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Tintype of Stereo Camera - Camerasin Cameras
Improved No.6 Folding Kodak. 1895 model - Camerasin Cameras
Imperial No.30 Triple Extension Camera. 1901-02. - Camerasin Cameras
Happy Holidays! - 2022 - Camerasin Cameras
Kodak Autographic 3 - Camerasin Cameras
CDV of Photographer Posing with a Lewis-Style Daguerreotype Camera. Attributed to late-1850s - Camerasin Cameras
Happy Halloween 2022! - Advertisingin Advertising
Great,Great Grandparents Tin Type - Photographsin Photographs
CDV Portrait with Dressing Instructions. Probably 1870s. - Photographsin Photographs
Flammang’s Patent Revolving Back Camera - Stereo Version. c.1889  - Camerasin Cameras
Album of 50 photographs 1896 to 1901 - Photographsin Photographs
Korona Special “Presentation” Camera. 1903 - Camerasin Cameras
Red Top Beer double-sided porcelain sign  - Brewerianain Breweriana
Correcting Prism for Daguerreotype Cameras. c.1840s - early 1850s - Camerasin Cameras
Ceramic Horse (....In the style of Bitossi... ) - Animalsin Animals
Argus 12-Shot Repeating Camera, c.1890 - Camerasin Cameras
Vintage WEEPING GOLD Small Leaf Dish - USA - Potteryin Pottery
Student Camera No.1 (with accessory rock): late 1880s - 90s - Camerasin Cameras
Spartus Folding Camera Model 5-500 - Camerasin Cameras
Quta Photo Machine, c.1904-11 - Camerasin Cameras
HARRTIL - HARRACH Model No. 4/3630 - RUDOLF SCHWEDLER (1896 – 1981) - Art Glassin Art Glass
Blair Tourist Hawkeye Camera.  1898 - 1904 - Camerasin Cameras
"Canadian Kodak" not Eastman - Camerasin Cameras
Kodak Folding Pocket Brownies (Nos 2 & 2A): Early 1900s  - Camerasin Cameras
‘Mystery’ Photographic Accessory (a challenge), very early 1900s - Camerasin Cameras
Painting by Maxi, His first and maybe only. Worked years on it. It won a North Calif. contest and he I believe got $1000. - Fine Artin Fine Art
Peck & Snyder Baseball CdV Card - The First “True” Baseball Card. Published 1869. - Baseballin Baseball
Antique/ vintage stamps - Stampsin Stamps
Gibbs Camera (½-plate format), 1888 - Camerasin Cameras
Premo Supreme Camera. 1902. (The ultimate American self-casing plate camera?) - Camerasin Cameras
c. 1915 Coca-Cola Stand - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Vintage early 20th Century Camera  - Camerasin Cameras
Cased 1/9-Plate Daguerreotype of Unidentified Gentleman. Early 1850s. - Photographsin Photographs
My Essex Engine & story how I come about it - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Brass Volute Shutter. c.1902 (the beauty of early camera shutters #9) - Camerasin Cameras
Comparing Two Early Stereo Camera Designs - Camerasin Cameras
H.R. Giger poster - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Hit Camera (1950s) paired with a rare Petzval Cone Centralitaseur Lens (1850s) - Camerasin Cameras
Anyone recognize these racers? - Photographsin Photographs
Blair No.3 Focusing Weno Hawk-eye. 1902-03 - Camerasin Cameras
Two 1850s American Daguerreotype Cameras: An Important Design Transition - Camerasin Cameras
Cabinet Card - 42-Image Nude Study by Louis Jean Baptiste Igout. 1870s - Photographsin Photographs
Antique erotic postcard, high resolution picture - Postcardsin Postcards
Richebourg Daguerreotype Camera w/Reversing Mirror (French, 1842): understanding laterally reversed pictures - Photographsin Photographs
1905 Detroit Brewing Co. Tin Plate - Advertisingin Advertising
A Tiny Tintype - Postage Stamp Format - Photographsin Photographs
Uncommon Photographic Accessories, 1890s - Camerasin Cameras
No JAX at  Tujaques  - Brewerianain Breweriana
No.5 Folding Kodak: 1893 Stereo Model  - Camerasin Cameras
ANTIQUE 1910 KODAK No 3-A  Autographic, Model C Folding Pocket Camera with Leather Case - Camerasin Cameras
A visit to the George Eastman Museum's photographic collection - Camerasin Cameras
Black Forest Clock with Apostle Automata C. 1890 - Clocksin Clocks
Rare Black Forest Musical Carillion Clock 6 tunes on 11 Bells C. 1820 - Clocksin Clocks
Souvenir Camera Key Ring / Pocket Watch Fob w/Two New York Images - Camerasin Cameras
My pogo camera  - Camerasin Cameras
1930's Giant Baby Rolleiflex 4x4 Promotional Replica - Advertisingin Advertising
Glass Camera Candy Container. c1913 - Advertisingin Advertising
My antique box camera  - Camerasin Cameras
