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It is fun to collect items, and I attend estate and yard sales, as well auctions and EBAY to help in this regard. Though I fall for "whatever captures my fancy", It is fun to collect items, and I attend estate and yard sales, as well auctions and EBAY to help in this regard. Though I fall for "whatever captures my fancy", my special interests are alcohol and tobacco items, railroadiana, sports material, restaurantware, general advertising and photographs. If you are interested in discussing such things, or sharing information etc., my email is: tagspa@ptd.net (Read more)


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Syracuse China Creamer/Syrup Holder - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Two vintage Bevador  Coolers - Advertisingin Advertising
"First Russian-English Reader"  - Booksin Books
Napco October Angel Figurine - Figurinesin Figurines
Storefront Mosaic Sidewalk, Jim Thorpe, PA ....October 09, 2021                                            - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Manhole Cover Jim Thorpe, PA.....October 09, 2021 - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Knoebel's Amusement Park Neon Sign - Signsin Signs
Kensington Aluminum Art Deco Desk Set - Art Decoin Art Deco
Vintage Tavern Thermometer, Buffalo, NY - Advertisingin Advertising
Carborundum Sharpener - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware


  1. A real beauty !!!!!
  2. A great acquisition! Congratulations !!!!!!
  3. Thank you, Jenni, and the best to you always as well!
  4. Good insight on that , Buss...thanks for your input!
  5. Thanks for the loves and for the comments...and I did have a Merry Christmas, Trey, as I hope that you and tall of the others had as well! I wish all a very much improved 2022!
  6. Thanks, everyone for the loves and the comments. And 'Buss , If I still had a garage, I'd rebuild that cooler! :)
  7. Thank you all for your loves of this vintage item......
  8. Great items!!!!! Phil Rizzutto and Yogi Berra also owned and operated a bowling center in Clifton, NJ. They opened this business in 1959, and it had a good run.
  9. You are welcome, Jenni! it was a fun day, and I hope that you had a good time, as well!!!
  10. I, too, would like to capture this subject when it is lit up! I believe that Knoebel's is now closed for the season. Knoebel's will be on my list for next year, for the fun of it, and to take a ...
  11. It sure is, Trey !!!!
  12. Happy Halloween, Jenni and Trey!!
  13. Hi, AO...yes, PA is a pretty vast state. I live in the northeastern part. I hope that your trip to Ohio goes well, and that you'll let us all know of what treasures you will have acquired!
  14. Yes, vintagevacfan, I do have this item. In September, I plan to put it up at a yard sale. Thanks for your question....Ted
  15. Thank you vintagevacfan...I appreciate your valuable input on this cool item..
  16. Hi, Jenni, thanks for the input! Knoebel's is truly a wonderful park. In addition to contemporary rides, it also has a number of old time classic rides and features. It is a nicely eclectic blend of b...
  17. Hi, Jenny! Yes, August in Saratoga! It is always a magical time. I am certainly looking forward to being there this season.....I am hoping that you may visit The Spa as well!!!!
  18. Thanks everyone for you love of this submission...!
  19. Thank you, Sean !!!
  20. Hi, Gate Keeper...thanks for your question. I always thought that the term referred to cars the received upgrades n performance. This is still it's usual use, but attached is an interesting tale on th...
  21. Yes, jscott...she certainly is! Thank you !!!!
  22. Yes, Jenni...they were the real deal back then! There were many other Caddies at this show, with many restored to the original condition, with others being customized and/or souped up....
  23. Yes, Alfie..that is one of the stars of my collection. I continue to look for the tan colored version.... Thanks for your input!
  24. Hello fhrjr2... that is an interesting tale of your days in Europe. I am sure that it is quite a collection, and that in time, your son will take good care of them!!!
  25. Thank you, Jenni! Yes it is sad that so many of the regional breweries had closed up....
  26. It is a real beauty !!!!!
  27. Hello, dasu.....no, due to a change of residence, I have no more of these. Keep in touch, as I sometimes pick these up at sales......
  28. Thanking each of you for your loves of this item...
  29. Thanking each of you for your loves of this ashtray!!!!!!
  30. Thank you, Jenni! It is of a great design!
  31. Thank you, A. O. !!!!
  32. it's a great figurine, Jenni... especially with the sentimental value in re: to your Uncle! and being assigned to receive your shots at Belmont, could be a a sign that he is looking out for you!!
  33. Vinyl33rpm..my Father, many years ago, would go on bowling tournaments in NYC, often his teams would stay at the Hotel Dixie. he would give me a brief scenario of the happenings at that hotel. As I ...
  34. Thanking each of you for your loves pf this image...
  35. Thank you, AO !!!!
  36. Thanks, everyone for your love of this nostalgic item!
  37. Thank you, Jenny! I think that 1959 was the last year of Chrysler's "Forward Look" styling.....
  38. Thank you, Jenni ! I obtained this at a dispersal of items from a produce terminal. It really is nicely designed, in perfect condition and still has a practical value....and how can you beat that ? :)...
  39. good evening, Sean...thanks for you kind comment. I hope that all is well with you!!!
  40. Good evening, Sean...the store that she worked at was The Lazarus Department Store in Wilkes-Barre, PA. Sadly, the store is no longer in existence. This certainly is a high class, impressive item....
  41. Hi, AO.....I concur with you wholeheartedly! Collecting these items is a great hobby, and practical, too, as such pieces add a lot to food is served on them :)
  42. Thank you, everyone !!!!
  43. Thanking each of you for your love of this platter.... !!!!
  44. Thanking all for their loves of thee items!!!!
  45. Thanks to all who shared love of this photo !!!!!
  46. Thank you, Jenni !!!!
  47. Thank you, everyone for your loves of this nostalgic item......
  48. Thank you all for the loves of this cool collectible.....
  49. Thank you, Celiene...I appreciate your input very much!
  50. Coming right up, Jenni !!!! :)
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Bud Cort autograph Limahl autograph Martin Stephens autograph Johnny Mathis autograph 1968 Vietnam war US ARMY issue Jungle Fatigue shirt with "in country" made rank & shoulder patch More Christmas, please find this charming and not annoying Tweety Milk Bottle ??


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