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haarlem and hospital


  1. no i think truth or dare is a good cloisonne appraiser, but she cant appraise other stuff, no sweat , i cant appraise a lot of stuff because i dont know , but my former team does, most of them are sci...
  2. by the way as you might have noticed i manage 6 languages
  3. the point is i can write proper English , but the problem is , i am an almost blind and an eplileptic
  4. well i am not an expert on Welz. actually i am a redneck on Welz. my former employer needed staff , so i had to headhunt, for the auctioneers, i asked what about this guy (welzebub), they said he is ...
  5. this aint Yi Qian Tang Long Nian Zhi
  6. i like them but they are probably transfer, because the colors are a little pale and superficial, This are chinese imaris from the 80 tees, the slighty better ones are called yi quan tang after the f...
  7. nice frame well done
  8. the point is we cant rule out arita sarugawa because of the simple reason it dont have be an fugo-de ,they are used for octa,alsos. it depends for a part how you interpret the rim i forgot the japanes...
  9. this is iroe design with scroll 1840-1880 , this is good stuff , well done congrats
  10. actually i think its late 18 th
  11. this is japanese , but it got inconsistances. mocca rim , dark solid orange. the guirlandes are monocolored, the ferro sedimentation gives some idea, the mark and the double circle narrows it down, ( ...
  12. late 19 century flower quirlandes mocca rim, this is rather welln well done
  13. probably dowry
  14. this doesnt make sense att all , would like a picture of the bottom
  15. page 27 leslie pena
  16. i tend to barbini ( capezzolo )
  17. this time the base won,t help even the pontils are at random
  18. this time i really dont know i compared everything i read Pena but is inconclusive the last time i won hahaha see murano aquarium catawiki Luigi Ferro (AVEM) attr. - Murano aquarium dijkstra ver...
  19. great stuff well done rather good condition, congrats
  20. its real but they used transfer,
  21. looks real kid
  22. i think you are probably right , this is i think the gold glaze periode this is a rather short period something like 1780 without goldglace its hard to define
  23. you are right , i got a few myself Mijo Kova?i? mehkek and tacacs and some dutch gerard de nijs, i like it, you never find this
  24. i think its outstanding , and i mean it het fluisterend vallen van de bladeren op de grond heerst spraakverwarring rene/ waki dijkstra
  25. this is not GEREMBOEANG.the right one is probably ubud, this is good quality
  26. i love this every one missed the probability statistics with odds , i love you but never play poker hahaha without knowing the odds
  27. i am not sure but i think 1850-1860
  28. i like it , but i could not find it , we sold tunesian art my ex wife was tunesian and i do some mustashar work for an ummah, they did not recognize it, sorry
  29. compagnon fértilmente, seems genuine, but i shouldn,t have bought it for ethical reasons
  30. american appraisers calls this when the mudman had not got an elaborate guandao this condenscending COTTONfield works, i think its rather nice
  31. thats what i stated booochman lol , contrair horizontal parity vertical
  32. correction cant be a red in the center, further information see skinner auctioneers
  33. probability take care this is not the same as legality horizontal when the periferi is single colored in this case red , the centre be contraire so the empty casing cant be red green or blue the...
  34. he is right for several reasons, the first reason is the law on the big numbers the size of the appearance amount is more significant than the deviation second, see this law also for shape murano is...
  35. this is driving me nuts , i have put this in probability matrix still to much significant deviation
  36. is an auxiliary ( to keep it simple) for sklo exbor
  37. this is karlovaske
  38. well done
  39. this is regency hamilton
  40. i like this reminds me my of my misloslaw janku
  41. excellent analysis , excellent condition , top piece , this absolutely an originial
  42. such a pity they are so nice
  43. rene dijkstra is wrong from the start he knew it was u murano geode but was to narrowminded dat he tought it had to be cenedese and his biggest nemisis richard de graaf van catawiki is right ( a...
  44. i wish for you it was anna torfs but it aint
  45. 17 years reign
  46. well Amenhotep IV wont do much 17 years and abolishing polytheisme and the transfer to heontheism ?
  47. probably we will never know because Gambaro e Poggi trade also outside 022 vetri so cataloques wont help probably , i think you are right but i am not sure , but who am i, i think its excellent and ...
  48. as a layman opinion this is a weird combination looks like a canonization from lisieux, thats probably because theresia van lisieux is the addendum in the canonization see for instance assisi, so...
  49. i think the technical term is dijon , but i am not sure
  50. looked at it again its getting better all the time this is in very good condition
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