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Eastern Shore, Maryland

My name is Leah Goodwin. I have been admiring and researching Bohemian glass for at least a decade. Anything with an applied motif or depicts a flower is what I adoMy name is Leah Goodwin. I have been admiring and researching Bohemian glass for at least a decade. Anything with an applied motif or depicts a flower is what I adore the most in art glass. (Read more)


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Clarke's Floriform Art Glass Fairy Lamp  - Art Glassin Art Glass
 Art Nouveau Bohemian Art Glass Floriform Stand with German Hamburg Clock - Art Glassin Art Glass
Bohemian Kralik Iridescent Peach Oil Spot Art Glass Vases - Art Glassin Art Glass
Hanging Bohemian Green Iridescent Art Nouveau Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
A Unique English or Bohemian Art Glass Epergne ~ An Unsolved Mystery - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz BAROCK Art Glass Vase with Applied Strawberry - Art Glassin Art Glass
Antique Victorian Loetz DEK I/417 Hand Painted CORALENE Art Glass Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Victorian Loetz DEK III/115 Art Glass Pitcher - Art Glassin Art Glass
Antique Bohemian Victorian Harrach or Loetz Peach Applied Rosette Art Glass Ewer Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Antique Bohemian Harrach Peach Air Tapped & Mica MOP SEAWEED Art Glass Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. So sweet, Phil. Thank you !!
  2. OMG! Such a grin I have. Thank you, so much Phil and Kev for the super kind compliments. Hugs, to you both.
  3. Hi Phil! Thank you, so much for the lovely compliments. Hugs, to you. Hope you're doing well.
  4. Thanks, Lisa! Glad you think so. :) I really appreciate all the loves received for this posting. You guys and dolls are awesome!
  5. Hi Alan! You always post such lovely glass from your collection. Thanks, for sharing as you always do.
  6. Thank to everyone who gave some love. Much appreciated!
  7. Thank you, my Jersey Shore friend for the lovely comment. Just put two and two together. lol Hope you're doing well. Have to send you an email soon to catch up. I'm so glad to see you here! :)
  8. Thanks, to EVERYONE who gave some love or hit the like button. Racerfour4, Ironlace, Broochman and Slpprs, I really appreciate and enjoyed reading your kind comments. Thanks, Lisa for clarifying...
  9. is fantastic with asking for a proper ID! Kai does cover the research material for early Loetz production and has done a wonderful job. It seems I can confirm which is good to know that Loet...
  10. From my experience with the Harrach and Riedel alphanumeric marks, there is a difference to understand which mark is Harrach or Riedel. Harrach uses a (.) period to separate the letter and numbers an...
  11. NevB, your vase has the Riedel alpha-numeric mark.
  12. From Bohemian glasshouse, Josef Riedel. Late 19th century.
  13. This three part series of these postings is absolutely THE BEST example to understand how complex Bohemian glass research glass truly is to date. Bravo, Larskel on taking the time to find these many ...
  14. With your Ruckl ball vase, here is a trio with an interesting "Coralle" paper label.
  15. 20thC: Bohemian glasshouses have been known to produced same or similar designs. The DEK signature on the vase confirms the Loetz attribution. As far as the Harrach attribution, according to Kai Hasse...
  16. My pleasure, dlpetersen! Certainly a talented artist to be able imitate such art work. I wish you the best in your research. Will look forward to your findings.
  17. Wow, this is really neat to see. I was researching glass produced in 1910 and found a company from New York called The Imitation Art Glass Co. which became a curiosity with wanting to know what did th...
  18. Thanks, to those who gave some love too. :)
  19. Thank you, so much for the wonderful compliments with love. I really appreciate it!
  20. Neat photo's Mani. Hope you are having a great summer. :)
  21. Look gorgeous, Phil! What a nice surprise. Glad everything worked out. Sorry for my delay, I've been really enjoying myself this summer and have not been on CW for a while. Love you you too, Phil. :)
  22. Lovely as ever, Phil. Hope you are having a great summer. :)
  23. Of all things, I just acquired an exact pair. Mine came with replacement "Acetate" lenses for ski-goggles in a paper envelope. The packaging is from the American Spectacle Co., Inc. in New York. The o...
  24. Thank you, Sean!! :)
  25. Thanks, to EVERYONE who gave some LOVE!!!!!!!!!!! Much appreciated. :)
  26. Hi Kai. Absolutely, you can use my pics. Glad to be of help, and keep up the good work! Thank you, Kevin! Caperkid, THANKS, a bunch for saying so. :) Can't ever go wrong with purple. lol Tha...
  27. Beautiful...
  28. Hi Judy. Stunning perfume. Looks very Bohemian to me. I'm sure it lights up neon green under a black light?!
  29. Thank you, Ivonne!!
  30. Thank you, Thomas!!
  31. So kind of you, Phil to say so... Thank you!!
  32. Thank you, Phil. I think the same of your findings too!
  33. Good question, Phil. Have no idea how long something as such would take to create. I'm sure in the process of it all, they had a blast bringing it to life! xo :)
  34. Thank you, Nicefice and Phil for the wonderful compliments. :)
  35. Outstanding, Phil!
  36. Thank you, Sean!!
  37. Thank you, Sean!!
  38. Thanks, to everyone who gave some LOVE!! Much appreciated. :)
  39. Yummy!!
  40. Fantastic posting, and what a beautiful Riviere necklace for your wife. I'm amazed you could find a pic of Anna Wintour with out her sunglasses on!
  41. Thank you, Kyra!! Thank you, Holycowelsie!! and Thank you, Karen!! I really appreciate your lovely compliments on the basket. :)
  42. Thanks, Nuts and Karen!!
  43. Thank you, Alan and Virginia.vintage!! V.V., I hope to post more mica examples soon. Like you, I love mica too. :) Also, Thanks, to everyone who gave some love. I do appreciate it!
  44. Hi Anne. Thanks, for your interest as well as the kind compliment. The example is not Peachblow, but it is in the style of Peachblow. So I understand why you would mention it. Also, there is no uraniu...
  45. Absolutely, Anne. Would be happy to help you out if I find something of interest. Thanks, again for saying the basket is awesome-awesome! Too cute. lol :)
  46. Hi Anne, and thanks, so much for your kind compliment. I know you have a few baskets too. I have to admit, I do love me some baskets!! :)
  47. Leap Frog!!! How adorable, Phil.
  48. Love the blue, Karen!
  49. Absolutely gorgeous. I agree it's European, and the pottery is majolica. If you can find a mark on the knob of the burner and take a pic to share on CW, this could help date your hanging parlor lamp.
  50. Hi Alan, nice find and I believe your shape is a candlestick holder.
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