Kinsman, Ohio

hunt and collect indian artifacts and salvage anything old! My picture is of my best friend Sammy and our little girl Cleo.


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LIGHTED STROH`S BEER SIGN - Brewerianain Breweriana
MOORS` & ROBSON`S PALE & MILD ALES MIRROR SIGN - Advertisingin Advertising
ORANGE CRUSH CLOCK--AUCTION FIND - Advertisingin Advertising
VINTAGE AMCO CHICKEN FEEDERS - Advertisingin Advertising
VINTAGE 60`s JARDIER JACK FROST COOLER - Advertisingin Advertising
SIGNED AL JOLSEN SHEET MUSIC COVER - Music Memorabiliain Music Memorabilia
MARVY 55 BARBER POLE - Advertisingin Advertising


  1. Thanks officialfuel and bb2 for the love its!!
  2. Thanks ttomtucker and sugargirl for the love its!!
  3. I think this used to be a rubber mallot, that is missing the rubber.
  4. Thanks EJW-54 for the love it!
  5. Thanks AnythingObscure for the love it!
  6. Thanks CaperKid for the thumbs up!
  7. Thanks gargoylecollector for the love it!
  8. Cool table! check out the one I posted 3 yrs. ago, very similar.
  9. Thanks tater and AnythingcObscure for the love its!
  10. Thanks fortapache and racer4four for the love its!!
  11. Thanks iggy for stopping by! and thanks to your dad!! Must have been a good place to work!!
  12. LOL! and, you will keep score of what?
  13. Sorry, I meant to say I didn`t have-time- to get back to Gillian! oops!
  14. Thanks TallCakes, I didn`t have to get back to Gillian with an explanation.
  15. vintage knife or scissor sharpener.
  16. try looking it up under-Millers Falls.
  17. looks like a vintage license plate topper.
  18. Cool tool! never seen one either.
  19. We always called these bevel squares.
  20. Thanks JohnKratz for the thumbs up! Do you know anything about the fotoprinter set?
  21. Thanks Caperkid, fortapache, and TassieDevil for stopping by!!
  22. Thanks AnythingObscure, bb2, and SpiritBear for the love its!!!
  23. are the ends of the "spokes" cupped? possibly parts of a water wheel? (missing some cups) just a guess.
  24. LOL! We know you have a secret sign factory and are making up brands- just to put up and block the wind from getting to us easterners! But that`s O.K., you`re also keeping the smog west of the Rock...
  25. WOW!! Looks like a car emblem!
  26. Great colors! Very cool! Congrats!!
  27. Thanks tater! If it`s that cold, we`ll turn around and head your way!
  28. Thanks valentino97 for the love it!
  29. Thanks CaperKid for the thumbs up!
  30. Thanks rockbat (and everyone else) for the love it!
  31. Thanks buckethead! I don`t know, I suppose with the right maiden pouring warm water, a bottle of the best and a good ceegar it would be great! Hmm. I wonder why I haven`t tried that!?!
  32. Thanks fortapache, TassieDevil, and iggy for the love its!!!
  33. Thanks buckethead! LOL! Actually, with my circulation I need a battery heated suit!
  34. Thanks officialfuel for the love it!
  35. Thanks oroyoroyisthatyourhorse for stopping by! LOL! I`ll tell her not to look when I see her! :-)
  36. Thanks Caperkid, buckethead, roddyq, ttomtucker, and oroyoroyisthatyourhorse for the love its!!!!!
  37. Thanks Scott for the info, I kinda thought it was modern. Still looks cool. Thanks again! Rob
  38. no guess on age, I`m just guessing on what it looks like to me, we used ratchet chain binders that looked similar to this when hauling a tractor or other items on a trailer. Hope this helps-- and I c...
  39. Thanks Trey for the thumbs up!
  40. Thanks for checking this out Trey!!
  41. looks like a turnbuckle or a type of log binder for securing log chains.
  42. Thanks jackart for checking this out!
  43. Thanks jackart for the love it!
  44. try searching vintage bridge lamp.
  45. I posted an ashtray just like the paint can you have but mine is blue paint. The motor oil ashtray is cool too! Does the end rotate so the cigarette holder is down and useable?
  46. Its called a hay harpoon, for moving loose hay.
  47. Thanks Scott for the love it!
  48. Cool can! never seen one before. Also, those 2 lures to the right of the can sure bring back memories!
  49. Thanks bb2 and Brunswick for stopping by!!
  50. Love the Iroquois and Seagram`s signs!
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The Welsh Coracle, a one person river sailing vessel that is still used today and I have been in one.