Magic Lantern Walking Stick, 1880s - Accessoriesin Accessories
GRATEFUL DEAD Original Fillmore Auditorium Poster from October 1966 - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Fantastic 1967 French Psychedelic Poster Advertising "C'est PIERRE D'ALBY Ou Rien" - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
American Collodion Wet Plate Camera by John Stock, late 1860s - Camerasin Cameras
Sparton 558 "4-knob Sled" Mirror Tube Radio - Radiosin Radios
Orange Crush Girl - Advertisingin Advertising
Waterbury View Camera (unused condition). 1885-86 - Camerasin Cameras
Important Malcolm X Civil Rights Broadside / Handbill for the New York City Rally, Harlem Square, 1963 - Politicsin Politics
Glen Gem Camera. 1891 - Camerasin Cameras
Blair Tourograph Camera Advertising Card with Original Photograph; 1880. - Camerasin Cameras
Ansel Adams Self Portrait Monument Valey - Fine Artin Fine Art
Tele-Photo Cycle-Poco Camera, 1897-99 - Camerasin Cameras
1920’s  Picture postcards  - Postcardsin Postcards
London Transport Souvenir Camera. Late 1990s. - Camerasin Cameras
Woman Holding Vase - a contemporary print from an original glass plate negative - Fine Artin Fine Art
Old Bell Telephone Truck Photo - Photographsin Photographs
No.3B Quick Focus Kodak Camera. 1906 - 10 - Camerasin Cameras
Luis Ricardo Falero Print 12x20 - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
1924 Coca-Cola Bottlers Convention Photograph - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Photomatic Photograph by International Mutoscope Reel Company, Inc. of New York - Photographsin Photographs
Great Grandfather with his cakes extraordinair!!!  - Photographsin Photographs
Manhattan Optical Company, Bo Peep Camera. 1898 - Camerasin Cameras
Cycle Wizard ‘A’ Self-Casing Camera. 1901 - Camerasin Cameras
Karl Bub Nüremberg (KBN) clockwork trains (O Gauge) Germany 1940´s - Model Trainsin Model Trains
Expo Police Camera. 1911 - Camerasin Cameras
WW1 Photo of Soldier on Motorbike - Photographsin Photographs
No. 1A Autographic Kodak Special + rangefinder. 1921 Model - Camerasin Cameras
Happy New Year 2018!!! - Advertisingin Advertising
The Best Band Ever!!!!!  - Photographsin Photographs
Boy Scout Kodak. 1929 - 34 - Camerasin Cameras
E.B. Nock (Photographer) Advertising Model Riverboat Stereoview. 1880s - Photographsin Photographs
G. Ricordi & C. Milano Prints - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Indian Motorcycle….. - Motorcyclesin Motorcycles
Stumped on this one...Stueben or? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Poster Muhammad Ali Joe Frazier 1971  - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
First Version No.4 Folding Kodak w/"Wing" Shutter & Matching Roll Film Holder. 1890 - Camerasin Cameras
American-Style Chamfered Daguerreotype Camera. c.1850 - Camerasin Cameras
E. & H.T. Anthony Ascot Cycle, No.1 Camera. 1899-1900 - Camerasin Cameras
Blair Combination Camera. 1882 - Camerasin Cameras
Handsum Brand California Red Ball Litho. - Advertisingin Advertising
Collapsible Cyclists Cup - 1897 - Sporting Goodsin Sporting Goods
Sheet Music ~ "NY & Coney Island Cycle March"~E.T. Paull~Fantastic Graphics! - Paperin Paper
Camera Novelty: Ringer for Hotel Bellhops - Camerasin Cameras
Kodak No.2 Hawkette - Camerasin Cameras
Patriotic Eagle & Flag Hand Tinted Stereoview - early 1870s - Photographsin Photographs
GM Futurama 1939 Worlds Fair Book & Pin - Paperin Paper
Ferrotype Bon Ton View Box, 1870s – another memorable collecting experience - Camerasin Cameras
Early Wright Brothers Photos - Photographsin Photographs
Teddy Camera Model "A" - Camerasin Cameras
1867 CDV of an Ice Boat Model for Patent - Photographsin Photographs
Photography Trade Card - 1880 - Advertisingin Advertising
Ted Williams Arcade Card - Baseballin Baseball
Photographer's tool to make children smile during photography - Camerasin Cameras
Telescope Circa 1770 copper plate print - Paperin Paper
Antique Camera Display – My Workspace - Camerasin Cameras
French Very Early Wet Plate Camera |1850-1860 | Tailboard | 9x12cm. - Camerasin Cameras
Vintage Image of Beautiful Woman (Celine) - Photographsin Photographs
Shew Xit Wooden Strut Camera, late 1890s to early 1900s - Camerasin Cameras
1920s-1930s CYMA promotional art deco inkwell - Advertisingin Advertising
