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Kinsman, Ohio

hunt and collect indian artifacts and salvage anything old! My picture is of my best friend Sammy and our little girl Cleo.


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1932 pepsi thermometer-girl sipping straw - Advertisingin Advertising
cast iron duck--albany foundry - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
equitable life insurance lone ranger banks---would like info - Coin Operatedin Coin Operated
horse tricycle - Toysin Toys
boy scout knife and hatchet-Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett & Co. - Sporting Goodsin Sporting Goods
would like any info on this bowl please - Potteryin Pottery
signed 1957 world series baseball-Hank Aaron - Baseballin Baseball
hand carved eagle with baby and snake - Fine Artin Fine Art
1936  edition Boy Scout Handbook - Booksin Books
need info about this frame - Fine Artin Fine Art


  1. Thanks Trey! never heard of that before, might have to try it!
  2. Yes it is a small world! We were there last fall, once with Chad`s family and it was so good that we hit it again on our way home! Next trip down it`ll be our first Florida stop!! Good luck huntin ...
  3. Trey, Thanks for the love it! What juice would that be, orange juice or bourbon? ;-) Rob
  4. Trey, I see you live close to my cousin Chad`s business, have you ever been to Maple Street Biscuit in Fleming Island? If not, you should try it! If you do go, ask for Chad and tell him cousin Rob fr...
  5. Trey, you never answered me. :-) Happy Easter!!
  6. Thanks mcheconi, hunterqlee, SEAN68, and Brunswick for the love its!!!!
  7. Thanks hunterqlee for the love it!
  8. Thanks again Brunswick for the love it!
  9. Cool!! never seen one of these before, (probably not many out there) but I have toured the North Carolina a few times, It is in Wilmington N.C. I`ll have to start looking, I would love to have a piec...
  10. Looks like a type of clevis for a hitch to me. How big is it?
  11. Just curious, how did your dad do and where did he serve? Thanks!-and Thanks to your dad!!
  12. Yeah, but was he dead?
  13. LOL! By the way, I gotta claim a royalty, I posed for that!!
  14. Oh, the good life!! I`d say folk art.
  15. LOL! nice background! ready for a party?!? :-)
  16. Fort, I have a leather one, not sure on time period, probably the 60`s. also, they are not as pliable.
  17. That`s a funny lookin bike you rode there!
  18. I would do some research, pre-prohibition whiskey might be worth something.
  19. Thanks hunterqlee for the love it!
  20. Thanks fhrjr2! This guy is something else! He has been fighting skin cancer and is winning, plus he loves to do chair caneing even though he is fighting very poor eyesight! They have found a special p...
  21. Bb2, somehow I find that hard to believe! (a softspoken gentle guy like you!) ;-)
  22. Thanks yougottahavestuff, Radegunder, and Vynil33rpm for the love its!!!
  23. Thanks Radegunder for the love it!
  24. Thanks Watchsearcher! I miss my dad and all his veteran friends that I was lucky enough to grow up knowing! I spent a lot of time at that VFW with him and thought of all of them as uncles!
  25. looks like it might be a bookend?
  26. Thanks watchsearcher and MALKEY for stopping by!
  27. LOL! bb2, I assume you didn`t get the electric finger? ;-)
  28. Thanks pw-collector for the thumbs up!
  29. Thanks roycroftbooksfromme1 for the love it!
  30. Thanks roycroftbooksfromme1 for stopping by!
  31. Thanks roycroftbooksfromme1 for the love it!
  32. WOW! Now, that is cool! Always learning on this site!!
  33. a magneto is an ignition system part for older engines. guessing these wrenches were for adjustments.
  34. I have this record, used to play it for the kids many moons ago.
  35. Actually called a silk ironing pot. Good solve vetraio50!
  36. I think you`re onto something vetraio50. Google search -antique ironing pot-there is a chinese one in the images that looks very similar.
  37. looks like it might have had a wooden handle, how big is it?
  38. LOL! bb2, you have to dry whatever you roll in them.
  39. I liked them but could never get them lit! ;-)
  40. looks like R.O.T.C. on eagle pin, that would be college military.
  41. if it`s a reamer, not an auger, why the threaded end?
  42. I think this is a vintage bung hole auger.
  43. Brunswick, I see three or four of these on ebay, are they worth an investment? Thanks! Rob
  44. Thanks Newfld for stopping by!
  45. Thanks Newfld and pw-collector for the love its!!
  46. Nice sign! Nice kids!!! --but, are those old girl friends in pic 2? ;-)
  47. Thanks snowman3, leighannrn, Neighborguysfan and Brunswick for the love its!!!!
  48. Thanks again Brunswick for stopping by!
  49. Man I`d love to be sittin in that rocker right now sippin a nice cool drink!!
  50. hit edit and delete one pic then add new pic. then go to bottom and hit save.
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