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HFB watch fab - goldtone chain and subi450
Yellow mesh watch fob with medallion, HFB Co?by subi450
Vintage WALTHAM Pocket Watch Train by Dallibone
Waltham Model 1870 Crescent Street Railroad Pocket Watchby pops52
English Mickey pocket watch from the 30'sby mickey133
Antique Pocket Watch . Any info richard66
Vintage BULOVA Pocket Watch 10k Gold Filled by Dallibone
any idea how old this is? any info?by qbbj10
An old, very sad looking Pocket Watchby Amiar
W hi o made this a and when?by billym
My favorite by Stainless
Scarce E.A. Muckle Coin Silver Pocket Watch Caseby pops52
Stop Watch?by SpiritB…
NORTH STAR 17 jewel with train/ rare or not rare!!??by RitaSkeeter
pocket watch I inherited from my mother, I need help to find out about it. by elisa414
For Wandlessfairy......1933/34 UK variant Mickey Pocket watchby kerry10…
Info if poss by Wandles…
What Year on This Elgin? by SpiritB…
HAUXHURST & DEMILT fusee pocketwatchby TurdFer…
Pocket Watch fob- nickle/silver  & bone? Gambling Dice?by TurdFer…
Decimal chrono pocket watch...1875?by MrHyde
Tim6iknow0by Tim6iknow0
Mexico Silver Lapel Watchby Junkman60
Monorail Hotel Pocket Watchby shaydaun
2 Hamilton pocket watchesby eeky
Vintage Tissot Visodate Automatic Pendant/Desk Watchby penneco2
1910/1920  Dennison single gold cased soverign caseby Bettyb00
English Pocket Watch Chain Sterling Silver Circa {1913}by ekim
U.S. Civil War Commerative brunswick
99 Cent Wind-Up by SpiritB…
1920s 935 Silver pocket watchby Bettyb00
Vintage gold lined albertina fobby Bettyb00
Hamilton 992 gold pocket watch, 21 jewalsby mharland
Early 1800s watch fobby Mooseman
Antique Victorian sterling silver fob compass with painted horseby Bettyb00
My Vintage Pocket Watch Stand / Holderby mulemama
the e howard faceby dvarade
another treasure of mineby dvarade
pat pinion by dvarade
1900s Swiss Pocket Watch Silver/Vermeil (Silver plated with Pink Gold) by Agram.m
Rare Art Nouveau Snake Serpent Pocket Watch Holder Crystal Dome (probably) France by Agram.m
1920 Coca-Cola "Bulldogs" Watch Fobby Daddy_N…
Ingersoll Yankee Radiolite dollar pocket watchby Signaho…
Bot Scouts of America Ingersoll(US Time) Pocket Watchby kerry10…
Smiths Donald Duck Pocket Watchby kerry10…
 Santa Fe "Official" Certification Card for Railroad Watchby kerry10…
Queen Eizabeth II Coronation Pocket Watch, Variant 1by kerry10…
Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Pocket Watch Plain variantby kerry10…
"The Mekon" Pocket Watchby kerry10…
my dad's watchby boss429
Pocket watch HELPby Nifer
Double Animated "Space" Pocket Watchby kerry10…
The "Ranger" Animated Pocket Watchby kerry10…
Jeff Arnold Animated Pocket Watchby kerry10…
Quickie Post for kennethleblanc TheIngraham "Sentinel" PocketWatchesby kerry10…
my art deco sentinel pocket kenneth…
1936-37 Mickey Mouse Pocket Watch and Packagingby kerry10…
Nice "Little" Hunter Elgin 14k Gold Pocket Watch Circa 1883by kerry10…
@ rniederman.... 1918 Ball RailRoad Official Standard Pocket Watch	by kerry10…
1921 Masonic Dial "Father Time" Pocket Watchby kerry10…
Efesgirl has a posting similar to this braceletby kerry10…
1915 Illinois "Burlington" Railroad Pocket Watchby kerry10…
Group shot of a Few RailRoad Pocket Watchesby kerry10…
1951 Elgin "B W Raymond" Railroad approved Pocket Watchby kerry10…