YANKEE STADIUM Aug. 27 1938 Yankees vs Indians - Baseballin Baseball
1860s American 'Multiplying' Wet Plate Camera - Camerasin Cameras
Original 1943 "Join A.R.P." WW2 Poster - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Anthony Clifton Camera, 1898 – 1906 - Camerasin Cameras
1888 Engraving – “An Amateur Photographer in Peltyville” - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
#17 ~ Original Woodstock 1969 Program from estate - Music Memorabiliain Music Memorabilia
The 1881 American Gem No.2 – a very early toy camera - Camerasin Cameras
Early Photographic Gallery Token – Raymond’s Photograph Gallery. 1863 - Camerasin Cameras
Collage of Kodak Amateur Catalogue Covers. 1886-1941 - Camerasin Cameras
Study for Champagne Bollinger Advertisement, c.1920s (my date attribution) - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Unknown American Field Camera. c.1890s - Camerasin Cameras
Mickey Mouse Keystone Projector - Toysin Toys
HELP-- Deteriorating Drinks Tray - Brewerianain Breweriana
WW2 Silk Escape Map of Banda Sea- Prepared Under the Direction of R.A.A.F. Headquarters - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Fossilized Ichthyosaurus Vertebra with 100% Pyrite Displacement - Animalsin Animals
Sculpture picture  - Fine Artin Fine Art
Clarus MS-35 Camera. 1946 - 52 - Camerasin Cameras
c1775 Rare Riedel Glass Holy Water Stoup - Font. - Art Glassin Art Glass
The P.D.Q Detective Camera (E. & H.T. Anthony), 1890-91 - Camerasin Cameras
Whippets Playing with a Ball circa 1860 - Animalsin Animals
Post Civil War Era Tintype Photos - Photographsin Photographs
Anthony’s Phantom Camera, c.1888 - Camerasin Cameras
1924 Around The World Flight Photo - Photographsin Photographs
American Stereographoscope, mid-1870s - Camerasin Cameras
The Green Fairy - Advertisingin Advertising
A Few More Pics From My Cemetery Headstone Photograph Collection. - Photographsin Photographs
Baker’s Stereo Daguerreotype Viewing Case with Original Image Pair, mid-1850s - Camerasin Cameras
Photographers & Their Cameras - c.1862 CDV Tradecard - Camerasin Cameras
Montauk Flex-Front Multiplying Camera c.1912 - Camerasin Cameras
A Rare and Elegant 1903 Presentation Camera - Camerasin Cameras
1890s Kozy Cameras: A Bookform Design - Camerasin Cameras
Student Camera No.1 (with accessory rock): late 1880s - 90s - Camerasin Cameras
Flammang's Patent Revolving Back Camera (rear focus pattern), c.1883-98 - Camerasin Cameras
spiritschweppes on the roots of Coke - Bottlesin Bottles
Fossilized Pliosaur Humerus Bone with Pyrite Displacement - Animalsin Animals
Antique Photo Album Patented 1882 - Photographsin Photographs
Teeny Tiny Wood & Brass Camera - c.1900 Shew Xit - Camerasin Cameras
Peerless Camera - c.1887 Rochester Optical Company - Camerasin Cameras
Two more odd 1880s Trade Cards for Frank Pearsall, Brooklyn Photographer - Advertisingin Advertising
Three 1881 Trade Cards for Frank Pearsall, Brooklyn Photographer - Advertisingin Advertising
Another 1881 Whimsical Cartoony Trade Card for Frank Pearsall, Brooklyn Photographer - Advertisingin Advertising
Photography Themed Tradecard for Mokaska Coffee - Somewhat Racist - Advertisingin Advertising
Scroll  & Border Negative (Photographic Imaging) Advertisements. 1888 & 1896 - Photographsin Photographs
Lake Superior Agate (with a rarely seen feature) - Gemstonesin Gemstones
Woody Woodpecker/Walter Lantz Signed Cel - Moviesin Movies
Sectioned Petzval Portrait Formula Lens. 1850s - Camerasin Cameras
Morley Wet Plate Field View Camera. Mid-1860s. - Camerasin Cameras
Chambre de Voyage Camera. European, 1890s - Camerasin Cameras
E.I. Horsman No. 33 Eclipse American Field Camera, c.1890 - 1900 - Camerasin Cameras
The stunning architecture of the Chattanooga Train Terminal (saved from the wrecking ball and converted into a hotel) - Railroadianain Railroadiana
1890s Enameled Anheuser-Busch Corkscrew Knife with Stanhope - Photographsin Photographs
Failing Optical Co. Business Card – What’s in a name? - Advertisingin Advertising
Goodwin & Co. Old Judge Tobacco Baseball Card of Henry Boyle. 1887 - Baseballin Baseball
"The Great White Hope" - Photographsin Photographs
Old man and his country store. - Photographsin Photographs
Halinski's Tavern Vintage Thermometer, Buffalo, NY - Advertisingin Advertising
