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Eastern Shore, Maryland

My name is Leah Goodwin. I have been admiring and researching Bohemian glass for at least a decade. Anything with an applied motif or depicts a flower is what I adoMy name is Leah Goodwin. I have been admiring and researching Bohemian glass for at least a decade. Anything with an applied motif or depicts a flower is what I adore the most in art glass. (Read more)


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Antique Victorian Harrach Art Glass Basket with Applied Rosettes - Art Glassin Art Glass
Antique Victorian Bohemian Hand Painted Applied Rose Art Glass Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Documented Butler Bros. Bohemian Art Glass Bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass
Antique Bohemian Art Glass Epergne With Spreading Colours - Art Glassin Art Glass
12" Antique Bohemian Czech Kralik Art Deco Glass Epergne Vase - Art Decoin Art Deco
Antique Victorian Bohemian Mary Gregory Art Glass Oil Lamp with Acid Etched Cameo Globe from Schreiber Neffen - Art Glassin Art Glass
Antique Bohemian Art Glass Fairy Lamp - Art Glassin Art Glass
Antique Bohemian Art Glass Oil Lamp produced for the English Market - Art Glassin Art Glass
Victorian Applied Colouress and Chartruese Art Glass Palm Tree Vases from Harrach - Art Glassin Art Glass
Clarke's Floriform Art Glass Fairy Lamp  - Lampsin Lamps


  1. Wow! Truly an amazing collection.
  2. I swear your collection of Sherman jewelry screams, don't hate me because I'm beautiful. lol Absolutely exquisite, Phil. xo
  3. Love-love-love this extraordinary colour, Phil. Such a marvelous find. I admire your taste immensely.
  4. Hi Lisa. Yes, this is far from being Fenton and in good condition. I usually try to skip over giving a condition report, but this example was glued together when I purchased it. I wanted it regardless...
  5. Fantastic line up! Great collection of Ruckl art glass.
  6. Love the embossed $$ clip. Such a pretty design, Lisa.
  7. Spectacular.
  8. Total glass envy for sure! Stunning.
  9. My hubby has it's cousin hanging out on a shelf in the garage. It's one of the first things you see when you walk in. Never associated with "all the above" as you described, but it sure does make sens...
  10. Love the colour, Penny!
  11. Such a pretty etched floral design!
  12. Thanks, IronLace! I could not agree more and tend to find examples with applied motifs on both sides are usually found on shapes that are large in scale. Thanks, again for stopping by. :) Thank y...
  13. Thank YOU, so much IronLace, Kevin, and Phil for the cheery comments. Always and truly appreciated.
  14. Pretty basket, Adele. Many shapes were produced with these applied flowers by a few different Bohemian glasshouses. Harrach especially. Nice find.
  15. Oh, how things evolve and make use of something else! lol Fun posting, Lisa. Like the idea of how you used your spooner. If no one knew, they just might think the spooner was actually made for eye wea...
  16. Thank you, for sharing as you do, Alan. I hope you feel better soon so you can get back to what you love the most. Wishing you a beautiful Holiday Season and Best Wishes, in 2020.
  17. I sincerely appreciate EVERYONE who gave some love. Thank you!!
  18. Thank you, kindly, Phil and Peggy. We can all certainly relate with how rewarding it can be with sharing information. Esp. when it helps others. I really appreciate both of you stopping by. Always a j...
  19. Thanks, so much Broochman, and Phil for the wonderful compliments. Much appreciated. :)
  20. Thank you, Broochman for the wonderful compliment. :)
  21. Thank you, foseatme! Just to follow up, here is a link to preview an example from the 1900 Butler Brothers wholesale catalog.
  22. Here is a photo of the 1900 Butler Brothers advertisement to match with your shape:
  23. Thank you, Vintagelamp! :)
  24. Super nice collection!
  25. Such a keen imagination and beautiful eye you have, Phil! Truly a lovely piece of history.
  26. Absolutely gorgeous, Phil! Timeless like the Chanel tweed suit it probably went with.
  27. Thanks, to EVERYONE who have some Love too! :)
  28. Thank you, kindly, Ales, Lisa and Peggy for the lovely comments. I really appreciate your input. :) Lisa, the information you shared is interesting. Another glass dynasty to add to the list. :)
  29. Stunning!
  30. Thanks, to EVERYONE who gave some Love. Much appreciated! :)
  31. Super nice photos, Sean. I've always enjoyed the many cool things you've shared through the years.
  32. Beautiful decor, Ales!
  33. Awwww- Thanks, Sean! :)
  34. All the above! Congratulations! Love it!
  35. Fantastic posting! Great shape and the decor of your biscuit jar is beautiful.
  36. I think I am the one beyond words! Phil, IronLace and Slpprs, THANK YOU so much for the lovely comments. Too kind. :) THANKS, to everyone who gave some love. Always, much appreciated. :)
  37. Thank you, IronLace, TreasureTex, and Slpprs for sharing your splendid compliments with this oil lamp. I truly appreciate your kind sentiments. Makes me feel very gracious to be in such wonderful comp...
  38. Thanks, Sean!
  39. Thank you, Phil and Ales for the wonderful comments. :)
  40. Such a pretty decor!
  41. Thanks, Sean!
  42. Thanks, to everyone who gave some love. Much appreciated!
  43. IL, came across this photo which I think you will not only be surprised, but will be pleased to know what this stand was also used for.
  44. Warren, I remember years ago when you had another example and gave the perfect depiction of the Spiraloptisch decor to a zen garden which was so fitting!
  45. Such a beautiful vase, DuDa! Super nice photos too.
  46. Thanks, Warren, Phil and IronLace for the wonderful compliments! IL. you have such a beautiful collection with so much to be admired! I looked at your collection of palm vases and the example from ...
  47. Hi, EAPGDepression Gal! Pretty vase and can see why you might think it's Bohemian art glass. Your vase is a modern studio vase. Much newer. :)
  48. Would not surprise me if this was Bohemian, Stillwater. Love the colour combination and like Kevin said, Special, I think.
  49. Hi Gillian! Very interesting thought. You made me curious so I looked for a UK inflation calculator from the year 1890 and with the 10s, "s" for shilling, and 6d, "d" for pence would be 43,08 GBP in...
  50. Super nice shape! Love the splashes of cranberry colour too.
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