1926 Hamilton 992L Railroad Approved Pocket Watchby kerry10…
Dug Pocket Watch (?)by Tennessee
18 karat pocket watch by Fionn
Watch Fobby gottadigit
Vintage Bailey Banks & Biddle pocket watchby Dubbedceltic
Pocket Watch by Nzone0957
Bulova Caravelle Pocket Watchby Caperkid
Graf-Zepplin Pocket Watchby tayarei
pocket watchby were
Unidentified medal with words "Victory, Liberty, Peace, Democracy" on itby Dtpaine
My 2nd Great Uncles' 1905 Gold Elgin Pocket Watch Restoredby jscott0…
Hampden Watch pw-coll…
James William Benson pocket dtc241079
2nd Edition Popeye Pocket Watchby kerry10…
1st Edition Popeye Pocket Watchby kerry10…
1936 English Mickey Mouse Pocket Watchby kerry10…
Elgin Pocket Watchby pw-coll…
 18k solid gold ladies fob watchby daveeeuk
Hamilton 936by pw-coll…
Al Horen Mickey Mouse Pocket Watchby kerry10…
Great Grand Fathers Walthamby jukkaillman
Japanese inlaid RGG
Rockford Key Wind/Set PW With Hidden Keyby pw-coll…
Great Great Grandfathers Waltham Pocket Watchby NeilCharles
"Trail Blazers" Byrd Antartic Pocket Watchby kerry10…
Illinois watch Lincolnby mcgyver25
baseball watch fobby clpitts
1912 Longines, Militaryby lockemup
Car Clock, Shreve & Co. San Franciscoby pw-coll…
Great Grandfather's Pocket Watchby Ikeman1021
Owners "Self Personalized or Advertising" Dialby pw-coll…
Michigan Clark Equipment Advertising Watchby pw-coll…
The inside of the pocketwatch case by carencmd
The Emporium, San Franciscoby pw-coll…
One MoreAdvertisement Pocket Watch This Evening, Then I'll stop and await another day. by kerry10…
1910 "Rexall" United Drug Store Advertisement Pocket Watchby kerry10…
1934-35 Eisenberg Farm Products Advertisement Watchby kerry10…
The Evening Telegram of Portland, Oregonby pw-coll…
Saturday Evening Post Advertisement Pocket Watchby kerry10…
A European PWby pw-coll…
Vintage pocket watch - Swiss Civic Watch lndrozd…
Ingersoll Nurse Watchby pw-coll…
Beautiful pocket watchby carencmd
Keys for Winding & Setting Antique Pocket Watchesby pw-coll…
Antique watchby Lindaabowles
Watch fobs blue glass, piano emblemby bnjvintage
I collect Felix now ????by eye4bea…
Todays Project....Trash to Treasureby kerry10…
Family Heirloomby cue606
Alcatraz Electric Chair Pocket Watch Fobby pw-coll…
Ansonia Scout Troop Pocket Watch by pw-coll…
Ansonia Timepiece Collectionby pw-coll…
My Oldest "Wrist Watch" by kerry10…
Photo Cube Pocket Watch Fobby pw-coll…
1936 Hamilton 992 Elinvar Railroad Pocket Watchby captain…
 Ansonia Pocket Watch in Wooden Box Part 3by pw-coll…
Ansonia Pocket Watch in Wooden Box Part 2by pw-coll…
Ansonia Pocket Watch in Wooden Box Part 1by pw-coll…
FAKE Ingersoll Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf Alarm & Pocket Watchby pw-coll…
Pocketwatch  Looking for information on this pieceby kimg
Small Glimpse into The Hordeby kerry10…
"Laddie Athlete" Football Pocket Watchby kerry10…
Calling Doc to Surgery...statby kerry10…
Tremont Watch Companyby pw-coll…
Lapel  watch adverts from Daveby kerry10…
1932 New Haven "Bakelite" Lapel Watchby kerry10…
Ingersoll "Lapel" leather watchby kerry10…
Solid Silver Swiss Pocket Watchby kerry10…
 National Watch Company B W Raymond Pocket Watch Circa 1871by kerry10…
1936 Ingeroll "Leather" Mickey Mouse Lapel Watchby kerry10…
The Graf Zeppelin – The first flight of an airship around-the-world. by kerry10…
