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Kinsman, Ohio

hunt and collect indian artifacts and salvage anything old! My picture is of my best friend Sammy and our little girl Cleo.


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Antique primitive walking plow - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Shiner Beer heavy cardboard 2 sided display sign - Brewerianain Breweriana
Pure Motor Oil clean restroom porcelain 2 sided sign - Advertisingin Advertising
A little bit of southern delight in Ohio - Photographsin Photographs
My Son`s childhood collection - Toysin Toys
Hockey stick display table - Furniturein Furniture
Vintage zinc jar lids--for Keramikos - Bottlesin Bottles
For Cokeman1959 Indian wall hangings - Fine Artin Fine Art
Gloekler cast iron meat rack brackets - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
vintage metal Sakrete cement signs - Advertisingin Advertising


  1. fhrjr2 solved it, tailor`s square. here`s one similar;
  2. Rest in peace "UNEASY RIDER" :-((
  3. It looks like banded slate, if so it would be too soft to use as a knapping tool. If it is a tool, possibly it would be used on hides or softer items. banded slate was usually used for decoration piec...
  4. I searched "ThreeTo Go" print and found this; hope this ...
  5. I agree repo or not, they are good conversation pieces. Mine is made of wood, it has a crack in the body and I can see the wood. Yours is probably what mine looked like when new.
  6. I keep playing the "Old Rivers" song, a reminder of the short time we have here.
  7. possibly a Foley or Foley Belsaw.?.
  8. It`s a repro. here is mine that I posted and the comments that others made;
  9. Thanks ttomtucker for stopping by!
  10. Thanks Michael for the thumbs up! Happy 4TH!!
  11. Thanks hotairfan, Thomas, six-O-one, Irishcollector, and RichmondLori for the love its!!!!! and Happy 4TH!!!
  12. Thanks Hoot! LOL! I know, my wife complains about her back every time I hitch her up to it, but she`s the one who wants a garden.
  13. Well Watchsearcher, I had to listen to it again and like my dad used to say, "kinda gets you right in the old pump, doesn`t it?" Hope you have a happy 4th!!
  14. Thanks stuff and fortapache for stopping by!!
  15. Thanks Watchsearcher! Hope I didn`t stir your emotions too much! ;-)
  16. found this lundy;
  17. Thanks fhrjr2! Are you having problems??? Hope not!!
  18. Thanks Jenni and lundy for the love its!!
  19. Thought I`d bring "old river" to you;
  20. Thanks iggy for stopping by! hope all is well!
  21. Thanks keramikos! My back hurts just lookin at it! Could you imagine holding on to those wooden handles all day.?. Brings "old Rivers" to mind. ;-)
  22. Thanks six-o-one and Michael for stopping by!!
  23. Wish I could help more, still trying!!
  24. I`m still searching. Hopefully some of the other old timers will see this and have an opinion. As AO says, Interesting item!
  25. Good pics! has to be for twisting or turning something, with those handles. I`m thinking maybe fence wire or baling wire but I`m probably way off! now I`m curious! Do you know if it might be farm r...
  26. Glad to hear some good news!!!!!!!!!!!!
  27. Hello????
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  29. Thanks Trey! Never tried this brand, have to give it a try if I can find some.;-)
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  32. or for tightening something.?.
  33. I added a brighter pic of this, is it Vaseline glass?
  34. looks interesting, you are allowed 4 pics, please add a couple more and the size of it. looks like it is for twisting something-possibly rope.?.
  35. possibly soapstone?
  36. Great to hear the positive news!!
  37. Thanks MooreAntique and Trey for stopping by!!
  38. Sounds like you were meant to have it, congrats! nice tool!!
  39. Prayers from N.E, Ohio! Wish we could do more! keep us posted.
  40. Thanks Trey! Yeah, like my wife would tolerate that! ;-)
  41. Thanks Thomas, Michael, RichmondLori, and Phonoboy for the love its!!!!
  42. here is a similar one;
  43. it is a vintage leather workers clamp.
  44. Thanks Hoot60, Jenni, Watchsearcher, bb2, fortapache, AnythingObscure, Cokeman1959, Broochman, and Vynil for the love its!!!!!!!!!
  45. Thanks Iptools for the comment! I like these beat up signs, they have character!
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