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Kinsman, Ohio

hunt and collect indian artifacts and salvage anything old! My picture is of my best friend Sammy and our little girl Cleo.


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Remote control walking clown shoes-2 unopened packs - Toysin Toys
ERTL 57 Chevy Belair  "STEADIE" friction toy - Toysin Toys
necklace--info. please - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Antique primitive walking plow - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Shiner Beer heavy cardboard 2 sided display sign - Brewerianain Breweriana
Pure Motor Oil clean restroom porcelain 2 sided sign - Advertisingin Advertising
A little bit of southern delight in Ohio - Photographsin Photographs
My Son`s childhood collection - Toysin Toys
Hockey stick display table - Furniturein Furniture
Vintage zinc jar lids--for Keramikos - Bottlesin Bottles


  1. guessing--possibly a type of plumb bob or stick--because of the weight?
  2. Hey Rattletrap, I know it`s a long distance, but if you are still interested in the 2 seat carriage that I posted, I would be willing donate it to your museum. I don`t know if you have any contacts t...
  3. I posted one similar about 4 years ago;
  4. it is called an oak sideboard probably from the 30`s. I have one similar.
  5. I found this; and there are a couple of posts here on C. W. --just google search E. E. Anthony
  6. Cool! Great war years history! found this:
  7. Thanks Trey! show us the plows?
  8. Thanks Thomas and fortapache for the love its!!
  9. Thanks roycroft, iggy, and vynil for the love its!!!
  10. Thanks ho2cultcha for the love it!
  11. Thanks Ms.C for the love it! The Jefferson is a town here in Ohio N.W. of where I live.
  12. Thanks Ms.Crystalship for the love it!
  13. Thanks Ms.C! Agree about this site, always learning! There`s still a lot of canning going on in my area. BTW, does anyone know what happened with Keramikos? All comments are gone from my posts.???.
  14. Thanks ttomtucker for the thumbs up!!
  15. I think it`s a repro. like mine that I posted, here it is;
  16. I tend to agree w/watchsearcher too, possibly there was a set and they had a special rack that they hung in.?.
  17. Thanks Thomas, ben, and hotairfan for the love its!!!
  18. Here`s my egg story: My mothers hens were not laying, my Dad`s friend told her to mix a little hot pepper in their feed. While she was doing that, Dad and his friend went to the store and bought a do...
  19. Thanks Iptools for stopping by!
  20. Thanks Watchsearcher and fortapache for the love its!!
  21. Thanks Jenni, Cokeman1959, bb2, and kwqd for the love its!!!!
  22. Thanks Jenni! I thought it was cool too, didn`t know what it did until I started messing with the square on the roof, accidentally pushed it down and then I knew! I did finally find an ERTL John Deere...
  23. Thanks Thomas, Watchsearcher, fortapache, Jenni, bb2, and Cokeman1959 for the love its!!!!!!
  24. Congcu win the prize! I learned something today, here is one similar;
  25. I think it`s a free standing belt driven buzz saw for cutting firewood, we had one similar mounted to the front of our old John Deere B.
  26. maybe a gear, something similar to this;
  27. what does the bottom look like, maybe a hole in it?
  28. Thanks racer4four for the love it!
  29. Thanks kwqd for stopping by!
  30. Thanks Ms.C, I think that it`s copper, not sure what to clean it with.
  31. Ms.C, there is no clasp, it is a solid chain.
  32. Thanks aura for the love it!
  33. Thanks Jenni for the appreciation!
  34. Thanks AnythingObscure for the love it!
  35. possibly HULL.?.
  36. here is some info on the 2nd armored division, might help.
  37. sort of like an Inuit shape.
  38. found this, but no description;
  39. leave it to golgatha to make another crude remark about something. what a boor. Love the hat!
  40. bb2, one could only hope.
  41. Thanks ttomtucker, six-0-one, and Rattletrap for the love its!!!
  42. Easy bb2, all the fat and happy politicians jump in at the same time. just hope it doesn`t reach Ohio for a few years.
  43. Nice painting Bill! I`m getting the same crap from the so called art expert who has no clue by just looking at photos on posts. To me if you appreciate it, that`s all that counts.
  44. anger has nothing to do with it. if I don`t like the way someone is treating other C.W. posters I will let them know. I see how people like you start trouble then try to take the high road and make o...
  45. havin some more fun, hope all is well!!
  46. BEST OF LUCK! S.W.Virginia is beautiful!! Are you going to be near Abingdon or Damascus? Have been there a few times and loved it!!
  47. I searched -vintage val st lambert crystal decanter- and found a lot, here is one;
  48. Thanks six-0-one for the appreciation!! I don`t know why the last comment has to be so negative, if they don`t like it, that`s their problem not mine. Thanks again!!
  49. Thanks, nice item!!
  50. so, your crap is better than others?---not to me.
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