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Kinsman, Ohio

hunt and collect indian artifacts and salvage anything old! My picture is of my best friend Sammy and our little girl Cleo.


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Ivy Hayes "STORING DAY" print or painting - Fine Artin Fine Art
Weller Queen Pottery Art Wagner signed small pitcher - Potteryin Pottery
Halcolite #2308 Art Deco wall sconces - Lampsin Lamps
Vintage enamel light domes - Lampsin Lamps
BUGATTI 57SG ATLANTIC by Alfred Love - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Me with half of my grandson collection! - Photographsin Photographs
Today`s find! --rare for me--in late December in Ohio!! - Native Americanin Native American
primitive fly swatter - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
unknown pink depression glass brick pattern - Glasswarein Glassware
vintage FEATHER-LITE aluminum storm door salesman sample or store display - Advertisingin Advertising


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  6. Thanks keramikos, It is even hard for me to read the writing. As I said in the third response, it looks more like -AP 18/60 so maybe it`s no. 18 of 60 prints.?. Being that it came from a house in his...
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  9. Boy does that sound familiar, I grew up the same way, no dairy, we had beef , hogs and Ford 8n`s. Dad used to pull us down the road, our sleds behind a pickup, when we wanted off, we hit the ditch! LO...
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  11. Thanks mp.kunst for the info! I have seen these, mine is signed and possibly dated on the top left corner of the wagon, just above the wheel. I would like to know if that is a date or a print number ...
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  14. Well stuff, I guess we are on the outs with the lib! I consider politics the same as patriotism, you either love the country and what`s happening with it or you just let it go to he--!!
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  21. Found this, close but no cigar; (sorry, couldn`t resist!) :-)
  22. Not sure either, what`s the diameter of the bottom? is it threaded around the edge where the cork seal is? Might be a lid to a candy jar or something similar. Now I`m curious!
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  25. Thanks kwqd for the info! I`m trying to get more info from a website about him. I looked closer, it says AP (not Apr) 18/60, could that possibly be 18 of 60 prints?
  26. Some info about the artist:
  27. a logo maybe, possibly a goat or maybe a deer? what does the inside look like? Nice looking case!
  28. Thomas, you have mail. (I think) had some trouble sending so let me know if you got it. Thanks again!! Rob
  29. Another great post, what`s on the flip? (also, do we have a song yet? :-)))
  30. You`re welcome! let us know what you find out, you have me curious now! :-)
  31. Nice crate! maybe keep an eye on the worm holes,(hope they`re not active powder post beetles).
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  38. It`s very hard to confirm anything about this from pictures, I have never seen anything like it. Is it stone or flint? looks like sandstone from the pics. What are the other artifacts? The best advise...
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  42. Nice zoo you are collecting, not much feeding involved! :-)
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  44. Rattletrap,I noticed the shade above the light in the first pic, a couple of days ago I posted three shades that look similar and I think mine were used in the same purpose. Check them out and see if ...
  45. Thanks Watchsearcher for the love it and comment! It is impossible to show in a photograph how this really looks, the colors seem to dance when you hold it!!
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  48. I searched vintage tenderizer knife and found this: similar but not the same, Onedtent, searched a lot too, not...
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