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Art nouveau box by Eugene windeck - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Art nouveau, montieres lided  box - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Cellarius strasbourg, case and jewelery set - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Art nouveau Daisy brooch - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Art nouveau thistle brooch - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
andré kauffer  thistle brooch - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
large art deco bowl "chevreuse"  by rene lalique. - Art Decoin Art Deco
marie-georges william barboteaux  necklace - Art Decoin Art Deco
clement massier  &  lucien lévy-dhurmer vase - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
french art deco enameled vase by delvaux - Art Decoin Art Deco


  1. Ho Valentino this brooch is 12 cm wide and also from the same maker of nancy of my 2 roses and thistles brooch
  2. Hi malkey thx. Glad to see you again here ????
  3. thx thedecoguy-) i also enjoy to see you nice lalique growing familly-)
  4. enjoy, these pieces are fragiles they usually are with chips and cracks, rarely in perfect coundition, i'm sure your piece is a good one who propbably was shown on some international world fair's...
  5. auntie would be nice to put it not front of sun, it could damdge the colours with time. i'll try to find you the original drawing of the vase-) orsay museum have the whole existing collection ...
  6. hi auntie this is an authentic emile gallé, you are quite lucky to get this piece of art. emile and his father charles gallé were retailer of glass and porcelain, charles gallé was honoured ...
  7. hi malkey thanks for your loves-)
  8. hi recordmantime, i've seen the lot thx. i'm now looking for the complete set-) bangle, ring, earrings-) i saw some past lots what i'mlooking for but not on auction yet.
  9. after cleaning.... bien plus lumineux. -)
  10. never say never-)
  11. hi friends-) thx for nice comments, malkey you have the vase? thats cool-) with you nice treasures for xmas-)
  12. THX MY FRIEND -)
  13. i have one.... thats ok-)
  14. thx alan-) je fais de mon mieux-)
  15. THX NEWFLD, yes it is in quite good condition, i've juste cleened the plique a jour to get the real colours, but untouched the silver.
  16. hi i agree, the enamel work is exceptional, thx for your loves-)
  17. hi malkey, hop you will be fine-) and thx for comments. this is not my favourite, in case of late production,but i catch it.... and kyratango my friendwas so friendly to pick it up for me.... honnest...
  18. superbe !
  19. Pascale..yes i is the best catch this summer????
  20. Well done pascale???? j'espere que tu vas bien????
  21. Que de jolies trouvailles???? ma plus belle n'est nid'or ni d'argent mais ses yeux brillent comme des diamants?. Enjoy this nice summer.
  22. ho kyra you got my eye-) the derrick one-) voila maintenant tu garde un oeil sur toute ta collec sur cw-) bisou. on ne pourra plus dire que tu n'as plus "l'oeil' hihihi
  23. Bon premier mai pascale. And nice catch????
  24. you will find the whole belgian pottery manufacturer here
  25. hi rose, seems to be thulin for me too.
  26. Kyratization for ever???? . Will look on mini vienna ton complete the ranch
  27. Thx all for comments... Kyra if it was a pavot and sold by a picker...would he not mind...but many dummies in this shop so.... Never say never. I'm now oooking on stlouis collection and devez/paul nic...
  28. thx manikin-)
  29. Thx ivonne
  30. Wow love them????
  31. stunning piece of art
  32. love collectors interiors-) he he we all need more place-) tell me what they are the bleue bottles on the second pictures from left. they looked like old victorian baby bottles.
  33. NICE story -) at d'argental i prefer personally the blue and purple vases-) and thx to learn us some new details i'v personnaly don't know with the "cross of lorraine" now you need a next one to...
  34. yes my love comes slowly on cw-) wait and see-) i really enjoyed today sunny day for nice pics-) merci ma belle-) t'as vu comme il est beau avec cette lumiere-) je reste vallerysthal addict-) ...
  35. hi gillian i'm fine -) and you-) i'll try to build my museum and takes time and lot of energy-) pascale merci,mais meme s'il est casse pied a ranger et fragile c'est une de mes "best friend for ev...
  36. LOL non mais non je l'aime bien mon vase-) j'ai mis le porte bouquet-) pour emile... j'attends un peu ....tu l'aime pas mon simonet?
  37. As tu regarde sur la queue de cochon? Pas de marque? No marking in the pin stopper?
  38. ho my god-) when an angel finally find her wings-) -))) toujours la bonne etoile pascale-) will look for the original drawing of your treasure-) i'm now feeling like you.... waiting my meisent...
  39. Thats a lucky find????
  40. malkey thx for loves and nice comments-)
  41. thx jericho
  42. thats why... i got it with a crapy ugly lampshade.... nobody cares thinking of some ikea make..... but derrick was there-) i just saw the brass... and like archimede says " eureka" i put is look...
  43. my babies always call me -) come-on babe, come on! -)
  44. thx all -) to comment and love my few hunts... i'feel a little bit sad with a " ready car" to hunt on fles... but well... i had some lucky find so.... "baby dont' cry baby-)"
  45. 3e..... j'y croyait pas... 15broc passent pas un regard dessus loooool
  46. celui la il a du me couter 50 cent mouuuuaaaaahhhh
  47. DERRICK A ENCORE UN BEAU RENe SUR LE FEU.....on attend que le vendeur se manifeste-)
  48. Jolie trouvaille content pour toi????...j'ai la poisse perso car des que je trouve une piece incroyable elle disparait d'ebay dans l 'heure????.. Wish you to find more beauties????
  49. lol the bug hospital still in action-) -) je vois qu'avec le froid on s'occupe-) bien au chaud bise pascale.
  50. On y travaille???? bonnee annee a toi et que ton jardin soir rempli de nouvelles bzzz????
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Antique painted under glass dog miniature brooch. Kyratised! Jugendstil enameled glass bowl Art Deco Brooch (Germany), ca. 1930 Baccarat Diamond Serpentine pattern large bowl mounted a 'peek' behind cabinet doors : ) Victorian Card Case of silver filigree, enamel and marked Footed bowl, Jacques and Dani Ruelland (ca. 1960) Amethyst and seed pearls silver beetle brooch sweet and delicate decanter by Legras' factory Legras: rare and wondeful liqueur glass and decanter Wiener Werkstätte Vally Wieselthier glass bowl Art nouveau plique a jour choker, Janvier Quercia. Eugene Baudin Vase with Bronze Base Attributed to Hector Guimard


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