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my whole head is chaos of the phenobarbital take care i am a zombie, i need an ontologist . ha, ha, ha


  1. congrats on my hot list of most expensives pieces on the site , you entered seat 5
  2. you could be right , for me hard to judge , i can,t hardly see
  3. strange tongzhi mark on the right never seen it this way looks real, if so its good value
  4. no this is later they STAMPED the tongzhi mark and imitated the Ogee style from Jin Yu Zhen Cang pieces (around late Guanghu period 1900) this is Early Republic
  5. disagree this is not proc, the border is also not proc, actually this is reasonable quality and there is value in this but it is Dayai zha STYLE
  6. i am sorry i don,t trust this piece at all. the glazing does not make sense , the sign is alphabet soup they mixed an kangxi theme with a sort of non existing ( 4 divisioned ) kind of Kraak, beats me
  7. ho2 cultcha is right this is strange unexplainable
  8. are you really serious to compare this with a ferro signed Christies ? admit it you are pulling my leg
  9. you are missing the point if you can,t read chinese, of course you can because you are the expert, you have datamine Tian Di Yi Jia Chun mark and combine it with the turquoise ground in combination w...
  10. i thought that Jimi stated that Rory Gallagher was the best guitar player
  11. i think this is topnotch , as far as i can see its late qianlong, only sell this at big auction houses , if i might be right
  12. to me it looks like a fake , its not even revival period
  13. this is late a sort of proc vase
  14. Jingdezhen Zhi mark
  15. i got serious doubts about this, a sort of rubbed corrosion , egg and spinach patina is missing , does not feel good
  16. i hate to say it , but leave it in the garage
  17. well i just don,t know , i think its late republic and it,s over the top , but very delicate, i think this is value even if it is chinese republic
  18. sure this a kendki , but it is a 20 ct kendi
  19. this is real tongzhi -open mouth mark and the colours make sense around 1870 a sort of coral glaze reasonable value
  20. this is a fake unfortunately
  21. hard to say this ought to be tongzhi hexagon , i think its later , late qing or early republic
  22. this is a fake
  23. i think this kangxi revival not made before 1890 probably far later
  24. agree rather confusing, they tried to create a yellow bottom chengua , which is almost impossible, what remains is this is or a daoguang vase or a guanghu vase rather well
  25. hard to say , did you noticed the remains of the gilded rim ?
  26. this is rather complicated i think think this is dayazhai style probably three friends of winter ( so called )this ought to be late qing around 19oo but it is early republic period , this is a rather...
  27. this is strange , it looks like they crypt a xianfeng mark, in combination with a crackle design , this must be good , this must be value
  28. nangkingcrackle porcelain around 1900
  29. early republic perios quianlong mark
  30. CONGRATS , you earned it well done, it is exactly what i stated see Kom - Porselein - Chinese 17 c Ming Dynasty China Porcelain Famille Verte Chenghuaua marked - China - 17e eeuw CATAWIKI
  31. I was told that the item was of the Romanesque period possible from Rome.the name of the village is on it ? and i think its not Romanesque period One thing is for sure Vetraio is a real gentl...
  32. i disagree with the story , the quality and the condition
  33. this is a rather good print ( the lines are dark) the disadvantage is , it was not a limited, and the release was rather big,
  34. this is priceless !!!! end of discussion
  35. DUTCH/DELFT POLYCHROME TILES (ca 17th century) , i got a databank of Delft ware, i could not find it
  36. maybe Russian, for heavens sake, Nightwatch maybe Rembrandt , what the hell
  37. i have discussed this, the honorary title is missing , it does, not make sense , there is a difference in the patina , this whole piece is bogus
  38. this is a real one
  39. I have discussed the title, I have never heard anything again
  40. first of all it ain,t dutch , and the quality is mediocre , watch the hands
  41. why don,t you clear pieces
  42. its not that only 401 years , it looks Swatow to me
  43. this is republic, blue glazing on the bottom is too thin aqnd due to legislation concerning the text made in china
  44. very nice an old one quite affordable , nowadays he is quite expensive (iris bottles) i think he is the best jelly fish glassblower
  45. does not feel good colors are too bright
  46. sorry i mean chongzeng, my head is a mess sorry
  47. must be a sort of ko-akae famille verte around 1720, but what happened to the quality , i got my doubts
  48. chenghua mark , but the style does,not make sense
  49. i think ( i am not sure) a complicated bowl with much bright green in it , cant be japanese , the japanese stuff is the run out of ko-imari more grey- green
  50. there is i believe a hierachy in this stuff early = double ring pictogram ( peach - lozenge etc + immortal = early +late yongzheng) early qianlong square mark blue inner is pretzel and trident ...
  51. See more