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Wall Hanging Telephonesby hotairfan
Kellogg telephone transmitterby Chuckie
Need Help! Kellogg Phoneby Blacktielawn
1900 Kellogg Intercom Telephone, Wood Box, Bakelite Knobs and Speakerby johnsmeyer
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Kellogg phoneby RLG
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a old call boxby christin
Wooden Kellogg  phone, Chicago co. Nov. 26, 1901by resistor301
Help with school Dio505
1908 Kellogg Candlestick phone with 1908 Bell Boxby kehphones
1908 Kellogg Candlestick telephone & early 1900 Western Electric wooden wall phoneby kehphones
Kellogg Telephoneby svdbygrce
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What  Is this Phone value? Kellog S & S chicago Ill,,made in Kansas City manufactureby Silvergyr
Strange Kellogg in cast iron caseby Greencom
Kellogg 925 aka "Ashtray phone"by Brinybay
HEAVEY 80 pound cast iron cased Kellogg S & S Co crank phoneby conequipco
My Kelloggby BrianSF
Antique Kellogg Phoneby Stonie
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Kellogg Switchboard Company Working Telephoneby cinthia
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Switchboard from storage asjacobs248
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K500, DK500 and WE500 colorsby BSPhunter