Difference between the 1939 Ingersoll Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck case backsby kerry10…
Gold pocket watch (Normal)by chynachuck
Ingersoll Donald Duck Pocket Watch Circa 1939by kerry10…
1882 Omega pocket watchby Sam69
Woody Woodpecker PWby pw-coll…
Old Vintage Pocket Watchby BinaryR…
Pocket watchby AntonyB
Pocket Watch . Bueche, Boillat & Cieby mariomoroney
Scouts Compass Watchby pw-coll…
pocket watchby brassnut
Ansonia Pocket Watch Ashtray Part 2by pw-coll…
NDS pocket watch year?by SteffiF…
Ansonia Pocket Watch Ashtrayby pw-coll…
pocket watchby ralph
Official "Johnny Zero" series Pocket Watchesby kerry10…
1907 Coca-Cola Watch Fobby Daddy_N…
Vintage Hamilton 992b Pocket Watchby watchnut
1914 WITTE Engine Works Hit Miss Gas Engine Watch Fob by kat_nellie
1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition Official Souvenir Fobby kat_nellie
Official Smokey Bear Pocket Watchby kerry10…
Grand-father's motor show pocket kyratango
Waltam mass pat pinion 1782 American pocket watchby brianthewat…
Antique Pocket Watchby sdh0216
1911 Interstate Live Stock Fair Association Sioux Cityby kat_nellie
Aultman Taylor Mfg Co Early "Shield" Watch Fobby kat_nellie
1912 Scarce Chapman Drug Company Watch Fobby kat_nellie
1936 John Deere Logo Watch Fob by Robbins Co. by kat_nellie
1909 Henry Disston & Sons Alaska Yukon Pacific Expo Fobby kat_nellie
Alley Sloper F.O.M. Pocket Watch and Tokenby kerry10…
American Walthum Watch Co. by tywahn
Nice Illinoisby tywahn
Slim open faceby tywahn
Hebdomas Orator 8 Days Pocket Watch - Looking for help to identify age/historyby SuzanMHayes
Ancre pocket watchby hebalization
1909 Bonnie Bros Distillery Kentucky Bourbon Rye Whiskeyby kat_nellie
1939 Westclox "Royals" Canadian Tour Pocket Watchby kerry10…
One of the rarest fobs I have found. by kat_nellie
Both style Lindbergh Pocket Watches and Fobsby kerry10…
Hamilton Gold Pocket Watchby JosephI…
Old Watchesby ralph
Barnum Trunk Co. Minneapolis CROSS Clockby bluezango
Really Nice 1874 Elgin National Watch Company Chicago Expo Token by stwilli…
Goffe Falmouth 1825 Silver Pocket watchby RedMole2011
argentin pocket watch by jjja2011
Antique Elgin Watch Mysteryby Colefoot
RADIUM GIRLS & Radiolite Dial pw-coll…
omega pocket watchby ORBAMAN
R. H. Ingersoll & Bro. 18 size Back Wind & Set by pw-coll…
Bradley Mickey Mouse Watch and Little history. Circa 1971by kerry10…
Illinois Grant 17 Jewels 14 K  wind up by odinn949
R. H. Ingersoll & Bro. Early Dollar Watchesby pw-coll…
 Miniature Floral Enamel Gilt Verge "Chinese Market" Watch by Dimier c1825by kiwipaul
 Case for pocket watchby MargiePn
Baseball Pocket Watch Fobby pw-coll…
New Haven All-Purpose Watch & Boxby pw-coll…
1913 Tin Photo Watch Fobby pw-coll…
Hamilton No. 940 Railroad Timekeeperby pw-coll…
A Century Of Progress International Exposition 1933-1934by pw-coll…
1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition Post #4by pw-coll…
1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition Post #3by pw-coll…
Donald Duck pocket watchby margiesmemo…
1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition Post #2by pw-coll…
1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition Post #1by pw-coll…
1903 World's Fair St. Louis Pocket Watch Fobby pw-coll…
