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New Jersey, USA


Vintage Floor Lamp - Lampsin Lamps
vintage dancer lamps - Lampsin Lamps


  1. Manikin, do you know any reputable doll hospitals in the New Jersey/ New York areas? Do you have these lamps also? How did you acquire them..
  2. Thanks Manikin... a doll hospital? Hmm.. never heard of one. Will a doll hospital be able to fix the paint also?
  3. However, I still can't find someone in my area to restore them....
  4. Phil!!!! You are too awesome! How did you find these lamp?! Wow!
  5. Hello Phil! I did not find anyone in my area, so basically, they have just been sitting and occasionally dusted :-). I do not mind at all if you decide to alter the pictures, I will also try to upload...
  6. The Reglor lamps in the link are exceptionally beautiful and are in superb condition... which just makes me even more curious of the original look of the lamps I've acquired. I definitely have a tru...
  7. Phil I also uploaded pictures of a my floor lamp, would you happen to know anything about that lamp... again I can't find any marks that would identify it.
  8. Phil, you are awesome! When I Googled the Reglor name, I did find two other people with these same lamps but in different colors. ... however, I think parts of my lamps were painted over. Is there a w...
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vintage dancer lamps


posted 4 months ago