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Manitoba, Canada

My father was an associate of Winnipeg's The T. EATON Co. Limited main store in the 1970's Western Divisional Advertising Department. Only a few advertising personalMy father was an associate of Winnipeg's The T. EATON Co. Limited main store in the 1970's Western Divisional Advertising Department. Only a few advertising personal are around today. Our family have also been part of the Eaton's family (1930's) prior to my father becoming employed, you can say he is a true blooded "Eatonian" even though I'm told Royal blood runs in our veins, but that is another story. My father started to collect key vintage historical artifacts and print advertising items from The T. EATON Co. Limited when the Winnipeg Store was closed in 1999, and then to his disbelief the store in 2001 was demolished one floor at a time and gone forever. We're continuing in building EATON'S one item at a time. Giving back to the community through showcasing of this unique collection, thus maintaining the integrity and legacy of the T. EATON Co Limited. This collection is dedicated to the memory of every person who had shopped and who had worked with this great Canadian company. Please Note: Acknowledgement of TOWNSEND Collection must be included with images being electronically uploaded. (Read more)


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The T. EATON Co. Limited, Winnipeg Diamond "E" Saucer and Tea Pot circa. 1905   - Silverin Silver
The T. EATON Co. Limited, Winnipeg TECO Box Camera circa. 1940   - Camerasin Cameras
The T. EATON Co. Limited, Hamilton Coat Check Tag circa. 1927   - Advertisingin Advertising
The T. EATON Co. Limited, Winnipeg Sideboard circa. 1911 - Furniturein Furniture
The T. EATON Co. Limited, Winnipeg Art Delco Berkley Toaster circa. 1959 - Kitchenin Kitchen
The T. EATON Co. Limited, Winnipeg BISSELL'S Eatonia Sweeper circa. 1900   - Advertisingin Advertising
The T.EATON Co. Limited, Winnipeg Grill Room, Victorian Scottish Hall Table circa. 1880 - Advertisingin Advertising
The T. EATON Co. Limited, Winnipeg  Timothy Eaton Statue Bank   circa. 1970 - Advertisingin Advertising
The T. EATON Co. Limited, Winnipeg WILD Heerbrugg Drawing Set circa. 1950 - Advertisingin Advertising
The T. EATON Co. Limited, Winnipeg Main Floor 1920 Counter Displays  - Advertisingin Advertising


