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  1. Thanks, I think I might have a buyer. I know a guy that collects safes. If he is not interested then that is probably what we will do. I just had no idea what to even start to ask for it.
  2. Wow, that was an interesting read. This safe is probably 60" tall, and 24" wide, 18" to 24" deep. Other than a few scratches it is very good working order.
  3. Currently located in a garage, it is on wheels so easily moved. The lock does work. The parts inside can be removed and rearranged. It is a heavy piece but very functional. My family has had it ov...
  4. All your links worked just fine. I think have a new account with ebay, that must be the difference.
  5. You know anything about large safes? Looking for info on one of those too. It is the other item I have posted.
  6. Yes, I have posted there too. Sent them emails and such, but no answers. My mother is purging some items, just looking for info for her.
  7. Yes, logged in. If I have a store I can go back farther but if not it is 15 days. I don't want to have to pay for the store...
  8. Your awesome, my mother will be so excited. I can't wait to send her the links and tell her how helpful you have been.
  9. You must have a more sophisticated account than I; mine only goes back 15 days... Nice to see one though. :)
  10. Hey, thanks! Will keep my fingers crossed. Will it make a difference if it is upright or laying down?
  11. Well, right now it is 20 degrees outside, don't think we can do it anytime soon, but will give it a shot first chance we get.
  12. Not upset, just thought I was missing something...
  13. Yes, looked at the closed ebay listings too. I have looked at RC's official website, googled it. I just can not find one like it. Seems odd to me.
  14. officalfuel, looking for the one you are seeing on ebay. Is it a listing or on one of their store sites; I am not seeing one like this one. Colors are close but none of the ones I see are just like ...
  15. AR8Jason, thanks for the info. We will give it a try. I just don't want to do anything that will damage it.
  16. I just looked at the pic of the back, it was really bright the day we took the picture, the sun is bouncing off the wood, that is why it looks so bright.
  17. All intact, the problem with the mercury is it looks separated. I think you can make that out in one of the pictures if you look close. There seems to be a bubble between in the middle of it. There...
  18. Nope, all original. My Grandfather kept it on the wall in the convenience store. It was never hung outside. When he closed the store my father brought it home and put it in the closet. That was pr...
  19. Well, just looked. There are 23 listed and not one is just like this one.
  20. officalfuel, I have no idea but I have been told it can be done. Perhaps you know more than I, that is part of the reason I posted the item so I can find out more about it. Give me a break!
  21. TheOklahomaKid19 and jacksborodan who commented on the original post, do you know where I can find more information about the value of this item? This was hanging in my Grandfather's store in Texas s...
  22. It's not broken, fully intact. It just needs to be recalibrated.
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