Lake Tioga – image shot with Ansel Adams at his Yosemite workshop - Photographsin Photographs
Rock Island RR Art-Deco Print…. - Art Decoin Art Deco
“The Father of Baseball” – late 1870s (possibly 1880) Portrait of Henry Chadwick by Frank Pearsall - Photographsin Photographs
Female figure study shot with a 1904 studio camera - Photographsin Photographs
George Eastman’s Mansion - Part 1 - Photographsin Photographs
St. Paul Ice Carnival Stereoview #2 (Illumination of Third Street), 1888 - Photographsin Photographs
A round with Guinness – 1950 Gleneagles Advertising Study by Gilroy - Signsin Signs
PRINCES Golf Club - Putting the Notorious 15th - Wooden Sign  - Sporting Goodsin Sporting Goods
Extremely sought after Uncle Sam Santa Postcard - Postcardsin Postcards
1871 Portrait of a Young Woman by Frank Pearsall, Brooklyn Photographer - Victorian Erain Victorian Era
Pennwood Numechron Model 500 "Swank" - Clocksin Clocks
Scovill Waterbury View Camera. c.1888 - Camerasin Cameras
Glass Negatives Circa 1909 Instructional Carpentry Book Slides - Photographsin Photographs
Normal Trip to Market - Postcardsin Postcards
Chelsea Flash Light Pistol, 1900 - 1902 - Camerasin Cameras
Anthony Camera Advertising Card with Photograph of Photographers and Cameras. Late 1880s-90s - Photographsin Photographs
1976 Oil on canvas 510 by 610 mm painting - Fine Artin Fine Art
Gennert Penny Picture Studio Camera. c.1880s - 90s - Camerasin Cameras
 Harley Davidson  & Sears  - Motorcyclesin Motorcycles
Blair No.3 Combination Hawk-Eye Camera. 1904 - Camerasin Cameras
Blair Camera Advertising Card with Photographic Image of 1893 Chicago World's Fair - Photographsin Photographs
Cased Tintype of Fighting Pugilists. c.1860s - Photographsin Photographs
Mascher Stereo Daguerreotype Viewer with Original Image Pair, c.1853 - Camerasin Cameras
 Turn of the century baseball team photo  - Baseballin Baseball
Antique train catalog. - Booksin Books
Eastman Kodak Dime Bank. Save your dimes for a Kodak camera! c.1915 - 16. - Coin Operatedin Coin Operated
160+ Years of Camera Evolution - photographic state-of-the-art then and now. - Camerasin Cameras
AT&T Network of the Future Glass Holographic Paperweight - Advertisingin Advertising
L.A.Huffman's view of main st. Miles City Montana circa 1880 - Photographsin Photographs
WORLD SERIES 1952 Game 1 Photograph  - Baseballin Baseball
Great Grandparents - Photographsin Photographs
Kliban Cat Ice Bucket - does anyone have info? - Animalsin Animals
Stereoview of a Photographer with Stereo Camera on a Donkey. 1890s - Photographsin Photographs
My Gorgeous Art Nouveau "Mystery" Vase - Potteryin Pottery
Ansco Memo ½ Frame 35mm Camera. 1927 - Camerasin Cameras
" The Goose Lake Special " Pulling Into Hanley, 1907 Postcard - Photographsin Photographs
A few of our TINTYPEs from our massive collection of 19th Century Photographs - Photographsin Photographs
Stull Daguerreotype Viewing Case, c.1855 - Camerasin Cameras
Stereo Daguerreotype of a Girl, mid-1850s - Photographsin Photographs
Stylophot “Pen” Camera. 1955 - Camerasin Cameras
1926 Champions "The Dixie Series" Texas League Original Drawing by Jack Patton - Baseballin Baseball
Fine antique porcelain plaque gold brooch - city river landscape scene - Victorian Erain Victorian Era
Peewee Reese Autographed Baseball Card - Bowman Color; 1953 - Baseballin Baseball
Photographers & Their Cameras - “A Sudden, Terrific Volcanic Explosion at the Crater of Asama-Yasma”; Japan. 1903 - Photographsin Photographs
1926 North Western Railway Baseball Ball Player - Baseballin Baseball
Just a few of my favorite things..... - Camerasin Cameras
Schaub Multiplying Camera, c.1900 - Camerasin Cameras
Haneel Tri-Vision - Camerasin Cameras
the Speed-O-Matic - Camerasin Cameras
Agfa-Ansco PB-20 Antar - Camerasin Cameras
Ruberg-Futuro - Camerasin Cameras
Agfa Ansco No.1a Readyset Royal Cameras (Silver Fox) and (Ostrich Skin) - Camerasin Cameras
No.3 Foldinng Pocket Kodak - Model C5 - Camerasin Cameras
Kodak Bantam F.8 - Camerasin Cameras
Agfa Trolix (Box 14) - Camerasin Cameras
Kodak Bullet  - Camerasin Cameras
Univex Twin Flex Camera - Camerasin Cameras
Flammang's Patent Revolving Back Camera (front focus pattern), c.1886-98 - Camerasin Cameras
