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Husband In The Service Celluloid pin.  - Military and WartimeLoved by Moonston…
Monumental Harrach "glatt Maigrün" vase, ca. 1903 - Art GlassLoved by Moonston…
photo taken during Korean war 1952 - PhotographsLoved by vetraio50
1900 Loetz Rubin Matt Iris Dek I/117 - Art GlassLoved by Moonston…
Vintage Tachometer - Classic CarsLoved by blunderb…
1959 Blatz Can-Man - BrewerianaLoved by blunderb…
Figural lamp - LampsLoved by blunderb…
Glass Vase for Alfredo - Art GlassLoved by charcoal
Sterling? Shell Dish - Sterling SilverLiked by aeon
Collection of odd and ends..Loved by SEAN68
cool Colombian leather bottle - BottlesLoved by SEAN68
WALKING STICK OR CANE - Folk ArtLoved by Moonston…
Glass Pen & Paperweight Holder - Art GlassLiked by ozmarty
Antique Christ Relic  - Posters and PrintsLiked by aeon
Lalaounis Candy Dish - Authentic and Signed - Sterling SilverLiked by aeon
Tin Mexican Fatima Shrine - FurnitureLiked by aeon
Rare Wood Jackson-Bell Peacock Tube Radio Model 62 from 1930 - RadiosLiked by aeon
orange/red mineral.Liked by aeon
Made in England - Sparklets Mesh Seltzer Bottle - BottlesLiked by aeon
Help! Are these victorian? - OfficeLiked by aeon
Little Snuff Box? - TobaccianaLiked by aeon
Chinese Opium Pipe - TobaccianaLiked by aeon
Purchased at Auction Today - Vintage Sterling Silver Holder for Stick Pins?? - Victorian EraLiked by aeon
Silos, Ensilage and Silage - BooksLiked by aeon
little animals - AnimalsLiked by aeon
unknown antique spoon - Sterling SilverLiked by aeon
Can someone help me solve this mystery? - FurnitureLoved by walksoftly
DAFFY DEAN ST. LOUIS CARDINALS premium give-a-way  - BaseballLoved by vetraio50
is this an old gravestone? or what?Loved by walksoftly
Sheffer mesh and baby blue FP and pencil - PensLoved by aldo78
winnie teschmacher - Art GlassLoved by AmberRose
Giant Spring Found on Beach on Alameda - Tools and HardwareLoved by walksoftly
My Grandmother's Wedding Dress - Womens ClothingLoved by AmberRose
vintage lamp - LampsLoved by vetraio50
 EASTER COVERS AND J.C. LYENDECKER - Posters and PrintsLiked by aeon
Richard Avedon Natassia Kinski & the Serpant 1981 poster - Posters and PrintsLoved by walksoftly
pink nautilus shell ring box - Fine JewelryLiked by aeon
Antique PaintingLoved by Moonston…
Deco Inkwell and pen - OfficeLiked by aeon
Art Deco Sterling Silver "Arrowhead" Necklace - Art DecoLoved by sarahoff
Solid Brass Candle Stick Holders - LampsLiked by aeon
Vintage Antique Ceylon Moonstone Sterling 32mm x 27mm - Fine JewelryLoved by sarahoff
Alpaca Screw-Back Earrings - Costume JewelryLoved by sarahoff
Sterling Screw-Back Earrings - Costume JewelryLoved by sarahoff
Wedgwood Blue Jasper Dip Footed Bowl (Pre 1900's) - China and DinnerwareLiked by aeon
Czech end of day star shade. - Art GlassLoved by charcoal
mystery vase - Art NouveauLiked by aeon
our other work of artLiked by aeon
49969-50016 of 91,984