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Kinsman, Ohio

hunt and collect indian artifacts and salvage anything old! My picture is of my best friend Sammy and our little girl Cleo.


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Sea-bees Battalion 74 aluminum propeller section trench art  U.S.N.C.B. - Folk Artin Folk Art
large cast aluminum wall hanging pipe--advertising?? - Advertisingin Advertising
GROUND DOWN TOY CARS - Model Carsin Model Cars
SEAGULL PEWTER HONEY SPOON - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
1950`S EAT IT ALL DAIRY QUEEN ICE CREAM CONE - Advertisingin Advertising
B. B. & B. TRUNK Co. ink blotter - Officein Office


  1. Thanks iggy for the love it!
  2. Thanks brunswick for stopping by!
  3. Bringing this back up, hoping for new input.
  4. The first pic is a nail puller, the other is a jointer. both pretty common.
  5. YUMMY!! not going to ask how you got it. :-) (or how you open it) ;-)
  6. search- north wind chair- it might help.
  7. looks like a drafting table base, I have one similar. The top does not look original.
  8. I googled- vintage library book grabber - and saw some similar. hope this helps.
  9. I`m thinking that they minted it with its head upside down, saw the error and corrected it. It probably only cost them a couple of thousand to fix this single penny, so, all is well!!
  10. drugs or alcohol??
  11. ???????!! What do you mean H? It`s a D, with it head on straight.
  12. Is it brass?
  13. No they are metal w/rubber tires. My friend showed me a picture similar to your post, that looked a lot like my cabs. Thought maybe mine were the smaller version. Thanks! Rob
  14. Thanks scottvez for the info! It looks like they really got around--Tarawa, Marshall Islands, Pearl and elsewhere! I would like to try to find what propeller this might be, guessing either Japanese...
  15. Thanks again ho2cultcha for the love it!
  16. Thanks officialfuel for the love it!
  17. Thanks officialfuel for the love it!
  18. Thanks Vynil33rpm for the love it!
  19. Thanks racer4four for the thumbs up!
  20. Thanks Pickaboo for the love it!
  21. I added another pic to show the profile of the propeller.
  22. Thanks AdeleC for the love it!
  23. How thick is it? do the other holes go clear through? The edges of the open hole look like it might be slate, can you show the other side? Possibly a gorget, but I have never seen one shaped like tha...
  24. Phil, I`ll be dating myself, but I always think of "Road to Morocco" when I see a camel. LOL!
  25. Thanks Mrstyndall for the love it!
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  29. LOL! Tell your wife that you`ll house train him!! (it should be easy! and he won`t beg at the table)!
  30. Thanks buckethead for the thumbs up!
  31. You`re welcome Scott, could you check out the piece I just posted? Thanks!
  32. Thanks ho2cultcha, fortapache, Caperkid, and Scott for the love its!!!!
  33. Thanks Scott for stopping by!! Wish I could find out what brand it advertised.
  34. Thanks worthit2 for the love it!
  35. Thanks flashlarue for the love it!
  36. I posted two truck cabs 2 mos. ago that a friend said might be cabs for greyhound buses. Do you have a book or maybe some info on them? Thanks! Rob
  37. Just like if you watch the "BARNEY MILLER" reruns, the older beginning theme shows no towers, the later ones do. Cool map.
  38. keep em comin!! LOL, can I be your long lost brother? :-)
  39. Thanks buckethead for the thumbs up!
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  41. Thanks bb2, fortapache, TassieDevil, and Caperkid for the love its!!!!
  42. Too far for the bronco to pull it! N.E. Ohio.
  43. Thanks OLECODY! Enjoy your ride!!
  44. Thanks HippieArchaeologist for the info and the love it!
  45. Probably a little too far from you, N.E. Ohio. I`m open to offers. My e-mail is on my profile page.
  46. I posted one similar about 3 yrs. ago. It`s still under a tarp, can`t seem to find a good home for it. Nice buggy!
  47. LOL! What`s that word doing in your title?????? Wash YOUR mouth out with Cutty Sark!! (and swallow if you want!) :-)
  48. Tater I`ll keep checking the neighbor`s for other treasures. See you in Sept.
  49. Where`s the yard sale? :-)
  50. Thanks Brunswick and Horseradishman1 for the love its!!
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