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Aerospace items (2 of 3 ) 
Old 1962 Aerospace items (1 of 3 ) - Advertisingin Advertising
Old hand painted movie posters from the 1940's - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Matco tools/Racer "X" promo car - Model Carsin Model Cars
35 lb's of Brass, Sperry Repeater compass - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Vintage 1900's Seattle electric trolley side bench - Railroadianain Railroadiana
Clocks: Retro, Industrial, Bakelite, commercial - Clocksin Clocks
My 67 vette,  garage AutoArt and a jacket I found in a dark old shack 
Koolstuff's Classic soul/funk records #2 - Recordsin Records
Classic soul/funk LP's from my record vault.  S&T #1 - Recordsin Records


  1. JohannB Thanks!! , I'll add some new photos of the floor lamp, It would be great if you and the many others out there showing their items could meet under one roof in a "show off" show.
  2. retroechoes, Thanks ! The updated Oracal Delphi turntables are nice also, check them out.
  3. Hey Packrat-place, thanks. I'll be gearing up to get some new things on "CW" soon.
  4. Hey Guys! Thanks for the good words, I think we could give those A. pickers guys a run for their money.
  5. TeresaD your Boeing pins are awarded for every 5 years of service, also with the pins are the paperwork that comes with them. I currently work there and will be going on my 25th year in April 2012. I...
  6. officialfuel,- Smalls777 thanks
  7. officialfuel I'm working on getting my garage to this level, I have the items and the space soon when I start some remodeling. Nice stuff !!!
  8. " T " for Thunderbird , " T " for Two, your right it should have stayed with 2 seats but I do like the 58, 59, and 60 too. bottom line it should have never turned into the huge gas gusler it has bec...
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 Advertising Scarlett...2007 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible... Six Speed


Candlestick Telephone Attachment Brass mask