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heemskerk ,and hospital

former professor sinologie university of Leiden and appraiser collection see under, for instance 49 toikka birds 3 lechti kalas nurminen 4 borowski 2 tapio wiformer professor sinologie university of Leiden and appraiser collection see under, for instance 49 toikka birds 3 lechti kalas nurminen 4 borowski 2 tapio wirkkala 5 jakobino 3 paperweights ( dreutler en stlouis) 2 barbini murano aquarium +paradisebird 2 valners mad art z folio 2 bertil valien 2 liuligongfang 2beranek 2 nanny still reverse glaspainting + naif 1 tacaks 2 mijo kovacic 1 de nijs 1 chinese portpainting painting fi 1 smorenberg- lilys bronze flapper-lady art deco ducks on marble art deco fang ding quadropod (Read more)


  1. whatever , i abstain from apraissal from now on, discussion closed , no beef , no sweat
  2. there are thousands of Beckmann imitations, it has to be signed with Dresden
  3. 4+1 Porcelain blue and white Prunus Vase and jars - China - second half of the 20th century, = catawiki , cute but not valuable , i gave a link because no one believes me when i appraise , because t...
  4. no its transfer the dots are printed above the vertical bars
  5. conformed heritage peony scroll overlay 1900-12935
  6. mailed dresden auction house they are not familiair with it, it aint Stevens and Webb or Stevens and Williams , so i am out of options , sorry
  7. probably isis with nekbeth potraying , she is double breasted , painted egyptian style, just a long shot , to lazy to datamine watch the hairdress thats an indication
  8. i am not good in this so your shots are as good as mine , i think chrystolite doesnt match with the abrasion criteria 2 the color is teal and not parakeet 3 they are cut out of boulders, so you need...
  9. agree i trust this piece , got the orange oxidation , early republic not late republic, good piece nice catch well done
  10. looks good could be a double happiness 1820-1850
  11. Chenghua made apogriphical , thin layer craquel must be 70 tees or later
  12. this is from the 50 tees
  13. i think you are right , probably late republic
  14. its not my taste , but this is good stuff, i have auctioned this will do good money, congrats very well done
  15. never heard of them so i learned something today , but its a real nice color combination love it
  16. and it aint de Vianne
  17. this does not feel good, probably no Beckman & Weis
  18. this is officially not the mayan revival style from the 20 tees , they are signed Ladislao Ortega Tonala , this is early 60 tees ,rather nice , but it remains tourist ware
  19. wow outstanding
  20. agree with olof
  21. i just dont know. i think it is transferred in stead of painted, and i think the garment is lodewijk 14 noblity style (louis quartorze , louis seize) i might talk bs
  22. this is very good stuff, this will do money , one of the flower series, they are mushroom , raspberries and poppy series, and i believe roses, these are highly wanted, in holland we call it the Rozenb...
  23. dont be sad they are cute,
  24. i am not an orvola lover , but i do love the scruff
  25. I did not know this manufacturer, so I learned a lot today, but I immediately recognized the German Jugendstil, which is more sober and angular than the French art nouveau. I find it very beautiful, b...
  26. i agree sometimes i am wrong , but this sure mexican
  27. agreed i bought mine in oaxaca ( waggaakaa) in the early 80, only my rugs are thicker i think , very nice
  28. i think its from thailand
  29. maybe about the kassapa story, soothing a flood
  30. long shot mastering over passion buddha , gupta style, could be abhaya mudra , but he is half naked, but it aint have vitarka mudra , better asked an expert
  31. no it was joke bad humor, the didnot stamp pottery in 1800
  32. ok they appraise ? its not allowed in holland, conflict of interest , i did not knew that
  33. haha was it that hard to read greek ?
  34. this is what they call one of the Dutch Shapes Liverpool pottery 1806-1807 i prefer to abstain for appraisal , because i am a gentile guy
  35. nice unfortunately not an Hirado
  36. very nice keep it this way, it could be Cassiar , its just a long shot
  37. quite nice , i dont think its that old , it doesn,t Urushi and it does nit seem Maki
  38. sorry Rakow,s
  39. nice looks genuine , let it authorise by Jakow,s
  40. carnelian marcasite late twentees nice
  41. nice and dont pull it from frame , the piece already had extreme suffering
  42. it aint lysimachus and it aint Ptolemy I Soter , so i just dont know looks Frankensteined, the Athene caracter on the right does not feel good also i am out of my league here
  43. the tetradrachme aint written in greeck
  44. i havent got the faintest idea / a fake caput coin of Alexander the GReat Macedonie
  45. i got no idea , but aint art decoi
  46. i knew this was coming if you are a cameo lover , you must have a Thomas Webb otherwise you got no bragging rights, lol , very nice
  47. i have had a lamp of this stuff, but yours is much better very nice
  48. dont compare it with ebay a lot of money for absolute junk
  49. 99 procent of the time its a fake 1969-1970-1971 millefiori murano , so it aint NEGC the nitty gritty 1852 doesn,t say anything about the age or provenance the nitty gritty is , is this a one ...
  50. maybe our expert on everything the honorable mr Kunst know what this is
  51. See more