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..Juliana-Sarah Coventry-Weiss-Kramer-Eisenberg-Boucher-Monet-Coro-Delizza & Elster-Trifari.. I'm an old school jewelry collector. Prefer pieces from the 1930's to ..Juliana-Sarah Coventry-Weiss-Kramer-Eisenberg-Boucher-Monet-Coro-Delizza & Elster-Trifari.. I'm an old school jewelry collector. Prefer pieces from the 1930's to the 1970's. Interested in research, glass, pottery, vintage transistor radios, photography and toys (Read more)


D & E Brooches - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Trifari Acorn Pin - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Vintage D and E Jewelry Star Brooch Shades of Blue - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Trifari Set - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Trifari Lily - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Delizza and Elster Corn Kernal or Kernel - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. Resembles Diamond Point. Sorry I don't know the maker
  2. Super gorgeous Sherman jewelry. The red and black compliments each beautifully. Your taste is impeccable. Enjoy your profile photo as well
  3. So adorable. Much love for this bird
  4. Outstanding turtle brooch. With gorgeous enameling and attention to detail make for a realistic piece. Given the number and the letter P, standing for pin would make this beauty circa 1964
  5. Such vivid color. Excellent piece
  6. Gorgeous
  7. A scarf clip
  8. Yes. A wonderful and adorable giraffe pin. Love the wood catalin design and built in quality c clasp, not glued on. Happy October Birth Month
  9. Pretty necklace and nice job on the upcycle - recycle. A good thing to do in these difficult times
  10. Beautiful art deco style Eisenberg brooch. I recommend cleaning off the verdigris before damage sets in. Nice find
  11. Lovely milk glass. Would make a nice centerpiece for the table
  12. Horses are a favorite of mine amongst the animal kingdom. This piece is small yet very beautiful and has a unique color.
  13. This brooch is so gorgeous. The white and aqua stones accent each other beautifully. Another great piece by Wiesner to add to your fabulous collection
  14. A very pretty amethyst Weiss brooch. Especially nice to have a full set. I have a similar brooch in pink and purple. Welcome to CW
  15. She's stunning love her pose. Great find
  16. Looks to be a grape motif doily
  17. Google - 4 main locksmith services
  18. I think she's known as The Dancer. Look to Canova. She's lovely
  19. Very beautiful brooch top quality with the prong set stones
  20. He looks so happy and is so beautiful with his sparkling stones. A cheerful dog brooch that would brighten the day. Wonderful piece.
  21. A most adorable baby duck. He has such lovely colors and would be outstanding amongst the flock. You have captured his beauty with your always fabulous photography
  22. Super stunning brooch and earring set. The bright white pearls along with the emerald stones is gorgeous. I've never seen a more beautiful B. David set than this. Congratulations on a terrific find
  23. An unusual fish brooch that I admire. Nice piece
  24. So beautiful and outstanding color
  25. Super stunning Sherman brooch. Gorgeous two tone blue overlapping leaves. All eyes must be on you when wearing
  26. Both are beautiful especially the lion.
  27. Wow Gorgeous piece and a fine job cleaning
  28. So cute - Reminds me of some jewelry i've seen. Known as sugar glass
  29. Awesome glass art collection. Love the lavender taxi but my favorite is the corvette. Outstanding and so beautiful
  30. Gorgeous emerald green art glass owl. Always a plus to have original labels. Beautiful
  31. So pretty and nice to see the original sticker. Lovely art glass elephant
  32. Beautiful exotic leopard pin. In a rich gold tone black enamel and white stones. The last of the true Trifari made in the United States. Stunning
  33. Spectacular Bogoff brooch. The aurora borealis stones shimmer with beautiful color. Gorgeous piece
  34. They are very pretty - Welcome to CW
  35. Stunning beautiful brooch with lovely enamel and cabochons
  36. Stunning brooch earrings. I agree - Does come from the Canada Coat of Arms. Great to have the box as well. Fabulous Sherman Jewellery
  37. Gorgeous highly sought after piece - Fantastic find
  38. Super gorgeous earrings. Congratulations - Great find
  39. So adorable and gorgeous color.
  40. Beautiful calla lily brooch. Pretty smoky blue marquise and white pave' stones. Classic timeless piece
  41. Gorgeous
  42. Many jewelry makers resemble D & E. Those are Austria, Judy Lee, Czech and Beau Jewels. I believe your pretty brooch is by Judy Lee going by the filigree and design
  43. Such a lovely pearl grape clip to attach to a fur. 1950's - 1960's
  44. A gorgeous frog brooch with beautiful sparkling stones. Kenneth J Lane made stunning pieces of jewelry and this piece proves that
  45. All are so beautiful. The pink moonstone is my favorite with the two in green following close behind. You have a keen eye for quality vintage jewelry
  46. Such a statement piece. Love the large baroque pearl goes beautifully with the white marquise stones and japanned metal
  47. Nice old AM radio. Beautiful turquoise color art deco design. A collectors piece
  48. Try searching for capodimonte pedestal dish or bowl. Probably used for small candies fruit or a decorator piece
  49. Gorgeous Regal Trifari Queen Crowns with their beautiful moonstone cabochons and colorful stones. The keys I can't help they are spectacular in design and well made. Very nice score
  50. A very beautiful brooch with the sparkling hue of the aurora stones. Most likely Austrian or Czech. Nice find
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