whimsical antique panel watch fob chain with "toasts"by suegray
Souvenir World's Columbian Exposition Chicago 1893by pw-coll…
American Walthamby pw-coll…
200? year old watch fobs and chainby ktlisland1
Ingersoll Yankee Radiolite 2 in 1 Watchby pw-coll…
New Haven All Purpose Watchby pw-coll…
Handbag Watch For The Ladiesby pw-coll…
Powder Horn Watch Fobby upstate…
Ladies Pendant/Pocket watchby fhrjr2
Silver Half-Hunter Swiss-Made Pocket Watch, Circa Vertue30
Knickerbocker Watch Co. New Yorkby pw-coll…
Pocket Watchby ron1939
My Old Watchesby Jill1959
1939 Elgin 15 Jewelsby Timeban…
R.H. Ingersoll & Bros. Triumph Rim-Setby pw-coll…
found in abandoned buildingby GREGGTU…
My collection: Pocket Watch unkownby goldiggin
Hiegrade U.S.A. Pocket Watch, 15jewelsby vintagefind…
Presidents' Day (U.S.A.)by pw-coll…
Jeff Arnold Pocket Watchesby kimota
Imperial Hanging ball watch pinby glasslove
Manhattan Watch Co. by pw-coll…
Russian Molniya railway Vladimir
Jorgensen Toronto, Ontario pocket watchby dNeiber
 Pocket Watchby kmopitch
My Abraham Lincoln Collectionby pw-coll…
King George V Jubilee 1935 Time Flies Watchby vintage…
Watch Fobsby upstate…
Alexander The Great of Macedonia - Greek Silver Coin by rsilcar
Some Vintage Knick Knacks - Inherited from hope7096
Pocket Watch Coin Bankby pw-coll…
Victorian or Art Deco? solid gold fob with spinning gold cab and reliefby Cgoodman
Francis DuBois & Co. from Locle pocket watchby jenrossey
My 2nd Great Uncles' 1905 Gold Elgin Pocket Watchby jscott0…
1912  Coca-Cola Watch Fobby Daddy_N…
Biltmore Pocket Watchby otiamaria
Pocket Watch my italian great-grandmotherby Stampaomb
Pocket watch. Estonia. Silverby TheK
An Older B.W. Raymondby musikchoo
Elgin B.W. Raymondby musikchoo
H.Z. Culver, National Watch Co. (Elgin Watch Co.)by pw-coll…
My Trusty Waltham Hunter Pocket watch from 1900: LONG Story riddled with esotericism included. You have been WARNEDby MisterE…
This little beauty needs a name!by jocelyn.tar…
My father's MarleneCath…
Omega 17 Jewel 54mm Pocket Watchby Kydur
Wishing You An Ingersoll Christmasby pw-coll…
Betty Boop Time Mysteryby kodybalody715
Gold-Plated Pocketwatchby Kydur
More Folding Knife Pocket Watch Fobsby pw-coll…
Elgin GF watchby Ccret1
Waltham Swiss Pocket Watchby Ccret1
Folding Knife Pocket Watch Fobby pw-coll…
windert pocket watchby kchase227
E. Ingraham Sturdy Pocket Watchby pw-coll…
1936 Waltham USA Riverside 21 Jewels with train scene on Trey
Elgin pocket watch by Trey
1936 Waltham USA Riverside 21 Jewels with train scene on Trey
Need to Identifyby Unclebud
Does anyone know anything about this watch?by whattimeisit
Halloween Bat Fobby pw-coll…
My Father had this and I know nothing about it. Please helpby huncrk
New purchase have clues to why IT isby greenranger
Pocket Watchby offtochina
Pocket Watchby dartmouth03…
1982 Knoxville, TN. Worlds Fair Commemorative Watch, Fob & Boxby pw-coll…
S.F. Giants in 2014 World Seriesby pw-coll…
Pingree Detroit Pocket Watch Fobby pw-coll…
Pocket Watch - See through mechanismby zeteibao
Watch FOBby ChrisAxe
Watch fob of city of Buffaloby Pholliday
Georgian French Chalcedony Intaglio Wax Seal Fob "Neglect Me, Lose, Me"by metalco…
Victorian Winged Cherub Rebus Puzzle Intaglio Wax Seal Fob "I Love You"by metalco…
Antique Waltham Railroad Pocket Watchby whitman75
Victorian Rebus Wax Seal Fob "I HOPE YOU ARE WELL"by metalco…
