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Kinsman, Ohio

hunt and collect indian artifacts and salvage anything old! My picture is of my best friend Sammy and our little girl Cleo.


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Vintage child safety sign, zoo, petting zoo - Signsin Signs
possible trench art? - Folk Artin Folk Art
for jscotto363-- our new family members - Animalsin Animals
Small Lama-Oaxaca-Mexico pot - Potteryin Pottery
vintage Vogue Picture discs or  records - Recordsin Records
Edison Diamond Disc  - Photographsin Photographs
my favorite shop wall - Brewerianain Breweriana
6 ft. long Yuengling lighted sign - Signsin Signs
my cast iron critters - Animalsin Animals
vintage B.  F. Goodrich rubber checkerboard--my latest project - Furniturein Furniture


  1. Thanks again AnythingObscure!
  2. Thanks fhrjr2 for the info! I`ve searched about every type of child protection sign I can think of, your ideas are the most logical so I`m going to go with that for now. Thanks again!
  3. Thanks for stopping by Thomas!
  4. looks like 30`s style. hubcap looks like M over W.
  5. Thanks fortapache and Newfld for stopping by!!
  6. You`re welcome! love the accent!! :-)
  7. Thanks Scott and stuff for the thumbs up!!
  8. Thanks AnythingObscure for the input and the love it!
  9. Thanks billretirecoll, makes sense! I`ll try to research in that direction.
  10. Thanks OLECODY for stopping by!
  11. This looks like something similar:
  12. Nice! But a repaint would be good, never saw a Boston with a white tail. (at least I never have). :-)
  13. Thanks valentino97 and Broochman for the love its!!
  14. you`re welcome.
  15. Thanks fortapache for the thumbs up!
  16. Thanks Scott for the love it!
  17. Thanks for stopping by Thomas!
  18. Thanks PadmeLupin, officialfuel, farmlady, leighannrn, and ho2cultcha for the love its!!!!!
  19. looks like a steelyard scale. they were used to weigh a lot of things. the numbers on the shaft give you the weight. there is usually a weight called a pea that goes with it!
  20. I have the Richard Pryor album Toodlum! (don`t kick me with those little feets!)
  21. Thanks Scott! as you can see Cleo does not like the publicity! :-)
  22. This is carnival glass, here`s one on ebay;
  23. Thanks kyratango! So far, what a life!!
  24. I`m guessing brunswick might have a clue.
  25. Thanks raven3766 for the love it!
  26. Man, I hate to see the words "final post". hope all is well!?!
  27. new pic! woke up this morning to this scene, FAT AND HAPPY! There is plenty to nurse on with a litter of two!!
  28. Thanks antiquerose for the thumbs up! My 3 yr. old grandson has some strange pokimon names for them, so I have to think of something else real quick!!
  29. Thanks Parrotbeak for stopping by!
  30. Thanks fhrjr! She is a great mother, very protective! I`ve had Bostons around since I was a pup myself, love em!!
  31. Thanks kyratango for the compliment! Will update pics. as they grow.
  32. Thanks truthordare, welzebub, ans valentino97 for the love its!!!
  33. Thanks Broochman for the love it!
  34. Thanks buckethead for the thumbs up!
  35. Thanks aura for the love it!
  36. Thanks Newfld for the nice comment and love it!
  37. Thanks fortapache for the thumbs up!
  38. Thanks Vynil33rpm and aura for the love its!!
  39. Thanks Thomas! There`s nothing like the smell of a new puppy!!
  40. It`s odd that they left the sweet spot open, maybe for the school name? I see numbers near some of the names, most schools list their rosters online, it`s a long shot, but maybe check school websites...
  41. Thanks buckethead for stopping by!
  42. Thanks Scott! We were worried about Cleo caring for them, but she is very protective and a great mother!
  43. Thanks keramikos for the love it!
  44. Thanks again Thomas!--- ;-( these are not the original sleeves but I`ll keep an eye out for some in my searches! Rob
  45. the opposite side of the NCAA logo, between the seams is called the "sweet spot" where the best or notable players usually sign. need to see that spot and tell us what part of the country you bought ...
  46. Thanks art.pottery!! found one just like it on ebay!
  47. Here is one like it;
  48. Brunswick, I`ve got them back in the sleeves and will keep them safe. Thanks for your advise!! Rob
  49. Thanks Thomas! Yeah, cool color! wish I could read the signature.
  50. This is a vintage fishhook remover.
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