Reversible Back Premo, Rochester Optical Company. 1897 - 1900 - Camerasin Cameras
Back to the future … digital photography is older than you think! - Camerasin Cameras
The Rare Guinness Branded 1860s Globe Lens - Camerasin Cameras
Onondaga No.6 Folding Plate Camera, c.1900-01 - Camerasin Cameras
E. & H.T. Anthony Ascot Cycle, No.2 Camera. c.1899 - Camerasin Cameras
Artistic Vintage Camera Catalogue Covers, #4 - Booksin Books
Ascot Cycle Camera No.2 Shutter, 1899. (the beauty of early camera shutters #8) - Camerasin Cameras
Blair Tourograph, c.1880-82 - Camerasin Cameras
Bell's Straight Working Panorama Camera, c.1912 - Camerasin Cameras
E. Jacobs Daguerreotype Gallery Token, c.1850-58 - Camerasin Cameras
Art Nouveau houses in Vidin, Bulgaria. - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Stereo Brownie Shutter, 1905. (the beauty of early camera shutters #7) - Camerasin Cameras
Aluminum Camera Shutter, 1894. (the beauty of early camera shutters #6) - Camerasin Cameras
Le Fulgur 35mm projector - Camerasin Cameras
Marriage Mathurin Gaignon/Francoise Gaudo"1646 - Paperin Paper
DeMoulin Trick Camera: Photography Pranks are Priceless - Camerasin Cameras
Royal Visit 1939, Brandon, MB - Photographsin Photographs
Relic Riders MC - Motorcyclesin Motorcycles
Forrest’s Patent “Due-Ratio” wooden drop shutter, c1888.  (the beauty of early camera shutters #5) - Camerasin Cameras
Blair Camera Company Wooden Shipping Box, c.1880s - 90s - Camerasin Cameras
St. Paul Ice Carnival Stereoview, 1888 - Photographsin Photographs
Miall, F. | Fallowfield's "Facile". | 1887 | Magazine camera | Quarter plate. - Camerasin Cameras
Fallowfield's "Facile": An 1890s Concealed Camera - Camerasin Cameras
Vest Pocket Format Monroe Camera, c.1898 - Camerasin Cameras
A Beautiful 1880s Mahogany Presentation Camera - Camerasin Cameras
French Original Photographs, 1890s. - Photographsin Photographs
Original Horace Goldin Pitch Book ca. 1930 - Paperin Paper
Lightning Camera, c.1899 - Camerasin Cameras
American Multiplying Camera Box by John Stock, late 1860s - Camerasin Cameras
E. & H.T. Anthony Climax Multiplying Camera, 1880s to ‘90s - Camerasin Cameras
Yet Again ... Another ‘Mystery’ Photographic Accessory, 1900 - Camerasin Cameras
Prosch Flashlight Products Handbook & Letter, 1914 - Camerasin Cameras
Diner photo - Photographsin Photographs
Antique Amber Glass Bohemian Urn - Art Glassin Art Glass
George Eastman’s House - Part 2 - Photographsin Photographs
Updated Camera Display - Camerasin Cameras
1910 Oddly Satiric Baseball Theme Postcard Entitled “A Home Run” - Postcardsin Postcards
Macabre Photography Trade Card - late 1890s / 1900s - Advertisingin Advertising
Collection - 16 period photo's of the most Famous and Beautiful Women - 1940's - Photographsin Photographs
A Thirst for Guinness Original Canvas, 1966 - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
1880s Duke’s Mixture Tobacco Card with Woman & 4-Lens Camera - Tobaccianain Tobacciana
Another Rare Photographic Accessory, c.1906 - Camerasin Cameras
Old NYPD photo!! - Photographsin Photographs
Optifort - Camerasin Cameras
Rare Photographic Accessory, late 1880s to 90s - Camerasin Cameras
Putnam Marvel Tailboard Camera, 1880s (a fascinating research story) - Camerasin Cameras
Antique Photograph Oldsmobile Family Truckster   - Photographsin Photographs
Groucho Marx - Ashtray - Wondering about Glass Maker and Year Please - Tobaccianain Tobacciana
Anthony Lilliput Camera Handbook Cover; a Digital Restoration - Camerasin Cameras
Anthony’s New Negative Collodion Bottle, 1860s to 80s (attributed dates) - Camerasin Cameras
Early Glassware Container for Collodion Photographic Chemistry - Camerasin Cameras
Photograph of President Taft  - Photographsin Photographs
1937 Gutzon Borglum Signed Postcard? - Postcardsin Postcards
Weller Wing Wooden Shutter, 1890s (the beauty of early camera shutters #4) - Camerasin Cameras
A Zephyr, a beautiful 1897 advertising gravure - Photographsin Photographs
Bausch & Lomb Stereo Shutter, 1898 (the beauty of early camera shutters #3) - Camerasin Cameras
Prosch Stereo Triplex Shutter, 1880s (the beauty of early camera shutters #2) - Camerasin Cameras
Prosch Triplex Shutter, 1880s (the beauty of early camera shutters) - Camerasin Cameras
E. & H.T. Anthony Patent Bijou Camera, c.1886 - Camerasin Cameras
