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Eastern Shore, Maryland

My name is Leah Goodwin. I have been admiring and researching Bohemian glass for at least a decade. Anything with an applied motif or depicts a flower is what I adoMy name is Leah Goodwin. I have been admiring and researching Bohemian glass for at least a decade. Anything with an applied motif or depicts a flower is what I adore the most in art glass. (Read more)


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Kralik Art Nouveau Floriform Glass Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Harrach Rubina Verde Thumbprint Art Glass Vases with Applied Roses - Art Glassin Art Glass
Researching Heckert Art Glass Tazza / Compote from Hosch and the PGM - Art Glassin Art Glass
Four Sided Pallme Konig Floral Abstract Art Glass Vase With An Intriguing 1908 Post Card...... - Art Glassin Art Glass
Pallme Konig ABSTRACT Art Nouveau Sweetmeat Jar  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Pallme Konig ABSTRACT Art Nouveau Lamp - Art Glassin Art Glass
Carl Hosch Catalog Photos of Various Bohemian Art Glass Compotes and Decors for Roycroftbooksfromme1 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Antique Bohemian Figural Art Glass Lizard Climbing Thorn Branch - Art Glassin Art Glass
1890 Documented Harrach Amberino Art Glass Pitcher - Art Glassin Art Glass
More Extensive Documentation Covering Harrach Brocat Glass: Missouri - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Eileen, I really appreciate your enthusiasm and most of all, the lovely comments you always add to my postings. Thank you! THANKS, again, Kevin, Jenni, Mani and Eileen for sharing your delightful s...
  2. Good call, Lisa. The dainty cup shape could very well be this Legras shape #227.
  3. To make things easier and to be of help to others of interest, has the entirety of the 1898 catalog to preview. Here is IL shape...
  4. Whoops, the date of the catalog your looking for is 1898. Either way, hope the info. helps.
  5. Falls in line with shape #3217, Cleopatre from the 1899 Legras catalog. Good call on the Fenton "wheat" shape, but this is not a Fenton decor and the crimped rim is different. The splatter decor you h...
  6. Legras, IL. Not Fenton.
  7. Pretty sure your bowl is from British glasshouse, Whitefriars, and designed in 1969 by Geoffrey Baxter. The pattern number is M136.
  8. Need to revise, and would agree the cup was part of a liquor set.
  9. Cute. Looks like the size is a demitasse cup and your example is possibly from Legras.
  10. Thank you, Jenni and Mani for the wonderful compliments! :))
  11. Amazing what you can learn on CW! Love this posting and your collection. Had no idea the names of the Campbell's soup kids. I love soup and who doesn't? lol Purchased a set of the Campbell's (Dolly an...
  12. TY-TY, Kevin! :)
  13. Pretty JIP vase. The shape is adapted after the woodland plant, Jack in the Pulpit. The colour is considered just ruby. The opalescent on the rim is a nice touch. Bohemian for sure, 1900-1905. Kralik ...
  14. Thank you, Lisa and Alan for the delightful comments. Much appreciated! Many THANKS to EVERYONE who stopped by too!
  15. Great buy, Warren. I was your under bidder.. waah. Happy it went to a good home.
  16. Such a pretty vase! Bohemian, 1900-1910. Harrach or Kralik, as both were producing this style of applied flowers. I bet it does glow magnificently under a UV. lol Surely a vaseline collectors delight!
  17. Beautiful vase. The HP decoration is so pretty. Nice posting!
  18. Would have no doubt to say they are Bohemian for sure. I love thorn vases. What I like most about this example is the colour and the cactus appearance it has to offer. Not v. common to find, imo.
  19. What a fun and cheerful aquatic trio! Love the design of each. Best wishes, with finding the other three, Eileen.
  20. Hi, DDominic. If you upload a photo of the Haviland, Limoges backstamp and just of the saucer with a closer view of the pattern, I can take a look to see if I can help you ID the pattern. :)
  21. Love how in the fourth photo you were able to capture the light on the glass!
  22. Gorgeous vase! Love the design. Congratulations, on your find. Have no idea. Does have that Bohemian / French vibe. Never seen anything like it.
  23. Such a sweet posting. Warms my heart. Nothing like walking in your own garden to find all the wonderful gifts nature has to offer. Thanks, for sharing your colourful living art.
  24. Love your photos with the appearance of this monochromatic vase, Karen! Jenni is so right on to say it's a cool 60's look.
  25. Hi, Jenni, Karen, Kevin and Eileen! I must say reading all of your wonderful comments today brings me such delight to know how much everyone sees the beauty in these examples. Your comments are be...
  26. Thanks, Lisa! :)
  27. Cool design, Karen!
  28. Hi, pretty sure your sherbet with applied threading is shape #6360 and your bowl is shape #3390. The bowl would have come with a matching under plate.
  29. Absolutely stunning and your photos are amazing.
  30. Love the green brooches the most. Such an exquisite collection!
  31. Aw, Thank You, Eileen and Lori. Both of you are too kind. I really appreciate your compliments.
  32. This is a follow up posting. Thanks, to everyone for your interest.
  33. Love the Chevron pattern! Super nice collection.
  34. Fantastic addition to your Ruckl research, Lisa. Stunning jars and great info.
  35. Of course these are not (K-mart) blue light specials... lol :)
  36. Wishing you the Happiest of Birthday's, Malkey!!! Dig the BD-hat!!! V. cool colour.
  37. Lovely and sparkly, indeed, Eileen! I just adore how you have incorporated your cut overlay bowl with your brooches.
  38. Thank you, Ales for taking the time to help me out with the artists name! Hi Bill, Thanks, for clarifying and sharing the "Ghost Town" videos! Very interesting. Eileen, you're so kind! I am so t...
  39. Thank you, Alan for your wonderful input. Unfortunately, I no longer have the jar. Wish I knew you when I did own the jar, but knowing you have a couple of lids on hand, I will certainly keep you in m...
  40. I can imagine this lamp in a parlor room, but not with 15 children. lol What a special lady your Grandmother had to of been to raise such a large family. I can't imagine other than never having a dull...
  41. Fascinating to see the Drape vases as a match in the 1938 BB catalog, Lisa!
  42. Appears so life-like! Such a sweet little glass critter.
  43. I love the difference in the saturation of the colours between both glasshouses. Super nice collection, Lisa.
  44. All I can say is wow-za and what a stunning jar, Lisa! Nice addition to your Ruckl research.
  45. Thank you, Lisa! Out of all my searching, this was the best find. With the google images Bill provided looks like a few more examples could possibly come to life.
  46. Thanks, so much, Bill for figuring out the artist name and adding the link to other images. I too, love ads and documentation to help add to the topic of discussion. I really appreciate your help. Suc...
  47. Thank you, Newfld! Much appreciated, as always. :)
  48. Been thinking about you and wondering how your summer has been going. Glad to see you on CW, but so sorry, you're in the hosp... Sending you good vibes, Phil. xx
  49. Hi Alan, fantastic cookie jar you have! I absolutely agree with the PK attribution. Some don't agree otherwise and just added Kralik to be considerate of other opinions. Thanks, so much for adding you...
  50. Must be a middleman taking glass orders from foreign buyers? lol Neat figurine with a piece of history. This is how 3-way calling was done before there was actual 3 way calling, call-waiting and c...
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