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Jean Xavier Elchinger alias Jean Garillon (1898-1981)

Jean Garillon (1898-1981), of his true name Ernest Jean Xavier Elchinger, was the nephew of Leon Elchinger (1871-1942), famous ceramist originating in Soufflenheim. Formed in the family workshop, it opened its own workshop at the beginning of the years 1920 with Soufflenheim, under reason “Elchinger and Co”. Since 1928, it used the maiden name of his wife like pseudonym, name which became trade mark since 1930. About 1940, it left Alsace and settled in Saint-Cloud (92), where it continued his activity of ceramist until about 1960.

art deco pottery vase by JEAN GARILLON, soufflenheim - Art Decoby paris1925
in Art Deco