectibles you name it.i also do my own restorations on certain items.this is a fun and knowledgeable hobby because you get to find things you never knew existed and you get a little history lesson as well. (Read more)


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Jean Revlin wind up watch Swiss made ??? - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
Vintage 1940's Design Arts Inc.New Jersey Wall Sconce Restored  - Furniturein Furniture
Vintage electric drill - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
vintage timer or pressure cooker regulator? - Kitchenin Kitchen
brass pitcher maybe silver plated?  - Kitchenin Kitchen
Bronze bull - Animalsin Animals
autographed drumsticks need help deciphering autograph - Musical Instrumentsin Musical Instruments
porcelain kittens display piece - Figurinesin Figurines
Victorian era pot or planter appears to be cast iron? - Victorian Erain Victorian Era
young girls vanity mirror or room display? - Furniturein Furniture


  1. thank you glad you like it
  2. !!Beautiful Bike!!
  3. thank you for your help.so i guess i can mark this as solved.THANK YOU
  4. thank you so much for your help and the link i will check it out.
  5. thats great but i just found this piece online and its a door stop.thank you so much for your help.
  6. sorry i made a mistake it is bronze
  7. thank you for your comments i am glad you guys like it.
  8. thanks for the help i will look it up as a Lamborghini bull sculpture.
  9. thank you
  10. thank you
  11. i thank you all for the great help.!!!
  12. you know what i think it does say "STYLED FOR YOU"
  13. the tag is so faded i cant even make out the item number.
  14. what has me puzzled is on the label it says styled for youth.maybe its for a young girls room.
  15. thank you fellow collectors its a !!!SCONCE!!!.
  16. thank you so much for the info.so this piece is made by Wright-mfg.
  17. its 4 1/2 inches tall and 4 1/2 inches wide.
  18. its 25 inches tall and 11 inches wide.i think its a cast material with a thin layer of wood on the back maybe?
  19. i know what the piece is know.thanks too all the members who helped me.
  21. thank you fellow member!!!
  22. does anyone know if its complete or missing anything
  23. thank you so much for the help
  24. thanks i will look it up as ash collector.
  25. !!!Good News!!! I found her online fellow collectors!!! she is a 1950s Sessions Co female pinup electric Mantle clock.
  26. she measures 14 inches long and is 9 inches tall.yeah i hope someone can help me!!!
  27. its 8 inches tall and sorry for the poor images my camera is not that good.but i will see if i can get a better picture ok.thanks for the info any little bit helps.
  28. !!!Good News!!! i found out what this piece is.its a Frank Matarelli tube bobbin for fly fishing.
  29. i just got it checked out yesterday and its an 18k yellow gold amethyst ring and it is vintage.i wanted to thank all the members who helped me out again.thank you all and wish you all Merry Christmas.
  30. thanks i am glad you like it.i wish i new more about it.
  31. oh that's just gold polish that got into there i took the photos before i completely finished cleaning it.i am also planning to have it restored so i can find it a good home with someone who collects ...
  32. thank's for your help i will do some research online and see if its the one you mentioned.thank you happy holidays.
  33. one of them is 41/2 inches tall and the second one is 3 inches tall.
  34. thanks guys with you what you told me right now i just found it on ebay i found one just like it and they are real gold.THANKS SO MUCH TO THE BOTH OF YOU
  35. its 3 1/2 inches long
  36. i will see if i can find any markings on them to see if they were hallmarked.
  37. those round washers are plastic.and the bolts appear to be bronze
  39. thanks to all the members who helped me.thanks for your help
  40. thanks for the help guys.!!! but nothing like it pops upon ebay do you know were i could see one on the internet.
  41. thank you for your help
  42. than you for the help.it does look like a in dash car clock. thank you
  43. there not human plugs because they are very small about the size of a large watch battery or a little smaller than a dime.its three and a half inches long.the round tips appear to be made of bronze.
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2 x IITTALA FESTIVO TS 6 RINGED 000354’s. JUNE's PINCUSHION PSYCHEDELIC ROSENTHAL STUDIO LINIE JORMA VENNOLA 'SAUNANAISET' 1978. Vintage Mertens Super de Luxe Bicycle womens vintage gold ring precious stone or diamond? My motorcycle collections vintage cast iron owl lantern maker or year? military pick-shovel 1950 ? has various markings or hallmark's.


PAINTING on PORCELAIN - FRENCH BLANK. HAPPY NEW YEAR from DOWN UNDER !!!! solid glass art piece? Cougar ceramic cast? hallmarked lizbeth buchanon female statue or trophy maybe display? oriental brass jar or vase maybe a burner? possible minature moonshine jugs? female trophy or hood ornament possibly silver plated.


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