English "Lever" Fusee Pocket Watch Made 1824by pops52
Garage sale findby westy66
Vintage Engine Special Railroad Pocket Watchby whitman75
My great grandfathers E. Howard & Co Pocket Watchby summerlande…
Found amongst my late grans beadsby Aliirons47
Waltham Pocket Watch with Fobby otiamaria
pocket watch zenith 2421701by dinumaxim
sarcar geneveby dinumaxim
unknown cylinder watchby dinumaxim
A.w.Co Waltham 4840787by dinumaxim
need help please by aprildaniel
need help with this watch by aprildaniel
Curious.............Just came across janellet2001
Lancel Paris Quartz pocket watchby ping68
Illinois pocket watch 19J, Case#951377, Movement#4780601by ping68
 Ingersoll Harry Houdini Pocket Watch that now hopefully Spunkys…
Old Medalby DonBenard
American Waltham Watch Junior
Turkish Prisoner of War beaded watch fobby Tlynnie…
Jupiter Pocket Watchby VictorFaulk…
Elgin Watchby musikchoo
old pocket watchby ralph
Caravelle Pocket Watchby shareur…
Pocket watch 18k gold with enamel and clavic
Patent Lever Pocket Watch with Chronometerby Leone
What is this strange pocket-watchlike object?by Bumblebee
RFK/JFK Pocket Watchby SacGirl
Pocket watch and maker's markby Samanth…
Big Pocket Watch with moon calendarby xavicolo
workingsby jimmyb56
Focal DeLux pendant watch full of lies lolby shawnicus
Antique Silver (?) Ladies Pocket Watchby Rgoliver66
Railroad Pocket Watchby jimmyb56
Gold Watchby Vrgdc
neat 1901 Waltham 16 size open face pocket watchby shawnicus
Unusual Mickey Mouse Pocket Watch - Maker/Period Unknownby geo26e
Jules Jurgensen pocket watchby pocketwatchme
1928 Admiral Byrd Pocket Watch By Ingrahamby geo26e
Wish they were Antique Pocket Watchesby Bigsarge
Seven Seas Pocket Watch by Nautical Clock geo26e
Couple watches I need info tellingtime…
1933 Chicago World's Fair Pocket Watchby geo26e
Waltham watch findby Angel565
1982 World's Fair Pocket Watch By Westcloxby geo26e
Pocket Watchby Pocketwatch…
nautical watches , Norfolk VA. How old is this ? by Rick54
Russian Molnia Judica pocket watch with a very subdued faceby shawnicus
Elgin OLD pocket watch ,.in search of a new 18 size case lolby shawnicus
Garage Sale Hanhart German stopwatchby shawnicus
Waltham Swiss made wristwatch of unknown vintageby shawnicus
1929 The Explorer Pocket Watch by E Ingraham geo26e
Silver Watham Pocket Watchby radjames
mystery open face pocket watchby kd11
1933 Graf Zeppelin Circling Chicago Fair Watch Fobby geo26e
Vintage pocket watchby Rdesko21
1912 Masonic Pocket Watch by Elginby geo26e
1915 'Made A Mason' Fob Tokenby geo26e
Watch Caseby domhnulld
Antique Pocket watchby lovefamilyh…
Little Sprout Promotion Pocket Watchby geo26e
Omega pocket watch, swit zerland made - 1882by emily_kayy
Vintage Hunter Pocket Watchby mharty
Vintage longines watchesby mharty
1933 Chicago World's Fair Pocket Watch & Fobby geo26e
Old Elgin Ladies Watchby eldave2003
skull and crossbones under a crown antique fob sealby suegray
1935 Younger's Brewery Jubilee Commemorative Watchby geo26e
My Grandfather's Russian hunter pocket watchby Krixta
Un-marked Walthamby recoveringt…
 1924 Elginby kbem
My great grandfathers watch by Tegbers
Elgin Father Time Pocket Watch (Railroad?)by guidodapimp
Anniversary giftby Glendajvv
1936 Mk II English Mickey Mouse Pocket & Wrist Watchby geo26e
