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Advent Calendar from Germany - Christmasin Christmas
Advent Calendars from Germany - Christmasin Christmas


  1. The second calendar is Order Nr. 29, thanks to my friend Ingrid in Germany. Richard Sellmer Verlag currently makes a different advent calendar, also labeled Order Nr. 29. They reprint their vintage ca...
  2. I noticed an advent calendar like yours for sale. The seller states it's from the 1970s, with a mailing date on the envelope of 1974. The number on the lower right is 531. I hope this helps:-)
  3. Looks like AAi, Made in Rhode Island, here's the company's history: 1971: AAi was Femic, Inc, 1986: Accessories Assoc. 1996: AAi Foster Grant 2008: FGX International(owned by British Virgi...
  4. The third calendar is Order-Nr. 38.
  5. I discovered the last calendar by Veruschka is Order Nr. 551.
  6. Advent calendars are often reprinted, so it is possible that your calendar is older than the calendar shown in the museum. The number on the bottom right might help to date your edition too.
  7. If you use the following link:, you can access the Nuremberg Toy Museum's virtual depot. Just search(suchen) for Adventskalender under Ob...
  8. While I have a generous collection, I have yet to find these advent calendars. Thanks again for your comment.
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