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Rubina Verde- Cranberry and Lime Coloured Glass JIP Vase - Art GlassLoved by kyratango
Art Nouveau Lamp - LampsLoved by kyratango
Loetz creta glatt mit Silbertropfen, PN II-1732, ca. 1904 - Art GlassLoved by Wow22
Essex mantel clock mfg. by Waterbury Clock Co. - ClocksLoved by SpiritBear
Kralik - Stripe - Art GlassLoved by Wow22
Pair of Famille Rose Plates - Qianlung - AsianLoved by SpiritBear
American Tonalist Painting from the late 19th Century - Fine ArtLoved by SpiritBear
Raised Map of Taiwan Province - China and DinnerwareNew Item by Harvey980
Loetz Phänomen Genre Vase, PN II-1214, ca. 1904 - Art GlassLoved by Wow22
Loetz Ausfuehrungen 217 PN III-2017 - Art GlassLoved by Wow22
Loetz crete Papillon in PN I-447 ca. 1900 - Art GlassLoved by Wow22
Robbins & Myers 3504 Electric Fan 1920s AC and DC - Tools and HardwareLoved by SpiritBear
Do you know the maker of this Imari - PotteryLoved by SpiritBear
Big Kralik Iris Spatter Ball Vase - Art GlassLoved by Wow22
Kralik Bambus - Art GlassLoved by Wow22
Some New Welz Glass Pics from My Collection - And a Gold Medal in Brussels in 1910! - Art GlassLoved by Wow22
Grandfather had this pocket knife he got over seas in World war 2 - Tools and HardwareLoved by Manikin
Leopard pin - Costume JewelryLoved by Manikin
Alice Caviness Brooch and Earrings - Costume JewelryLoved by aura
Can anyone cast any light on this wooden figure - AsianLoved by aura
Larkin Victorian Art Nouveau  Etagere  Cherry Wood - Victorian EraLoved by aura
Tea Tables - FurnitureLoved by aura
Wood rocking chair Style identification? - FurnitureLoved by aura
Lefton French school girls Figurine kw 1210 - FigurinesLoved by aura
Mysterious cup...  - SilverLoved by aura
Applejuice bakelite clip - Costume JewelryLoved by aura
50's Baby BuggyLoved by aura
Applejuice bakelite chevron-shape clip - Costume JewelryLoved by aura
Carmel swirl bakelite wing clip w/metal detail  - Costume JewelryLoved by aura
Vintage pendant - Costume JewelryLoved by aura
Bakelite dress clip with metal leaves  - Costume JewelryLoved by aura
Japanese plate  - AsianLoved by aura
FAMILLE Rose vase - AsianLoved by aura
Thickly Glazed Old Glass Bottle Aqua Blue Peacock & Mallard Duck Green - PotteryLoved by aura
Ancient Native Basket - Native AmericanLoved by aura
Vintage pendant  - Fine JewelryLoved by aura
Pressed Glass Pedestal Cake Stand - GlasswareLoved by aura
Vintage earrings  - Costume JewelryLoved by aura
Very Old Rocking Chair from Pennsylvania Barn - FurnitureLoved by aura
Silver earrings  - Fine JewelryLoved by aura
Vintage stone earrings - Fine JewelryLoved by aura
Salad Bowl in the "Polar Star Russian" pattern. - GlasswareLoved by aura
Bowl cut in "Design #100", by Elmira Cut Glass Co. - GlasswareLoved by aura
Vintage earrings. - Fine JewelryLoved by aura
Beautiful paintings  - Fine ArtLoved by aura
Bronze oriental dish - AsianLoved by aura
Swung bud vase - mystery - GlasswareLoved by aura
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1-47 of 181,824