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O/M DEP on walker body for french market - Dollsin Dolls
who is this little doll and is this the right body? - Dollsin Dolls


  1. I really appreciate you weighing in. I just heard from another expert/restorer and he is saying the same thing. Correct body and head put together the wrong. The person who wants to buy her is sure th...
  2. Haha. My husband thinks they're all possessing me!
  3. I am still questioning the body/head match. I have a c/m DEP doll, so I added a photograph of the two dolls, with identical markings. Both have a 17" body, which seems to make them both correct. I ...
  4. I photographed the mystery girl next to an early S&H lady on twill body and a small S&H on twill body. The bisque on the larger doll and the mystery are similar, both have some speckling, which might...
  5. There is no repair to the inside of the neck. What I do see is the metal mechanism protrudes out of the opening and there is a metal disc attached to it, and above that is where the head rests. Insi...
  6. I will re-submit. I was trying to sell her and someone had me convinced it was the wrong body, so I was going to let her go for much less than I had her listed for. watch for the relist here.
  7. Thank you. on the all-bisque, I compared her bisque to a very early S&H lady doll on twill body and it is actually very similar, that also has a bit of a rougher texture with some very fine pitting. ...
  8. Let me know if you need more or different photos, I added two of the face close up.
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