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$100,000 infield dream team plus Orr

I have an extremely nice photo signed to my grabdfather of the dream team which also ionclufes Orr ...how much is it worth its not the one shown here but its the same sixe, very clear photo no tears rips or holes , it states connie macks $100,000 infield dream teamhas a photo of each player and then the date 1910, 11, 12, 13, 14 Again its signed to my grandfather and he leftit to me mu email is septicdesign11@yahoo.com if anyone is interested in purchasing it..or at least has an idea of its value, thanks. The name of each player is also under each photo. If serious i can take a photo of it and email it to you.

Photo and baseball cards of Philadelphia Athletics $100,000 infield  - Baseballby Hoopkrin
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