  1. Hi Genuine68; I had also looked at the same tin at the Forks in Winnipeg 9 months ago. I have three various sizes of this particular tin. The Winnipeg Store made it's own coffee and tea and packaged ...
  2. I do showcase at a few shows, however I am developing a Eaton’s Museum that will showcase historical items and print media.
  3. Hello Citroen71, After doing some research. I found an archived photo showing your door handle. This was on the wooden doors of the main entrances of the Winnipeg main store around 1955. They did cha...
  4. These are beautiful historical pieces.
  5. The T. Eaton Co Limited Winnipeg Building was built in 1904, with the red brick laying starting March 17, 1905. The official grand opening of the store was July 17, 1905.
  6. Hello Citroen71, Actually, in all the years I worked at the main T. Eaton Co I have not seen any door handle for which you have. Possibly it came from the Alexander Warehouse, or the Annex and/or the...
  7. Hello blunderbuss2, Eaton's is actually. This great company had done lots for Canada.
  8. Hello Citroen71, A museum dedicated to The T. EATON Co. Limited is in the works.
  9. These ribbons are absolutely wonderful, interesting to see one of the Trans Canada Sale ribbons the Eaton's Winnipeg Divisional Advertising department worked on. Sure brings back memories.
  10. What location was the Eaton's bricks from that you hand-picked? Which side of the building.
  11. A part of Canadian history was made June 30, 2018 at 5:00 pm; when the T. EATON Co. Limited bronze sign was brought back home to the corner of Portage Avenue at Donald Street for a photo shoot with pa...
  12. Hello nutsabotas6, It sure is considering the age of it, a few scratches mind you. Have seen some on line that is in very bad condition; and asking way too much money.
  13. Hello PhilDMorris, A treasure in deed... showcased for the first time at an event this past February. So overwhelmed by the people who actually worked at "The Big Store" showing up at my booth. Every...
  14. Hello vetraio50, Just saw your message, will never too late... Season's Greetings to you as well! Thank you for being a follower of my Eaton collection, I have been very busy as you can imagine seek...
  15. Hello roddyq, It sure was something to meet Gene. Sorry that he passed on but, his memory and contribution to the Space Agency, and to all people of this world will live on.
  16. Hello valentino97, The head fashion photographer had to chuckle because why all the fuss in the 1970's, me on the other hand was young and had no idea why the fuss. In my owning an ad agency later o...
  17. Hello antiquerose, Thank you for bringing this to my attention, darn spell check. Made all the corrections and still collecting Pumpkinhead "Punkinhead" items. Have checked out your lamp... very cool...
  18. Hello racer4four, Actually, funny that you mention this... no ingredients are even on the label! Times have changed and all the ingredients must now be on every label, even here in Canada with Frenc...
  19. Hello DonnygEatonian, I have collected only a few key Eaton's catalogues. I do have people asking if I want them but, they are more current 1960-70's. I will keep my eyes open for the 1920 and post it.
  20. Hello antiquerose, Sure did, just have not been able to reply, busy doing Eaton's research and my Museum. The advertising sure has been interesting, the fact some were actually printed by my father w...
  21. Hello blunderbuss2, It's amazing that after all these years this particular butter churn can be used. The high quality construction is so well done, it stood the test of time. I have seen others that...
  22. Hello pw-collector, I believe this is a Gallet watch, of course it doesn't mention on the ad in the 1923 Eaton's catalogue. Thank you for the website link, it did show this actual watch as well in th...
  23. Hello DonnygEatonian's, I will keep an eye out for (image) of this particular 1920 Spring and Summer Catalogue.
  24. Hi Gillian, Thank you. When starting the work on this sign had no idea of the results. Time worth spent, thus further maintaining the history of Eaton's.
  25. Hello Gillian, You have this right. The T. Eaton Company was on James North in Hamilton, Ontario.
  26. Hello Coopergirl, They are pretty heavy, but worth carrying them; a piece of history to showcase to everyone. I remember eating many times in the Grill Room 5th floor when I was employed by Eaton's,...
  27. Great Picture! Could've been used for marketing for EATON'S, happy satisfied customer and family related at well. Quality clothing and stylish; of course only from a great Canadian store.
  28. The picture on the Oil Can is the Winnipeg T. EATON Co Limited circa. 1910-12 This Diamond "E" branded oil was sold through the branch store outlets, Dauphin, MB, Brandon, MB and the main store in Wi...
  29. Funny you should mention mail order Eaton homes. I am looking at an Eaton house currently for the development of my Eaton's museum.
  30. Interesting that I am working on same T. EATON Co scale. Mine is 60 years old, T14, 12752, indicating that you have an older one. Great job on the restoration.
  31. Very nice. I have the original EATON'S Sign from Winnipeg circa 1904 from Portage Avenue and Donald Street corner. I used to place my bike under the sign, and worked at EATON'S Advertising Department.
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Bricks From Eaton's Department Store (Portage Avenue, Winnipeg) Built in 1905 vintage mechanical figures Winnipeg EATON'S Store...in my backyard This one is a mystery!  Diamond E Oil, with T.Eaton Co. Winnipeg.  Did Eatons sell oil?  The T. Eaton co limited sign Old Ceramic Bear Lamp - Punkin Head  T. Eaton Eaton's catalogues Eaton's 1975 Christmas catalogue Classy Lady Inherited Eatonia blue steamer trunk 1970 All Stars Pro Action Hockey Game #5165/5169 1952 Electrohome tv Canadian Character Watches in Eatons Spring & Summer 1954 Catalog Dept Store Sample ??? Ballerina and Ride Em Cowboy Character Watch 1953 Eaton - 1/4 CENTURY CLUB wristwatch


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