Rail Master Pocket Watch made in Great Britainby Christina44
Unknown Watch from the 1850'sby Ferrellj
1911 Elgin Pocket Watch by GKnight38
Pocket watch , now opened , any further clues?? by Deelee172
Help identify please!! by Deelee172
Southbend Railroad Watchby ZZeppelin
Need Some Help!by Doghead7575
Animated Cowboy Ranger Pocket Watch by Smith'sby geo26e
Mid 30's 'Short Stem' Mickey Mouse Pocket Watchby geo26e
Georgian Doves And Love Knot "LE PLUS LOIN LE PLUS SERRE" Mourning Intaglio Wax Seal Fobby metalco…
Georgian Carnelian Memento Mori Skull Intaglio Mourning Wax Seal Fobby metalco…
1939 New York World's Fair Pocket Watchby geo26e
Newton Train Pocket Watchby Trunklo…
United States Bicentennial 1776-1976 Pocket Watchby geo26e
1935 Popeye Pocket Watchby geo26e
Longines Pocket Watchby Alspic
ILLINOIS MARITIME Pocket Watchby totallbo
Old pocket Virgini…
Unofficial Dan Dare Pocket Watch by Smithsby geo26e
Waltham 8-day by ssmith2416
My Great Great Grandpa'sby BILLJ
Swiss madeby misterx
14k Hamilton by justink…
Small pocket watch by katie4
grandpa gave this watch to me many years ago .by adamo
Pocket watch found... Need help!by Rayeldridge1
my grandpa's really old pocket watchby ninjaedm
Vintage Bucherer 17 Jewel Swiss Glass Skeleton Ball Sterling Pendant Watch by ZIII
Swiss made eclipse pocket watchby Fdibben
North American Hunting Club Fob-Tokenby aghcoll…
early 1900's  Waltham 'Montauk' Pocket Watchby kanukster
Father in law's pocket watchby Siobaker
waltham watch by himmih777
My great grand-father's nitromyke
Ingersoll 17 Jewel Pocket Watch by marine.wife…
Mother's Waltham by blunder…
RE-POP on an old poste of blunder…
Some pocket watchesby grubin
Ball Watch by mmd81
interesting watchby danadilly
washinton st. watch co chicago illby puertor…
Pocket watch found in wall need helpby Dannyyu…
circle ginger ale watch fobby mblemmy
Andy Capp Animated Pocket Watchby geo26e
small watches of a friendby Printsid
S & W Key Wind Cylindre Huit Rubis Pocket Watchby smaab
Cute Waltham pieceby Katie611
1927 Red Goose & Friedman Shelby Pocket Watchby geo26e
Any Info steve170251
Ansonia Boy Scout Pocket Watchby geo26e
Marcel Pocket Watch with Chainby donald.ellis2
Antique Pocket Watch Keysby pops52
Ive never seen anything like it, looking for some info if anyone can help! Thanksby ZuzheilyA
1926 Illinois Pocketwatch Company "Precise" Pocketwatchby normabell
handed down by uncleby martrev73
Elgin pocket Blacksh…
Illinois watch. by Blacksh…
waltham hunter påocket watch ladies modelby mastereiden
Keystone pocket Blacksh…
trying to find some infoby jlcfz
hi i need some help pls does anyone know something about this watchby burnmind
Big Bad Wolf and Three Little Pigs Automaton Ingersoll Great Britain Madeby native.amer…
Lithuanian pocket watch by Jonas Karvelisby velours
1939 Hamilton pocket watchby velours
Patek Philippe Pocket Watchby garylawrence
Zenith pocket watch Paris grand prix 1900by nikolazenith
1930/1940s German pocket watchby OCAD
Pocket watch - Swiss Made (Universal Time Keeper) 41672??by akashwo…
H. Bach?by clg2999
Seeking more info.  Wittnaur-Longines Bicentennial Pocket Watchby PaulKruger
1942 Uncle Sam pocket watch by Ingrahamby geo26e
Odd pendant or fob with three interlocking etched circles by antique…
1951 Festival of Britain pocket watch by Smithsby geo26e
