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Antique Unknown Wooden Duck Decoy - Outdoor SportsLoved by blunderb…
ILLINOIS MARITIME Pocket Watch - AccessoriesLoved by blunderb…
1940 ish --- Advertising Clock - ClocksLoved by blunderb…
Antonin Rückl & Sons ca 1931 Catalog Decors: Tango Murano, Kristall Murano, & Decor 12528 - Plus a Ruckl Tango Ball Vase - Art Glasscharc… says Thank you Aimathena...
1937 Official Boy Scout Wrist Watch - Variation 2 - WristwatchesLoved by pops52
Some of my collection, both old and new - Art Glassdlfd911 says I would have to say...
European Parlor Pistol - Outdoor Sportspw-co… says Thank you nutsabotu...
Soapstone Seal -- 1974 - FigurinesLoved by nutsabotas6
Colorful Native American Indian Baskets - Native AmericanLoved by lisa
Sake Set "Another Mystery Mark" - Art PotteryLoved by surfdub66
1980's - "Spring" Note Cards - 2 - CardsLoved by pops52
1980's - "Friendship" Note Cards - CardsLoved by pops52
H.A.C. Mantel Clock - MADE IN WURTTEMBERG - ClocksLoved by Bruce99
A Family Picture ( History ) - PhotographsLoved by pops52
My Friend item..... - Art GlassLoved by pops52
VICTORIAN Vinaigerette  - Victorian EraLoved by pops52
Antique Dessert Flatware Set ~ Solingen  - KitchenLoved by pops52
Really cool toolbox! - Tools and Hardwareho2cu… says thank you Aimathena.
Vintage WM Rogers 1881 Sterling Silver Shakers - Sterling SilverLoved by pops52
Antique/Vintage Dupont Improved Military Rifle Powder 4350 Cannister - Outdoor SportsLoved by pops52
Vintage Small Moon Globe Paperweight  - OfficeLoved by pops52
1922 United States Postage Washington 2 Cents Stamps - StampsLoved by pops52
1948 United States Gold Star Mothers 3¢ Postage Stamps - StampsLoved by pops52
1948 Fort Kearny 3¢ Stamps - StampsLoved by pops52
1948 Juliette Gordon Low Founder Of The Girl Scouts Of The U.S.A. 3¢ Stamps - StampsLoved by pops52
1950's West Bend SOLID COPPER Beer Mug - BrewerianaLoved by pops52
1920's West Bend SOLID COPPER Kettle - KitchenLoved by pops52
1948 Founder Of The Memorial Poppy Moina Michael 3¢ Stamps - StampsLoved by pops52
1965 Civil War Centennial Appomatiox 5¢ Stamps - StampsLoved by pops52
1951 Chiffre sur Lion Heraldique 40 Cents Stamp ~ Used - StampsLoved by pops52
1953 Budapest 2Ft Magyar Optikai M?vek Kultúrháza - StampsLoved by pops52
Vintage Hungarian 10 Filler Stamp - StampsLoved by pops52
Vintage Nederlands 1 Cent Stamp ~ Used - StampsLoved by pops52
Vintage Budapest 10 Filler Stamp ~ Used - StampsLoved by pops52
Vintage Nederlands 1/2 Cent Stamp ~ Used - StampsLoved by pops52
12 inch co axle 1960's speaker driver    - ElectronicsNew Item by crazydanmusic
Unusual Shape Calligraphy Bottle Vase / Paper Label "Made in Taiwan"/ Circa 20th Century - Asianpops52 says Have a real nice Ea...
McKee Glass Company 7" Carnival Glass "Limousine or Car Vase"/Used in 20's Model T Ford-30's Nash / Circa 1920's-1930's - GlasswareLoved by lisa
Large 13" Opaline Glass Vase / Silver Floral Design with Gilt Accents / Unknown Maker and Age - Art GlassLoved by pops52
Antique Native American Frog Spirit Mask?? - Native AmericanLoved by lisa
Exquisite "Stuart Abelman" Iridescent Swirl Mushroom Paperweight/ Signed "Abelman" RM 285  Circa 1997 - Art GlassLoved by pops52
Cristales De Chihuahua, Juarez Mexico / Hand Crafted Glass Mushroom Cluster /Unknown Age  - Art GlassLoved by pops52
"Redwing" Pottery "565" Coffee Server /Teak or Walnut Handle Cobalt Blue "Gypsy Trail" Design/ Circa 1950's - Art PotteryLoved by pops52
Large Square Italian Art Glass Bottle-Vase/Amber Glass with "Scavo" Finish/ Partial Label "Cenedese" ?/Mid Century - Art GlassLoved by pops52
Wheaton Glass Company "Milk Glass" Fish Bottle/Embossed "Dr. Fisch's Bitters" Millville NJ /Unknown Age  - BottlesLoved by pops52
Caned iridescent hexagonal glass bowl with ground pontil mark - Art GlassLoved by VioletOr…
Opal baluster, spatter base, marked - Art GlassLoved by VioletOr…
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