“Champagne Charlie Galop by C.H.R. Marriott” - an early canvas - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Anthony Victor, 1889 – c.1897 - Camerasin Cameras
Bear Photo Special Box Camera - Camerasin Cameras
1946 Micro 16 Sub Mini Spy Camera - Camerasin Cameras
Pocket Poco A Camera, 1903 - Camerasin Cameras
Magic Lantern - Camerasin Cameras
Early 1900s Patriotic Girl for the 4th - Photographsin Photographs
Nice orange box label - Advertisingin Advertising
Henry Clay Stereoscopic Camera, 1892-99 (not all vintage cameras are pristine) - Camerasin Cameras
Original "Harold" Stone Lithograph Poster - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Antique Lamp with Emerald Green Glass - Lampsin Lamps
Amateur's Enlarging Camera No.1: S. Wing & Company - Camerasin Cameras
Conley camera - Camerasin Cameras
Henry Clay 2nd, c.1896-97 - Camerasin Cameras
Dr Suess Calendar Prints from the 1940s - Paperin Paper
Small Daum Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
1884 G.A.R Parade Image - Photographsin Photographs
1880s Tintype - Saloon Bartender? - Photographsin Photographs
Gibbs Camera (5x7 inch format), 1888 - Camerasin Cameras
Highly Accessorized Universal Field View Camera, c.1892 - Camerasin Cameras
Celebrating 1890s American Camera Design - Camerasin Cameras
Early instant photography: the Quta Photo Machine, c.1904-11 - Camerasin Cameras
early 1920' Doll et Cie STEAM TOY  - Toysin Toys
early 1920' Doll et Cie STEAM TOY  - Toysin Toys
Early Stereoview of Pease Steam Engine Model - Photographsin Photographs
Two 1860s Gem Tintypes Associated with Simon Wing - Photographsin Photographs
Anna May Wong by George Hurrell from Portfolio III   244/250 - Photographsin Photographs
Stockwell 4” x 5” View Camera, c.1875 - Camerasin Cameras
Anthony Novelette Field Camera: 1880s - Camerasin Cameras
Kodak Red Bellows #2 - Camerasin Cameras
Wing’s View Camera. 1887 - Camerasin Cameras
1926 Mack AC fuel tanker Revell model - Model Carsin Model Cars
Crandall - New Model typewriter from 1886 - Officein Office
Original 1893 "Milders Fils" Cyclone Lithograph Poster - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
St. Louis Reversible Back Camera, c.1887 - Camerasin Cameras
Scovill & Adams Compact View Camera, c.1892 - Camerasin Cameras
Portrait Brownie No.2 Model B - Camerasin Cameras
1900s Iver Johnson - Sporting Goodsin Sporting Goods
Vignette Portrait of a Cute Young Girl by Frank Pearsall, c.1870-71 - Photographsin Photographs
Guinness Celebrates Ice Skating in the 1952 Olympics - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Anthony Champion Stereo (c.1888) with Brightly Polished Nickel Lenses - Camerasin Cameras
Henry Clay Extended Body Camera (special order), c1896 - Camerasin Cameras
Artistic Vintage Camera Catalogue Covers (marketing to women #2) - Booksin Books
Soupy (Sales) Hines - Postcardsin Postcards
Artistic Vintage Camera Catalogue Covers (marketing to women #3) - Booksin Books
Found two 1920's framed engravings by  L. Dupont copyright Alfred Bell - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Artistic Vintage Camera Catalogue Covers (marketing to women) - Booksin Books
Winter travel 1947 - Photographsin Photographs
Celebrating 175 Years of Photography – part 3 - Photographsin Photographs
Richard Sala Original Illustration Art - Comic Booksin Comic Books
Celebrating 175 Years of Photography – part 2 (Masters of American Photography) - Stampsin Stamps
Celebrating 175 years of Photography! - Camerasin Cameras
Blair Lucidograph Cameras - 1884 to 1890 - Camerasin Cameras
Henry Clay “Regular” with Exceptionally Rare Brown Leather Body - c1896 - Camerasin Cameras
Whimsy Bottle Folk Art; Chair and Early Photograph - c1890 - Folk Artin Folk Art
Mystery Silver Thingy 
Apple monopoly graffiti  
1890 Chromolithograph titled "AT THE BEACH” (parody about a camera obscura viewing room) - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
1890s Photographic Exposure Meters - Camerasin Cameras
Ottewill & Collis Improved Kinnear Camera, early 1860s - Camerasin Cameras
Lancaster’s Stereo Instantograph, c.1891 - Camerasin Cameras
More Vintage Camera Ads With Santa - late 1890s - Camerasin Cameras
Ulysse Nardin Ship's Chronometer from USS Fayette c.1943 - Clocksin Clocks
