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hi i'm Amy and my dad likes to collect and it bounced into me and i like to collect as well.


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Story Teller Figure  - Figurinesin Figurines
Two Shirley Temple Movies Called Wee Willie Winkie  & The Little Colonel  - Electronicsin Electronics
two Shirley Temple movies called Little Princess & Dimples - Electronicsin Electronics
Two more Shirley Temple movies called Little Miss Broadway and Blue Bird  - Electronicsin Electronics
  Shirley Temple movies called Bright Eyes and Susana of the mountain  - Electronicsin Electronics
Knick Knacks - Figurinesin Figurines
My Homemade Jewelry - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Shirley Temple Videos - Electronicsin Electronics
My Art Work 
Dog Figures - Figurinesin Figurines


  1. OMG !!!
  2. are you kidding me this is still a beautiful bracelet just the way it is :)
  3. They're so pretty !
  4. WOW! that's so cool!!!
  5. thanks aghcollect
  6. thank you katherinescollections, aghcollect for the love
  7. aww that's sweet
  8. Thanks Manikin for the love
  9. cute looks like Winnie the pooh a little
  10. Really good movie love the music
  11. awesome show brought up on this show from my dad and kids from the 90's don't know the good shows like Andy Griffith
  12. beautiful
  13. The watch is cool never seen a Kermit watch before :)
  14. oh she dances good
  15. thank you what is your favorite movie she did i like bright eyes
  16. cool i can do a impression of him lol
  17. wow cool i have a CD of them but they are singing Christmas song.
  18. thanks geo26e, aghcottect, kerry10456
  19. thanks aghcollect
  20. thanks nutsabotas6
  21. thanks aprilcoker
  22. thanks Manikin
  23. thanks aghcollect
  24. thanks aghcollect
  25. adorable love bulldogs
  26. Thank you PhilDavidAlexanderMorris for the love.
  27. Thank you aghcollect for the love.
  28. My father has one like that but with the orchestra in the background
  29. Beautiful wow!
  30. I have no clue but it's beautiful
  31. Thanks nutsabotas,aghcollect have a nice day
  32. Cute baby,it's sad the jonas brother band broke up but I sill enjoy there music.
  33. Beautiful watch I love it.
  34. I have the books as well but from the year 2009 winnie the pooh is a so kind I think.
  35. Winnie the pooh is awsome the books he illustrated is really good. I have all the books. That's a beautiful drawing he did.
  36. Very good actress she is my favorite is little princess my dad use to watch her when he was little
  37. Thanks racer4four it's a nice to have a good hobby that keeps you bisy. Thank you getthatmonkeyoffme,SEAN68
  38. Thank you getthatmonkeyoffme,racer4four,SEAN68
  39. Thank you getthatmonkyoffme I always liked painting since I was little and thank you SEAN68
  40. Thank you vaskyock24
  41. Thank you manikin.
  42. Thank you vanskyock24
  43. Nice skull It's kind of creepy is there a spirit attached to it.
  44. Nice helmet it's was it really use in the war?
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posted 14 days ago