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Geneva depth gauge. - Tools and HardwareLoved by Trey
Clamp lamp made in Canada. - LampsLoved by Trey
Military ammo case. - Military and WartimeLoved by Trey
Paintings made in 1956. - Visual ArtLoved by Trey
Yamaha wood block sample. - AdvertisingLoved by Trey
Strange Hand Painted Japanese Porcelain Bowl  - AsianMsriss86 says Oh, and thanks so m...
My Old Sign Collection [etc...] - Signsho2cu… says that one is my desk...
Possible Satsuma Vase? - AsianLoved by LovelyPat
Exploring Urban Ruins: One of My Many Former Sites Now Lost - PhotographsLoved by SEAN68
Shelley Blue and Green Drip Ware Art Deco Vase - China and DinnerwareLoved by Trey
Bobble-head turtle from Huatulco, Oaxaca, Mexico - AnimalsLoved by Trey
Wooden Buddhist Text? - BooksLoved by Trey
1940 Brayton Laguna Figurines - a Couple in Pyjamas?! - PotteryLoved by Trey
Porcelain Wrinkled Paper Bag by Hawaii's Ceramic Studio - PotteryLoved by Trey
Porcelain Snail - AnimalsLoved by Trey
1984 Gay Rights Pins - Medals Pins and BadgesLoved by Trey
Skelanimals - Maxx - Toynami figure - ToysLoved by Trey
Painted tile by Joel Thayer - framed - Visual ArtLoved by Trey
Two very old garden chairs and a table - FurnitureLoved by Trey
Talavera Frog Pitcher from Mexico - PotteryLoved by Trey
Rubber Stamp Tree - Achilles - OfficeLoved by Trey
Large Porcelain Buddha - AsianLoved by Trey
Unsigned Print - looks like my neighborhood in East Oakland! - Visual ArtLoved by Trey
Laquered and Gilded Wooden Stands from Japan or China? - AsianLoved by Trey
Catalina Seashell - PotteryLoved by Trey
Little pot from the local flea... - PotteryLoved by Trey
Boys & Their Toys..... Marx Caterpillar Dozer - ToysLoved by Trey
1947 Ingersoll Donald Duck Wrist Watch...Round Variant - WristwatchesLoved by Trey
Not your Everyday Find...1993 Roy Rogers Remake of the 1960 Watch - WristwatchesLoved by Trey
Ingersoll Donald Duck Wristwatches Circ 1948-49 - WristwatchesLoved by Trey
@ Celeine.....Cousin Gene Autry....first issue wristwatch Wilane 1948 - WristwatchesLoved by Trey
The Different Round Variant Of Gene Autry Wristwatches - WristwatchesLoved by Trey
Jeff Arnold Animated Pocket Watch - Pocket WatchesLoved by Trey
The "Ranger" Animated Pocket Watch - Pocket WatchesLoved by Trey
Evertime "Lunar" Wristwatch - WristwatchesLoved by Trey
Space Pacer Wristwatch - WristwatchesLoved by Trey
Double Animated "Space" Pocket Watch - Pocket WatchesLoved by Trey
AstroTime "Mystery" Dial Lunar Theme Wristwatch - WristwatchesLoved by Trey
Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Pocket Watch Plain variant - Pocket WatchesLoved by Trey
4 Uranium Tea Cups - GlasswareLoved by SEAN68
Mystery Mid Century? painting - Visual ArtLoved by blunderb…
Staurt Crystal Decanters 1930s - BottlesLoved by bottle-bud
Staurt Crystal Decanter 1930s - BottlesLoved by bottle-bud
Stuart Crystal Decanter - BottlesLoved by bottle-bud
can anyone tell me anything on these 2 lamps - LampsLoved by blunderb…
Possibly an Early American Carved Wedding Spoon - Folk ArtLoved by MyFavori…
Bakelite hoop clip earrings - Costume JewelryLoved by nutsabot…
Another Pot and another Signature! - PotteryLoved by melaniej
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