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  1. probably made of clay and it,s a monochrome it,s cute but is very low on value
  2. well let,s make it a bit easier ,mostly tongzhi haven,t got dark green in floral scenes, mostly the more turquoise
  3. this ought to be tongzhi ( with the open mouth symbol ) but this mark belongs to the early republic period, the other reason why it is early republic is the dark green in the plate to buy real tong...
  4. its on my playlist when i am playing poker and also the rednex cotton eye joe
  5. truth or dare could do this if i disagree i correct later , i don,t want a power battle
  6. why is this oklad 18 century ?
  7. nice , artistically they got some trouble with the hands and the feet
  8. nice a real one congrats
  9. this is nilgiri its plated
  10. taj mahal
  11. mughal court scene
  12. i settle for matcha
  13. bring in the ocha i got the dobin
  14. watch it again this is a very well piece , have you the depth changes in the feathers , i thing is strange no turquoise bottom
  15. this does not make sense to me a gui with sort of western zhou motif but even the fakes will do a low 3 figures
  16. proc vase 1960 +
  17. this is captivating , this could be real but i am not sure, this got a sort of right glazing guangxu crane scene, the turquoise seems right , the early republic turquoise is harsher, and the ferro se...
  18. around 1900 i think or sort late quangxu warrior scene, not bad orange lining in the faces
  19. they don,t made this mark in the yongzheng period
  20. ? this ain,t old
  21. opium pot from the 50 ties
  22. i think to tried to imitate a guangxu period crackle vase , and the even put in the cloud motif on the rim , this vase is much later , but i don,t know how much
  23. this is a yongzheng fake 1723-1735 fake, you have to mirror the mark and the mark is sliced, its new
  24. tongzhi mark but made in the late republic period
  25. the hopeaviklo was a gift by the way, I was in Finland because of the crazy days, and an auctioneer asked me. do you want to value this collection as a second appraiser I had to go to an island...
  26. see murano glass labels it,s a generic
  27. wrong information the mark ain,t right
  28. to me it looks good a 7 coil seguso dove
  29. well i am not famous for my social skills , lets say cute but etc, i have to start somewhere
  30. it ain,t suffered much as far i can see ( literally, hahaha), well done
  31. i love this , reminds me of mine Jacobino,s
  32. very good assessment
  33. watch the mark 'eternal joy and everlasting spring in Chinese it,s not the right way
  34. watch the rim , it aint a coffee rim but a red rim and the bark of the tree aint monocolor and the right mark above aint flattened export porcelain for the straits
  35. the birds are, not made in the guangxu style this republic
  36. this ought to be dayazhai late guangxu, but this is dayazhai style, still nice
  37. i used to buy birds from the factory , we were sitting near the lake watching cows ( he was from a rural family ) i was very polite and submissive, but staring at a cows for hours is rather boring, ...
  38. lol the story is a little different i think he borrowed the design from the extremely rare toikka striped enso bird limited ( a sort of hippianen i believe ) and later it appeared in the mekin lintu...
  39. unfortunately this is not the best of murano i think its 70 ties in stead of 60 ties murano , see the harsh sommerso and the sommerso is incongruent ,its cute but i think it,s very tough to get value...
  40. i have probably seen then thousands of murano acuariums in my life , this type i have never seen before , i am sorry , can assess the quality , but the rest is an non educated guess
  41. actually its even better its an ercole barovier
  42. this is an excellent piece this got it all
  43. it are not pezzato colors and the glass is too dense
  44. the red base you have is relatively rare, no its not but it is for sure real, well done
  45. see label its generic
  46. this is not an onesto and this is not svoboda valner libensky janoslav beranek i think it, is gereric , but i like it
  47. ? cute but etc etc etc
  48. it won,t help you , i am not skilled enough, i run hague school and katwijk school , i am out of options
  49. this must be old its not a kind of Haque school type , i am not skilled enough to assess the color but the white looks leaded
  50. no i never met the dude he is long gone , its a clamdigger scene, so i run the dutch school, i ruled out the french ( the baskets are mostly more flattened) i like it very much the light nairobi radi...
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