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Okato, New Zealand WWI Gold Service Medal - Military and WartimeLoved by Jono
Ship brooch - Costume JewelryLoved by DrFluffy
Contour Lounge Chair - FurnitureLoved by DrFluffy
Sherwoods Limited Lamp (UK Made) - LampsLoved by pops52
Antique Heavy Glass SANDWICH PLATE 3 Segment Ribbed Condiment Divider - GlasswareLoved by tom61375
10 x 6 Lavender CERAMIC DISH Rectangular Vanity Dresser Dish CRABTREE & EVELYNLoved by tom61375
White Milk Glass GRAPE LEAVES Design Cupcake/Cookie Tray With Center Handle - GlasswareLoved by tom61375
My Sad Iron & Trivet Collection - KitchenLoved by tom61375
Pictures of grandparents' barn - PhotographsLoved by freiheit
Reed Utica Plane - Tools and HardwareLoved by freiheit
Victorian toothpick holder, silver plated britannia metal  - Unknown mark i need help !!! - Sterling SilverLoved by sarahoff
My costume jewelry favorites - Costume JewelryLoved by kerry10456
Steamer Aligator Covered Trunk - FurnitureLoved by mgleone
ENAMEL BRASS 1920'S NECKLACE - Costume JewelryATTWOOD says Yes I could I guess...
From Monastery to Military - Military and WartimeMilit… says Thanks Scott
Victory Pin with Torch - Medals Pins and BadgesLoved by SEAN68
Looking for some advice - AnimalsLoved by blunderb…
  Original drawing from I believe France 26 years ago - Visual ArtLoved by freiheit
Hold your cards.....We have a winner!!! - GamesLiked by upstaten…
My Brother Charger 441, a work horse. - SewingNew Item by JFollis
Anyone? Can't find a thing on the Net - AdvertisingCoolectorDM says Thanks for the info!
Piece of my Heart  - Costume JewelryLoved by DrFluffy
19th Century Bohemiam Uraniun / Vaseline Glass Vase - Art GlassLoved by Vintagef…
Vaseline Glass fish bowl with Stand - GlasswareLoved by Vintagef…
Green Depression Cocktail Shaker - GlasswareLoved by Vintagef…
Tremoloa - Musical InstrumentsLiked by EJW-54
Orange Hubley Truck  - Model CarsLoved by EJW-54
Early 1900's Filigree Brooch - Art DecoLoved by Agram.m
BROOCH; What material, what time period? - Art DecoLoved by bratjdd
Wiesenthalhütte - Art Glassaustr… says Hey, i hadn't seen ...
Jacob Bang - Art GlassLoved by ozmarty
Telegraph..? I need help with this one - Electronicsozmarty says Great detective wor...
Nebraska License Plate Run - Classic CarsLoved by pickrknows
Authentic Portion of the Millenniun Falcon Space Craft - MoviesNew Item by lindamae
Window latches alittle fishy? - Animalsgargo… says Thanks aztom!
My grandfathers medal - Military and Wartimegargo… says Thanks geo!
More upcycled bracelets made from vintage tins (as requested!) - AdvertisingLoved by gargoyle…
art nouveau vase ?? - Art GlassLoved by inky
RS Germany ...but what is it? - China and Dinnerwarerjkinkent says You have an RS Germ...
Moonstone Gold Earrings Matching Pendant/Brooch - Fine JewelryLoved by freiheit
Sheaffer's Lifetime 1940 ??? - PensLoved by mrmajest…
Naked Lady Lamp  - Art DecoLoved by mrmajest…
Butterflys! - Art GlassLoved by mrmajest…
Aladdin Stanley Thermos - Kitchentom61… says You are welcome. I ...
Amazing acid cut cameo bowl, monochrome, not signed (French? Bohemian?) - Art GlassLoved by Perfumer
Cartridge pepperboxes - Military and WartimeLoved by mrmajest…
My six opaline shades. - LampsLoved by tom61375
62448-62495 of 117,134