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W.W. Marston Single Shotby pw-coll…
My Old Watchesby Jill1959
Waltham Pocket Watchby loveyardsales
Some Vintage Knick Knacks - Inherited from hope7096
My Trusty Waltham Hunter Pocket watch from 1900: LONG Story riddled with esotericism included. You have been WARNEDby MisterE…
Waltham Swiss Pocket Watchby Ccret1
Waltham Swiss Watchby Ccret1
1936 Waltham USA Riverside 21 Jewels with train scene on Trey
1936 Waltham USA Riverside 21 Jewels with train scene on Trey
Need to Identifyby Unclebud
Antique Waltham Railroad Pocket Watchby whitman75
Waltham Pocket Watch with Fobby otiamaria
A.w.Co Waltham 4840787by dinumaxim
American Waltham Watch Junior
Gold Watchby Vrgdc
neat 1901 Waltham 16 size open face pocket watchby shawnicus
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My great grand-father's nitromyke
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Scarce George W. Ladd Gold Filled Drum Case/Waltham Pocket Watchby pops52
?Rare? American Waltham Watch Co. model 4157. can't find any watch48
Rare 1903 Waltham Model #1899 Riverside Maximus 23J Solid Gold Pocketwatch by Voxominous
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Grandmother's American Waltham pocket watchby KateHurst
Non-working Walthamby Bubblehead
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waltham 1870 ish key wind pocket watchby shawnicus
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Antique  14k Pocket Watch - American Watch Company - Model 1873 -  Royal by NASCARPhotog
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Waltham Pocket Watchby Deanteaks
1903 Ball Wathamby pops52
Ball Waltham Commercial Standardby pops52
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Post Civil War Waltham P.S. Bartlett Pocket Watchby pops52
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American Walthamby Purplesuebug
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Waltham 20655 - inside # 1,409,435.  by AWIR
1860 rare Sterling Silver Waltham pocket watch.  Broken.  Fixable?  Worth it?by KG6EAR
Womens Walthamby gearpunk
Waltham 14k Gold 18 Size by Jackster1040
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American Waltham Watch Co. Sidewinderby singstokie
Elgin, gearpunk
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Revd Thomas Greenall Swindell's 1913 Waltham/Dennison Marquis by thor
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Waltham Pocket Watch by toolate2
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