I Live in the State of Alabama, U.S.A., The 'Heart Of Dixie'. In the world Of Music and Have been most of My Life.......THANK YOU! THOMAS.


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Just Some Old Tools.... - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
The Red Rocker!! - Recordsin Records
Ahh....Saturday Morning Cartoons!! - Recordsin Records
"Are You Reeling In The Years...Stowin' Away The Time..Have You Had Enough Of Tears..Have You Had A Enough Of Mine....." - Recordsin Records
Mr. John Philip Sousa.... - Recordsin Records
Good Ole' Willie!! - Recordsin Records
"Well Did She Make You Cry...Make You Breakdown...Shatter Your Illusions Of Love....." - Recordsin Records
Mr. Robert Zimmerman.... - Recordsin Records
"Tell Me Hank..Why Do You Drink..Why Do You Roll Smoke..Why Must You Live Out Them Songs That You Wrote....." - Recordsin Records
'We Must Get Back To 'Kansas' Toto'!! - Recordsin Records


  1. Again, Ted_Straub, Thank you here much for the Love!!!! T.
  2. Ted_Straub, Thank you here much for the Love!!!! Thomas.
  3. Nice one Fort!!! T.
  4. McCoyNelson, A pleasure here! After looking They are! Thank you here much for the Love and intrest!!!, AnythingObscure, Thank you here much for the Love and The info again! Appreciate it!! Iggy, Jan...
  5. Distinguished!!!! Thomas.
  6. Racer4four And Ted_Straub, Thanks you two here much for the Love!!! Thomas.
  7. Nice display!!! T.
  8. Bobby725, Thank you here much for the Love!!! Allways!! Thomas.
  9. AnythingObscure, lol on the hammer! Thanks for the info!!! Allways!!! T.
  10. The Rand Lumber Co. Was located in Rye, New Hampshire..after 107 years in business, they permanently closed in 2012. No idea on use of tool except a guess as maybe a 'Grabber' of lumber of some sorts...
  11. BB2, "Sweet Home Alabama! Lol! No.. I don't hunt...or do logging which I see so much of! There's more game wardens than police in my parts! T.
  12. Mr. Vetraio and Oroy...Thanks you two here much!!, Oroy...Thank you for the kind comment as well!, Fortapache, can never go wrong! Thanks for the comment! T.
  13. You are Welcome!!! T.
  14. Welcome To CW!!! Very cool here!!! Thomas.
  15. Mikelv and Jlmam, My apologies..A belated Thank You to you both!! T.
  16. Here where I live..Deer season is big!!! 3rd week of November till middle February..And baiting here either!! T.
  17. First 'Levi' buckle I've seen!! T.
  18. Love the van..#3 pick!!! T.
  19. Bill Ret. Coll., Hello! Snow is something I won't much of anymore since moving South..I did not know Sammy had his own 'Show' thing going on..And..Blue Oyster Cult is one of my faves! 'Don't Fear The ...
  20. Efesgirl, Roddyq, Nutsabotas, Mr. Vetraio, MacDaddyRico, Fortapache, Jancal20, AnnaB And Oroyoroyisthatyourhorse, Thanks to one and all here to you!!! Have a great weekend!!!! T.
  21. Iggy, Montrose is kicking my friend...also he was with the 'Edgar Winter Group', as you probably know...Thank you here much!, Caperkid, Thank you here much for the Love my friend!!! T.
  22. Wandlessfairy and Jacal20, Thanks you two here much for the Love of Dylan!! T.
  23. Ted_Straub, Again, Thank you here much!!! T.
  24. Ted_Straub, A pleasure as Allways!!! Thank you here much!!!! T.
  25. Billretirecoll, Aura and Oroyoroyisthatyourhorse, Thanks to the 3 of you here much for the Love!!! Allways!!!! T.
  26. Aura, Jancal20 and Oroyoroyisthatyourhorse, Thanks here much for the Love!!! T.
  27. Love the shade of blue not see it often.... T.
  28. Many Welcomes!!!! T.
  29. Wandlessfairy, Thank you here much!!!!! T.
  30. Iggy, BB2 And Wandlessfairy, Thanks you three here much for the Love!!! Thomas.
  31. Again, Wandlessfairy, Thank you here much!!! Thomas.
  32. Have Allways loved it!! T.
  33. Wandlessfairy, Good to hear from you! I truly hope all is well...Thank you here much for the Love!!! Thomas.
  34. Caperkid, Mr. Vetraio, Roddq, Jlmam And Mikelv, Thanks you three here much for the Love!!! T.
  35. Very nice!! T.
  36. Inky, A pleasure as allways! Thank you here much for the Love!! Thomas.
  37. Mani, Thank you here much for the love and support!!!! T.
  38. Buckethead..Post that record if you are able!! Thank you here much!!, MacDaddyRico, You too! Post the book if able! Thank you here much! Mani and Fortapache, Thanks you two here much for the love an...
  39. Phonoboy, Thank you here much and a great weekend to you!!! Thomas.
  40. Looks like fun!!! Thomas.
  41. Mr. Vetraio, That's cool! Now I know! A very fine band indeed! Thank you here much!, Fortapache, It doesn't get much better for the Jazz/Rock! They spent A lot of time with their writing for sure! ...
  42. Agree with Karen(Racer4four)..Fantastic!!! Thomas.
  43. Not sure why..But this keeps coming to mind..The Ice Cream cone was invented at a Worlds Fair..I believe New York..Quite by accident..A vendor selling ice cream ran out of dishes to put it in..A vendo...
  44. Roddyq, You are more than Welcome my friend...It is truly all about another time and place!!, Tassiedevil, Greetings! Thank you here much! Thomas.
  45. Gargoylecollector, A Pleasure here! Thank you here much for the love and support!!! Thomas.
  46. Again, Oroyoroyisthatyourhorse, Thank you here much for the love!!! T.
  47. Oroyoroyisthatyourhorse, Thank you here much my friend!!! Thomas.
  48. Steve85018, A Pleasure here! Thank you here much for the love!!! Thomas.
  49. Jancal20, Mani and Billretirecoll, Thanks you three here much for the love and support!!! Thomas.
  50. Aura, Buckethead and MacDaddyRico, Thanks you three here much for the love and support!!! Thomas.
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