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Kinsman, Ohio

hunt and collect indian artifacts and salvage anything old! My picture is of my best friend Sammy and our little girl Cleo.


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vintage Redi-Bolt store display rack---harmless repurpose - Advertisingin Advertising
Mayan vase? N. P. made in Mexico - Potteryin Pottery
30`s-40`s Boy Scout campaign hat-and met a young man named Trey on recent Florida trip - Hatsin Hats
need help on these-cream and sugar? items - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Vintage SMILE orange drink countertop stand up poster and bottle - Advertisingin Advertising
Vintage 1931 Marx automatic reversing road roller - Toysin Toys
Folk Art Native American hunting scene painting - Folk Artin Folk Art
Vintage DUQUESNE  CAN-O-BEER SIGN - Brewerianain Breweriana
1941 SCHLITZ CALENDAR BEER SIGN - Brewerianain Breweriana
vintage Tin 7-UP LIKES YOU sign- H. E. Donaldson Co. Covington  KY. - Advertisingin Advertising


  1. Thanks EJW-54 for the love it!
  2. Thanks clockerman and egreeley1976 for stopping by!!
  3. Thanks again for all of the love its!!! I don`t know much about pottery but I still think this is older than the 50`s or 60`s, look at the wear in pic. 2 and the crazing on the bottom.
  4. Thanks, Thomas vintagegirl66 Chevelleman69 mtg75 and vintagelamp for the love its!!!!!
  5. Thanks Scott for the love it and comment!!
  6. Thanks, AO Longings Michael Jenni fortapache and bb2 for the love its!!!!!!
  7. possibly an attempt at leapfrog.?. ;-)
  8. didn`t ask for it on her post.
  9. where did she ask for an appraisal????
  10. rotate before hanging. ;-)
  11. Granny really wanted that Orca! ;-)
  12. Thanks Jenni! I`m not sure that the names of the characters on the paper are right, I`ve searched them and came up empty. I`m going to search for Mayan royalty names later and see if I can find out wh...
  13. Thanks everyone for the love its!!!!
  14. Glad to see that you are not barefoot crossing "Abby road"! ;-)
  15. found this, it might help;
  16. sure looks like this one to me, only older; also, what do you mean it is made of step with a five cutting edge?????
  17. not sure why you would rule out reamer, it seems like the only tool that you would use BOTH edges at the same time safely. if it`s a cutting tool, why pointed and sharp on both edges?
  18. possibly a reamer?
  19. is the metal part flat? possibly a garden dibble.?.
  20. I hit the love it just because you posted this Thomas, LOL, as for the song, one of my most disliked! It`s one that gets stuck in your head and seems to never leave. ;-(
  21. do the holes in the bottom go through to the floor? and is there room underneath for a drip pan? also are there brackets that might have held a shelf or rack? if so, I think it`s a small icebox. Hope ...
  22. Thanks Celiene, I thought of that too but there is no sign of heat damage on any part of it. Still, I will check out your lead. Thanks again! Rob
  23. Motoolz got it, heres one like it;
  24. I agree, they are not making independent people anymore-no COMMON SENSE. A nd they move out to the country and try to change us. They will never change me. Just leave us old country boys alone!!
  25. git it runnin and tow my carriage with it. :-))
  26. You`re welcome. Welcome to C.W.
  27. I believe it is a tooth from a sickle mower.
  28. looks like J. R. & Co. I found this; hope this helps.
  29. just a guess--possibly for lard rendering?
  30. Well Celiene, LOL! it seems we were both wrong.
  31. not me.
  32. Celiene, do you mean penguins? that`s what they look like to me.
  33. I added a picture of the camp with the band in the front center dated the same year.
  34. Called "finger jointed".
  35. LOL! Is there anything left in the shop? nice finds!!
  36. Scott, the 4 represents the number of gallons.
  37. looks like a butter churn
  38. I see that you are in Missouri, this might help; If you have more, we would like to see them.
  39. If you found this point in the Ohio area, it looks like an Adena. Possibly 2000 yrs. old.
  41. Where are you located? did you actually find them or were the bought? Also, welcome to C.W.!!
  42. Trey, I hope you will post what you got and the sign that you showed me at Maple Street.
  43. Thanks fortapache! Also praying for normal, but not too hopeful :( When our border opens up before our states, normal seems far away.
  44. Thanks FreshAir and bb2 for the love its!!
  45. Thanks Michael and thanks again Thomas for the thumbs up!!
  46. Thanks Trey, I`ll have to mention this to Chad, maybe this picture.
  47. Great meeting you too Trey, any luck at Daytona?? Yep, the food is Great!
  48. Thanks fhrjr2 for the comment, I was headed north, Trey went to Daytona. It was almost back to normal in eastern Fla. and Georgia was very much open also.
  49. Thanks Jenni for the appreciation! Yes, Trey is a great guy!
  50. Thanks Scott, Thomas, and dav2no1 for the love its!!!
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