pacific 21 jewles adjusted pocket watch. all numbers matchby carlkierstead
Silver pocket watch & watch paper with hand writting M Wallaceby RonelRas
Very Nice Elgin pocket Watchby avendosera
Beautiful Watchby avendosera
Mickey Mouse Leather Pocket Watch Carrying Caseby CollectorGuy
1929 Zep pocket watch & watch fobby geo26e
Pocket Thermometer Water Baseby Luckylady
 George W. Ladd Gold Filled Drum Case/Waltham Pocket Watchby pops52
K&Co Worcester by Mcoenh
?Rare? American Waltham Watch Co. model 4157. can't find any watch48
Elgin 10 sided Pocket Watch - Art Deco case by kerryjo
1910 Buster Brown Shoes Pocket Watch and Watch Fobby geo26e
My grandpa's 1912 Elgin pocket watchby MtnSpur
Elgin watch from my grandfatherby Ryanhenders…
Given to me by my Grandfather...Russian WWII Pocket Watchby Scootah
tavannes watch 1890by mohey
B&W pocket watch with indianapolis movememnt 14k gold hunters caseby raychay1223
One of my recent finds universal geneve compur pocket watchby Supercityjo…
Rare 1903 Waltham Model #1899 Riverside Maximus 23J Solid Gold Pocketwatch by Voxominous
14K Gold Pocket Watch with Floral Designby sanjiv_bhakta
Soviet made Moljna hunter case pocket watchby shawnicus
another art deco style Elgin Pocketwatchby shawnicus
cool art deco style Elgin 12 size pocket watchby shawnicus
Brass Token/Fob - Sloper’s Club. Membership no. 20438 [c.1902].by geo26e
1953 Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Fob - Pendantby geo26e
1953 Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Pocket Watch - No. 3by geo26e
1953 Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Pocket Watch - No. 2by geo26e
Banded Agate Watch Fob/Pendant by Agram.m
pocket watchby lubo
1924 silver cased Omega pocket ticktoc…
Illinois watch  by Sean.c
1953 Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Pocket Watch - No. 1by geo26e
Illinoise watch by Sean.c
Illinois Pocket Watchby KPersson
John Downes of London Verge Fuseeby pops52
Waltham, Appleton Tracy & Co. Pocket Watchby pops52
German Verge Fusee Pocket Watchby pops52
Unable to Identify this Pocket Watch size watch with dome shaped maganfying on both sidesby George888
Grandmother's American Waltham pocket watchby KateHurst
1951 Festival of Britain Memorabiliaby geo26e
Looking for information on Watchby WNCHeel
can someone please tell me something about my grandfathers watch?by Jacobunruh
 Under-painted Horn English Verge Fusee Pocket Watchby pops52
george edward & sonsby ystad
My Great Grandpa's Watch Fobby j15blazer
Warner Bros. Tweety Bird, Sylvester, and Grandmaby toshmon…
oris  anti shock watchby nickyj
Antique Art Nouveau sterling silver pocket watch and pinby sundaya…
Can you help me identify and value this pocketwatch?by Jakub
Pocketwatchby filmnet
ELGIN 16 size basic big ol pocket watch from the 20sby shawnicus
ELGIN 12 size pocket watch from the 20s, shawnicus
Hamilton railroad pocket watchby Jono
Non-working Walthamby Bubblehead
Elgin Pocket Watchby Jonah812
Charles Lindbergh - "New York to Paris" Pocket Watch Fobby geo26e
1929 Robin Hood Shoes Pocket Watchby geo26e
Hebdomas 8 days pocketwatchby tempusfigit
Roskopf pocket watchby tempusfigit
Great Grandfather's Pocket Watchby JR351
Arnex pocket watchby Woodward77
1927 Poll-Parrot Pocket Watch & F0bby geo26e
1932 George Washington Pocket Watch & Fobby geo26e
Marcel Swiss made. by Mariealynn
