IWA Hunter cased pocket watch - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches
Rare 10 sided solid 14k elgin circa 1923 - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches
Edmons english fusee, circa 1813~ - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches


  1. Is the rollins sign porcelain or tin? I'd love to talk about the sign, email me anytime at Regards -Nicholas
  2. What a great piece, I'd love to talk about this sign. Email me at anytime. Regards -Nick
  3. Thanks for the loves everyone and special thanks to PW collector. Your links led me to this, (translated from german)
  4. Great signs, if you would like them appraised prior to selling if you go that route, please email me at I absolutely love the pearl oil signs, your father in law had great t...
  5. Thanks for the love toolate
  6. Oops, added a few more photos.
  7. Thanks for the love fuel
  8. The dial on this watch is great! Best feature.
  9. A classic american timepiece. The warranty you refer to actually is regarding the goldfilled case as opposed to the watches movement. Case manufacturers would warrant their cases to wear for 10,15, 20...
  10. It certainly is one of the most handsome dollar watches I have seen. I did not realize the widespride history of that dollar watch, thanks for the history lesson. I primarily collect old american watc...
  11. Jason, with all due respect I don't need a grown man trying to evaluate an internet conflict. You can't even see what occurred that upset me. I had asked one gentleman if one watch was possibly for sa...
  12. P.S- Unless the watch is damaged in some way, pressing the top of the winding crown down generally pops the covers. If not, fitting your fingernail where the case meets for some further persuasion sho...
  13. No problem, nothing to do with you. If there is a marking on the inside of the first lid (which covers the dial) that says something like guranteed 15, 20, or 25 years, or says something like JBOSS wi...
  14. Didn't see you posted the database lookup link, that's what I was getting at.
  15. Apparently I can't try to help another user without being flagged by toolate. Thanks for your hasty inaccurate conclusions to my intentions. I was going to use the waltham database to find the size, e...
  16. Very nice example of an Ingersoll. Don't find them with the original documents and in that shape very often. Thanks for sharing, seems you have quite a few nice watches to admire. I like the hamilton ...
  17. I'll never get the dollar watch collecting thing, but I guess it is a nice piece considering.
  18. Do with you wish with your money but it pain's me to see original watches customized like this. While of great value to the owner, the watch will never command it's full value again.
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