1899 Nodark Ferrotype Camera - Camerasin Cameras
Guinness Toucan Painting by Gilroy: Original Study for a Poster - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Cabinet Card of Thomas De Witt Talmage (mid-1870s) - Photographsin Photographs
More Vintage Ads With Santa - Early Guinness Study for Poster - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
1950 Guinness Advertising Study With a Jaguar XK120 - Advertisingin Advertising
1899 Korona I & 1904 Korona VII: Gundlach Optical Company - Camerasin Cameras
Gail Potocki - Modern Symbolist/Art Nouveau Oil Painting - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
1903 Château Desmirail Celebratory Wine Barrel - Advertisingin Advertising
Tropical Gas Globe - Petrolianain Petroliana
The 1894 Korona Hand Camera - Camerasin Cameras
Guinness Advertising Study of a 1947 Rolls Royce Phantom III - Advertisingin Advertising
Daguerrian Photo Gallery Token c.1850 - Camerasin Cameras
M.A. Root's Daguerrian Gallery Token & Award c.1850 - Camerasin Cameras
Emile Galle Owl, 1889 Exposition Universelle  - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
My old FlatIron built 1855 - Photographsin Photographs
1885 Photo Outfit Advertising Card with Albumen Images - Photographsin Photographs
Daguerreotypist’s Broadside (advertising poster), c.1850 - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Sunflower Multiplying Camera, c.1903 - Camerasin Cameras
This camera has been everywhere! - Camerasin Cameras
Anthony Marlborough Camera, c.1898 - Camerasin Cameras
1966-minolta 16mg -sub-minature 16mm camera/film - Camerasin Cameras
Kretzscmar (?) 17,5mm movie projector 1905 - Camerasin Cameras
Rolleiflex Wide Angle - Camerasin Cameras
1914 Prototype Multiplying Camera by Harvey Wing - Camerasin Cameras
The Good Old Days – Sturdy Nikon Gear - Camerasin Cameras
Zenith Transoceanic fanatic - Radiosin Radios
The Good Old Days!? A huge 1850s collodion American field camera - Camerasin Cameras
AP Wire photo of Yankee Vic Raschi and Dodger Carl Erskine  - Baseballin Baseball
SILK SOUVENIR FROM EGYPT.WORLD WAR 1 MEMORABILIA - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Silver Jubilee playing cards - Gamesin Games
1904 Theodore Roosevelt for President Fabric Poster - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Vintage Kodak Covers - The Rise of Amateur Photography - Camerasin Cameras
Early tintype made by a multiplying studio camera - Photographsin Photographs
1888 Reference for Ideal Wood Field Camera (Rochester Optical Company) - Camerasin Cameras
Rochester Snappa Magazine Camera, 1902 - Camerasin Cameras
New Jersey Bell Telephone Installer  - Telephonesin Telephones
Chase Folding Magazine Camera – c.1899 - Camerasin Cameras
FRAULEIN LEUTNANT, WWI! - Postcardsin Postcards
Pinback buttons from my collection - Medals Pins and Badgesin Medals Pins and B…
1939 World's Fair Button - Medals Pins and Badgesin Medals Pins and B…
Vintage Kodak Catalog Covers - Camerasin Cameras
More Vintage Kodak Covers - Camerasin Cameras
Santa In 1880s Vintage Camera Advertising - Camerasin Cameras
Chicago Worlds Fair Edition by SINCLAIR Refining Co. 1933 - Advertisingin Advertising
Wright and Disston  office Boston 1900 - Photographsin Photographs
Art Garland Stove Poster - Advertisingin Advertising
Good for trade mirrors - Advertisingin Advertising
Old photos of trains, horses and wagons... - Photographsin Photographs
Bradley and Hubbard Lamp with Griffin shade - Lampsin Lamps
What is this? How old? Worth? - Rugs and Textilesin Rugs and Textiles
Estate sale find, Unreal Photo Negative of Yankee Stadium vs BKLYN  - Photographsin Photographs
CDVs Mounted in Paper Frames: Cute Children - Photographsin Photographs
Early Multiple Lens Wood & Brass Field Cameras - Camerasin Cameras
1934 Chicago World's Fair Witing and Davis mesh purse.  - Bagsin Bags
Help identifying ? - Lampsin Lamps
Anthony Champion Stereo (c.1888) with historically important 1872 lenses - Camerasin Cameras
Mignon Bicyclists’ Camera by the American Optical Company; c.1886 - Camerasin Cameras
futurism inspired oil crayon or pastell drawing - Fine Artin Fine Art
Bill and Hillary Daguerreotype - Photographsin Photographs
SEPTEMBER MORN LITHOGRAPH - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