Mystery Pocket Watch Please Help identifyby Deanery34
Wexclox Pocket Ben.  My grandfathers pocket watch. by Themissing
Waltham Art Deco Octagon Pocket Watchby motherofinv…
Pocket Watch Storage Boxby geo26e
Pocket watch i inheretedby Boyke23
Endura Swiss Made watchby Jonah812
Pocket Watchby Jonah812
Train pocket watch by Jonah812
Was bought for me in Bombay, off my mother in law, can anyone help me to identify how old and what it is please. Thanks lise xby Lisa1972
Ladies Elgin pocket watch with lonetree
Zelcon swiss made pocket watch,..aprox 18 sizishby shawnicus
Moljna russian hunter pocket watchby shawnicus
waltham 1870 ish key wind pocket watchby shawnicus
Donald Duck Pocket Watchby geo26e
Betty Boop Pocket Watchby geo26e
seth thomas century 18 size pocket watchby shawnicus
Hamilton US RR Grade Pocket Watchby FrankP
Engorsele Pocket Watchby otiamaria
What is this?by jrn00498
Waltham pocket watch working by Topcash
Antique Elgin Pocket Watchby Flygirlkt2004
Mickey Mouse Pocket Watchby geo26e
Ancre Silver Pocket watch P. Allana & Bros. 1910 I got it from my grandmother & want to know more about this beautiful watch. by aspibharucha
pocket watchby andyman
made by westend watch theartist
Great-Grandfather's Pocket Watchby MRenick
Enid Pendant Pocket Watchby otiamaria
Hamilton 993by Indestro
want some information, been in family for many yearsby mikepratte
Gold Pocket Watch with Floral Designby CBarta2
Antoque Charles Stark Pocket Watchby Kawboy
Illinois Watch  Hunter's case Has hidden person, is engraver telling a story?by Bcs62
Elgin 14K pocket watch tri-color??by tanya1980
Daddy's Watchby treetracker
Charles Lindbergh - "New York to Paris" Pocket Watch & Stampby geo26e
Ingersoll Watch displayby mickeys…
Big Bad Wolf Pocket Watchby mickeys…
Found this in my grandmothers old jewelry by Broman_the_…
unknown ? Japan Movement watch 01-01-00by acsmaintena…
Digital pocket watch ± 1920by tempusfigit
Great Grandmothers Pocket Watchby Mister-Coffee
WW1 soldier with early trench watchby scottvez
'Be Prepared' (Scouting) Pocket Watch By Ingersollby geo26e
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New England Watch Co. of Waterbury, CT??????? what model????by joe.209
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Paul Mathey Pocket Watch 1850'sby certain…
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Campbell Co. Jams Jellies & Pie Fillings Bell Watch Fobby kat_nellie
Early REO Motor Co. Enamel Watch Fob. by kat_nellie
Holt (Caterpillar) Combined Harvsester Watch Fobby kat_nellie
National Union Fire Insurance "Farm Dept" Enamel Watch Fobby kat_nellie
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1916 Mexican Border War Call to Colors Watch Fobby kat_nellie
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Early Goodyear tires Enamel Watch Fobby kat_nellie
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1908 Brunswick-Balke Collender Rochester NY Bowling Ball Watch Fobby kat_nellie
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20th Century Heating & Ventilating Co Akron Ohio Watch Fobby kat_nellie
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Zenith Pocket Watchby JohnWyss
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Vintage pocket watchby reletative
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