Unsolved Mystery Items
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Inherited Gma's matte green 7" & 8" vases, love them, no idea what they are, no identifying marks, help appreciated, thanks - Pottery
Is this HB Hirsh, Collection Francaise USA or a copy of some sort? - Art Deco
"Walt Disney Productions" embossed fine mesh/screen - no idea what it is? - Advertising
Jammed dish with floating spoon? - Silver
Orange Gemstone  - Gemstones
Antique Hotel Doors - Tools and Hardware
A couple neat finds this weekend - Pottery
Lusterware Family mystery - China and Dinnerware
Very small vintage figures or dolls I guess - Dolls
Blue gemstone  - Gemstones
Big blue stone  - Gemstones
Blue gemstone  - Gemstones
Unknown items  - Accessories
Blanket - Rugs and Textiles
Light blue stone  - Gemstones
Light blue unusual cut stone  - Gemstones
Big blue gemstone  - Gemstones
Otagiri sake flask - Asian
Little Brown Jug - Bottles
Meoto yunomi set - Asian
Murano Sommerso Glass Fish - Art Glass
What is This Thing? a Weapon? a Ceremonial Staff? - Asian
Vintage ladies Bracelet  - Fine Jewelry
Unusual Heavy Art Glass Vase
2 small pink Gemstone  - Gemstones
Small oval Gemstone  - Gemstones
Pink Gemstone  - Gemstones
Vintage cabochon stone  - Gemstones
Pink gemstone  - Gemstones
Vintage Gemstone  - Gemstones
Vintage cut Gemstone  - Gemstones
Mid Century Paintings signed Al Ruiz - Fine Art
unknown horse head - Pottery
Peace Pipers?  - Native American
Help to identify  needed please. - Arts and Crafts
Intricately Carved bone Object with Internal Scroll (What is This?) - Asian
copper clad ceramic vase - Pottery
Asian vase - Asian
Cute little Warrior? How old you think  it is? Mark hard to read : ( - Asian
Smoking Cat Coin Bank - Advertising
Cannonball ??
Breed Unknown  - Animals
Imagine getting this in the mail!!! - Military and Wartime
Unsure if this is an Errored coin??? - US Coins
Rocking Horse - Toys
Glass sake set - Art Glass
Rustic sake decanter - Asian
Asian bowl depicting children  - Asian
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1-48 of 94,369