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Elephant decorated box - AnimalsLoved by trgrubaugh
Kralik - Cameo style #1 - Carpe - Art GlassLiked by ilovehomer
Loetz enamel styles - # 4 Peche floret - Art GlassLiked by ilovehomer
Czechoslovakia - Enamil decor #8 Lace - Art GlassLoved by ilovehomer
Kralik - Millefiore confetti - Art GlassLiked by ilovehomer
Vintage pink elephant planter - AnimalsLoved by trgrubaugh
Antique Cloth Picture - PhotographsLoved by walksoftly
A Family Wedding Then and Now.... - PhotographsLoved by walksoftly
Model with elephants vintage postcard - AnimalsLoved by rniederman
Another Old Trailer... - Tools and HardwareLiked by DavesCoo…
Franklin typewriter - 1892 - OfficeLoved by musikchoo
Royal Air Force Flying Suit 1967 - Military and WartimeLoved by Manikin
1937 motorola 6t - RadiosLoved by toolate2
The Girl From U.N.C.L.E. - KitchenLoved by Zatsoc
Old dolls  - DollsLiked by memskenzie
would this be a big eye doll? - DollsLiked by memskenzie
Doll Mystery - DollsLiked by memskenzie
vintage juke box or coffin wall phone; it works! - TelephonesLoved by musikchoo
 Canadian Mid Century Modern 3 Legged Chair - FurnitureLoved by Plaintosee
Japaness Stanless Steal flatware "Lifetime Culleny" Japan - AsianLoved by filmnet
Sterling hallmarked salt with cobalt liner - Sterling SilverLoved by Perfumer
Circus side show postcard - AnimalsLoved by vetraio50
Nikon Nikkor-H Auto 1:3.5 f=28mm No. 695487 - CamerasLoved by PhilDavi…
My Grandfather's toolbox/liquor cabinet - Tools and HardwareLoved by passion4…
Art Deco slag glass lamp - Art DecoLoved by toracat
Art Deco Louis ICart stone lithograph "Speed" - Posters and PrintsLoved by toracat
All original Arts & Crafts era oak chair - Arts and CraftsLoved by toracat
Vintage McDonalds elephant toys - AnimalsLoved by DinoMan
Loetz Phanomen 377 Shade in Orange - Art NouveauLoved by pops52
 art glass vase - Art GlassLoved by vetraio50
Loetz vases...hopefully better picture - Art GlassLoved by vetraio50
bohemian vases - Art GlassLoved by vetraio50
Waterford bottle with stopper - GlasswareLoved by vetraio50
Old Family Farm Homestead in Pittsville . Yep that is name of Town -) - PhotographsLoved by toracat
Michelin Man Bibendum Bakelite Ashtray  - TobaccianaLoved by crabbykins
Boy Scout Brownie & Six-20 Boy Scout Brownie - CamerasLoved by mikielik…
Beautiful Black Rose Brooch - Costume JewelryLoved by vintagemad
Schmidt Picnic Beer - BrewerianaLoved by packrat-…
British Five Pound coins - World CoinsLiked by c4shin
One of My Favorite Marena Brooch/Pendants - Costume JewelryLoved by AmberRose
Advertising piece - TelephonesLoved by rivamarsh
Knoll Scissor Chair - FurnitureLoved by hot4vegas
Cobalt glass Compote & turn of the century Czechoslovakian Dresser Bottle - Art GlassLiked by Mrj303
Crown Trifari 1960...3 pins from same collection - Costume JewelryLiked by vintagemad
CAR EMBLEMS - Medals Pins and BadgesLiked by VikingFa…
CAR EMBLEMS - Medals Pins and BadgesLoved by Savoychi…
CAR EMBLEMS - Medals Pins and BadgesLoved by Savoychi…
A Favorite Poster Artist  - Posters and PrintsLoved by eyeslikewilma
49969-50016 of 79,976