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Kinsman, Ohio

hunt and collect indian artifacts and salvage anything old! My picture is of my best friend Sammy and our little girl Cleo.


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boy scout knife and hatchet-Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett & Co. - Sporting Goodsin Sporting Goods
would like any info on this bowl please - Potteryin Pottery
signed 1957 world series baseball-Hank Aaron - Baseballin Baseball
hand carved eagle with baby and snake - Fine Artin Fine Art
1936  edition Boy Scout Handbook - Booksin Books
need info about this frame - Fine Artin Fine Art
my small collection of wooden souvenirs - Advertisingin Advertising
1931 roseville monticello native american pottery vase - Potteryin Pottery
artifacts from my father-in-laws farm - Native Americanin Native American
WWII Allies pin--American and British flag-thumbs up pin. - Medals Pins and Badgesin Medals Pins and B…


  1. Thanks hotairfan, I see that briwax comes in different shades, so maybe it`s not necessary to stain the rack first? As to the oil, it`ll probably take quite a lot, the rack looks really dry. Thanks a...
  2. Thanks hotairfan for the information. I` ll give it a try on a small area on the back first, to see how it works. Thanks again!
  3. I`ve got a nice moose rack like this that my father-in-law left me, they were his father`s. But they were in his workshop for a long period of time and they are rough and white , like they were bleach...
  4. Thanks sewing53 for the love it!
  5. Thanks maryh1956! I should have noticed that. It makes a lot of sense! Thanks again! Rob
  6. Thanks aura for the love it!
  7. Thanks aura for the love it!
  8. Thanks Izenglish for the love it!
  9. Took some better pictures!
  10. Thanks AnnaB for the love it!
  11. Thanks AnnaB for the love it!
  12. Nice print! It`s cool to look at the old furnishing in an old print also! The frame looks like birdseye maple wood.
  13. Thanks officialfuel for the love it!
  14. Thanks officialfuel for stopping by!
  15. Thanks NC-Hillbilly! This is from the thrift store in Burgaw by Jess` old house. You buy the shrimp, I`ll bring the bowl-can`t beat that for a deal!!
  16. Thanks OLECODY, Johnsmith, and shareurpassion for the love its!!!
  17. Thaqnks Mariecollectorholic for the love it!
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  19. Thanks Newfld and Brunswick for the thumbs up!!
  20. Thanks Hillbilly, If I came down, there would be snow. (it seems to follow me)
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  23. Thanks NC-Hillbilly, come back up so we can go back to that basement! (might be some more train stuff)!
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  25. Thanks NC-Hillbilly for stopping by!
  26. Go get em hillbilly! if they don`t have many goodies, at least get the little hogs!
  27. Thanks you old hillbilly! Wish I had all those old films!
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  29. Thanks PhilDMorris for the love it and nice comment!!
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  33. Thanks fortapache! Yeah, I was honored to get it and hope to display it with my other scout items soon!
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  35. Thanks bb2! LOL! It was just that natural charm! ;-)
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  40. There`s that fast looking WIDES sign again! LOL!
  41. I don`t trust any of those appraisal services,- authentication is most important! from my experience information from sites like C.W. and personal research will give you enough info. Also, things are...
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  46. Thanks Newfld! Yeah, I took it out in the cold to try to get better pics!
  47. Thanks Brunswick! Glad you like it!
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  49. I`m not a chair expert, just putting ideas out there.
  50. The pic is upside down, but could it be an- old man of the north- chair?
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