The Daguerreotypist - A story from the 1850 book entitled: "Arthur’s Sketches of Life and Character" - Booksin Books
CDV of Horace Greeley c.1872 by Frank Pearsall - Photographsin Photographs
Photographers & Their Cameras - Captions Wanted #2! - Photographsin Photographs
Photographers & Their Cameras - Captions Wanted! - Photographsin Photographs
Early Boudoir Style Cabinet Portrait Card #2 - Photographsin Photographs
Grasser & Brand Brewing Calender - Brewerianain Breweriana
Pre-1900 American Wood and Brass Field View Cameras 101 - Camerasin Cameras
More Antique Stereoscope images - Photographsin Photographs
Antique Steroscope Images from 1875 & 1900 - Photographsin Photographs
CDV of Woman in a Scarlet Dress – Brady’s National Portrait Gallery (now identified after 4 years!) - Photographsin Photographs
Palmer & Longking Daguerreotype Camera, c.1853-54 - Camerasin Cameras
Anthony Bicycle Camera: The first camera designed for cyclists - Camerasin Cameras
Old wooden camera need help with size and identification. - Camerasin Cameras
Part of my collection of 19th century Meerschaum Pipes - Tobaccianain Tobacciana
Horsman Eclipse Cameras, c.1888 – 1900 - Camerasin Cameras
Antique Oak Detective Camera, early 1890s - Camerasin Cameras
Comic art Autographs part 4 - Comic Booksin Comic Books
Royal Mail Stamp Camera, 1907-15 - Camerasin Cameras
Poignant Image on a Cabinet Card - Photographsin Photographs
Blair Special Folding Hawk-eye, c.1896 - Camerasin Cameras
Photographers & Their Cameras - 1870s CDV with 4-lens American wetplate - Photographsin Photographs
Pre WWI U.S. Navy Shore Patrol Cavalry???  RPPC - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Al-Vista 5-B Panoramic Camera, 1899-1910 - Camerasin Cameras
1965-1972-'amateur photographer' magazines-girls!!-covers. - Paperin Paper
Old coin with old book, Queen Christina of Sweden - Booksin Books
Crumb Tray With Brush - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Blair Reversible Back Camera with Patent Extension Back, 1880s – 90s - Camerasin Cameras
Al-Vista 5-F Convertible Panoramic Camera, c.1901-1910 - Camerasin Cameras
Fort George Wright, near Spokane, Washington 1920s... - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Candlestick Telephone Attachment - Telephonesin Telephones
Rare Uncut Tintypes of Husband & Wife - Camerasin Cameras
WWI Army, Navy, Red Cross & Naval Aviator cadet snap shot photo @1917 - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Portrait Brownie No.2 - Camerasin Cameras
Eastern Washington Hydro 1920s - Photographsin Photographs
Piano and 3 girls funny pictures 1901 - Photographsin Photographs
Old tin chicken? - Animalsin Animals
Bullard Folding Magazine Camera, Series B, c.1898 - Camerasin Cameras
Help Identify This Military Photo - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
1891 Henry Clay Camera - a rare American camera - Camerasin Cameras
Antique? Chinese Imari-like Plate~Raised Design, unmarked,...any ideas? - Asianin Asian
Rexophone New Kent Australian made gramophone - Recordsin Records
HMV 460 Lumiére 1924/25  HMV  461 1926/29 - Recordsin Records
Nichol Kola girl framed - Signsin Signs
Rosenthal Art Nouveau Pitcher Tankard c1922. Do you recognize pattern or artist? - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Rochester Optical Company Folding Premier Camera, 1892 - Camerasin Cameras
1929 No. 1 Folding Kodak Junior  - Art Decoin Art Deco
Rainbow Hawkeye Vest Pocket - Camerasin Cameras
Antique Cameras - Camerasin Cameras
kodak 3a model f  - Camerasin Cameras
Block printed picture - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Roman?  Saxon ? Jar - Potteryin Pottery
The oldest book I ever found - Booksin Books
map of sussex england 1731 - Paperin Paper
1855 world atlas from Germany - Paperin Paper
No. 1 Kodak Pocket Camera Series 2 - Camerasin Cameras
Art Nouveau Secretary - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Help with this - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Early Boudoir Style Cabinet Portrait Card - Photographsin Photographs
Unknown 1890s American Folding Camera - Camerasin Cameras
Midget Camera by Rochester Optical (c.1889 to 1902) - Camerasin Cameras
New Antique Wood Cameras for the Holidays - Camerasin Cameras
Vintage Cameras on Display - Camerasin Cameras