How do your listings work?

Our Shop pages (see example below) include both Auctions and Fixed Price items from eBay and Bonanza, a popular collectible marketplace. You can choose what is displayed on a page by clicking one of the buttons on the left side of the page to view All items or just Auctions or Fixed Price items. You can also use the pulldown menu to Sort items by Most Watched, Ending Soon, Newest, High Price, Low Price, or Completed. Drag the small circles on the Price slider to the right or left to narrow the price range of displayed items, and to refine your results even further, type a relevant keyword into the “Filter results” box.

Important Additional Information:

  • Selection criteria
    We use customized searches to yield the most relevant listings within a category. For our eBay listings, Auctions must have at least one Bid, while Fixed Price items must have at least one Watcher. We don’t manually screen each listing, so irrelevant listings may slip in or we may miss an item that should be there. If you see either, please let us know!
  • Update frequency
    We update listings throughout the day, but bids on Auctions may not be up to the minute. For the very latest price on a particular Auction item, click on a listing to go directly to the item.
  • Caveat emptor
    We provide these listings as a convenience, but we do not endorse, vouch for, or have any control over the items, sellers, or content in these auctions (see our Terms of Use). We also don’t screen for fraudulent listings; you should be mindful of potential fraud in any online sale, and follow eBay’s tips for buying and avoiding fraud.

Please contact us if you have any questions about these features or suggestions for improvement.

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