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Kinsman, Ohio

hunt and collect indian artifacts and salvage anything old! My picture is of my best friend Sammy and our little girl Cleo.


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Wheaton Glass Bowling Green Moonshine bottle - Bottlesin Bottles
 Japanese bowl - Asianin Asian
1925 KKK Washington D.C. panoramic photo - Photographsin Photographs
Frasure & Brown "Chief Logan"  quart milk bottle w/cap - Advertisingin Advertising
Roy Rodgers and Paladin vintage lunchbox thermos` - Kitchenin Kitchen
1950`s Boy Scout storage box--and a couple of personal scout pics - Sporting Goodsin Sporting Goods
1964 Milton Bradley-"Monster Old Maid"-card game - Gamesin Games
Beymer Bauman & Co "Pure White Lead" bucket lid - Advertisingin Advertising
Three Cillacraft Welsh Dolls - Dollsin Dolls
Currier and Ives "American farm life"  - Fine Artin Fine Art


  1. Finished product! had some trouble with the ground wires but with the help of a couple of friends-and a little beer-we figgered it out! Sounds good!!
  2. Thanks again keramikos!! I found this, but still no record of my photo. Still searching!
  3. LOL! Thanks Thomas, now it looks like my comment is from some nut! ;-)
  4. looks like "things are lookin up" would also describe this. ;-) (better than I could do!!)
  5. LOL! how does "Scarborough Affair" go? Is it the r rated version of "Scarborough Fair"? ;-)) (just funnin!) Hope all is well!!
  6. Thanks AnythingObscure, Vynil, fortapache, MALKEY, Jenni, Nicefice, bottle-bud, Thomas, and bb2 for the love its!!!!!!!!!
  7. Thanks Jenni for the love it!
  8. Thanks again keramikos for added info! I`ll have to take the time and try to contact someone on these links about this photo.
  9. Thanks farmlady and Longings for the love its!!
  10. Thanks Thomas, aura, and KinkiPlz for the love its!!!
  11. Thanks Daisy100 for clearing that up, tell Sheldon to get back on the road, they were better than our pickers, IMO! ! ;-)
  12. last time I saw her she said she was changing her name to Jackie.
  13. Thanks keramikos for all of the research! I`ll try to do more research soon, my wife is working from home for a while and computer access is limited. Thanks again!! Rob
  14. Thanks bb2 for the info and love it! (it depends on what they had on under the robes ;-))
  15. Thank you Thomas, stuff, and iggy for the thumbs up!!!
  16. Racer4four, I rotated the signature. Thanks again!
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  18. Thanks Racer4four for the info!! and the love it!!
  19. Thanks Jenni and Broochman for the love its!!
  20. Thanks Daisy1000 for the appreciation! I`m going to keep researching because I think this is interesting. Thanks again!
  21. Thanks fortapache for the comment! I know they were not nice, my son shuddered when I showed him but it`s history whether we like it or not and I`m not one to destroy history. I`ll lightly clean every...
  22. Thanks Trey, Hotairfan, babytopking, and Michael for the love its!!!!
  23. possibly an ice chopper? similar to this, only hand held; just a guess.
  24. Looks well fed! ;-)
  25. thanks WesternPa-Collector for stopping by!
  26. Thanks Nicefice for the thumbs up and the lyrics!!
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  29. Hey Trey, I just heard that Maple Street got bought up by Cracker Barrel. Was told that nothing would change, hope they`re right! Rob
  30. possibly the burl around an old knothole, that has weathered over time.?.
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  33. My guess is a torchiere lamp but can`t seem to find one that fancy.
  34. possibly a torchiere lamp? are those threads at the top?
  35. Thanks Trey!!
  36. Thanks Trey, still don`t know much about it, but I do know that it was made this way, the springs were not an afterthought.
  37. Bobdirt, waiting to see your arrowhead collection.
  38. Thanks Trey for the thumbs up!
  39. Thanks Trey for stopping by!
  40. Thanks Trey! I do too but it`s very hard to find them up here, the pickers priced them way out of reach for me. so you see the quality I get but I love em anyway too!!
  41. Thanks Trey, I can get the glass, but the way it`s made, it`s almost impossible to replace it because I would have to unfold the metal lip around the face of the glass. It does not come apart from beh...
  42. Thanks Trey! LOL! home bound, (almost). Why not, it`s noon somewhere!
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  47. They`re great at hanging upside down. ;-)
  48. Bb2, you`re confused with his other post--bigfoot crap-=this is supposed to be a tusk.-- brownie please.
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